Anwars illusion..oO oo Oo aAh..!!

Anwar really had the Malaysian public on the edge with his 916 propaganda. The whole media fraternity went into a frenzy and so did BN politicians. Who was jumping and now  it seems that Yong Teck Lee the SAPP President is keeping him in the dark for now. Pakatan to face head-on with BN in Batu Sapi P185. Whose dreaming now..??  

SAPP has already confirmed  that they will contest the Batu Sapi parliamentary seat in the 13th by-election to be held in Malaysia. Our earlier report . In this report Anwar hopes:-

Our source in SAPP says it might just be Anwars illusion and he might just receive a body blow for now with Yong not giving in as expected. 916 has gone into the history books as an unsuccessful bid though it turned the whole media world upside down. Could Yong play this game too? Anwar click it and enjoy the moments….Do you need the lyrics..??? 

We wonder oooh ooooh ooooh aaahh


4 thoughts on “Anwars illusion..oO oo Oo aAh..!!

  1. Mata Kuching says:

    To All Civil Servants : Vote with conscience and know what is good for Malaysia.

    Governments come and go but civil servants stay. Prime Ministers come and go but government servants stay. The army of workers in the service of governments is the steady hand that steer the ship of state. But civil servants are also voters. They vote based on what they think is good for the country. They do not cast their ballots as directed by the political bosses.

  2. Ronnie says:

    RM5 Billion for a 100 storey tower in Kl and no money for toilets in rural schools. This is the BN that rural teachers supported in the past. Many rural schools are without treated water and having to rely on generators for electricity. It shows Sarawak YBs from BN who represent the rural folks are totally useless and hopeless in fighting for the needs of rural community.Dayaks, Malays and Chinese living in rural constituencies must vote for change and vote out all useless and hopeless BN ADUNs and MPs

  3. Jacinta says:

    It is ironic, and embarrassing, in the eyes of the world, that at the same time as this ‘summit’ fluff, the Penan Support Group (PSG), a coalition of 36 NGOs in Malaysia, put up a page on facebook under the name ‘Penan Support Group Education’, in an effort to call for funds to set up pre-schools in the interior of Sarawak for dispossessed Penan children.

    Can the so-called First Lady do something about the education of our own children in Sarawak before presuming to speak for other nations? The sum of RM24 million wasted on the glittering ‘summit’ could have built 50 pre-schools, and kept them running for 20 years for the rural children of Sarawak!

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