The team players of PR4 Sarawak are working very hard and they have somehow devise a master plan to capture the imagination of the people of Sarawak. A political science graduate said to audie61,”Is BN4 Sarawak still having a good NAP.?”

 CM Taib who is the commander in Chief of SarawakBN is under hell of a lot of attack and the generals in PBB,SUPP,SPDP,PRS are still thinking that they can rely on the main stream media to assist them. Just blah,blah ,blah to a handful of  BN loyalists will not assist BN anymore.We are not in the 70s and in this day and age no matter where you are, the cyberworld plays a very PROMINENT ROLE.  

The word is when you are under attack you must first know how to defend but ultimately one must know how to attack back. Praising the Team of Pakatan strategists for his “attack,attack,attack strategy on Taib the PKR information Chief See Chee How said,”It will be incessant towards Taib and we will use our political brains to change the mindset of the people to vote for PR4. This is our resource.BN has huge chunks of armoury and we cannot dispute that

DAP had Taib we want answers,PKR has this Spot the Differance )

BN4 will need to be do hell of a lot to turn the wheels back before its too late. The AGE OF DENIAL IS LONG GONE.The thinking caps needs to be energised to win back some of the losts ground in cyberspace. Its easy to just ignore the fact and have the projection of a defeatists attitude but there is HOPE when one decides to find the solutions to the problems.

 Will the respective political strategists in BN Sarawak component parties stand out and be counted? Who are they? Where are they? Has BN losts its edge or does it need to lose more to wake up from its NAP?

If you are a BN Sarawak party member,supporter or sympathiser go tell your leaders “Act NOW in the Cyberworld.”

Maybe this picture of Saddam Hussein will give you something to think about. Pakatans weapons of mass destruction will eventually engulf the whole of Sarawak and its up to BN Sarawak to face the REALITY.



31 thoughts on “Pakatan,”Attack,Attack,Attack…!!”

  1. Another reason why BN would delay internet access to be provided to all rural areas. Imagine longhouse folks being ‘enlighten’ from BN made-believe fantasy all these while. Internet development to rural folks by BN? Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

  2. Today and finally Sarawakians have a worthy alternative in Pakatan Rakyat (PR4). Who are our common enemies ?? Taib ,Taib, Taib, Taib, ….and? Najib, Najib, Najib, Najib,…..and? UMNO controlled BN, UMNO controlled BN, UMNO controlled BN .

    To PR4, Do Your Best And God Will Take Care Of The Rest. Be committed to the Peoples’ Declaration. Select the most suitable and qualified candidates. Fight like we are fighting for Independence.

    Hidup Ketuanan Rakyat !

  3. Ho :oops: Ho :oops: Ho :oops:
    :oops: This is ONE GOOD example if RAKYAT did not vote for the good peoples to lead them then those GREEDY BUSINESSMAN,POLITICIANS n all those in POWER will abuse n use their power to cause this un-IMAGINABLE CATASTROPHY :!: TAKE CARE n BEWARE LAND OF HORNBILLS :oops: :idea: VOTES FOR CHANGE :idea: VOTES FOR PAKATAN RAKYAT THAT CARE FOR ALL RAKYAT :idea:

  4. Both Umno and MCA have warned the Chinese not to support Pakatan Rakyat. If Pakatan Rakyat wins the general election then PAS would form the government. And this would mean that Malaysia would introduce the Shariah, the Hudud laws being one of the Shariah laws.

    PAS is certainly a party that can move mountains. PAS contests only one-third of the seats in Parliament but yet it is able to win more than two-thirds of the seats. Maybe this is because PAS has God on its side and anyone who has God on its side can perform miracles. So PAS, which contests only one-third of the seats in Parliament, is able to win more than two-thirds of the seats with God’s help.

    This has to be so is it not? PAS can’t amend the Constitution to turn Malaysia from a secular state into a theological state unless it has at least two-thirds of the seats in Parliament. And since it contests only one-third of the seats and is still able to amend the Constitution this must mean that it has two-thirds of the seats in Parliament. And if it contests only one-third of the seats and yet it wins two-thirds of the seats in Parliament then this can only be a miracle and this can only mean that God’s hand is at work here.

    Today, in Parliament, they gave a one-minute silence for the Member of Parliament for Batu Sapi, Edmund Chong Ket Wah, who died in a motorcycle accident. Though he is not a Muslim, all the PAS Members of Parliament stood up to honour him with a one-minute silence. The PERKASA Member of Parliament, Ibrahim Ali, however, did not stand up. He sat down and continued speaking loudly on his mobile phone.

    PAS is dangerous, says Umno and MCA. They are a threat to this nation. They are unreasonable. They have no respect for non-Muslims. But today, while PAS showed respect to a deceased non-Muslim Member of Parliament, the Malay Supremacist leader, Ibrahim Ali, showed contempt.

    Did MCA protest? Did Umno protest? The PAS Members of Parliament did. The PAS Members of Parliament were outraged at the lack of respect towards a non-Muslim Member of Parliament demonstrated by the champion of Malay rights.

    Why should Ibrahim Ali, the champion of Malay rights, stand up and show respect with a one-minute silence for a deceased Member of Parliament who is neither Malay nor Muslim?

    And they tell us to beware of PAS because if it contests one-third of the seats in Parliament it will definitely win more than two-thirds of the seats and Malaysia will cut off the hands of all the Chinese and Indians (and Christians in Sarawak and Sabah). I suppose they are trying to say that all Chinese and Indians (and Christians) are thieves and robbers and that is why their hands are going to be cut off.

    Actually, in the unlikely possibility that Malaysia does implement Hudud, which will result in the hands of thieves and robbers being cut off, it will be the Umno people who will suffer this punishment together with their cronies in MCA and MIC who plundered this country.

    Hey, maybe Hudud is not such a bad thing after all.

    Malaysians from East and Wast Malaysia are not fools and shall never bow to UMNO dominated BN’s politics of Fear. WE fear noone but GOD our creator.

  5. Relax lah BN! SwkReport all in English, none in BM or Dayak language therefore irrelevant for rural folks. So far no empire ever crumbled down by this video game called internet. Just ask Kim jong il, General tan swee or Pakcik fidel castro! Even Gen.Tan Swee treating dissent suu kyi into house arrest as resort-style long summer holiday.

  6. Apparently SwkReport is most dangerous stuff in internet, worst than all google-able porns combined! Safe for BN to tell longhouse folks: “You can use internet for anything except reading SwkReport! Porn, well, what the hell, anything all ok but no SwkReport, no no no!”

  7. My Special Branch friend says all 71 seats are no longer safe seats for Taib led BN Sarawak. 40% of the seats strongly favour Pakatan (PR4) and both PR4 and BN4 are having 50:50 chance in the remaining 60% of the seats. Latest incident along the Rajang river is indeed a bad omen for Taib and BN. All urban seats regardless of racial composition will lead in the assault against the might of Taib Mahmud.

    The mood for change is gaining very strong momentum with civil societies backing Pakatan (PR4) to remove Taib Mahmud and UMNO led BN.

  8. Evening all, hey people, ever wondered why story tellers of old, the ones that use to go from one village to another making a living telling stories aren’t around much anymore?

    Myth and legions were once revered and pass on to younger generations, even civilised and first world countries like Australia, those ‘dream time’ legions, stories and walkabouts etc is slowly dying out….it worked, in the past but not in the new millennium.How come?

    Well, we use to live in small communities, no running water or elektrik (then again, this 2010, still many dont have!)…no education, where mod cons weren’t even invented yet (well, maybe they were but just not imported to s’wak yet!)

    People werent as informed as now and many weren’t as travelled or educated (both foreign and domestic) as today and no TV! well, not even radio!

    So, these modern ‘story tellers’ in BN today, how honestly do they expect people to believe their ‘myth and legions’ (CRAP), when people can find out the truth! So stupid one! BODoH!

    People have global satellite, cable TV, internet and telephone etc…you think cannot find out whether you full of shit or not kah! And many younger generations from those kampungs still without everyday amenities are working, educated and living outside of these BN forsaken kampungs have seen whats what and know whats the truth!

    BODOH BN! Those in the inner circles and at the helm and even those on the fringes of BN still chasing their carrot are probably too lazy to find out for themselves if what they say or support are full of shit thinking the people just do not know better!

    Hey piece of advice lah, do some home work first and work hard for once in the interest of the people!…..find out the truth, stop thinking people are as stupid as you monkeys and your leaders making those stupid comments and remarks in the newspapers lah!

    Just maybe, you will see how stupid you have been and realise why the people are just simply tired of you and your crap! And, fast losing hope in the democratic process and the more you turn the democratic process into a farce….just pray that the people won’t oneday think to hell with this democratic process and the rule of law because it has been manipulated and used against us! What then?

    Anyways, enough of BN bashing, give credit where credit is due so here goes, to audie.

    Audie61 is not as one sided partial to BN like the stereotypical BN spin ‘loctors’…and thats why to your credit, you managed to attract non BN commentators types in here (for whatever reason you seek to do that).

    Afterall, the truth and acts in the interest of the people is and must be the order of the day regardless of one’s political persuasion or beliefs, which BN has not realised even after 47 years at the helm!

    Audie, I feel your frustration in trying very hard to wake up your comrades in BN, (PRS is still BN right)and that you sensed that you’re probably fighting a losing battle!

    The fact that you have this blog…which sadly suggests that you do not have much of a voice in PRS (BN) when rightly, people like you should have been at the forefront for showing qualities of being able to be impartial.(Please in no way or form taking any credit away from this blog).

    So, ‘Datuk’ Audie…my recognition for your contribution…apologise for the ‘ass licking’ remark in your previous blog but it was felt that it was deserved for the attempt at pulling a fast one on us.

    So, compliments to you for your efforts…afterall, the people should be able to express their opinion in words instead of through physical violence or expressed or implied threats of physical violence which is what makes us civilised people and set us apart from animals!


    • More and more Malaysians are perceiving BN YBs to be like the five foot way medicine paddlers. Like these medicine paddlers, BN YBs will tell the rakyat that nothing is more important than sexual happiness even if you have no money in your pockets or when your next meal is coming from.

    • Hahahahahahahaha….. FRUSTRATED !!!!!! No Contract/Project for you Kah ? your long comment will tell different story if you GOT ONE or TWO Contracts/Projects offered to you, am I right. Of Course RIGHT.

  9. Do we really need all rakyat must be computer-literate? I don’t think so, for every responsible citizen who’re educated you must do ur part by telling all the rakyat about the changes PR is preaching. Tell the rakyat all the good news about PR. Tell the rakyat all the bad news about BN. Tell the truth and the only truth. BN and all component parties will never dare to tell the truth. They’re the world great liars…liars…liars. They lie about Bakun Dam, they lie about First Silicon, they lie about the logs and debries along the Rejang River, they lie in every thing. What about Taib, the taie, they just cannot lie anymore about Taib properties in the country and overseas.

  10. It is okay for us if BN people still want to sleep and never wake up. Good for us. We will make tehm sleepless until we march to Putrajaya. That’s what we promised!


  11. I am a simple man living within my means and happy to live my life the way I want to live. I have voted for BN in every election until 2006 when I decided that BN no longer deserved my vote. If BN needs my vote it has to be RM50,000 in my bank account first and they have to trust me and not me trusting them, okay? Not even for RM49,999.99 will I vote for BN . So it’s RM50,000 or nothing. No RM50,000 in my bank account, my vote goes to Pakatan candidate.

  12. BN by their deafening silence ,they are already feeling the heat emanating from hell.It also mean their guilts are irrefutable,and the stains of power abuse,corruption,and conniving lies are impossible to hide,for whatever words they uttered will be too incredible to believe.
    The sign of its demise is crystal clear,as it lies on the death pang of greeds and denials and confusion.before it will finally be unceremoniously chuck out into the bottomless bin of history to be remembered no more.

  13. Rafael, I have the same stand. RM50,000 or I vote Pakatan. I hope all of you will take the same stand, especially thosein Rural Areas. Once and for all tell them, we have voted for you all this while and most of you went on to be rich. Since you are already rich, time for you to share with us. Otherwise, you will be voted out!

  14. Logjam Rajang River has spread through out Msia and even the whole world.Sawak can deny that this is due to the poor forest managements and excessive logging by the unscrupulous timber company.James says the culprits must be punish.Question who are they ?.could one of cronies of Taib or any political figure.Tonnes of fish were killed in this disaster leaving people living along the river of having hard time to come.2 life were lost.Does BN deserves this criticisms from the Rakyat.

  15. Kapit Land and survey head,Affin Bawai talking shits,massive landslides was the cause of CULPRIT,how defensive is his comment to protect BN on logjam Rajang River.He should ask himself what is the main cause of the landslide ? Is it due to extensive and excessive logging.Where did he get his degree from ?. disgrace and patnetic

  16. Sarawak state election shall be in March 2011 and there will be no snap election(unlikely) because BN is buying time and have no money. Too many dubious dealings regarding mega projects approved by Najib and hidden from the rakyat and their representatives have been exposed by YB Tony Pua of DAP.

  17. Wow some said only RM50K for BN to buy your soul?

    FYI a cute Thai ladyboy at Phuket for example can earn more than your soul in less than a week.

    In the morning the Thai ladyboy become a man as tourist guide to Phi Phi island. In the evening, become exotic dancer at Simon Cabaret till night. At late midnight become very cute girl at Bangla road (bet you can’t differentiate how pretty a boy can be more than a woman).

    Yes Thai ladyboy work very hard be it as a man, a girl or both and don’t need election vote money to survive. Wonder no more why Thaksin hated ladyboys, he can’t buy their votes easily so why can’t you be the same your vote not for sale cheaply too!

    Now are you really worth less than a Thai ladyboy for that joke RM50K vote money? Cum on lah dude!

    • Let the idiots in BN to do the calculations if everyone ( both eligible and not) demand RM50k and no less if BN wants our votes.Ha.Ha.Ha

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