SPDP “Chairman on Fast track..??”

It seems everytime there is an election his name would crop up and also thrown into the equation. It’s catchy and it rolls off anyones tongue as his name is James Laju Ak .Ambok and the locals call him Chairman Laju(Fast Chairman) Is he seriously being shortlisted again for a ticket in the impending State Elections.?

Then again where will he be standing and on whose seat? The past Chairmans of SRDC has gone on and become Elected Representatives and names like Vincent Goh and Wong Soon Koh are but two of the present DUN YBs.

The people under the jurisdiction of the SRDC has only kind words for this Chairman as he does “turun padang” and he does try to fulfill the needs of the rural community under his charge.

According to a resident who lives in Sibu Jaya,he quotes Mr Fast Chairman stands firm to the mission of the council and that is,” Reaching Out Beyond Rural Development. With a steadfast Vision, every limb of SRDC will be fighting, carrying a mission: To Provide an Effective Local Authority Services to Rate Payers Within Our Jurisdiction by Year 2015.”

He is always seen working very closely with all authorities in the Sibu area and we might just produce another YB from SRDC. No one can rule that out and whichever party he stands he will put up a good fight for the coalition.

A Chairman whose name is an easy sell and very marketable in the eyes of the BN would provide a hurdle plus a headache for the opposition. Its a nice puzzle for BN leaders to consider in the melting pot. The people of SRDC  does take to the Chairman as one of their own and some in the opposition quarters do agree that he has lived up to his name.

Would you not vote for a FAST CHAIRMAN…??  


2 thoughts on “SPDP “Chairman on Fast track..??”

  1. To All Dayak Leaders In PBB, PRS, SUPP and SPDP. Dayayaks are no longer your political pawns whom you can squeeze and intimidate to vote for BN in return for developments.

    By Christina S. Suntai, Change We Must

    My brother Numpang anak Suntai and his wife, Helen Unchat, together with 11 tribal leaders and villagers from 11 longhouses are now camping in Ulu Sebangan as we speak. Today I want to refer to their make shift camp as “Langkau Ngintu Menoa.”

    They are leading the villagers to form a blockade to stop bulldozers used by illegal loggers, Quality Concrete Holdings, whose Executive Chairman is Tiang Ming Sing, from further penetration into their native customary lands, which include rice fields, pepper vines, fruit trees, rubber plantations and communal forest at Ulu Sebangan.

    The illegal loggers, Quality Concrete Holdings, whose Executive Director is Tiang Ching Kok and major shareholder is Rodiah Binti Mahmud, sister of CM Taib Mahmud remain relentless in their efforts to grab the valuable trees. They are bulldozing their way to get to the trees and destroy everything in their path! Every tree they killed for the timber, 28 other little trees will die with it. So far the loggers continue to steal the valuable trees when no one is around to stop them. Therefore the villagers decided to set camp in the jungle to guard the forest, to ensure that the valuable trees will not be stolen by Quality Concrete Holdings.

    Note: Selabu is about 2 hours by boat from Sebangan Bazaar. Sebangan Bazaar is about 3 hours drive to Kuching.

    Sebangan from Google Maps. Click to enlarge.

    The NCR land and forest in Ulu Sebangan is their life and they are prepared to defend it against known enemies and trespassers who are cronies of the present government of Sarawak. They are prepared to stay for the duration to defend their native land from being destroyed and ancient trees from being bulldozed. They are prepared to go to jail if the State Government of Sarawak under the current Barisan Nasional Administration supported the illegal loggers and arrest them.

    This area of the jungle holds many burial grounds and old longhouse sites. This is the first place where the Sebuyau Ibans settled after their migration from Bukit Balau area more than a hundred years ago. Descandants of Sendi, please note this is the place where “Buah Jupong” is located.

    Communal Forest. Click To Enlarge.

    This the area where Sendi paddled to Saribas to look for Guang, a man she was destined to marry as was told by Kumang in her dreams. They are there not only to protect the trees but also to protect the spirits of our great great fathers, “nyaga Petara Aki, Petara Ini” and the spirit of Sendi.

    The Sebuyau Ibans are the legal owner of these lands and forests as substantiated by Department of Land and Survey since 1956. There were many news article written about their heartbreaking efforts to protect their land and forests from further destruction. The Sarawak Barisan Nasional Government of Malaysia is not doing anything to stop the illegal activities. This is a very sad day for Sarawak natives when illegal loggers have more rights and are sanctioned and protected by the current Barisan Nasional Administration in Sarawak, Malaysia. The natives who own the land and forest are watching helplessly while their property is being grabbed and destroyed.


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