P185 Batu Sapi Updates…!

From our Sabah Political correspondent Bugi Wijaya 

As Malaysians stay glued to the electronic media listening to the budget 2011 tabled by the Prime Minister at Parliament, it is believed that Sabah Progressive Party has set up a blog (http://batusapi.blogspot.com/) in anticipation of the by-election for the Batu Sapi parliamentary seat.  This is the earliest “confirmation” that the Sabah party would be contesting the parliamentary seat.

The seat fall vacant after the fatal accident involving incumbent MP YB Datuk Edmund Chong.  The nomination has been set at 26 October with polling on the 4 November 2010 which is concurrently the same time as the Kelantan Galas state seat.

SAPP Supreme Council in its meeting tomorrow is expected to endorse the party to contest the seat. There has been no lobbying as candidate among the SAPP members unlike the Sabah Pakatan Rakyat where a few aspiring leaders are locked in discussion on their choice of candidate.

With the decision of SAPP to enter the fray the Batu Sapi by-election would most likely see a three corner fight between PBS-BN, PR and SAPP.  However do not be surprise on the emerging of independent candidates which will make it the more the merrier.

No matter how many corner fight it is, the local would benefit from the economic influx as in any by-elections held thus far.


17 thoughts on “P185 Batu Sapi Updates…!

  1. looes74 says:

    Actually, it would be great to have a 3 corner fight between SAPP-PBS-DAP. Yes, I don’t really have confidence on PKR. Not when the cabang leader of Batu Sapi punched people….Such fella should be sacked.

    Of course, as a principled party, DAP would step aside if PKR can produce a genuine candidate. Like I say, it’d be great to have 3 corner fight. If SAPP got less than Pakatan Rakyat or worst lost deposit, SAPP would be less cocky & perhaps accept a more suitable position if they do enter Pakatan Rakyat. Even SNAP not as cocky as SAPP

  2. Mata Kuching says:

    The ruling UMNO controlled BN party is refusing to live in a competitive environment, and the atmosphere has become very poisonous. The major shift is that non-Muslims no longer feel that PAS is an extreme party. For the first time, voters in Malaysia have a viable — which is to say multi-ethnic — alternative to UMNO, and confidence is high that the opposition’s time has finally come. “For all of UMNO’s talk of being secular, it practices a very bigoted form of Islam,” Khalid Samad of PAS said. “This can only go on for so long.

    Sabahans mut remember that it was BN government that banned Christians from using the word Allah to refer to God in Bahasa Malaysia.

  3. Mata Kuching says:

    UMNO’s election strategy : Using the FEAR OF RACE on the Malays and using the FEAR OF RELIGION on non-Malays.

    If they can put the fear of race into the Malays and the fear of religion into the non-Malays then they get the support of both sides. The British call this the strategy of divide and rule. And the British has successfully used this strategy for hundreds of years.

    According to reports fed to RPK, Malay leaders and senior officials are going to be told of the conspiracy by the non-Malays to rob the Malays of their own country. The Malays are going to be told that they will soon be reduced to what the natives or Blacks of South Africa once were in the days of Apartheid. Malays are going to be warned that their rights and privileges are going to be eroded if not abolished. They are going to be cautioned that even the monarchy may be abolished and Malaysia turned into a socialist republic where meritocracy will prevail and which will spell doom for the underprivileged and backward Malays.

    Malaysians must be fully aware of UMNO’s wicked agenda to stay in power forever. Civil societies must educate, disseminate and expose UMNO’s evil plots. Community leaders must be made aware and should not be hookwinked by UMNO controlled BN’s game plan to split and disunite Malaysians forever.

    • Bakrie says:

      Majority of UMNO warlords will fail miserably if they had opted to be businessmen and the only way for them to get filthy rich without having to compete and show success in business is just to milk the country with a firm grip on political power and abusing their authority. The ordinary and working class citizens will remain ordinary even if they found some crumbs thrown at them.

      The latest budget shows the UMNO led BN government is wooing civil servants, armed forces and police to vote for them in GE13 while UMNO will use its political vehicles to spread the fear of race and religion targeted at different groups in their divide and rule agenda to remain in power at the expense of the citizens.

  4. Asri Rahman says:

    “First” phase of Permata Negara programme already received RM68 million last year and now Rosmah’s Permata has received an additional RM111 million boost from her husband and busines partner who happens to be the PM of Malaysia. Is Rosmah more powerful than all the lawmarkers combined from both political divide ?

    Malaysians must vote out UMNO led BN to put a stop to such nonsense which is happening only in Malaysia.

    • Fatimah says:

      The “xxxxx” will suck every cent out of Permata before handing over the project to the ministry of education. We can expect highly inflated procurement and other costs which cannot be substantiated .

    • Mata Kuching says:

      Not only the PM but his wife as well is always scheming to rip off the country. Firstly you wont want to entrust your smart kid with an UMNO managed education institution. The government of Malaysia need not even have to spend more than RM20 million a year to send our smart kids to Singapore to be educated.

      It is both a political gimmick and a vehicle to siphon taxpayers money.

  5. Irene Kana says:

    How Malaysia’s companies funneled money into the country’s biggest political party, UMNO.

    In the 1980s and 1990s, Halim Saad and Tajudin Ramli were two of
    Malaysia’s brightest stars, picked by former Prime Minister Mahathir
    Mohamad to lead the country’s ethnic Malays onto the national stage as
    exemplars of a new Bumiputera business culture that would catch up
    with the ethnic Chinese who had dominated commerce as long as Malaysia
    had been in existence.

    When Mahathir took office, insiders say, his plan was to create a
    cadre of 100 super-rich bumis who in turn would help rural Malays into
    prosperity under a konsep payung, or umbrella concept routed through
    the United Malays National Organization, much the way he envisioned
    driving the country into industrialization through massive projects.
    But greed intervened. Once the privileged got rich, there was little
    incentive to share it with the kampongs, the Malay rural villages.
    Many of the companies eventually collapsed and are being supported by
    government institutions such as Kazanah Nasional, the country’s
    sovereign investment fund, or the Employee Provident Fund.

    Although the Umno connection was widely assumed during Mahathir’s 22
    year reign as prime minister, today a flock of explosive court
    documents filed in different Kuala Lumpur courts appear to be breaking
    open conclusively the open secret that Tajudin and Halim and others
    were essentially front men for the United Malays National
    Organization, the country’s biggest ethnic political party and part of
    a class of rentier businessmen who became known as Umnoputras, a play
    on the word Bumiputera, or native Malaysians, predominantly ethnic

    Nor were they alone. Others included Syed Mokhtar Al Bukhary, one of
    Malaysia’s richest men, as well as Yahaya Ahmad, who headed Mahathir’s
    national car project and who tragically was killed with his wife in a
    helicopter crash, and Samsuddin Abu Hassan, introduced by Mahathir to
    the government of Nelson Mandela but who had to flee South Africa
    after being accused of misappropriating millions and evading South
    African debts totaling about R50 million (US$7.233 million at current
    exchange rates). Samsuddin left behind his glamorous wife, Melleney
    Venessa Samsudin, along with a failed Durban bank, and returned to

    Samsudin ultimately ended up on the board of directors of Mitrajaya
    Holdings Bhd., another Umno-linked company that has played a
    significant role in major national projects including the Kuala Lumpur
    International Airport, KL’s Light Rail Transit System, the CyberJaya
    Flagship Zone and numerous other projects.

    At least 23 of Malaysia’s biggest companies (see list below) appear to
    have been vehicles for Umno to siphon off vast amounts of money in
    government contracts as Mahathir’s plans went awry. The companies and
    the people who run them are so hard-wired into Umno, the government
    and its investment arms that de-linking them would probably destroy
    the party. That in effect makes a mockery of Prime Minister Najib Tun
    Razak’s widely publicized speech in July in which he promised to root
    corruption out of his party.

    Much of the ownership appears to have been channeled through a
    mysterious company that emerged in 1993 to stage an RM800 million
    management buyout of a major chunk of Malaysia’s media including the
    New Straits Times Press (M) Bhd and TV3. Realmild already owned a
    controlling interest in Malaysian Resources Corporation Bhd, which got
    the contract to develop the massive Kuala Lumpur Sentral transport
    hub. It also acquired ownership of the Labuan and Sabah Shipyards,
    which supply the Malaysian Navy, as well as Redicare and Medivest,
    which were awarded lucrative contracts to supply medical supplies to
    government hospitals.

    In September, Syed Anwar Jamalullail, the brother to the Sultan of
    Perlis, and others testified in a tangled court battle in a Kuala
    Lumpur High Court that Daim Zainuddin, the prime minister’s close
    associate, often told Malay businessmen to act as nominees in the
    management of Malaysia’s top companies. The long-running suit was
    launched five years ago in2005 by Khalid Ahmad, a former Realmild
    director, who alleged he had been cheated out of a RM10 million
    payment for five percent of Realmild’s shares by Abdul Rahman, thought
    to be the beneficial owner.

    According to the testimony, Abdul Rahman paid out the RM10 million but
    later reneged after he learned from Mahathir that the shares actually
    belonged to UMNO. The trustees for Realmild in fact were Mahathir
    himself as well as former Berita Harian Group Editor Ahmad Nazri
    Abdullah, New Straits Times Group Editor Abdul Kadir Jasin and Mohd
    Noor Mutalib. Another witness, Ahmad Nazri, said in a deposition that
    he held the majority share of 80 percent in Realmild, although 70
    percent of the shares were actually in trust for Mahathir.

    The companies others ran included Faber Group Bhd, a member of the UEM
    Group, now involved in integrated facilities management and property
    solutions sectors; KUB Malaysia Bhd. A holding company dealing in
    information, communications & technology, property, engineering &
    construction and food related industries.

    The companies have been involved a wide variety of activities
    including media, property development, construction, toll roads,
    hospital equipment, logistics and distribution, cellular telephony and
    other businesses. What they had in common was that most of them
    benefited from government contracts doled out by the Barisan Nasional,
    the ruling coalition that has controlled Malaysia since its inception
    as a country. The other thing they had in common was that at some
    point most of them were mismanaged into financial trouble of one kind
    or another and had to be bailed out or bought out by the government.

    Realmild unloaded Malaysian Resources Corporation Bhd onto the
    Employee Provident Fund in late 2005 as part settlement for an
    outstanding Rm500 million loan. Putera Capital Bhd, is threatened with
    bankruptcy. It formerly owned the Putra World Trade Center, Umno’s
    headquarters, which rents out office space to businesses. UEM Builders
    Bhd, an offshoot of United Engineers Malaysia (UEM), along with UEM
    World Bhd, was dumped onto Kazanah Nasional, the investment holding
    arm of the government and the government’s strategic investment

    Kazanah Nasional now also owns PLUS, which held the tollway contract
    for the national north-south highway, as well as Pharmaniaga, a former
    UEM subsidiary dealing in hospital supply and other services. Court
    documents show that MAS, then the state-owned flag carrier, was taken
    over and privatized by Tajudin Ramli only to lose an estimated RM8
    billion (US$2.77 billion at current exchange rate), with a major part
    of that being funneled into a Frankfurt, Germany cargo logistics
    company whose directors were closely connected to Tajudin.

    According to the website Malaysia Today, Tajudin’s lawyers revealed
    that Tajudin had only been a front man for Umno and that Umno “not
    only has to protect him from prosecution but that they also had to
    ensure that the government bought back the shares at the same price
    that they were sold to him although the shares were only worth a
    portion of the real value.”

    Other depositions made available in recent weeks have listed a long
    series of documents detailing misdoings in UEM/Renong, once headed by
    Halim Saad, which has long been accused of looting the government
    treasury through vastly overpriced construction contracts. Halim told
    the press in September that he had left the UEM/Renong board in 2001,
    saying authorities wanted Kazanah to take it over “to prevent a
    systemic risk to the banking system in Malaysia and to enable a
    sustained restructuring of the group.”

    UEM itself is still at it. The government-linked company was given the
    contract to build a second bridge from the mainland to the northern
    city of Penang at a price estimated in 2007 at Rm2.7 billion. It has
    since climbed to RM4.3 billion without figuring in a variety of
    ancillary costs including compensation for fishermen and project
    development costs of RM285 million, with the total now nearing RM5

    Other documents show how completely the country’s press was in the
    thrall of UMNO. Media Prima Bhd, a listed company, apparently took
    over the ownership from Realmild of TV3, 8TV, ntv7 and TV9 as well as
    90 percent of the equity in The New Straits Times Press (Malaysia)
    Bhd, which publishes three national newspapers; the New Straits Times,
    Berita Harian and Harian Metro. It also owns three radio networks, Fly
    FM, Hot FM and One FM. Other cross media interests of Media Prima
    include content creation; event and talent management.

    It also owns outdoor advertising companies Big Tree Outdoor Sdn Bhd,
    UPD Sdn Bhd, Right Channel Sdn Bhd, Kurnia Outdoor Sdn Bhd and Jupiter
    Outdoor Network Sdn Bhd. It is online through a digital communications
    and broadcasting subsidiary, Alt Media, with the Lifestyle Portal
    gua.com.my and the newly launched TonTon, a cutting-edge video portal
    with HD-ready quality viewing experience that offers the individualism
    of customized content and interactivity of social networking.

    The companies:
    Faber Group Bhd
    KUB Malaysia Bhd
    Malaysian Resources Corp. Bhd
    Media Prima Bhd
    New Straits Times Press (M) Bhd
    Putera Capital Bhd
    UEM Builders Bhd
    UEM World Bhd
    Utusan Melayu (M) Bhd (partly owned by Syed Mokhtar Albukhary, another
    Mahathir crony and one of Malaysia’s 10 richest men according to the
    Forbes List
    Renong Bhd
    Realmild Sdn Bhd
    Mahkota Technologies (Also a partnership with Syed Mokhtar Al Bukhary
    Malaysian Airlines
    Malaysian Helicopter Service
    Temasek Padu Sdh Bhd
    Sabah Shipyard
    Labuan Shipyard

  6. looes74 says:

    Just as I have predicted, SAPP has joined in the fight. I am sure Bersekutu would come in. Regardless of what Fuziah got to say, I say bring in Shanty from DAP. The pressure would be on PBS & SAPP. More on SAPP because if SAPP does not perform, bye bye

  7. Stupid People says:

    PUZZLED !!!

    Malaysia PM is Najib or his wife or Najib & Rosmah Joint Venture PM ??? Interesting scenario now, great Malaysian.

    1Malaysia in pieces

  8. Mat Som says:

    Sarawak received less than 7% of the total budget for 2011. How much did federal take from our petroleum revenue? Even the poor and less educated Malays in fishing village knew such allocation was most unfair to sarawakians and cursed at Najib.

  9. Bartholomew says:

    I fully agreed with 1Sabahan. Here is a repost of his article.

    It’s about Karim Ghani realizes his follies of being instrumental in bringing Umno into Sabah and redeems his sins for doing so. It’s pure naivety of those who think that the interest and future of the state lie in the hands of Peninsula-based parties, let alone Umno.

    Our founding fathers who brought the state into the federation certainly didn’t think so and there was an implicit understanding that Sabah was to remain and retain its autonomy politically, socially and administratively. It’s contingent upon those in power in the state to fight for the restoration of that sacred promise enshrined in the Malaysia Agreement as the fundamental basis of our entry into the federation.

    The entry of Umno into Sabah in 1994 has effectively absorbed the state into one of the 13th state, which has far-reaching implications for the state politically, socially and administratively. Most damaging effect of all is none other than the drastic demographic alteration of the state through massive illegal immigration and changes in the electoral boundaries to ensure Umno remaining in power perpetually. The description of the state as Umno’s fixed deposit is no coincidence but by design.

    It’s time for right-thinking Sabahans to awaken to this political reality and unite together to restore the state its autonomy and redress the problems of illegal immigrants. By allowing entry of these illegals, the fed govt is deemed to have contravened the terms of Sabah’s entry into the federation as enshrined in the Malaysia Agreement.

  10. Bei Soo Lang says:

    To: All Sabahans
    From Bei Soo Lang
    Email: beisoolang@gmail.com
    I am from Kulim but I have made Kota Kinabalu my home for more than 20 years. I am a management software specialist.I tell you from my heart that the present Sabah government is the most corrupted in the whole Malaysia.The politicians are playing in the casinos or artiste prostitudes all the time.The natives are starving in their jungle homes.
    You must all vote for the opposition to pass a message of NO MORE CORRUPTION to them.I have collected tons of information on Sabah corruption.You are all welcomed to come to my office to have a look for yourself.You can meet in any of the 5 star hotels in Kota Kinabalu.

  11. khaznimanajarika says:

    its time to help the people over they..not to get the chair and after win all gone…do ur job as a person who responsible to makesure all problem been look and been take action…not ONLY HEAR AND LEAVE IT…what kind of improvedment u want to show and give to us there??the road and facility its not been fix from previous 2 time of election..how its happen??open your mind people…its not only the election we have been visit and give help…we want a leader that can be with us when we need some help….think bout it and and make a good choice…every single vote its a shining future to our and our next generation…dont been cheat with promise and GIFT!!think bout future.

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