Where will the ‘Lim Guan Eng of Sarawak’ stand ?

audie61’s has the pleasure to introduce our new Political Correspondent Tiger Liew with his first article:-

In Semenanjung Malaysia, they have Lim Guan Eng, in Sarawak, we have Chong Chieng Jen.

Like the Lims dominate the DAP in the west, the Chong family wields great influence over the state DAP in Sarawak. They may even be nursing the confidence that Chieng Jen is now unbeatable. Maybe even a future Chief Minister of Sarawak. It has happened in Penang with Lim Guan Eng, hasn’t it?

In politics, perception is more powerful than reality. They believe they will win in the long run.

So far, things have been going Chieng Jen’s way. The second term MP for Bandar Kuching rode the waves of discontent against SUPP in the state election of 2006, narrowly beating Alfred Yap Chin Loi and winning the new seat of Kota Sentosa.

We do not know how Alfred Yap felt after his loss but we can guess. He had of course been asked to give up his relatively safe Batu Kawah seat then and be the knight in shining armor riding into Kota Sentosa.

But if you believe the whispers on the ground, Yap has been quietly campaigning since the day he lost.  The word is that Yap will love and relish the chance to win his SUPP party’ nomination. He must be itching for a second round in Kota Sentosa.

If Yap does get nominated for a second time in Kota Sentosa, will he get the chance to meet Chong again?

For Chong, he has already proven his point when he fell Assistant Minister Yap in Kota Sentosa. He has bigger fishes to fry. The DAP has always been proud that their leaders (for example Lim Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng) can parachute anywhere into Chinese majority areas and win. The elder Lim has proven it many times by winning in Melaka, Perak and Penang.

Will Chong defend his Kota Sentosa seat next time round?

Or will he go off and slay a new dragon somewhere else. Let his lieutenant fight Kota Sentosa? If the DAP can still tap the Chinese voters’ anger, Chong will be a hero and prove his worth by charging into the enemy’s stronghold. He will be able to hold his head high among his colleagues in Semenanjung Malaysia if he gains another state seat elsewhere.

But where?

If Chong chooses to fight another seat, one likely and logical place is the neighboring seat of Batu Kawah. He has been known to be making the rounds there.

And shhhhh,  the SUPP Batu Kawah hacks are scared shit about the prospect of a “Chong vs Tan Joo Phoi” fight. They would be, wouldn’t they? At the moment, See Chee How of PKR is claiming the chance to fight Batu Kawah. But if Chong drops in, the calculus will be much different.

So, will Chong leave Kota Sentosa for Batu Kawah?  Will he prove his worth and live up to the nickname they have given him: “Idol of the Chinese urban youth

Don’t forget, you heard about this first from the Tiger. Grrrr

73 thoughts on “Where will the ‘Lim Guan Eng of Sarawak’ stand ?

  1. sarawakiana says:

    Firstly alfred yap already kalah why want to contest again? Secondly chong will make mince meat out of any SUPP candidate now. Thirdly the Pek Moh issue with leaflets everywhere is enough to make BN lose more seats. Need anymore?

    • Bakrie says:

      Now George Chan has to explain to all Sarawakians and to SUPP members why her daughter and wife of Sulaiman Taib can so easily be given a parcel of prime state land near the Kuching International Airport in which her share is worth about RM70 million.

  2. zainuddin says:

    SUPP will go like MCA and Gerakan in semananjung. DAP will win more seats. Maybe dayak seats of PRS will fall especially when Masing says in free Malaysia today blog.

  3. Mata Kuching says:

    In an election, be it state or parliament, the party that cares for the ordinary and working class citizens and have proven itself despite facing all kinds of obstacles, intimidations, oppressions and has a strong principled stance in fighting for all Malaysians will not worry so much where it decide to contest. Consensus comes first and the rest will take care of itself when the voters are with the party.

    BN used to be in that enviable position before but not any more.Not since the unfolding of so many abuse of power,corruptions, wastages, mismanagement, neglect of rural socio-economic development,cronyism,and anything controlled and dictated by Taib Mahmud and UMNO.

  4. pussycat says:


    I agree with you that Chong may look for another seat to contest. He is really scared to face Kota Sentosa voters again. Think about it he has done nothing there except bark at the things and Alfred is ready for him there.

    Heard that Yap has quietly transferred many voters over to Sentosa.

    Yes Chong will like to run away but not to where you think.

    You are wrong about the seat Chong will fight. It will not be in Batu Kawa. That seat is even harder for him to win. It was Alfred’s stronghold before and he will campaign to help Joo Phoi.

    Chong has two very good seats to go to . Padungan and Batu Lintang. He will love to get rid of Dominique and Voon Lee Shan. They are the bigger threats to him.

    So it depends on how Chong plays it. Maybe he can win lawsuit against Dominique and make him bankrupt or he can get DAP to drop Voon.

    So Chong will not to Batu Kawa, my two cents worth, what do you think?

    • BK Sim says:

      Pussycat, SUPP is finished totally and completely. It does not matter if SUPP robbed in James Chan or Dr Sim to salvage the credibility of the party or to appease the Chinese community. Sarawak Useless People Party (SUPP) with only a Pussycat to be its spokeman will be vanquished.

      • NewHope says:

        See Hua Daily News, Kuching 26-10-2010.

        Out of SUPP’s 19 seats, 5 seats (26%) are to be decided by Chairman of Sarawak BN.

        After the 10th Sarawak State Election, if lucky, SUPP will be become a 1-DUN-YB party.

    • Lee Hui says:

      Audie61 has unleashed its first of many more psychological warfare against Pakatan and in particular against YB Chong Chieng Jen . Sit back guys and see how the BN cyber trooper is unfolding their game plan.

      • looes74 says:

        Lee Hui,
        I believe Audie61 is neutral enough. However, one does not need to kill another directly. There is one chinese idoims called Borrow the knife to kill people.
        It boils down to the fact everybody, anybody me included got personal agenda. Hence, it’s imperative to read between the lines & to use your brain.
        BN does not pay APCO 70 million USD for fun

    • fedup says:

      Comments by a SUPP person for sure…a bunch of self serving idiots! Sarawak Useless Peoples Party! George Chan is the leader of these useless band of idiots!

    • Mat Komeng says:

      Hai ya LATOK. even your two billions worth nothing, cos it’s an ILLEGAL monies, not to say about your two cents. Don’t just simply make a silly joke !!!!!.

  5. phyllis says:

    Voted for Chong in last GE. He is now talking very arrogantly and maybe the powers has got into him. He was good fighting all out and now he seems to be fighting to lead DAP Sarawak says my friends in DAP. Where does that put Wong Ho Leng soon? Now he wants to go to Batu Kawah. That will mean See Chee How going to sacrifice again?

    • Ronnie says:

      Leave the speculations to Audie61 and team. The people’s wisdom will give Pakatan a resounding victory once the candidates have been finalised among PR4.

    • looes74 says:

      You know what. Me also met Wee Choo Keong or rather saw from a distance in Ipoh. He is one arrogant bastard. Even after he lost every single election with his mosquito MDP….So much so I knew from an instance that Wee Wee boy would jump. Hahaha
      I am not sure about your friends in DAP Sarawak. For me, DAP Sarawak was dominated by 3 musketeers. Chiew, Wong Ho Leng & Chong. Guess what! while Audie61 has been persistently hounding Chong Chieng Jen. Who is holding the key? Chong or is it Wong Ho Leng….Not sure what Audie61….Perhaps, I should ask Audie61 groups, who sack the renegades from DAP? Kung Chin Chin….Ring a bell….Aiyaa…
      What Chong’s dynasty talking except his daddy was DAP prominent leader? What’s the beef, audie61 groupie? As for See Chee How, aaargh, I must ask PKR….How many seats you guys contested? 40 seats…..I disagree of any political party especially PKR given the lion share of seats. If See Chee How got to be sacrificed, so be it.

      Isn’t DAP forced to contest 20 seats instead of 25 seats? Remember the Perak 2004 GE PKR campaign….And the coming PKR Batu Sapi campaign….
      I am still supporting PKR for the sake of solidarity

    • fedup says:

      The public will support whosoever speaks out against injustice and corruption! So far, YB Chong is in the lead when it comes to speaking out!

      That’s why he will get the public’s support wherever he decides to run..likelihood, he might just contezt in piasau!

      georgy boy is aware of this possibility and you think georgie is confident?

  6. zainuddin says:

    Wah! True or not if not this is serious stuff my friend. Tak boleh hantam saja. Kemungkinan nanti kena soal dari kerajaan..

  7. dayang says:

    was looking around the blogs.Guess waht it seems pro-BN blogs are already picking up the story;-
    This one at http://rajahmas.blogspot.com/
    Cakap pasal Chong Chieng Jen… Siapa dia ini? Inilah orang DAP yang paling agresif sekali di Sarawak mengalahkan MP Sibu, Wong Ho Leng. Dia bercita-cita hendak menjadi Ketua Menteri Sarawak daripada parti DAP. Merupakan ahli Parlimen Bandar Kuching juga ADUN N12 Kota Sentosa.

    Dia sangat yakin menang di mana-mana kerusi jika bertanding di negeri ini…. Hari ini dalam blog Audie61 menjelaskan kenapa Setiausaha DAP Sarawak, Chong Chieng Jen cuba bertanding di N13 Batu Kawah pula..

    • Asri Rahman says:

      Who cares Dayang. 20 out of 25 PBB seats have been declared grey and SUPP’s 19 seats are black. UMNO dominated BN is in real danger of losing 46 seats.

      • fedup says:

        Totally agreed with you Asri Rahman, let the bee eng blog heads write whatever they want and its of no use!
        These tired old bee eng tactic of misleading and lying had run its race. These stupid people think the public is as stupid as they are in bee eng. One only has to read some of the stupid comments from bee eng ‘yang bodohs’ in the newspaper to know this..

        that fucking georgy boy claiming that the bako land owners never approach supp for help well here’s a little insight:

        1) They did, when they approached him, all he did was brought them to see abdullah julaihi (Superintendent of lands) and then LEFT the building!;

        2) some groups approached him before, he gave them the run around, tell them to go see sudorsontong!;

        3) besides, what authority does he have in the matter?

        georgy boy, YOU ARE FULL OF SHIT!

        For your information GEORGE CHAN:

        There are landowners in Bako who are members of SUPP and they don’t even believe you can and will help!

        Whatever you are saying the newspapers is only to mislead those voters to make them think SUPP is helping the land owners in order to fish for votes!

        Bye bye supp come next state election! Not even one seat left for you! By then goergy boy, you better run because there will be some scape goating and you can be sure that you will end up like ling leong shit!

        SIMC rings a bell in your numb skull?

    • looes74 says:

      The power of disinformation. It can fool even neutral people in Audie61. I am not saying we must distrust deep throat. Must use brain when receiving this information.

  8. Hulk says:

    I think Chong will win wherever he stand. As long as it is a bandar seat….He is heavier than any of the PKR boys and even the top guns.. so not to worry too much guys..

  9. dayang says:

    hulk u giving too much credit to an already arrogant MP.Loose 74 i still cant get you and what is the conspiracy? Care to enlighten the not so good and clever lady here.

    • looes74 says:

      I have nothing against Pussy Cat. However, I don’t buy into Pussy Cat’s “Conspiracy theory”. That’s all. I am not sure about Chong but knowing how DAP works especially in Sarawak, Chong won’t do anything stupid. Remember, there are DAP national leaders who are looking at these issues. Remember DAP Perak debacle.

      Wong Ho Leng can be even more authoritative than Chong. Who sack the DAP renegades recently?

      As for Voon Lee Shan, you guys counting the days carefully. How many months of suspension? By now, don’t you think it’s over. You know Voon just like Kula blew his top. After one sms, Voonn…..aaah….

  10. Pemanca says:

    U did not read my comments in Borneo posts on Sunday ? SUPP drivers should retire.Nothing wrong with the car. Please check it up.

  11. Tracy W says:

    Whatever you all say about Chong I think he is doing a good job. Until such time he does not perform we will also get rid of him. If he fights for individual positions we will go against him in the polls. He is at the moment still fighting for the rakyat. Keep it up but be reminded the people will change you MP/ADUN Chong if you forget who the masters are.
    PEOPLEPOWER !!!!!1

  12. kpt99 says:

    Awang Tengah is lying to people of Song and Kapit.He said 850 miliion has been allocated to SCORE under 2011 budget which actually is only 93 million and another 93 million to transform Kapit in to powerhouse of the state which is nil.That how rural folks are attracted by these sweet speeches.

    • Peggy says:

      Dayaks of Today know what to believe , how much to believe and what not to believe. Paracute your RM850 million to Kapit and Song and we shall still vote out UMNO/BN.

      • adman says:

        I think the Dayaks in Sarawak are similar to Kadazan-Dusuns in Sabah. They will buy whatever the BN/UMNO give them…What is important to them is MONEY. UMNO/BN give them RM300, they will surely vote the BN/UMNO. Believe me…

      • kpt99 says:

        Dayaks have difficulty of getting off ” The Mentality Of Anang Ngelaban Perintah “.It’s not that they are greedy and hunger for money.

    • kpt99 says:

      Manyin says 700 million for kanowit-Kapit road.Taib says for the beginning 70 million is allocated to kick off the project.Siapa hendak percaya kepada Hantu itu yang selalu bohong terutamanya kepada RAKYAT pedalaman dengan Tuai rumah Buta.Mentality “Anang Ngelaban Perintah”.

  13. Mata Kuching says:


    KUCHING: DAP wants Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP) president George Chan to explain how his daughter Elisa Chan Wai Kuen @ Anisa Hamidah Abdullah received 12% of 269 acres of prime land near BDC Stampin, Kuching.
    Sarawak DAP secretary-general Chong Cheing Jen said he has “solid evidence” of Elisa Chan’s shareholding.

    “I have solid evidence that his daughter was given 12% of the shares which are worth about RM70 million.

    “Chan must explain as the people have the right to know,” said Chong, who is the Bandar Kuching MP.

    He said Chan and SUPP have been telling the people that they were looking after their interests as far as land was concerned.

    “But if you look at the Bako land issue where 3,000 acres of people’s land have been acquired by the government without giving satisfactory compensation and explanation and the land given to his daughter, it is obvious that Chan and SUPP are not looking after the people’s interest, but only their own interests.

    “He must explain how his daughter got the state land so easily,” said Chong, adding that SUPP appeared to have adopted a new slogan — cronies first, people last.

    Elisa Chan is the wife of Sulaiman Taib, the son of the Chief Minister Taib Mahmud, and her 12% shares are being listed in a company known as Monarda Sdn Bhd.

    Registered in November 2008, the company’s 100 shares have been divided among four persons. Taib’s son Mahmud Abu Bakir holds the majority 52 shares.

    Other shareholders are Taib’s daughters’ Jamilah Hamidah and Hanifah Hajar who each hold 12 shares, Anisa (12) and Chung Soon Nam (12).

    Although the market value of the land is around RM500 million, Monarda paid only RM78,647,112.00.

    This again is being paid in kind.

    Campaign against tower

    Chong, who is Kota Sentosa assemblyman, also urged Sarawakians, especially the Internet users, to support the facebook campaign against the construction of the 100-storey high Warisan Mernara building.

    • Kota Sentosa Hakka says:

      SUPP members demand that George Chan deny YB Chong’s allegation within 48 hours before this piece of lousy shit bury the party for good.

      If the allegation is true, we demand George Chan steps down as President of SUPP with immediate effect and install an interim President to lead the party in the coming state election.

      WE in SUPP do not another scandal like this piece of lousy shit. Refute the allegation within 48 hours or quit as President.

      • Hii Yun Keong says:

        On what basis and merit does Tan Joo Phoi reaffirmed his support for George Chan to continue as President of SUPP? The youths felt betrayed that their President is also under the microscope of Sarawak Report which has meticulously unfolded all the corruptions of Taib Mahmud and his family’s investments overseas with money stolen from Sarawak. Now SUPP ‘s president George Chan is the lastest in the list.

        The youths in Sarawak has no access to micro credit of even RM700.00 and yet George Chan’s daughter was given 12% share in a plot of 269 acres prime land. Her share is worth RM70 million.

        Sarawak youths demand an explanation from George Chan and all SUPP leaders in this lastest corruption report.

  14. Tracy W says:

    I am surprised with so many comments.is audie61 really attacking Chong and DAP? I read in one of the postings he is only after his “datukship” or lobbying for a seat. This Tigers article is catching on with fire. Where are the SUPP boys? still sleeping.

  15. Bee Sie Khung says:

    DAP could lose more than they can have now. Just defend and secure the perimeter from SUPP.

    PBB’s 35 seat block is still the big prize to unlock the DUN from Pekmo.

    For now DAP must focus on SUPP entirely. ‘SUPP Sifar’ or ‘Zero SUPP’ in Sarawak shall be the objective. Once SUPP completely wiped off the next phase is the moving toward the interior rural areas.

    If DAP can secure fully the urban area 100 percent, BN can only retreat back to the jungle with PRS, SPDP monkeys jumping around. Monkeys need bananas to laugh and play.

    So DAP bring more bananas (resources) to PKR and SNAP from town areas to secure more circus in the jungle. Once PRS, SPDP monkeys are caged throw them alive in the river.

    Then it’s already near 50 percent DUN seats collected. Urban and suburban aread secured, it’s only PBB hole out in the last mountains and ageing bomohs around.

    Bring more bomohs from Kalimantan and Brunei lah. Fight PBB like bunch of jungle spirits and locked them inside glass jar. Just three to five PBB jungle spirits enough to break the 50 percent DUN seats.

    Urban->Suburban->Jungle areas. That’s how BN would retreat one-way street once DAP secured fully the urban areas followed by PKR, SNAP.

    Final word – A bomoh once adviced that jungle spirits (captured in bottle) to be deeply buried encased in cement rather than thrown in the open sea. No reason given. (Maybe to avoid in open sea it’ll break and become beautiful attractive mermaid or something)

    So same goes to any BN jin spirits. Buried them dead and deep. That’s why DAP first and foremost, must bury SUPP dead once and for all.

  16. kpt99 says:

    Sibu MP Ho Leng in full swing blasting the federal govt for their long marginalization since joining them 47 years.He lamented that all BN MPs are debating to the tune of Najjib hoping for promotions and ministerial posts neglecting revealing the problems of the rakyat.He questioned Najib’s sincerity of only allocated 9.55 billion for Sawak and Sabah.Wise Sarawakians should send more PR MPs to parliaments if they their voices to be heard.

  17. Mata Kuching says:

    BN may have all the resources to overwhelm Pakatan in Sarawak but resources alone cannot win over the hearts and minds of the common people.

    UMNO controlled BN has become deaf to the voices of the people of Sarawak over abuses perpetrated by the current establishment. It has shut its eyes and sanctioned the systematic exploitation of Sarawak’s resources.

    And arrogantly, UMNO controlled BN thinks it can justify this approach by pumping more money into development projects for Sarawak, using the stale reason of “you are not grateful for development” as a means to silence its critics, and “you cannot survive without BN” to shackle the public.

    Chinese cannot be bought and Dayaks cannot be threatened and intimidated into submission any more. The Malays are beginning to realise that UMNO’s fight and struggle for the race was not inclusive of Malays in the Borneo states of Sarawak and Sabah. And UMNO’s fight and struggle for the race was meant to hookwink the Malays in UMNO not to abandon its leaders and UMNO warlords. Infact 80% of the Malays do not benefit from UMNO rule and domination of the government.

    • Bakrie says:

      Agree with you absolutely and totally. The truth must be told and made known to all simple minded and sometimes too trusting Bumiputras in Sarawak and Sabah. If we can be the fixed deposit of UMNO dominated BN we can also be the fixed deposit of Pakatan. It is our choice and the power to decide lies with us.

      • Sabri says:

        One need not travel to Lundu, Sematan, Mukah, Balingian, Oya, Dalat,Tanjung Manis, Limbang, Lawas to know that the ordinary Malays have not benefited from the NEP and from BN’s rule in the last 47 years. Closer to Kuching city in Kota Samarahan, Batu Kawa, Haji Baki,Tabuan Hilir, Santubong, Matang and Bako, we can see how poor are the malays and their poor living conditions they are now in…thanks to BN’s 47 years of plundering, looting and neglect.

        We must change. We must vote out BN. Vote for change and vote Pakatan to save Sarawak and Malaysia.

    • Fatimah says:

      The Malays in Sarawak has been colonised by Taib Mahmud. Sadly many still do not realised that. Like the majority of the Malays in West Malaysia, only 10 % of the Malays have truly benefited from the affirmative policies enshrined in the constitution. Our Malay leaders in UMNO and PBB have been and are making use of our race to enrich themselves. A handful of Malays are milti billionaire and millionaires and the rest of the Malays are civil servants. My father and a few of his friends are only Bumiputra contractors class D in name and on paper only because they refused to pay PBB brokers or share 10% with head of government departments to secure projects.

  18. Bidayuh Headmaster says:

    You are right mata, even Dayak civil servants are no longer subservient to the BN government . As it has been rightly said, government and CM or PM come and go but the Malaysian civil service will stay.

    Dayak civil servants owe nothing to political parties. We need not vote for the government of the day if it has failed in its promise to take care of the majority of the ordinary people and the needy. The dayaks belong to the deprived and impoverished group in Malaysia.

    The Dayaks in urban and rural constituencies, both private sector and in the civil service will not bow to BN threats and intimidations. We shall fight for our own identity, dignity, respect,rights and seek justice against those who grapped our NCR land and displaced us from our home now taken over by mega developments that do not benefit the majority of the dayaks and ordinary citizens.

  19. Sarawakian says:

    Hi, Sabri Oct 28, 2010 6.54 pm,

    “We must change. We must vote out BN. Vote for change and vote Pakatan to save Sarawak and Malaysia.”

    Yes. Sarawak will have a New Government after its 10 State Election in 2010.

  20. SK Subramaniam says:

    History reveals that all governments, empires and kingdoms of men, no matter how grand, no matter how powerful, ultimately fall. It happened to ancient Egypt, Assyria and Babylon. Even Rome was not exempt; though it dominated much of Europe, Northern Africa, the Middle East and parts of the Near East, and lasted for 500 years, the Roman Empire ultimately fell.

    Taib Mahmud’s days are numbered. UMNO will be defeated and GE13 will give birth to a two party system with Pakatan replacing UMNO dominated government.

  21. Wilfred says:

    The late Tun Jugah and his son Leonard Linggi were hoping that their community and people living in Song and Kapit could be connected to Sibu at least. Only now the late Tun Jugah’s grandson was lamenting that the governmetof BN in which he is part of as MP, had reneged on its promise made 10 years ago to construct a road linking Song to Kapit and Sibu.

    Many older residents of Kapit and Song would have already died without their dream road and development plan is still in BN’s incubator or Taib’s Mahmud trash bin.

    BN Sarawak under Taib can continue to make empty promises but the Dayaks dont give a shit anymore. Enough is enough. 47 years of waiting is defintely insane and too long. We dont mind having to walk and cycle to Sibu through jungle tracks and have decided to vote for change. We want a new government.

    • NewHope says:

      Re Wilfred October 29, 2010 8.28 am :

      Dayaks must vote for change. Only then can we have a new state government.

      New Government. New Hope. New beginning …

    • Rosalind says:

      Robert Chuat is a real dummy and a mute and yet he is in DUN because of his uncle Alfred Jabu. Both Robert and Jabu are a liability and a shame to the Iban community . While grabbing NCR lands for themselves , they allowed Taib and family to oppress the Ibans and steal from them. At least the late Ramsey Jitam did what was right by suing the state government and told the state government led by Taib to keep its hand off NCR lands.

  22. kpt99 says:

    Tun Jugah asked Where is the road for his anak in Kapit ?.as agreed before through dream to his Grandson Alex Nanta Linggi MP,of Kapit.BN must be guilty and sinful for cheating him.

  23. Tuai Rumah 2010 says:

    We cant expect wakil rayats to be perfect personality. If he or she had done his best toward caring for the general population of his/her state, if he/she stay away from corrupted greed and acts, and has the sincerity to use his/her god blessed talent for the better tomorrow of the state and the country, he/she deserved to be honoured “Yang Berhormat”

    This explains the acceptance of YB CCJ to be an “should be respected” figure compared to many of the BN’s bulls and shits………

    We should sweep aside some peresonal issue and focus on a bigger picture of the current state politic and issues ( believe in our own concious judgement, and only some time we can believe in what he says….). Stay focus on the need to have a better government that benefit the general people of Sarawak, regardless of Iban, Malays, Malanau, Orang Ulu,Chinese and the Dayaks

    If we are still awake, do we sigh on the performance and courage of some YBs from SUPP, PRS and SPDP??? In our dreams too, we also feel ashamed of many of them. This is true and very true, dear YBs

  24. Irene kana says:

    Secret meeting between George Chan and Taib Mahmud :

    George : How can you shoot yourself in the feet by saying you didnt know what the Chinese want.

    Taib : Without me the Chinese would still be farmers but many have become timber tycoons.

    George : The Chinese have called SUPP a useless and hopeless party.

    Taib : AS president of SUPP you should know how to play with words. Threaten them that without SUPP in BN they would be left out of the development.

    George : The Chinese said you only develop yourself and your family in the last 29 years.

    Taib : Who cares George..the Chinese are your babies and your problem. The Dayaks are my fixed deposit and will remain so for the next 100 years .

    George : Time have changed and they are better informed..you cannot be so sure anymore.

    Taib : They can call me the thief minister, lanun, kleptocrat and whatever..the desperate dayak leaders will know how to lie and protect my ass.

    George : Sarawak has exposed all your as well as family investment overseas and allege you are grapping NCR and state land.

    Taib : I am invinsible…nobody including Najib, MACC can check on me. By the way, did you know your daughter Anisa also has share of state land worth RM70 million?

    George : Damn the DAP…the people will not believe us anymore even if we denied and siad they are only good at spreading malicious lies.

    Taib : At least they cannot accuse me alone. You are now also one of thieves ..so stop accusing me of being a thief on behalf of the people.

    George : You are very cunning..you have me cornered. What about Jabu and the rest?

    Taib : Do you know that all the timber tycoons flew in to Kuching to pay a courtesy call on Jabu when my senile uncle made a statement that Jabu would be most suitable to succeed me? I will deal with any dayak leaders who Main my belakan.

    George : It seems you wont step down or retire.

    Taib : Are you mad George ? The SCORE project plus all the dams are worth more than RM1 trillion and Najib is already salivating too.

    George : What shall we do?

    Taib : No way I will return all the loots..will you as well? and Jabu and the rest?

  25. Sgt Ranum says:

    Taib’s Bomoh confided before he died that he had warned the Chief Minister in 2003 that he should stand down within 7 years! However, this piece of advice apparently signalled the beginning of the end Taib’s relationship with his long-trusted soothsayer.

    In 2003 the Bomoh said “step down or it will be a disaster for you”, explains one confident of Ustaz, “However, Taib had come to think that his power was God-given and he did not need the Bomoh anymore. This incident might have angered Taib and his family members and therefore Ustaz was slowly dropped and side-lined”.

    The confidant believes that Ustaz became ever more troubled as the ‘first family’ started to become arrogant and over-reach themselves in later years. He felt they had started to believe they could do whatever they liked and were above the law and was dismayed at their treatment of people who got in their way.

  26. Patrick says:

    I know I am one of the right thinking Malaysians and being an Iban does not mean I must support an Iban candidate in SPDP , PRS, PBB or SUPP. I dont owe BN government anything as a medical officer. I know the future of Malaysia is bleak if BN led by UMNO continues to rule our country. I am all for change and a new government.

  27. Indian Special Branch says:

    Beware of Salleh Jaffarudin who hinted of making a come back to active politic. He is and has always been part of the “master plan” of Tun Rahman and Taib to control and plunder Sarawak. Pakatan must not trust this guy or seek political advice or wisdom from this cunning and foxy ex politician.

    He has been given millions by we already know who to seek and plant candidates in all BN grey areas to prevent Pakatan from winning.

    • Michael says:

      yeah..blood is still thicker than water. Salleh will try to kill Taib’s foes fro outside of BN and under an Opposition platform. Never ever trust this sly politician Pakatan should not deal with this political con artist.

  28. Josephine Christopher says:

    Rural voters in Sarawak are a lot wiser and no longer treat an election as a carnival where BN will drown them with sweeet promises, nights after nights of entertainment, all expenses paid city stays for all penghulus and tuai rumah and finally threatened them with withholding of development funds and projects.

    These folks are no longer convinced of BN so called track records and are actually inflamed by the lack of commitment by BN to develop the rural economy. They are more daring and better informed and are able to differentiate between bluffs and truths

    Many are raving for change and understand what change entails. Good for Pakatan.

  29. Ronnie says:

    Parti Bohong Bumiputra and Sarawak Useless People Party still think they can fool the rakyat all the times. They will be in for a very rude shock especially PBB and it is a forgone conclusion that SUPP will lose all 19 seats given to them. PBB has a real chance of losing between 20 to 23 seats based on current sentiments on the ground.

    Don’t ever call us ungrateful or tell us that only BN government can bring development and progress to Sarawak. Without the people wrongly supporting BN or Taib Mahmud for the last 47 years, Sarawak is still the richest state in Malaysia and its per capital income would have exceeded RM70,000 by now.

    • Ronnie says:

      The easiest way to colonise the rakyat is for the ruling government to ask the various communities and certain groups to form associations in order to benefit from government’s programme and to have their voices heard by the government.

      How stupid are we to believe that the only way for the government to be able to listen to our voice or cries are through the formation of associations? We the rakyat should be the ones telling the government that if they don’t serve us well we have the power to replace them.

      And to replace them , we shall do just that. All Sarawakians must do what we need to do “Just replace BN government”. Vote for a new government. Vote Pakatan.

  30. Lee Hui says:

    George Chan has not denied or refuted YB Chong Chieng Jin’s accusation that Sarawak Report had published an artcle claiming that George Chan’s daughter Anisa was shareholder of a companyy together with Taib’s sons and daughters , which were given state lands amounting to 269 acres near to BDC.

    Instead of refuting the allegation, George Chan today arrogantly insulted Sarawakians by insisting that he would reject the motion on Land Reforms proposed by DAP claiming that the majority has every right to reject the minority. Let us voters remind George Chan that the voters who had voted for BN in 2006 also supported the Land Reforms Bill proposed by the DAP.

    Such is the continued arrogance displayed by BN leaders.

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