“What Seat…??”

Have you heard about the latest rumour that has being going around? Yay it’s about me.  No…..,unfortunatedly its not the “DATUKSHIP” that I thought i would be getting ( shoot!).

Oh Well! Wishful Thinking. Hahaha……

What’s the rumour..???

Well,a little bird just told me some interesting piece of news. Me,moi (in French) is lobbying for a Sarawak State Seat. The only seat that I know that I am lobbying for is a Luxurious Sofa seat for my house which needs the approval of the Minister of Home Affairs.(wink,wink you know what I mean)

So what’s all this about this talk about the “THE SEAT” that I am supposedly going after? if you know about it let me know…..

If you want to recommend me a Luxurious sofa seat you’re welcome too.

HahahaKiss Kiss


4 thoughts on ““What Seat…??”

  1. If Jeff ooi can be an MP why not you? You are not just good but so much better.It is a tootal loss for the country if they dont see it.Agree with agen308 sarawak

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