P185 “Rose Among the Thorns”

It is just an idiomatic expression says Cindy of audie61 from Sandakan. The locals are warming up to Linda Tsen and many are saying that the BN coup “sympathy votes ‘might see her winning comfortably.

It’s going to be tough and hard work as SAPP Yong and PKR Ansari are not lightweights but the sentiments of the people might just be enough for BN to see her winning on the basis of her late husbands good work as MP.

The Batu Sapi nomination day has been set for tomorrow at the Sandakan community centre near here while polling day is on November 4.

Batu Sapi has 25,582 voters, including 1,535 postal voters.

The constituency near Sandakan comprises 15,099 Muslim Bumiputeras (59 per cent of the voters); 9,737 Chinese (38 per cent); 698 non-Muslim Bumiputeras (2.69 per cent); and 57 others (0.22 per cent).



2 thoughts on “P185 “Rose Among the Thorns”

  1. Ho :idea: Ho :idea: Ho :idea:
    :idea: The POWER OF LOVE is more important than those goons who are CRAZY FOR POWER until they desperate n resort to use a very DIRTY + SCARE + VIOLENCE tactics like body crush,lives lost !!!!! n that racist I’BRA’him katak sit down talking on his sick SHITX3 h/phone in a minutes of silence!!!! n PEACE shall prevail when RAKYAT in MAJORITY rejects violence n scare tactics n anyone who WINS P185 must reject RACISM n SAY NO TO RACISM !!!!!

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