P185 Batu Api-Updates

Political correspondent Bugi Wijaya in Sandakan

Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) today announced its President Datuk Yong Teck Lee as the candidate for the parliament seat of P.185 Batu Sapi. The announcement made in conjunction with the opening of the new SAPP Sandakan office saw the presence of former PKR division leader Datuk Nahalan Damsal who supported the SAPP to contest the seat.

The SAPP campaign is expected to be spearhead by former State Finance Minister Datuk Mohd Noor Mansor will see a keenly contest tussle for the seat by BN, PKR and SAPP. Both BN and PKR are expected to announce their candidate tomorrow but with more than 20 forms being sold by the Election Commission Malaysia, it is expected there will some aspiring independents offering themselves as alternative.

The contest will served a platform for every parties to test their strength given the current political climate of Sabah being a fixed asset for BN. As claim by Yong, there are a possibilities of three scenarios. One, BN victory with votes more then the combined of opposition parties; two, BN victory with less than the combined votes for the opposition and three either opposition party wins. In the first scenario, everyone would have to go back to the drawing board and re-strategize again. Two the opposition would have to sit down to discuss on proper seats sharing and three BN is finished.

With SAPP announcement all eyes would now be on who are the PKR and BN candidates ? It is getting interesting here.

Another insider news just received from Sabah has this ;-BN will have a very testing and tough fight against Yong Teck Lee. The ground is in favour of the former CM but many “goodies” will be thrown in which will benefit the people of P185.

10 thoughts on “P185 Batu Api-Updates

  1. zainuddin says:

    Come on looes74.people in sabah know very well and they will know who is the lesser devil. people have short memories and they have forgotten about what happened then. Now its Sabah for Sabahan time my friend. UMNO is for you only.

  2. looes74 says:

    Have you seriously read the link that I have stated? Do you know the real history behind Taiko Yong? Worst, do you realise that SAPP demanded 40 state seats from the very beginning
    Why don’t you say that Gabriel Adit from PCM should leade Sarawak because Gabriel is Sarawakian. Mahmud Taib also Sarawakian….Ah so, come on laa…Lesser Evil
    What if PKR decided to place Shanty Chong from DAP or any local politicians? Of course, I don’t fancy Ansari….Which candidates better?

    Audie61 folks,
    Which insiders? Information or disinformation? Watch Yes Prime Minister lately

  3. Mata Kuching says:

    It is politically healthy for SAPP which is yet to be part of Pakatan to sludge it out with Pakatan in this by election so that they will be in a better position to guage the sentiments on the ground, using various yardsticks available to them as a basis for a winnable formula in GE13.

  4. looes74 says:

    That one I agree with you. From the beginning, we are going to have a threesome. I got the feeling Yong is going to stand. However, I would still stick to my stand that PR is the better MP for Batu Sapi. In fact, instead of leaving it to PKR, they should give it to DAP.
    Do you know that DAP was the first oppositions who win 4 parliamentary seats in Sabah. That was 1986. 8 years before SAPP was even established. Which smashed the perverted logic of SAPP?
    We can have healthy competition but unfortunately, ahem….SAPP doesn’t…..Heard of Gabriel Adit….Yong is the Sabah version of Gabriel Adit.

  5. Mata Kuching says:

    Yong Teck Lee was politically marginalised by UMNO which lead to his departure from BN. As a politician he didnt give a shit about the interest of Sabahans except those who aligned to him when he was in power. He is not your the man you can trust but since he is waging a war against UMNO controlled BN,Pakatan can cooperate with his party but should not allow him to dictate terms and dominate.

  6. looes74 says:

    I agree with you. Hence, I asked folks to read the link before one decide to support SAPP. I am taken aback by the info audie61 is getting. What insider? Which info or disinfo?
    If I were Batu Sapi voter, I would support Shanty Chong – 12th GE Sandakan DAP candidate.

  7. Mata Kuching says:

    DAP has agreed to allow PKR to put up a candidate for the good of Pakatan and so it must be accepted by friends and supporters of DAP/Pakatan. Now is the time for these supporters of Pakatan to convince the fence sitters to vote for PKR/Pakatan candidate. If in the past when there was no viable alternative party to challenge BN and BN could win by nominating an “Orang Utan”, Pakatan supporters must be mature to vote for the party and candidate endorsed by Pakatan partners.

    Voters must also be realistic and wise to know that a single party can never govern a state by its own by excluding other parties or coalition already accepted by the people at state and national level.

  8. looes74 says:

    Now, it’s confirmed that Datin Linda Tsin would be the candidate for PBS. Smart move by BN. That would do the trick of deciminating Yong. Don’t forget, SAPP still hasn’t answer what happen to those 2 seats under Elopura & Tanjung Papat. You sure Raymond Lim won’t chip in to punish Taiko Yong.

    Didn’t Anwar tell you so not to contest? Anyway, I do hope that Ansari better butt out. Worst, that’s Hasnar. Just bring in one local fella…Let SAPP & PBS kill off each other.

    The magic number is 8000 votes

  9. Mata Kuching says:

    Both SAPP and Pakatan will be underdogs in the Batu Sapi by election as this constituency has always been a BN stronghold.

    It will also be an appropriate warm up to GE13 and for the voters to choose “what to buy” from the respective party. If the voters vote with their heads and not their feet all the candidates have a fair chance to win.

    May the best win.

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