Reformasi”PKR Stampin Thanksgiving Night at Landeh”

The unusually quiet surroundings of Kampung Landeh at 10th mile Penrissen Road Kuching heard the words coming out from the Federal Territory PKR women’s chief  Felicia Ling  as she started her speech shouting “REFORMASI” a number of times.

She was here at the invitation of PKR Stampin Cabang where the Ketua cabang said,”it’s a thanksgiving night and also a welcome dinner for the FT Wanita Chief” This is to show also that after the elections we are ready to consolidate and work together as a team. There has been too much bad publicity and this is our way to tell the BN that we are not disunited. 

Felicia Ling mentioned in her address that we have seen leaders like Lim Kheng Yaik and Sammy Vellu already stepping down and its also time for Taib Mahmud to step down or HE TOO will be shipped out. Even the logs {‘the pheonomena of the rajang river“} coming downstream are telling him something and is also an indicator. He must realise it before its too late.The crowd listened attentively as she spoke.

Hafsah Harun PKR advisor Sarawak touched on the need to see changes and the people of Sarawak are not going to be fooled anymore.

Also Ketua cabang Betong Stanley said will be ready to face Jabu in the next elections. Ketua Cabang Stampin See Chee How also spoke and thanked everyone for their presence. It was a good turnout of over 100 Stampin cabang members and friends.  


At a separate interview with audie61 the PKR Sarawak Information chief said,”we Pakatan Sarawak or PR4 as we call them are ready for BN4. Its only the CM who is playing the “guessing game” If its tomorrow or next year it doesn’t matter as the people will know who to vote for.

The deputy ketua of Stampin cabang concurred with See and he mentioned,”Tell BN Sarawak we have been ready since 2008. Its coming to three years and we are more than ready. Is BN scared of us..??


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