Pakatan”BN Waking Up From Inside”

It’s October 18th 12 noon and the weather outside is scorching hot. Inside its cooling as the airconditioning is blasting at our faces. At 2.30pm the tables were turned and lightning boomed overhead and subsequently it thunderstormed. Sure since 308 Pakatan has managed to captivate the rakyat by sharing their style policies and goverance. It keeps everyone on their toes.

It is not wrong for the BN to wake up from their slumber and to look at the 5 S’s which we think should be practise by any State Government and not to be Swallowed up later.

5’S-Sure Safe Seat Siesta Shock.Najib has woken up and its action time. He is rallying his troops and he was quoted, “We have done a lot but we say little about it. They have done little but they brag a lot about it. We’ve done a mountain high of deeds but often they are not appreciated,”  

If you digests the words which he has quoted and carefully sit down and think it was well meant. Of course one would point to the 50 years of BN rule and try to compare it with 3 years of Pakatan rule in Certain States besides Kelantan who has managed longer.

In the general context Najib is telling the country,” YBs and MPs if you are still having a good SIESTA you will be sealing your fate and soon you will be SHIPPED out by the very same people who put you there.” 

Pakatan you will know that BN will keep on coming and try to derail your propaganda and likewise you will do the same. The rains stopped but the thunder can still be heard and we are  sharing with you this,”

 How can you see into my eyes
Like open doors?
Leading you down into my core
Where I’ve become so numb



22 thoughts on “Pakatan”BN Waking Up From Inside”

  1. Hornbill Unleashed
    October 18, 2010
    RAZIAH MAHMUD’S RM880,000,000.00 BANK LOAN!

    What is her company’s gearing relative to the projects awarded to her by Taib Mahmud? What is the rationale for RHB Islamic Bank Bhd to approve such a BIG loan amount? Does the bank have a story to share with all Sarawakians ?

    Do Wong Soon Koh and George Chan have any answer for the Chinese community. Do Abang Johari and Awang Tengah have any answer for the Malay/Melanau community? Do James Masing, Alfred Jabu, William Mawan have an answer for the Dayaks community?

    This exposure by Sarawak Report on Raziah Mahmud is just the tip of the iceberg. More will be revealed on Taib’s cousin Hamid Sepawi and all the cronies of the thief minister.

  2. Hornbill Unleashed
    October 18, 2010
    How did a ‘Chinaman’ from Sarawak lay his hands on the deal of the century?
    Filed under: Dams,Human rights,Politics — Hornbill Unleashed @ 12:00 AM
    Tags: Sarawak, Save Sarawak, Sarawak politics, Human rights, Anak Sarawak Bangsa Malaysia, BAKUN DAM

    By Hakim Joe of Malaysia Today

    As a stubborn man who can never accept ‘no’ for an answer, Mahathir Mohamad or TDM revived the US$5.2 billion “deal of the century” project again in September 1993 and awarded it to Ekran Berhad (without a public tender exercise) in 1994. (Ekran’s CEO’s wife is the now infamous “I don’t know what is projected cashflow” former PKA General Manager and PKFZ MD Datin O.C. Phang.) One of the major shareholders of Ekran is Rasip Harun. Who is he? Rasip is the business partner of Tun Daim Zainuddin (who happens to be the Finance Minister at that time). Coincidence? Rasip is also the partner of Robert Tan Hua Choon (another one of Daim’s business partners) who controlled Jasa Kita Sdn Bhd, a company involved in the Maika Telekoms share diversion. Remember Samy’s proxy company Clearway Sdn Bhd? Robert Tan’s driver (Baharuddin M. Arip) happened to be a director of that company. Rich driver indeed! (Probably comes to work in a Lamborghini.)

    How did a Chinaman from Sarawak lay his hands on “the deal of the century”? TDM is after all no Cina Apek lover and his continuation of support for the NEP only serves to reinforce his ambition to see his cronies get enriched in government projects, and there are certainly more than enough of these people to serve his needs. Okay, one good deed deserves another and TDM is merely reciprocating a “debt of honour”.

    The story goes like this. Ting Pek Khiing was a two-bit small time construction subcontractor picking up low-margin construction jobs in Sarawak but he had a reputation as the “Speed Demon” where no jobs are too complicated or too short a period to complete. His “never say die until you meet the God of Hades” attitude soon caught the eye of Emperor Abdul Taib Mahmud, and they soon found each others’ company “enriching”. Being a ‘crafty Chinaman’, he soon latched on to the Emperor’s two princes (Mahmud Abu Bekir and Sulaiman Abdul Rahman) and they formed a company seeking timber concessions from the Sarawak government. To Ting, it seemed like all his Christmas(es) have arrived together. On the other side of the horizon, TDM found himself in a pickle after sending out gilded invitations to the high and mighty of the international aerospace industry to kick off his inaugural international air show on Langkawi Island. No, there is nothing wrong with the air show except that the construction of the new convention resort is ambling along at such a pace that the invited guests might start fighting for the park benches after their arrival. The ever so helpful Taib knew of this and recommended Ting to TDM. Now, TDM does not suffer fools gladly and Ting’s “can do” motto was soon put to the test. Ting went on to slap together the remainder of the resort in a record breaking three months, saving TDM the embarrassment of ever having his invited guests sleep in the open, and earned himself the nickname of Ting Pek “Speed” Khiing. A star is born (no, not Barbara Streisand).

    Ting, whose total knowledge about building a dam can probably fit on a single line on an A4 paper, hired Asea Brown Boveri (ABB) of Zurich and Companhia Brasileira de Projetos e Obras (CBPO) of Brazil as the contractors and formed a construction consortium consisting of Ekran Berhad, Tenaga Nasional Bhd (TNB), the government of Sarawak, Sarawak Electricity Supply Corporation (Sesco), and Malaysia Mining Corporation Bhd (MMC) – Syed Mokhtar was bound to have some kind of involvement in TDM’s projects.

    So, how does one go about building a dam? Well, first you need to clear the land, and I mean “clear the bloody land” and that includes any indigenous people living there. Wildlife? Get rid of them all. Foliage and vegetation? Clear them out. Man-made structures? Flatten them. Timber? Keep and sell them.

    Negotiations soon started between the indigenous people and state government. The almost 9,000 natives will be relocated to Sungai Asap under the Asap Resettlement Scheme (Operation Exodus) and each family be given 3 hectares of land gratis. This is of course pending on the outcome of the EIA report. (The natives eventually received 3 acres each, not 3 hectares as promised – suckers!)

    Financing of this massive project was shady, to say the least. Investment capital was announced as a matter of fact stating only that the Sarawak government together with Ekran will provide 51% of the financing and the remaining 49% will be harvested from money-growing-trees. Okay, fair enough but how will abang-adik provide for the 51% which amounted to RM7.65 billion? Initially, Ekran launched a rights issue to finance the building of the dam, but it was pitifully undersubscribed (Ting had to eventually payout RM500 million). Well, EPF allegedly chipped in RM3 billion, the Pension Trust Fund for Bakun contributed RM400 million, and Hicom and TNB made up the rest. More of it later on.

    Let us look at the two main contractors. First, ABB. Not a very good sign already. This is the same company under the same management that sold seven gas turbines valued at $500 million for $1 billion each to TNB. (Wonder where the excess money went to.) Then there is CBFO, the company that built both the Itaipu and Xingu dams in Brazil. Both went over budget by 488% and 100% respectively. Great, eh? And then there is the preliminary work performed by South Korea’s Dong-Ah Construction and Industrial Co, the same company that built the Songsu Bridge over the Han River in central Seoul which collapsed killing 32 people in 1994. Getting better, right? Fortunately the 1997 Asian economic crisis brought things to a screeching halt after construction started in 1996. Strike Two.

    Due payments were then made to Dong-Ah (RM400 million) for completing the river diversion tunnels, Global Upline (RM60 million) for completing the auxiliary coffer dams and an undisclosed sum (rumoured to be in the region of RM1.8 billion) to Ekran as compensation for kicking them out. The government had also turned over a sum of RM1 billion to the Bakun Dam Consortium for the purchase of 8 hydropower turbines (the contract eventually went to IMPSA of Argentina and Alstom of France). BTW, Global Upline belongs to Ting as well.

    IMPSA managing director Juan Aguero later revealed that they had secured the contract to design, manufacture, assemble and commission 4 of the 8 turbines at the Bakun project for RM300 million. The math doesn’t work out correctly, agree? If 4 turbines cost a total of RM300 million, 8 turbines should cost twice that amount, i.e. RM300 million times 2 equals RM600 million. So, where is the other RM400 million? Maybe the dog ate it or is this a case of what we call “escalating inflation”?

    In 2000, plans were renewed to revive the project. Sarawak Hidro, a 100% government-owned company was established to take control of the construction of the Bakun Dam. The initial plans to transmit the additional electricity back to West Malaysia was now abandoned as the cabling project cost more than the remaining construction of the dam.

    In 2002, the new main contractor was named. The Malaysia-China Hydro JV (MCH), a 70:30 consortium led by Sime Engineering Berhad of Malaysia (a subsidiary of Sime Darby) and Sino-Hydro Corporation of China. Other members of the consortium are WCT Berhad, MTD Capital, Ahmad Zaki Resources, Syarikat Ismail and Edward & Sons. Dato’ Mohamad Shukri Baharom is the Chairman of this company and also the executive VP of Sime Darby Group’s Energy & Utilities Division. The new completion date was summarily revised to February 2008.

    Two years later, the engineering consulting firm JR Knowles of the UK (no relation to the sexy “PAS kata haram” Beyoncé Knowles) was hired to study the delays in the construction of the dam. The spanking newly revised and freshly amended completion date is now sometime in 2010 (probably February the 30th.) Also in 2004, Global Upline (owned by Ting) was allegedly awarded the contract to clear the biomass in the flood basin. One company (under the name of Pacific Chemicals and also owned by Ting) had already “cleared” a quarter of it (in 1995) and another was “just coming back to finish off the job” in an alternative form.

    Let us leave the construction side of things and access the feasibility of using the excess energy being churned by the 8 turbines. Here is where the aluminium smelter comes in. Forget about the non-income generating toxic gases for awhile and concentrate on the electrical usage. This mega smelter requires 50% of the total electricity produced by the Bakun Dam and that means a huge and constant income for Sesco (1,200MW at a selling price of RM0.286 per unit equals RM343.2 million a year. The current IPP selling price to TNB is RM0.017 per unit. The total margin would be RM322.8 million a year.). Additionally, it will provide an extra 4,700 jobs. Wow! We can even construct huge fans in arrays and blow it in the direction of Indonesia if they do not control their annual forest fires! Double Wow!

    As mentioned above, the two suspects in this joint venture are Rio Tinto (largest aluminium manufacturer in the world) and CMS. Never heard of Cahaya Mata Sarawak Berhad before? Well, it was called Cement Manufacturers Sarawak Berhad when it started business in 1974 producing Portland cement as a state-owned firm. It was in the 90’s that it was privatised from a state-owned public-listed company into a private sector public-listed conglomerate. Why would someone takeover such a dull company? Let’s look at what CMS owned before they were privatised – PPES Quarry, Steel Industries Sarawak and PCMS, all profitable companies. After the takeover, CMS continued consolidating their company by purchasing Syrakusa Sdn Bhd and Concordance Sdn Bhd, via cash and share swaps. In a reverse takeover, the owners of these two companies acquired CMS and began injecting their other assets into it including Bank Utama, Sarawak Securities and Archipelago Shipping. CMS is now a diversified conglomerate involved in stock brokering, road construction, water filtration and treatment, quarry operations, civil and structural engineering, steel bar manufacturing, trading of construction materials, cement production, technology, education, financial services and investment holdings. No prizes for guessing who owns CMS – the Mahmud family. Oh, by the way, Taib Mahmud’s spouse Laila and his children are the majority shareholders of Sitehost Plc, Australia, which owns the 380-room Adelaide Hilton Hotel. Company records dated December 2000 show them holding 95 percent of the company or 9.5 million (Aussie dollars) fully paid up shares. One question: How much does a hotel cost anyway? Another family member (Taib’s brother Onn Mahmud) along with his daughter and son in law owns SAKTO Corporation, a major real estate operator of non-residential buildings in Ottawa, owning and managing more than half a million square feet of prime office space with affiliate offices in the US, UK, Asia and Australia. They also own SAKTO Development Corporation, a multi-million dollar development and construction company in Ottawa.

    Back to the construction site. In 2007, the government once again revived the cabling project. The new estimates (from TNB) are approximately RM9 billion. Others put it as high as RM20 billion, depending on the number of cables involved. These include the Bakun to Bintulu HVAC double circuit overhead lines for a distance of 160 km, Bakun to Tanjung Parih HVDC overhead line for a distance of 670 km, Tanjung Parih to Tanjung Tenggara submarine cable for a distance of 670 km and the Tanjung Tenggara to Kuantan landline to connect to the national grid. The government in fact invited Sumitomo Corp of Japan to do a feasibility study report and assist in the laying of the submarine cable. The longest existing submarine cable is the 580km NorNed undersea connection linking Norway and the Netherlands.

    The once revised 500MW capacity is once again back to the original figure of 2,4000MW with 1,600MW being rerouted back west and the completion date has been pushed further back by another year. This is done with the assumption that Rio Tinto would back out of the aluminium smelter deal. However plans are being drawn to construct yet another dam (the 1,000MW Murum Dam in the Upper Rejang Basin of central Sarawak) and concept studies are being prepared for the construction of an enormous 20,000MW hydroelectric dam along the Rejang River rivalling China’s 22,500MW Three Gorges Dam.

    In 2008, Sime Darby announced that the company will not be taking up the offer of an equity stake in the Bakun project. This prompted the government to search for another shareholder and at the beginning of this year, TNB and Sarawak Energy Berhad (SEB) were granted permission by the federal government to form a special purpose vehicle to jointly takeover the entire project from Sarawak Hidro through a leasing agreement. Additionally, the Xinhua News Agency published a report on its website revealing that four Chinese state-owned enterprises, including China Sinohydro Corp, had been “downgraded” because of “safety or environmental pollution accidents”. Sinohydro is one of seven firms in the Malaysia-China Hydro Joint Venture consortium working on the Bakun Dam.

    The proposed public tender for the undersea cable laying process is expected to be held next year. The manufacture of these RM4 billion cables was promised to FCW Holdings way back at the onset of the project by TDM but anything could happen now that the government is under a new administration. (FCW Holdings is owned by Ting and allegedly also by one of TDM’s son.)

    One last thing, the planning of the dam was conducted with no public accessibility to vital feasibility studies, no process of public feedback on the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) process and limited consultation procedures with the indigenous peoples. Feasibility studies and reports commissioned by the government on the Bakun project have been classified under the Official Secrets Act (OSA), meaning it is a criminal offense for anyone to see or use their information. Not all of the appendices, interim and final reports of the EIAs have been made accessible to the general public. Project proponents have refused to meet critics in any open discussion.

    Cost overruns? Maybe, but one won’t get to hear about it as this information is classified (unless MT gets their hands on it). Let’s just put it this way – if a RM1.8 billion project situated in nearby Klang can balloon to a staggering RM12.5 billion, what are the chances that a US$5.2 billion (approximately RM26.3 billion) project situated in the middle of the forest in Sarawak, coming in on budget?

    Jinxed dam? Perhaps, but one thing is certain – we (the taxpayers) are damned.


    • We did deserve the kind of corrupted government today but we shall make amend and take back the power we lend to BN government. We have a viable alternative government to vote for to stem out all the corrupted systems and BN corrupted leaders.

      Sarawakians and Malaysians have never been so united before in spirit to vote out the abusive and corrupted TaiB Mahmud and his gang of thieves.

    • BN as usual will have closed door meetings with associations and distribute bribes. BN as usual will intimidate coffee shops oqners through the respective council, not to let Pakatan use its premises for ceramah.BN as usual will organise karaoke or live bands to distrupt Pakatan’s ceramah.BN as usual will use government vehicles during campaigning.BN as usual will buy ballot papers from civil servants who will be involved on polling days and who have been given postal vote ballots.(used to be RM50 to RM80 per ballot). BN will use RELA to initimate friends and supporters of Pakatan in rural areas.

      Pakatan will be wiser and learning every conceivable tricks used by BN and its agents.Pakatan will be more cohesive, well organised and united in its campaigns and providing logistics supports for all partners in PR4.

  3. The battle within SUPP as polls loom

    Chris Reubens
    Monday, 18 October 2010 05:51
    SUPP_GeorgeChan_LilyetcANALYSIS The Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP) will be fielding candidates for its 19 seats again if nothing is changed at the last minute. Almost every candidate is in place except for Padungan and Meradong.

    Padungan, a predominantly Chinese area, is now in the Opposition orbit when SUPP’s Lily Yong lost to PKR’s Dominque Ng in the last state election in 2006. In September 2001, Lily beat DAP Chong Chieng Jen in a straight fight. Both were contesting for the first time in Padungan then.

    Strangely Padungan is a ‘hot’ seat to both the BN and the Opposition. The quarrels between PKR’s Dominque and DAP’s Chong stemmed from the Padungan seat as both claimed that it should rightfully go to his party.

    Kuching branch chairperson Lily is known to be a conniving politician. She fought hard to be nominated as a candidate in Padungan in 2001 when she was the Sarawak SUPP Women chief.

    Using her feminine approach and looks, Lily, with the strong support of the women branches then, made it known that SUPP had not fielded a woman candidate for a long time. She was almost that close to call it a male chauvinist party. It was believed that this was one of her strategies which worked to gain sympathy from the public in general, especially women!

    It is common knowledge that SUPP president, Dr George Chan, has a soft spot for her. George, forever a gentleman politician, is known to bend to her many whims. A party insider said she had him twisted round her little finger. “Maybe, not so now,” he hastily added.

    Although SUPP lost heavily in the last state election, hers is the only seat that was lost to PKR. The others are to DAP in Sentosa, Pending, Batu Lintang, Kidurong, Bukit Asset. Engkilili lost to SNAP’s Johnicol Rayong, who later turned Independent and subsequently joined SUPP. Although it was not officially announced that he would be accepted, Johnicol is already considered one of the SUPP boys.

    Despite her loss, Lily is said to be determined to stand again this time. An insider said she was not wanted by the ‘top boss’. Her Kuching branch also has the highest turnover of committee members who come and go in droves. But it was also her Kuching branch that has endorsed her last year and again recently to be the candidate.

    A SUPP senior cadre said Lily, aged 60, has surrounded herself with a lot of members either older than her and a lot of ‘green horns’. At the end of the day, they are either too old or too young to stand, thus making her the rightful choice.

    Another party leader said Lily, who is full of charms and being a woman, did help her to get her own ways. To be fair, he said, this time, she has told party leaders that if they could get someone better and more experience than her, she would be willing to give way.

    She has made known her own choice, the Youth chairman in her branch, Bong Lian Huan, 31, who is also a councillor in MBKS. Bong, who is a businessman, “will be used as a sacrificial lamb as he is too green in politics”, according to a party leader. When Bong’s name was brought up in meetings recently, senior party leaders were asking each other who he is.

    It came as no surprise that there were other names have been mentioned to stand in Padungan – Former PRS member, Larry S’ng, now a minister without a party; Wee Hong Seng, owner of a Chinese press, International Times, cum businessman; Wee Kok Tiong who stood as a candidate in Kuching parliamentary seat in 2004 and lost to DAP’s Chong Chieng Jen; and Mayor James Chan who does not belong to any party and who, at one time, was a ‘hot’ candidate, as he was said to be well liked by Stutong hawkers.

    At the end of the day, a party leader, albeit with a smirk, said, “Lily is really the right choice.”

    Meradong is another seat where a candidate has yet to be chosen. In the last state election, DAP’s Ting Tze Hui beat SUPP’s Wong Zee Yong and independent candidates, Jumat ak Jawak, Wong Kung Kuang and David Tiong Chiong Chu.

    There have been talks that Thomas Hii King Hiong would be picked again. Hii won the seat for three consecutive terms from 1983 to 1996 before losing to independent Yii Chii Lek.

    Hii, when contacted by Malaysian Mirror, said he was ever ready to stand if picked.

    “They picked a young girl before and she lost heavily,” he said. “Meradong is a small town with old fashion voters. They wanted experienced people.”

    Meanwhile, other candidates mentioned are Pending heart specialist Dr. Sim Kui Han, Batu Lintang Central Youth chief Sih Hua Tong, Bukit Asset Chieng Boon Tong, Kidurong lawyer Henry Ling.

    Kota Sentosa Alfred Yap (who lost in the last election to Chong Chieng Jen) will still stand and Engkilili is expected to see an Independent turned SUPP member – Johnicol Rayong.

    Incumbents included Opar Ranum anak Mina, Assistant Minister Tan Joo Phoi, Bengoh Dr. Jerip Susil, Simanggang Francis Harden ak Hollis, Repok Assistant Minister, David Teng, Dudong Assistant Minister Dr. Soon Choon Teck, Bawang Assam Wong Soon Koh, Palawan Vincent Goh, Senadin Assistant Minister Lee Kim Shim, Pujut Andy Chia and Piasau Dr George Chan.

    • Sarawak Useless People Party (SUPP) will suffer the same fate like its BN counterparts, MCA, Gerakan and MIC. By GE 13 all these components will be buried for good and UMNO will be rejected and defeated soundly.

  4. Sabah, Sarawak, Penang biggest losers in Budget 2011

    Malaysia Chronicle

    Despite the slew of headline mega-projects worth billions and the thumbs-up from former premier Mahathir Mohamad, Prime Minister Najib Razak’s Budget 2011 will marginalize the already-poor states of Sabah and Sarawak, while leaving opposition-run industrial hub Penang completely out of the loop.

    According to Tony Pua, MP for Petaling Jaya Utara, the majority of projects announced were slated for West Malaysia. Najib had only allocated Sabah and Sarawak RM9.55 billion or a “meagre” 8 per cent of the total value of projects cited in the 2011 spending plan.

    “The value of all the projects cited which are specifically located in West Malaysia amounted to a massive RM109.74 billion and this will include some of the headline projects such as the RM40 billion MRT system for the Klang Valley, the RM26 billion KL International Financial District, an estimated RM10 billion worth of new highways, a RM10 billion mixed property development in Sungai Buloh by EPF as well as the RM5 billion controversial 100-storey Warisan Merdeka,” Malaysian Insider reported Tony as saying.

    Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng has already slammed the Najib administration for sidelining his state, which has been asking for its own monorail and mass transit system to lighten traffic congestion on the island.

    “What good will it do for the federal government to sideline Penang. There is no good news for Penangites in Budget 2011. We are disappointed that they seem to be taking it out on the Penang people,” Guan Eng told reporters over the weekend.

    Najib had unveiled an RM214 billion budget for 2011, the biggest ever in Malaysian history, split into RM162.8 billion for operating expenditure (up 7 percent over the previous year), RM49.2 billion for development (down 9 percent) and RM2 billion for contingencies.

    Budget 2011 raised public concerns about his administration’s push for a higher operating expenditure and also cast the spotlight on several mega-projects, namely a RM40 billion MRT network for Kuala Lumpur, another world’s-tallest-type of building in the form of the 100-story Warisan Merdeka also in Kuala Lumpur, the 26 billion KL International financial district and a RM3billion eco-leisure project in Sabah that is speculated will include a casino.

    “If we take out the eco-leisure project, it would only leave about RM6billion for both Sabah and Sarawak. These are the two hugest states in terms of land area, poverty levels and have greatest need for infrastrucre. Yet the allocation is just a bit more than the RM5billion 100-storey building in KL, which everyone says is all wrong especially in terms of timing the launch and will only create traffic havoc which will again require more money to be spent to correct,” a research director at a large brokerage told Malaysia Chronicle.

    Nonetheless, Najib’s budget was lauded by Mahathir.

    “What is interesting for me is that money is being spent to build this tower. When you spend money, then you create jobs, you create opportunities for doing business. I don’t know if it should be a 100-storey tower or not but spending money is good,” Mahathir told reporters on Monday.

  5. Malaysians in Sarawak and Sabah want the 100 storey tower scrapped and the RM5 billion budget allocated to both the states for its rural healthcare, infrastructures and schools.

  6. 90 days maternity leaves will not make women especially in the civil service to be pro BN. Their family hardship due to the ever rising cost of goods and services will still hurt their take home pay. The stupid education policy still stressed them out. The extension of maternity leaves from 60 days to 90 days is an insult to women’s intelligence.

  7. SUPP has lost its toes the last poll and this round it will lost its whole leg.

    Never wake up from its nightmare, not even inside. SUPP is a rotten apple awaiting to be totally thrown out. SUPP is a useless party knowing only to lick the balls of Bapa Bomoh

    Numb nut SUPP, good bye

  8. Najib is a spineless PM and he takes all instructions from his greedy wife. No country can progress and prosper without a strong and honest leader and Najib is a weak and evil.

  9. A Message To All Ordinary and Working Class Malaysians which unfortunately forms 90% of our population.

    ”Life’s tough … it can ONLY even tougher if you choose to be stupid enough to vote for UMNO controlled..CORRUPTED..BN government.

    Get out of our ruts and change ourselves by voting for CHANGE. Vote for a Corrupt Free and Prosperous Malaysia. Vote out our own stupidity and vote out UMNO controlled BN .

    Vote Pakatan.

  10. Malaysians from all walks of life don’t have anything to shout with 2011 budget-212 billion.Sad to inform you each and every one of us as loyal citizen of the country owes RM15000 since you step into Malaysia with National Debts standing at 408 billion in 2010.Idris Jala on msia bankrupt might one day become reality if all our leaders are only thinking of how they can bite and rob from the national coffer all the time.Do you Maths BN supporters shouting and leaning blindly like Katak dibawah Tempurung especially Tuai Rumah”Anang Ngelaban Pertah”.Sawak contributed the most to national revenue being allocated with the least.9.55 billion to be shared with Sabah and remain the poorest state.Make your own evaluation.Have a look in peninsula malaysia.MRT-40 billion,KLIFD-26 billion,Sungei Buloh-10 billion,highways-10 billion,100-storey tower-5 billion and many more.Hope sarawakians are not BLIND.

  11. Another disgrace to sawak, gigantic SCORE is allocated with only 93 million whereas Permata-So call New Ministry under PM’s wife,Rosmah received 111 million.Sarawak Maju Dalam Msia 47 years as claimed by all our blind,deaf and dumb YBs.

  12. KUALA LUMPUR: Umno and Barisan Nasional will collapse if they put party interest before that of the people, said Yale University senior fellow Kotaro Tamura.

    Tamura said Umno should take heed of the Liberal Democratic Party of Japan’s fall from grace last year, after being in power for half a century.

  13. BN will be collapsed in Federal and denied 2/3 in Sarawak. Wipe out in Sarawak unless the Dayaks would not “termakan” racun “mee segera” berlebihan.

    I will bring camera to places where BN giving money to voters! Beware BN!!!

  14. Rosmah is a liability to Najib and UMNO as Taib is a liability to PBB and BN Sarawak. It will take years or decades for the youth members in BN to repair the massive damage already done by their seniors. SNAP and DAP will benefit from the exodus of young professionals from PBB and SUPP in the weeks or months to come.

    BN leaders are having sleepless nights and time is running out. The biggest insult to Taib Mahmud was the allocation of only RM98 million for SCORE compared to RM111 for Rosmah Mansor’s Permata Pintar. Dont forget she has already received a whopping RM68 million last year from her husband. Allocation for vernacular schools was again a pittance despite what MCA, Gerakan and SUPP wanted the non Malays to believe that they are equal partners in Najib led BN.

  15. UMNO bully throughout Malaysia and PBB bully in Sarawak. Bully + Bully = total BULLY, yet PRS, SPDP, SUPP choose to be ball lickers and polishers

    In fear of loosing the state, PBB is gearing all possible might, hooks and crooks, government (actually people’s) machinery and mechanism, fear and lies, cheat and trick….to ensure seats are retained. They stay awake many sleepless nights of course, to scratch their heads (big and small heads) thinking of ways to plaese voters. Now come the voters are their “most beloved and most respected” targets….visiting after visiting, loving kindness after loving kindness, functions after functions….and son and so on bla bla bla….

    Now, Sarawakian, it is time for you to fully use your to think and your hands to choose. Look at what Sarawak has become, robbed and plundered in broad day light…..more than robbers on the streets, they are the most influential political mafia + hooligans


  16. UMNO MP is questioning Najib where has the promised 12.5 billion allocation gone to ????? Not yet received, my dear.

    Najib is making all promises everywhere he drops by…dramatic enough. Keep your word, 1Malaysia semua sama ya,PM Najib.

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