SNAP Losts in Logjam Direction….

The facts must be correct and clarified and not lies. How often have we heard this coming from various politicians from both sides of the house? If the statements on the logjam and causes are being misquoted and misleading we leave it to you to make your own opinions. ( the report can be read here….) 

However we take a particular interests in this statement”logjam was also caused by the construction of Murum Hydro-electric Dam” audie61 called  up the Councillor Tan Kian Hoo and he said,”Edwin SNAP President got losts along the way and he should get his facts or geography right before he comes out with his statement”

Let me say it again and is there any logic on this,”Balui and Baleh are tributaries of Batang Rajang. Murum River (which is above Bakun) is a tributary of the Balui, while Sungai Melatai is a tributary of Baleh. So how could debris in Murum floated overland to Baleh, by-passing Bakun Hydro-electric Dam?

Though he is unhappy he said that there must be answers and the people of Kapit will not want unfounded and misleading statements from people who dont know their facts.



14 thoughts on “SNAP Losts in Logjam Direction….

  1. A committee comprising of lawmakers from both political divide to investigate into the causes of the logjam will never happen as much as NGOs and the people had demanded from the BN government.

    The only way to set the record straight about environmental control, ensuring sustainable and responsible felling of timbers is to change the system of government. Internal reforms or to be voted out.

    The reality is BN will not reform and will want to stay in power at all cost. But the power lies with the people and now the people have a viable alternative and worthy coalition in Pakatan to vote for.

  2. Logjam of the Rajang river,it’s now up to the Rakyat of people whom to believe.James masing,man-made factors or Len Talif-a natural disaster.OR.Naked eyes of JM to 3D Airborne Hyperspectral Sensor of the latter.It is believe that areas of origins cause of this Logjam belong to Taib’s crony timber company .It’s not surprise at all this incident will soon be forgotten and the culprits get the let off.Perhaps Len Talif should make an better explanation on where these wood debris come from if he used to claimed that sawak always has the best forest management and complied to EIA standard.

  3. James Masing as an MP and Minister has done absolutely nothing to ensure timber operators observed all the laws regarding sustainable timber felling or conserving the environment. He had in the past defended Taib’s lack of social responsibility and unsustainable policy and the timber operators. Whatever he says now is just a political gimmick and for the ears only.

  4. Wow, Audie61 only pick on SNAP blunders. How about Len Talif blunders?

    As reported by the same news from Borneo Post:
    “Datu Len claimed that logging ceased in the area since 2007. Then, the government should prosecute the offenders because logging was on going in the area and yet no licence was issued after 2007,” he said.

    A senior official who preferred anonymity was surprised that Len made the statement in Kuching without first taking reports compiled by various agencies and authorities into account. As an example, he mentioned that during the logjam in Melatai, police reports were lodged at Kapit Police Station about two workers who went missing while checking a logging road affected by landslides.

    “Len claimed that logging in Sungai Melatai area ceased since 2007. But a local man was still paid by a logging firm to work in upper Sungai Melatai where the logjam happened on Oct 7 2010,” he said.

    – – – – – –

    Cum on Audie, blunders on both sides lah!

    You post title should be:
    “SNAP AND LEN TALIF Lost in Logjam Direction….”

    • Len Talif talking shits again today “Rivers are the main mode discharging debris “.So, all logging companies are allowed to dump and discharge all the wood debris into Rajang river for clearance. This senseless and irresponsible statements of such Non-thinking CEO contradicted Sarawak Clean,Safe and Better Rivers campaign which the federal govt has recently allocated 1 million for each state.He should do his home works thoroughly before coming up with pathetic comments which will greatly discredit him.He is there as seat warmer in SFC with the infamous philosophy of Msia’s culture”politically know who not technology know how,Kulitfication instead of Qualification. .There are too many of such in the whole Msia.Agree with Bee that Audie should be fair to all involved in his posting rather than siding.The art of attractive and good writing should uphold and maintains.Sense that Audie is pro BN blogger.

    • SNAP’s president was obviously making an assumption or speculated that the logjam could be from the indiscriminate activities of Muram Dam. No malicious intent on his part. In the case of Len Latif , the idiot thought he could get away with a brutal lie on behalf of his master and puppet masters.

      • Kapit land and Survey chief,Affin Bawai is stupid too and make him a fool by saying that massive landslides is the culprit.Even a 3 years kid old will ask what is the cause of the landslides not to say landslide is the cause Cukup Bodoh punya govt officer,rejected and posted to Kapit.Perhaps audie should share these with Tan from Kapit.The resident was at least more logical to the point by saying that the truth is the truth

      • If landslide, the rubbish will include green plant together with root and NOT only dry cut timber about 6-8 feet length.

    • Tq Bee we did ask you to click on the report here. We don’t have GUILTY on our Foreheads but our article was just to inform not to make mistakes too from whichever political divide be it BN or Pakatan.

      • Awang Tengah-Logjam report still being complied,Len Talif-caused by landslides,James Masing- Man-made Factor.These are the credibility of our ministers and CEO.Who are you going to believe ?.Don’t confude the rakyat.

  5. We have just received the news that the Malaysian police have arrested Nicholas Mujah, the Secretary General of the Sarawak Dayak Iban Association (SADIA) and six Iban villagers, including the headman of Kampung Bajong in Sebuyau, Sarawak.

    We must be united to rally behind SADIA and its officials when they are fighting against injustice and humanity crimes committed against the rural poor. We urge the police not to go for a wish hunt and allow those who were arrested access to legal representations.

    Rural Dayaks no longer perceived themselves as weak and hopeless when they faced fragmented determination to defend themselves against the high and might logging operators, plantation owners and contractors and last but not least some law enforcers working in cohort with the rich towkays.

    All concerned NGOs, Pakatan Politicians and MoCS should also be united in their stance against these bullies who relied on their political connection to flaunt the laws to plunder and destroying habitats, environments and livelihood of the rural poor.


    KUCHING: DAP wants Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP) president George Chan to explain how his daughter Elisa Chan Wai Kuen @ Anisa Hamidah Abdullah received 12% of 269 acres of prime land near BDC Stampin, Kuching.
    Sarawak DAP secretary-general Chong Cheing Jen said he has “solid evidence” of Elisa Chan’s shareholding.

    “I have solid evidence that his daughter was given 12% of the shares which are worth about RM70 million.

    “Chan must explain as the people have the right to know,” said Chong, who is the Bandar Kuching MP.

    He said Chan and SUPP have been telling the people that they were looking after their interests as far as land was concerned.

    “But if you look at the Bako land issue where 3,000 acres of people’s land have been acquired by the government without giving satisfactory compensation and explanation and the land given to his daughter, it is obvious that Chan and SUPP are not looking after the people’s interest, but only their own interests.

    “He must explain how his daughter got the state land so easily,” said Chong, adding that SUPP appeared to have adopted a new slogan — cronies first, people last.

    Elisa Chan is the wife of Sulaiman Taib, the son of the Chief Minister Taib Mahmud, and her 12% shares are being listed in a company known as Monarda Sdn Bhd.

    Registered in November 2008, the company’s 100 shares have been divided among four persons. Taib’s son Mahmud Abu Bakir holds the majority 52 shares.

    Other shareholders are Taib’s daughters’ Jamilah Hamidah and Hanifah Hajar who each hold 12 shares, Anisa (12) and Chung Soon Nam (12).

    Although the market value of the land is around RM500 million, Monarda paid only RM78,647,112.00.

    This again is being paid in kind.

    Campaign against tower

    Chong, who is Kota Sentosa assemblyman, also urged Sarawakians, especially the Internet users, to support the facebook campaign against the construction of the 100-storey high Warisan Mernara building.

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