DAP Sarawak Inroads Even to Housing Estates Post Boxes”

An urban voter ,”DAP is really working hard and they are making their intentions known. Will it be a little too late for BN.? The DAP supporters and members are making use of their Headquarters Publication and are now going into Housing Estates and putting them in post boxes”

This leaflet distribution by DAP is continous and it will take a ‘Brilliant or an Ingenious BN Propaganda” to change the mindset of the people.

  • What will it Be? Does anyone have any idea?
  • Does BN need to pay “SOME”  substantial amount for it?
  • Does BN have the answers?
  • Will last minute propaganda do it?
  •  Has the viral attack reached the rural areas?

Many questions and little answers especially if it concerns the rakyats voting trend. There is no more the SURE SAFE SEAT for any BN coalition unlike 20 years ago. If the BN propaganda machine still loves to a have a SIESTA they are in for a good SHOCK.

 A senior Pakatan member said,”There are only 20% of the voters left stuck in the rural areas. Only the elderly and the very young are left in the rural areas. If the BN thinks they are still safe especially in the rural areas in Sarawak they will know when the ballot boxes open. Cyber warfare is the main weapon now.”

After Housing area the DAP distribution network leaflets will reach even the interior villages and longhouses.

It’s real and you have been Warned….. 


12 thoughts on “DAP Sarawak Inroads Even to Housing Estates Post Boxes”

  1. Pakatan partners in PR4 shall assist each other to disseminate and distribute any relevant and effective materials or leaflets throughout Sarawak. It does not matter if the publication is from DAP, PKR, SNAP or PAS.

    AS a supporter and friend of PR4 I am already helping in distributing in some areas outside of Kuching. More friends of PR4 will volunteer to reach out to every nooks and corners of Sarawak.

    Hidup Ketuanan Rakyat. Vote4Change. Vote Pakatan.

  2. A question to all citizens of Malaysia and especially Sarawakians:

    Would you invest in property when the rights over property is not protected under the law?

    Like the land grab thats going on in Sarawak, even citizens with proper Land Registered title i.e. supposedly the right to land has no protection against taib’s government!

    Many are facing great hardships with their land compulsorily taken by the Gov’t with little compensation, a ridiculously tiny sum and it’s nothing but simply ‘day light robbery’!

    Many of you think it won’t happen to you, well, think again because The Sarawak Land Ordinance has effectively given taib and cronies the right under the law to take away your land or property to give to ‘private parties’ to make a huge profit from your land!

    • Land owners in Bako effected by section 47 should stand firm on their demand for equal opportunity to develop their own lands. Thy should rightly reject any amount of compensation. The intended acquisition by the government is meant to assist and benefit a private company linked to Taib ‘s family company planning to JV with an Australian company.

  3. PR4 is working very closely to face the PRN10. I was told that PKR n PAS hv been working together in N20 Sadong Jaya. Both party always together when they hv a meeting with the rakyat in the area. This is a very good sign that PR4 is really serious to win the coming PRN10. This is positive sign that don’t think too much who’ll be the candidate. What’s important PR4 muxt win as many seats as possible. Let the winning candidate be there.

  4. BN minster says that building a mega high building can boost tourism to the country thereby bringing profitable income to the nation. If that theory is appropriate for Malaysia, then go ahead making it taller than any other one in the world including China and Taiwan. But first, we have to bear the pain of using up all money ability resources whilem sacrifying other immediate needs. If that theory is again true, many other nations are then competiting to put their building into the sky to show that their nation is better of in economy than the other.

    BN government has always talked about development but how much and apparent development it has brought to develop the poorer states of Sabah, Sarawak and some in Semenanjong Malaysia? How many big and mega projects have just proved to be waste of people money and just the use to allow BN linked cronies pocketing more corrupted money……

    Sabah is one the victim of BN governance. Sabahan have to wake up so as Sarawakian

  5. Allowances of community leaders were increased so as they can help BN to look after their grassroots and ensure their supports remain strong.Thus BN is so so concern about PR strategy and movements even inroads to rural areas.

  6. Now even Najib says the BN must tell the people what they have done. Its real and the YBs of BN better watch out.Complacency and you will be out. The people will be the judge.Agree with audie61 on this matter as BN YBs have taken life in serving the people for granted.

  7. Malaysia culture,they want largest,tallest and longest to compete with others.Mahu Gaya and Nama bair tak ada duit tak apa.5 billion can 1666.6666 schools with cost of 30 millions each.PM,should know where and what are more important to the rakyat rather than just asyik mereubut nak dapat nama di mata dunia.Kampung mindsets and Mwntality lah termasuk expert pemandu Idris Jala.Got to learn more from Singapore,nearest country.What can this Orang ulu boy from Baram sawak help to transform Masia by just organising few lads.Really make people laugh

    • Fatimah Abdullah wanted the longest Kek Lapis to be from Sarawak when some rural schools were reported to be without water for the past two weeks. This shows the lack of responsibility and misplaced priority of some of our BN ministers.

  8. Mahathir finally woke up and told Malaysians that the Chinese Consensus or Chinese Model of government was worth considering. We wonder if Mahathir knws what is the punishment for corruption and abuse of power?

    If Malaysia had opted for the Chinese Model of government where capital punishment is melted out for corrupted officials and leaders, Mahathir will not be here today talking and flirting with the idea and so are all the UMNO warlords, Taib Mahmud and all their elite cronies.

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