P185 Batu Sapi..”Broadband Penetration ..??”

No wonder…!!! Bugi Wijaya gone missing. Or did he fall like PKR candidate Ansari Abdullah together with NTV7 Journalists  into the sea after a wooden jetty they were on collapsed.? He was uncontactable and he told us that the Broadband Penetration in Sabah is Unforgivable.(…shoots)

Seems that the initiative of Maxis skyway VSAT together with a local based company for pinpoint mobile coverage for the rural communities has yet to be fully realised. Some journalists were also finding difficulties in getting their FEEDS across and are getting irritated. Maybe after the byelections the government will need to refocus their directions. Its a vital link to make Sabah and Malaysia a developed nation by 2020.

The stories also coming out from Bugi as he talked on the phone was also seems Yong Teck Lee is beginning to come on top and PKR has losts certain edge as mosts of their machinery are not led by locals(from Sandakan) Linda Tsens handicap seems to be her language and a bit too soft.

A BN YB sms to audie61″BN should be able to make it.Chinese leaning towards SAPP.Bumi shd go to BN.PKR have pblem,He is from Tuaran and he is contesting in Sandakan.Already 2 times in contest and both  lost…”

In Sandakan


All the hotels are fully booked with every single flights available arriving into Sandakan occupied.  The battle line has been draw with more than 26 nomination papers being sold by the Elections Commission in Sabah for the P.185 Batu Sapi seat parliamentary by election. 

Although there will be two by election held concurrent at the same time(the other being the State seat of Galas in Kelantan), the whole nation is watching Batu Sapi closely.  This is the bastion of Barisan Nasional (BN) “fixed deposit” where it was Sabah and Sarawak which ensured the Federal Government stayed in the hands of BN in the last general elections.

The stakes are high for BN in its preparation for the Sarawak State election which will have to be held by next year.  The Batu Sapi by election is an opportunity for BN to quash ground gained by the opposition from its victory in the last Sibu by election.

The stakes are even higher for Director of Operation Datuk Seri Panglima Musa Haji Aman who is also the Chief Minister of Sabah.  As the head of the state BN, he must ensure the seat is won with an improved majority of more 3,708 votes from the last election.

It is an open secret that things has not been well with some state component parties not being happy with the Chief Minister leadership.  They have been seen moving around together with a senior state UMNO leader who has been speculated by many quarter will be the man called upon to replace Musa as the next Chief Minister.  For the record under Musa’s firm leadership Sabah has developed progressively and this has seen the state reserved improved to RM3 billion compared to previous leadership.

With BN Chairman, Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Najib Tun Razak blunt warning to all UMNO leaders on changes he will be making in the near future during the recent UMNO annual general meeting, only a united BN in Batu Sapi will be able to deliver the safe seat to BN.  However, this remains to be seen with a faction walking out of the hall in apparent protest when the BN candidate Datin Tsen Thau Lin was announced by Musa on Sunday. Whether this is genuine protest by the grassroots or is there an unseen hand with a bigger agenda of toppling the Chief Minister will be known on polling day 4 November 2010.

The parliamentary seat of Batu Sapi felled vacant due to the tragic accident of its incumbent the late Datuk Edmund Chong Ket Wah.  It is expected to be a 3 corner fight with Pakatan Rakyat will be fielding its Tuaran Chief Ansari Abdullah and local Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) will be fielding its President Datuk Yong Teck Lee


5 thoughts on “P185 Batu Sapi..”Broadband Penetration ..??”

  1. zainuddin says:

    The battle will be between yong and Linda. PKR is in disarray as locals are not campaigning. Its outsiders from Tuaran doing the job. So sorry for Pakatan Sabah.

  2. Ronnie says:

    An article on SAPP and the aurhor’s observation seems to have merit and also cast some doubts and sincerity of Yong Teck Lee in opposing BN/UMNO.

    SAPP Must Declare Their Stand

    Friday, 29 October 2010 admin-s
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    SAPP contests all the State seats (60) in Sabah as an opposition party chanting Sabah for Sabahans as a slogan. They win at least half, which is 30 seats, and before you know it they return to BN to become the second largest component party (in Sabah) or maybe even the largest. By then it could already be a different Chief Minister (if UMNO is still the largest component in Sabah).

    By GM, Penampang Sabah

    There is much talk about the coming by-election in Batu Sapi due 4th of November. Kota Kinabalu is far From Sandakan. However, the excitement is much alive here as it is in Batu Sapi, where we have PKR candidate Haji Ansari caught in a three cornered fight against SAPP President Datuk Yong Teck Lee and Datin Linda Tsen representing PBS/BN.

    Different people have different opinions, some predict that PBS will easily retain the seat, some claim that SAPP will win with a huge majority creating a record, most people give PKR 50-50 chance of winning. Rumor has it that Dr. Jeffrey Kitingan and Christina Liew are both not there to campaign for Haji Ansari. This is sad, for me, this is the opportunity for PKR to show
    their solidarity and unity as PAKATAN RAKYAT.

    I talk to a lot of people everyday as I go around, everywhere and anywhere I go, about why we need to change the government. On the subject of what choices we have so far has been between PKR and SAPP. Less is said about PAS and DAP. We cannot expect much of PAS as it is quite rare here in Sabah. One problem in Sabah is that there is lack of awareness. When we talk about the parties to choose from, people will say PKR, SAPP, DAP and of course BN. Many fail to understand or maybe are unaware that DAP and PKR are under the same umbrella, which is Pakatan Rakyat.

    If you mention Pakatan, they will give you the blank look. However, if you mention PKR they know, and go oh …. Don’t be surprised, someone actually said to me, “I will not support PKR but I will support KeADILan”. This is not amusing, this is scary. I’m not saying that people are stupid, but I feel that they lack political awareness. My question is, when we say that we are campaigning, are we actually telling people what they would LIKE to know? Or what they SHOULD know?

    In my efforts to reach out to voters and potential voters (those who have not registered), I always use Selangor as a reference. I will mention things that I hear all the time in Datuk Seri Anwar’s speeches, such as free water for the rakyat (water bill), a donation of RM2,500 for the family of the deceased to reduce the burden (in the event of a funeral), and a donation of RM100 to parents for their new born child. These are all given to the Selangor State Government to the rakyat. I don’t know whether these are true, but I am confident that they are as Datuk Seri Anwar always mentions this in his

    I have already stored in mind that most people don’t actually know this but I am baffled that some actually question, “Itu sahaja?” (Is that all?). People, lets be realistic!! Which government has ever done this? If you are a Sabahan reading this now, ask yourself, is it worth RM50/RM100 to cast the wrong vote compared to what Pakatan has to offer in the long run? I am sure that we are smart and that we can think better than this.

    During the elections, we actually accept RM50 to vote them and ensure they continue ruling. 2-3 years after election, we run to Hiew King Chew and Edward Ewol Muji, we run to Christina Liew and Haji Ansari, to ask for help in highlighting the unfulfilled promises left by you know who. Roads not tarred since the previous 3 state governments, bridges that desperately need repair have been neglected, street lights which are not working contributing to the increase in road accidents, and many more. Come election, we are again fooled by promises – take this RM50 as a guarantee that we will come back to solve your problems.

    On the 27th of October, the day Datuk Karim Ghani, one of the pioneers in bringing UMNO to Sabah and served them long as Information Chief, announced and vowed that he will never again join BN. I am not a political heavy weight nor am I a politician to urge SAPP, but I personally feel that SAPP should declare their stand as what Datuk Karim Ghani did yesterday. On the possibilities that SAPP might return to BN, people defend SAPP by saying that it is doing their job by attacking the
    BN. Do we actually notice who they target? Most of the time the target is PBS, which is the second largest component party in BN Sabah.

    There are stories that Pakatan wants to work with SAPP, but the offer is consistently declined by the latter. Some may say I am crazy by saying this. Possibility or utter fantasy, you be the judge. SAPP contests all the State seats (60) in Sabah as an opposition party chanting Sabah for Sabahans as a slogan. They win at least half, which is 30 seats, and before you know it they return to BN to become the second largest component party (in Sabah) or maybe even the largest. By then it could already be a different Chief Minister (if UMNO is still the largest component in Sabah). ”We did it buddy, I will be your most loyal deputy/you must be loyal to me as a deputy”. This did not come from me alone, others also foresee this happening.

    I will wait for another week. If there is still no declaration from SAPP, and then it will have to be, “Lawan BN, tolak SAPP, sokong Pakatan!! We will push the “silent campaign” for Pakatan Rakyat into overdrive. I urge those in Pakatan Rakyat Sabah to work triple hard in explaining to the people why they need to change towards a Pakatan State and Federal government. Use Penang and Selangor as reference. Autonomy, I agree, but we need to use the Peninsula as our guidance as well as reference.

    People argue, what do the Peninsula know? There are only 3 main ethnic races there namely the Malays, Chinese, and Indians compared to Sabah where we have such a huge number of races. My answer to this is, we have around 32 ethnic groups in Sabah (if my facts are correct). It is not necessary to have 32 parties to represent each ethnic group. The argument continues, PKR is a Peninsula party and not local. I respond: what about UMNO, MCA, and Gerakan? Some people still never give up by saying that even if UMNO is a Peninsula party, it is still represented by local Sabahan leaders. At this point I will just stop talking. This is another challenge to campaigning, you need to talk a lot, and I do mean A LOT!!

    The time now is 0404hrs, I am thinking of going to PKR HQ in Jalan Bundusan, Penampang today. I have not joined PKR yet as I am also occupied with work, but I will definitely do. There is a lot to be done. Raja Petra’s work must not go down in vain. We need to act and make full use of the information given and spread it, even if it dries up our lips and throats. The Silent Campaign continues.

  3. Tuai Rumah 2010 says:

    PKR fielding a candidate here could be a big mistake. They should have considered giving SAPP a helping hand this round and thereby in return SAPP too will help them in the future. Yong is much a better choice in the area, compared to BN’s and PKR’s.

    Yong will be leading, followed by BN then last PKR. PKR why waste the energy and destroy a good opportunity to work together with SAPP in the future? We dont understand what other backside stories there could be, only hope BN be taught another good lesson.

  4. Iraida Emerton says:

    I’d be inclined to see eye to eye with you on this. Which is not something I usually do! I really like reading a post that will make people think. Also, thanks for allowing me to comment!

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