DAP Sarawak’s “Incessant Attacks on Taib”

It was early morning and at 7am DAP supporters were all out in full force. Their strategy cover as much ground as possible at all the coffeshops in the Kuching area. Why? The political bureau and the strategic think tank has come out with a very eye catching leaflet which is bi-lingual to capture and inform the people of Taib Mahmud. First meeting with the DAP members at Green Heights at 7.30am.

It is almost incessant attack and the leaflets which are printed to the tune of 100,000 in each division according to a DAP party member will be distributed state wide by all the members in each respective divisions and DAP branches. audie61 happened to make his way for another brunch meeting with a business partner and met MP Chong Chieng jen at 11.15am at Chonglin Park.

The DAP supporters were having their brunch together with MP Chong and we asked him is there any significance in choosing the leaflet printed in purple? Could it be Purple Rain by Prince? Also the tree roots looks very devilish hmmmm.

 He smiled “Imagination and somehow It does look more SINISTER.” Don’t you agree?

We covered an article earlier https://audie61.wordpress.com/2010/10/05/dap-chong-running-out-of-ideas/ and somehow this is a CHANCED MEETING with MP Chong and he said “WE all got our own responsibilites and today we are distributing the leaflets asking for answers.


  • 1.Are the reports about Taib’s family overseas properties true?
  •  2.if these reports are true,what is the salary of the Chief Minister of sarawak? How could Taib’s children have such huge amounts of money to buy such overseas properties at such a young age?
  • 3. Other than the properties reported in the website,are there any other property owned by Taib’s family members or their companies? What is the worth of all these properties?
  • 4.Why is Taib’s family so wealthy and yet,the state of Sarawak which has been under Taib’s leadership for the past 30 years,ranks 10th in the Composite Development Index in Malaysia making Sarawak the fourth least developed state in Malaysia?
  •  5. If the reports are untrue,what action will Taib take against the writer and publisher of the reports?

audie61 plainly said to MP Chong”The fact remains however that Taib will just brush this allegations and lies aside and leave it to the people to judge for themselves. He will point to the fact that under his leadership the state has enjoyed tremendous growth in terms of development and advancement.”

Chong countered saying the people knows and its a matter of time only and his lieutenants will also be wondering what hit them. IT WILL BE A LITTLE TOO LATE

After their quick lunch the supporters and members went on another round of distribution at some new areas in Bandar Kuching.

AM very sure you will receive a Purplish leaflet Soon….

54 thoughts on “DAP Sarawak’s “Incessant Attacks on Taib”

  1. Mata Kuching says:

    I will suggest to DAP Sarawak to have the leaflet printed in Malaysiakini, Malaysian Must Know the Truth, Malaysia To-day, Malaysian Mirror and Malaysian Insider as well.

    SNAP, PAS and PKR should also ask during their ceramah in the rural areas the same question as to why in a supposedly well planned, developed and successful and progressive state like Sarawak , why only one man and his family can be worth so many RMbillions while more than 75 percent of Sarawakians can only be assured of food to eat and at least the ability to own a motor bike or a car (by paying through their nose). At least one minister in Sarawak, Michael Manyin, had affirmed that in Sarawak no Dayaks had ever gone hungry in the last 47 years!

    • Irene Kana says:

      Mata Kuching, this idiotic Michael Manyin is doomed to liken his own community to be idiots like himself. Without him and BN led by Taib Mahmud and his uncle before him the Dayaks will not be deprived of food as well and the 8,000 or more Bidayuh graduates and over 200,000 Bidayuhs will be many times better off than they are now.

      Right now, none of the 8,000 Bidayuh graduates can match the capability of Taib’s children and his sister like Roziah Mahmud. And according to Manyin, all the Bidayuh must be thankful to Taib and BN government for connecting electricity and water to their homes although only 60 percent had benefited so far after 47 years under UMNO dominated BN and yet no government in the world can claim to be better than BN government or match BN proven track records.

  2. kpt99 says:

    Such leaflets circulation and distribution should have done more often especially in rural areas where there is not outside contacts.Be these leaflets end up as toilet paper or wrapping papers,at least it supply some information about Taib family wealth though it might not be purely true.

    • Banister says:

      you can always distribute your own toilet papers with your name on it to the rural areas. Nobody is stopping you kpt99.

  3. Suba says:

    Audie you seem to be supporting TAIB. Perhaps you are a strong BN man. In your personal assessment would you dispute the contents of the reported wealth and if so why.
    Are you convinced it was a false reports and that you honestly from the depth of your heart that TAIB is not as wealthy as claimed, TAIB after all those years still live a simple like me and you.
    Better dream his wealth is made up and he made money from CMS. Was it luck that UBG was sold fr RM1.5Billion and that money comes from 1MD corporation Trengganu.

  4. Bidayuh Headmaster says:

    YB CCJ, incidentally I have also challenged Taib the thief minister and all the BN ADUNs and YBs to refute and deny all allegations made against Taib by Sarawak Report. It is good that DAP Sarawak is not letting up on this issue and speak for the rakyat. A repost of my challenge to Taib earlier..

    A simple challenge to Taib Mahmud and all his stooges from a simple minded Bidayuh :

    Taib Mahmud has yet to answer to all the allegations made against him and his family by Sarawak Reports on his ill-gotten property investments overseas. We shall give a chance to all cabinet ministers and leaders from all BN components to deny the allegations made against Taib Mahmud.

    Sarawakians want each and every cabinet ministers and BN ADUN to categorily deny each and all allegations made by Sarawak Report against Taib Mahmud and his family. Now is the time for BN Sarawak ADUN and cabinet ministers to tell the truth, to prove to Sarawakians especially the Dayaks that all the allegations are baseless and mere propaganda of the Opposition. We can decide for ourselves what to believe and how much to believe and what not to believe.

    To speak with one voice and to get BN supporters and branches in 71 constituencies to rally for Taib to stay on and to lead BN Sarawak amount to nothing if Taib Mahmud himself and all his stooges did not refute or deny the allegations.

    Deny each and all allegation and prove to Sarawakians within 7 days from today that all the allegations are totally baseless and institute legal actions against Sarawak Reports for slanders.

    • SK Subramaniam says:

      Where are all the lawyers in BN Sarawak? None of them have yet to receive instruction from the thief to deny or refute the allegations against Taib by Sarawak Report and or institute legal action ? Maybe Dtk JC Fong may want to step forward to deny the allegations on behalf of the thief and all the BN ADUNs and YBs who have lost all their marbles?

  5. fedup says:

    DAP should get planes to drop these leaflets all over S’wak! Every nook and cranny! Just a thought.

    P/s: Audie if we were to learn that you have been conferred a datukship, we can guess its probably for this write up eh!

    Rather obvious some ass licking here!

    i quote “audie61 plainly said to MP Chong……Taib will just brush this allegations and lies aside….”

    Well audie, how sure are you? And, not for the bit about brushing it aside thats quite true.

    • sarawakiana says:

      Waaaaah! If like that can get Datukship that way no need to buy datukship.This article seems not lopsided. Well,Its just one’s opinion.It seems MP Chong and audie61 had a very good and interesting conversation on this and it came out as good information for all.

  6. Stupid People says:

    Taib has no heart and no time to answer all these allegations, and he is going around to tell the “Stupid People” (he thinhs they are) all the good he has done to love Srawak and its people….I think it is better for him to video-shoot a drama like the one used to show the greatness and glory of Tun Mat…and send to all communities, villages and longhouses to tell us the Dayak how much we owe Taib all the care and provision he has gifted us all through his reign of the state (was it not his duty as we pay his salalry as the CM?)….Taib says he might not have properly and sufficiently pass the message to the Chinese how much he care for them. In what ways and how? In countering DAP purple message, Taib can use his government department of Mis-information to circulate “LEAFLETS” to tell the people of the state how much we owe him all the great things he has done for Sarawak. He can use helicopters to rain down on the surface of Sarawak all the LEAFLETS….and many Chniese tycoons are ready to pay for the printing of the LEAFLETS, while many also will suggest all the lovely and grateful praises for Taib. Even so, Taib will never run away from all condemnation in his own soul and spirit all the robbery and damage he and his family and his cronies have done to the state that entrusted them to properly and sincerely govern the State when they were swearing to take office when elected.

    Wake up, brother and sister Sarawakian. Do not let your race, communities and familie to continue to bear all the BULLIES….VOTE BN out from Sarawak

  7. Jolia says:

    Parti Bohong Bumiputra (PBB)..do you think you can hide behind the coat of your president all the time and every time by cheating the bumi in Sarawak?

    Indigenuous people are today still being dispossessed by Sarawak state government led by the infamous paramount pirate of Borneo who is the president of Parti Bohong Bumiputra (PBB). These marginalised and rural poor had been and are removed from the cultural dwelling, corralled into splintery and “shanty” towns closer to towns, as their NCR lands were grapped and sold to big corporations for plantations after the timbers have been extracted and sold for hundreds of millions.

    Time to take back the power entrusted to BN Sarawak in the last 47 years. Taib Must Go. BN Must Go.

      • kpt99 says:

        Kumpulan ini pula aysik cari kangtow untuk mengayakan diri sendiri.Dalam persepsi masyarakat cina parti ini pariti nyambuk dan tak ada kuasa langsung.Pengikut buta itu tak berani kemukakan masalh dan kehendak orang cina kepada Taib sehingga Taib sendiri kata dia tak tahu apa orang cina mahu.Tak hairan lah pada SE yang akan dapat parti ini akan hapus dan lenyap sekali.

    • kpt99 says:

      Parti ini hanya menjalankan politik lip-services,dan sentiasa bohong rakyat pedalaman yang kurang berpengetuan dan berinformasi.Mereka tak mempunyai masalah dalam kawasan mereka.Sedikit gula-gula dan mee segera membolehkan mereka dapat sokongan yang kuat kumpulan dayak.Dengan memegangkan kepada moto : anang Ngelaban Perintah kain lama,mereka ialah parti paling stabil sekarang.

  8. Stupid People says:

    supp- can be interpreted too as “sarawak unwanted political party” – useless and irrelevant to help its own people and the people of sarawak due to uncurable impotence….keep bullshiting and lying….the next state poll will tell supp how much sarawakian wish to terminate their service in the state

  9. kpt99 says:

    Which of the following sectors have shown improvements in term of rankings for Malaysia under Najib administration 1) transparency index .2) corruption index. 3)global competitiveness index.4)university ranking. 5)global cities ranking.6).Apakah comments anda terhadap jawapan anda ,dan apakah malaysia haruskan lakukan untuk memperbaiki keddukkan itu ?.Apakah harapan anda malaysia dalam dunia ini ?. Terima kasih ,

  10. RichBoxII says:

    MACC will act on Taib after Election. They will tell him to step down in favour of Abang Joe. If he resist, they will hasten their investigation.

    • kpt99 says:

      Malaysia Agency Cari Commission.Half-past Six DPP examining Thai expert on Teo Beng hock case make malaysia a laughing stock in the world.Graduated from Kampung Uni.Should promote him to PP soon by MACC,for creating history in Malaysia court.

  11. KK Lau says:

    By Damian Denis

    Why I think 1Malaysia is as good as a dead cat? The facts is just below:-

    1) UMNO & Ketuanan Melayu – Kerismudin started to raise the keris in two of UMNO General Assembly. Some said it is a call to war! Against whom? Against 1Malaysia. It is very un-becoming of you to behave such as this knowing the kind of legacy your father and grandfather left & wished for Malaysia.

    2) Khairy Jamaluddin speech where he said that the rakyat had been deprived of the UMNO President’s speech because a certain race (Indians) monopolised the newspaper distribution. Who asked you to organized the UMNO General Assembly on Deepavali day? There goes 1Malaysia to the drain.

    3) Ahmad Ismail during the Permatang Pauh by-ellection calling Chinese as pendatangs. What the hell men? What about you? Where did you came from? Go and check your roots first! On top of it when Ahmad was suspended from UMNO we see UMNO Secretary General (Tengku Adnan) sitting just next to him in the said press conference. Wither 1Malaysia.

    4) Nasir Safar – Who said Chinese women came to work as prostitutes and Indians as beggars to Malaya. The Advisor who happen to be the closest to the 1Malaysia PM is the last person on earth who should utter such words. But not in 1Malaysia dude!

    5) Perkasa & Ibrahim Ali – Should I say more? The mother of all frogs who is hell bent to become a hero here is spewing venom (literally sometimes) wherever he goes. They have made their intentions well known that the NEP is here to stay for good. But this so-called “hero” has got no guts and the brains to take up Nurul Izzah’s challenge to debate on the special position of the Malays as stated in the constitution. And as days goes by UMNO is seen as not only outsourcing its dirty job to Perkasa but becoming ever more kowtow-ing to it as well. And if UMNO kowtow to Perkasa i wonder what is the position of the other BN component parties? Ahh…the whole of BN is also kowtow-ing to Perkasa lah!

    Najib, I hope you are reading this!

    Read more at: http://realitybytesdmd.blogspot.com/2010/10/top-10-reasons-why-1malaysia-is-dead.html

  12. Stupid People says:

    One thing for sure. Taib will never and he has no need to answer to all those questions and allegation. Fact is if he tell the truth in court, he goes to jail; and if he tell lies in the court, he has no need to go to jail but hell….he definitely chooses the later

    Dont put any hope on MACC, MACC is established to act against opposition parties and figures becaus they work for BN government. So when PR is the government, MACC will act on BN…fair and square just see Taiwan and Mr. Chen Sui Bian the corrupted . If you wish to change MACC, first change out BN, and let us start from Sarawak soon

  13. Lilian Soo says:

    Sarawak plans to build more coal-fired power plants as back-up energy sources for the state, State Public Utilities Minister Amar Awang Tengah Ali Hassan said today.

    Pakatan should be more curious to find out who have been given coal mining concession in Balingian/Mukah and who owns the coal fired- power plants in Mukah. Who is owning this mining company,Buroi Mining Sdn Bhd?

    If coal-fired power plants are a cheaper alternative, why must Taib Mahmud wanted to build another 12 more hydro dams in Sarawak ?

  14. Irene kana says:

    To all concerned Sarawakians who have yet to register as a voter, please do so now and contact any Pakatan service centre nearest to you. Get your relatives, friends and colleagues to register soonest possible.

    General Election

    We all know that once in a few years we are given the opportunity to vote.
    Why vote? It has no effect on the outcome.

    One vote alone may not count but many votes together becomes a voice to be reckoned with. Let your voice be heard.

    This election, more so than others is a vital election because we are at a cross roads. If we get it right we will prosper; if we get it wrong, we will suffer as we have seen in our neighboring countries.

    To help you decide please ponder these issues:

    Do you think our politicians in power are corrupt?
    Do you think our civil service is corrupt?

    Do you think they are incompetent?
    Do you think the people in power sets themselves above the law?

    Do you think our leadership has lost its way?

    Do you think we are getting more & more divided by race & religion?

    Do you think we have a questionable justice system?
    Do you think that they are wasting our wealth?
    Do you think our children will suffer more?

    Do you want to see change?

    If you say yes to 3 or more of these issues, don’t you think we need change? YOU CAN MAKE CHANGE HAPPEN!!!

    Just send this to 10 other relatives or friends and ask them to do the sameto 10 of their friends and so on. By so doing we are enlisting the power of multilevel marketing. Yes the math works and it is awesome. By the 7th level this message would reach 1,000,000 people. Yes we can make our vote count! Better believe it!! We owe it to ourselves and to our children and to their children.

    Malaysia Boleh! make it happen for ours and our children’s future.

    Check your voting status! Forward to everyone.



    • Bartholomew says:

      Mahathir warned the Malays that they would lose power to the Chinese if Pakatan won. Now Najib and Soi Lek warned the Chinese that PAS would rule if Pakatan won. This is the typical politics of fear by UMNO dominated BN. SUPP had used that fear factor to frighten the Chinese in Sibu but the Christian voters and the Chinese just did not bow to the politics of fear!

    • Richard Song says:

      MCA and SUPP will always continue to play to the standard script of using PAS as the bogeyman…how pathetic! Their irrelevance to UMNO led BN and the Chinese community is not unexpected at all.

  15. kpt99 says:

    To non-buumis,they are requesting the amount of sun shines and more spaces in ALSO their beloved country which they had hardly experienced for last 5 decades.

  16. kpt99 says:

    Dr.Sheikh,country 100 millions Space Tourist tied his knots today, 101010 is doing part-time modeling.What is your comments ?. As to date what contributions and programmes that have benefited the country from this expensive mission.Modeling Kah ?.Memang Msia Boleh.

    • Mat Komeng says:

      JEALOUS kah ? Your parent sent you to good College/University to further your study BUT instead you enjoyed most of your times doing stupid things. Come on kpt99 think wisely WHO are YOU to compare to DR. SHEIKH MUZAFFAR. Kesian nya DIA.

  17. kpt99 says:

    The Americans must keep up with this incessant attack to awaken the sleeping Japanese who they think are the most powerful nation during 2nd world war as claimed by Audie.

  18. Anti-Kleptocrats says:

    Print and print more to open eyes that still cannot see. The most corrupted man like Taib should be penalised before his stay expired on this earth!

  19. Alan Newman. NZ says:

    Whichever Speaker blocks Opposition’s questioning in DUN & switches off their PA system, Whoever bans or blocks BERSIH Revolution, record his name for ‘top priorities’ to be brought to justice, for obstruction of democracy, human rights, freedom and justice. In the eyes of the transparent & democratic West these are nothing but low-lives & crims; they are there because of the evil of the incumbent government.

  20. Alan Newman. NZ says:

    Why are you so forgiving & relenting? Have they- PBB, BN got a trace of the people’s interest at heart? NO! It’s endless tricks, acrobatics & deception to stay in power. Not after 55 years of BN & UMNO! It must now be zero tolerance & striking back with the greatest force. If you research globally & think thoroughly: Politicians are the roots of all the problems in the world: pillage & plunder; cronies; in-equality of races & incomes; apartheid; hardship & grief turning to crime & tragedy; trillions of $$$ wasted worldwide on corruption, thefts, land-grabs, resource-grabs, amassing of projects, money outflow & laundering, white elephants & kickbacks; abuses, mismanagements, misuses, crime-fighting, strife, riots, wars. In the end, to cling to power & luxury, they will kill. Look at Idi Amin, Africa, N. Korea, Arab Spring.

  21. Alan Newman. NZ says:

    In NZ Philip Taito Field, an MP was jalied for corruption (using new immigrants to paint his houses), and after 31 years your Chief Mnsiter is still walking and talking proud and stealing billions from you. In NZ He would have been in jail 30 and half years ago. Why are you so gullible & forgiving? For me, NOT ANOTHER HOUR! None of you have any guts. Pathetic.

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