101010 “Najib Quashes the Word Pendatang”

Don’t tell me you don’t agree now.? The PM Najib is quoted here to say this, Read for yourself. It’s not made up mind you,Najib said”I don’t agree with the term pendatang (immigrants),” he said in reference to the popular derogatory term used to describe the Chinese community.

“Yes, you came here at one time, but that was three, four, five generations ago. Now, you are all loyal citizens of the country,” he said to a loud applause. 

Maybe now with these ‘Axx-licking”posts, audie61 is beginning to see the “datukship coming” as commented by some loyal readers of the blog. HAhahahahaha……

The whole article can be read here..http://www.freemalaysiatoday.com/fmt-english/politics/barisan-nasional/11381-pm-tells-mca-to-curb-its-communal-tendencies


7 thoughts on “101010 “Najib Quashes the Word Pendatang”

  1. Mata Kuching says:

    Ex-Servicemen Association of Malaysia (PBTM)chairman Datuk Muhammad Abdul Ghani reminded veterans it was their duty to fight — “to the last drop of blood” — against “anti-national elements” wishing to cause instability and upheaval in the country, stressing that stability was the foundation of national sovereignty and security.

    “No one should try to cause chaos in the country by claiming they are marginalised. He added that veterans should also strive to protect the Federal Constitution in its current form.

    “We do not want another May 13 Incident,” he warned a full-house gathering of veterans here.

    Dear fellow Malaysians, this is the sort of indoctrinations created by UMNO to stay in power at all cost. Do we want to be intimidated by certain extremist inividuals ? Who do you think this extremist group is targeting? The terrorists? Non- Malays? Pakatan? or both Non-Malays and Pakatan?

    WE must be strong and united to defeat the politics of fear expounded by UMNO controlled BN. Without reforms these shall be no transformation and massive abuse of power and corruption will continue. UMNO controlled BN extremism must be defeated and replaced by middle politics represented by PAS, PKR, DAP and friends of Pakatan.

    • Bidayuh headmaster says:

      The indigenous people of Sarawak and Sabah, Chinese and Indian must shut the fuck up then and should notdare to claim to be marginalised otherwise something bad will happen??

      I wish to put on record that the Indigenuous people of Sarawak and Sabah along with the Indians and Orang Asli have been brutally marginalised in the last 47 years by UMNO led BN government.

      We shall take back the power from this ungrateful government.

      No right thinking Dayaks must allow themselves again to be intimidated by Taib, Najib and UMNO led BN. We shall stand up and be counted together with the Chinese community who had rejected corruption, abuse of power and the authoritarian regime of UMNO led BN.

  2. Stupid People says:

    He is the PM. The PM has to keep all the races in his country in good and harmonious relation…fostering tolerance in between faith, believe and religion. This is basic of his responsibility to keep his big family in peace. However, UMNO since the days of the Tun Mat has implanted selfishness and arrogrance like their former “BUSH”…

    Not only PM Najib has to say to the Chinese, he has to stress it clear to UMNO about the Indians and other races in the country. It is better to have a harmonious family than a quarreling family….I think he should be smart enough to know, say and do it

    ” 1MALAYSIA IN PEACE is better than 1MALAYSIA IN PIECES” —

    Hope also all the quarrels and dsiputes in country politic die out the sooner the better. General people puzzled with all the flying arrows here and there, are becoming FED UP, REAL FED UP


  3. Bartholomew says:

    Malaysians Must Know The Real Najib Tun Razak.

    Military Intelligence please enlighten us about the incident involving Private Adam( a mamak and auxiliary soldier like Taib) whose brother was “accidentally” killed with a golf club by the late Sultan of Johor. At that time Najib Tun Razak being the UMNO Youth leader was organising and or mobilising a massive street protest in Kuala Lumpur(reason? certain quarters were questioning Mahathir’s privatisation policy). Had it not been for private Adam who was creating a havoc in KL then, Tun Haniff, the IGP, would not have found a valid reason for withdrawing the permit already issued to UMNO Youth led by the present PM. Hence bloodshed was averted when UMNO Youth was prevented from Converging in Kuala Lumpur from different parts of Selangor. On October 27 1987, Ops Lalang was launched by Mahathir. Read more..http://www.malaysia-today.net/index.php?view=article&catid=71%3Aarchives-2009&id=26177%3A27th-of-october-1987&format=pdf&option=com_content&Itemid=100106

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