Bloggers from PR4 “This is Real..?”

How does one counter allegations,lies,misconception and perception.? Simply by “TAKING THE BULL BY THE HORN“BN4 and Taib Mahmud the Chief Minister especially has been under so much surprise attack which are similar by nature to the Japanese attack of”Pearl Harbour” during the 2nd World War. Then the Japanese woke up the sleeping giant USA.

It seems now the CM is leaving nothing to chance and also will not let his army rests until they see off the common enemy in PR4. There is the “realistic manifesto” that he is spelt out but the one that catches the eyes of the cyberworld  has come down to these few words which there is more than a HIDDEN meaning to it.

Taib said the state government planned to compile information about the state government as a channel to disseminate information to the people in the next five years.He said there was no proper channel to distribute information to the people and that had created a misperception that there was a lack of dissemination of information from the government.

“We are going to emphasise this. In the next five years, we are going to build up information about the government, even through the Internet. Then most probably it will improve the situation,” he said.

It appears that BN4 is ready now to engage in the cyber warfare with PR4. The BN Sarawak cybertroopers is already readily equipped to withstand the cyber attacks. PR4 will be wondering what hit them and they will need to reinvent and restrategise their “almost perfect and tested formula

The People will not only be flooded by allegations,lies,perceptions but they will be able to judge for themselves what is REAL and What is GOOD for Sarawak and in turn what will benefit them.

A political analysts said,”If the economy is vibrant,the bread and butter issues are looked into the people will not just want to change the government for the sake of just CHANGES.

The big picture is that their immediate family needs to be in a country where it is safe and stable instead in one where BULLETS ARE FLYING OVER THEIR HEADS. Is that real..??


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23 thoughts on “Bloggers from PR4 “This is Real..?”

  1. Stupid People says:

    Taib is planning his so called realistic menifesto. Yo know if God has prepared to destroy one, He first makes him go mad and crazy…..Stay and stare what this desperate man is doing, you find many things sound funny and ridiculous. He will reap what he has planted and all will be in his baskets and on his shoulders to answer on the final day

  2. RichBoxII says:

    If the provocation at TMG is anything to go by, sadly to say, BN will lose the Cyber War yet again!

    My god, the people they engage do not even know how to string 2 sentences in english together and have no idea what they are talking about.

    Many just open a thread and quietly leave without following up.

    Yet we were told Special Branch is monitering TMG and off late Sadia against Raziah Mahmud.

    We say bring it on Taib, Special Branch do not scare us. Instead your silence on your alleged corruption is for all Sarawakians to scrutinies and even the Ibans in the longhouses are talking discreetly!

    MACC and Putrajaya? Let us wait and see what happen after the State Election.

    Cantonese say “Moll Fatt Lan Cha!” when all is lost.

  3. kpt99 says:

    Bloggers from all walks of life not only PR had been constantly attacking BN4 for long.Some even go to the extend that they are really to be arrested under ISA.Thus allegations,hatred,frustration,criticisms are just common issues used to attack “sleeping BN” which is not longer relevant to the rakyat especially in urban areas.Non of Sarawak YB or ministers dare to put up blogs or facebooks to interact with rakyat.Are they busier than Najib with 1 Malysia blog.Perhaps PR4 should warmly welcome BN4 with open hearts in this cyber wars.

  4. Rentap says:

    Let them equipped. The people are smart enough to identify who are lairs. When people said Taib robbed the state money and buy his fortune oversea. Lies?? Ask any people in the street whether it is lies? You all know the answer….!!!

  5. Lee Hui says:

    “My desire is to make sure that the foundation of the state is still solid — stable government, people’s unity. The people must not forget this… ,” Taib said.

    When Sarawak which is blessed to be the richest state in Malaysia with abundance in natural resources and minerals, has been milked by both Adbul Rahman Yakub and Taib Mahmud in the last 39 years, what kind of foundations do we expect from whatever little are left todate?

    when asked when the state poll would be held, Taib said, “It is coming.”

    “I can’t decide yet (polls date). Do you know how difficult it is to decide the election date?

    Since Taib took over from Rahman Yakub as the thief minister in 1981, the fate of Sarawak state election has been decided by Bomohs and not by the excutives. Sarawak has been his person piggy bank since because we the rakyat have been voting with our feet in our mouths.

    A realistic manifesto for BN Sarawak shall be but not limited to the following to begin with :

    a) All cabinet ministers and ADUNs to declare their personal worth to the Rakyat.

    b) A new chief minister shall not hold office longer than two terms.

    c) All state lands in prime locations shall be sold to the highest bidder in an open bid.

    d) All government construction and infrastructure projects shall be opened for tenders.

    d) All vernacular schools with student intake exceeding 1,000 pupils shall receive fixed yearly education funding not less than RM3 milliuon each.

    e) Sarawak land code shall be amended to return the rights of ownership to NCR landowners.

    d) Section 47 shall only apply for land required for public purposes and and shall be null and void after three years from date it was placed under sextion 47.

    e) All land lease renewal shall be automatic.

  6. Bakrie says:

    All main stream media, TVs, Radios, Information department are owned and controlled by UMNO dominated BN for the past 50 years. If the rakyat are growing increasing unhappy with the BN government and supporting Pakatan to be the next government it shows the people no longer read and listen to BN spins, lies and propaganda. It shows they know how to digest news and do their own fact findings.

    BN’s public relation stunts, BTN programme and wayamg kulit will not win back more votes or help it to regain lost seats and or states lost to Pakatan. The end is indeed near for UMNO dominated BN and for Taib Mahmud.

    This is People Power!

  7. Bidayuh Headmaster says:

    A simple challenge to Taib Mahmud and all his stooges from a simple minded Bidayuh :

    Taib Mahmud has yet to answer to all the allegations made against him and his family by Sarawak Reports on his ill-gotten property investments overseas. We shall give a chance to all cabinet ministers and leaders from all BN components to deny the allegations made against Taib Mahmud.

    Sarawakians want each and every cabinet ministers and BN ADUN to categorily deny each and all allegations made by Sarawak Report against Taib Mahmud and his family. Now is the time for BN Sarawak ADUN and cabinet ministers to tell the truth, to prove to Sarawakians especially the Dayaks that all the allegations are baseless and mere propaganda of the Opposition. We can decide for ourselves what to believe and how much to believe and what not to believe.

    To speak with one voice and to get BN supporters and branches in 71 constituencies to rally for Taib to stay on and to lead BN Sarawak amount to nothing if Taib Mahmud himself and all his stooges did not refute or deny the allegations.

    Deny each and all allegation and prove to Sarawakians within 7 days from today that all the allegations are totally baseless and institute legal actions against Sarawak Reports for slanders.

    • Irene Kana says:

      Let Taib’s two deputies be the first to declare that all the allegations made against Taib by Sarawak Reports were totally untrue and lies. Let George Chan and Alfred Jabu sign a statutory declaration to the above effect and followed by other cabinet ministers and BN ADUN and MP.

  8. fedup says:


    This so called ‘realistic manifesto’ is nothing but an admission by taib that he had been unrealistic and never had any manifesto!

    So there!

  9. Bee Sie Khung says:

    —The People will not only be flooded by allegations,lies,perceptions but they will be able to judge for themselves what is REAL and What is GOOD for Sarawak and in turn what will benefit them.— ???Sure kah Audie61???

    a) If I don’t take the money others call me stupid, so why waste the chance!
    b) Religion never mention it let alone to punish it, so it’s ok then!
    c) Actually the boss even encourage it and even tell how to do it as Money Laundering 101 subject!

    a) If Minister said-That’s just perception no such thing in Sarawak, so must be good then!
    b) If the price is right, Ali-baba subcontractor complete the job, why bother lah
    c) Buy cheap NCR land, convert it mixed zone, then sell high, so anything wrong here?

  10. Jeffrey Lawai says:

    what the XXXX…Taib never seek consent from the rakyat or call for open tenders when he “suka2” gave away state lands, grabbed NCR lands and gave big projects which were highly inflated, to his sisters, brothers, children and cronies.

    What the XXXX is he talking now about seeking inspiration or the rakyat approval to call for a state election?

    Since when has he ever consulted his cabinet ministers when election was due. He would mislead and manipulate government resources and logistics when his Bomoh gave him the green light to do so.

  11. Mata Kuching says:

    The state of our nation is not just determined by the government and those who run it. It is determined by millions of individual actions — by what each of us do and what we choose not to do.Quotes British Prime Minister David Cameron.

    We must choose to allow or disallow all the big corporations to dictate the way our government should be run and or how our economy should be transformed. As it is we have CMS, Taa Ann, Dayang Enterprise,Naim Cendera,Tanjung Manis Halal Industries, Sarwak Press Metal,UBG,Kumpulan Parabena,PPES, Hock Seng Lee, Titanium, Shin Yang, Samling, Sanyan, Quality Concrete,KKB which are directly or indirectly owned by Taib’s family controlling 90% of Sarawak economy.

    Do Sarawakians want to believe Taib and UMNO controlled BN government that your income will jump two or three fold with more transformation dictated and controlled by their cronies corporations including MMC, Gamuda,YTL, Berjaya, UEM,Naza etc in Peninsular?

    To stop all the looting and plundering by Taib Mahmud, Rajib Razak and UMNO controlled BN we have only one choice and that is to vote out UMNO controlled BN , Taib and Najib.

    Make no mistake, we must vote against BN and vote for Pakatan to stop the looting and plundering.

  12. Anti-Kleptocrats says:

    MAKE NO MISTAKE the Dayaks that any vote to PRS and SPDP (dogs of Taib) will give another unfortunate mandate for pirate Taib(or his proxies) to further plundering state’s wealth from deserving rakyat!

    MAKE NO MISTAKE the Dayaks that any vote to PRS and SPDP (dogs of Taib) will give another unfortunate mandate for pirate Taib(or his proxies) to further plundering state’s wealth from deserving rakyat!

    MAKE NO MISTAKE the Dayaks that any vote to PRS and SPDP (dogs of Taib) will give another unfortunate mandate for pirate Taib(or his proxies) to further plundering state’s wealth from deserving rakyat!

  13. Jessie says:

    SUPP the underdogs? They are already the lapdogs. What other dogs do they still want to be? After the state election they will become hotdogs maybe ???

  14. Perwira Sarawak says:

    You think your word can change the mind set of others..?? If you just talk but no action, still no use you wanna argue in here…Why don;t you give a try how to overcome all of the problems..think fro yourself before you think about others..

  15. Jessie says:

    Everyone has faced with a situation now and then and every country has a political situation. In the case of a government, the difference is between good governance and rampant corruption that determines how well developed and how prosperous the country shall be.

    To Perwira Sarawak, unless you are a loser and or a lapdog, no problems cannot be solved efficiently, effectively and competently.Corruption is still the main cause. And absolute power vested in one person corrupt absolutely.

  16. Mata Kuching says:

    With a new political awareness, indigenous peoples are asserting their political rights as well as their rights over their traditional physical and economic resources that have, for the most part, been denied them.

    They are determined to preserve and transmit to future generations their ancestral territories as the basis of their continued existence as peoples, in accordance with their own cultural patterns, social institutions and legal systems.

    They are aware and demand their rights to equality, freedom from adverse discrimination and nationality and the right of self-determination. By virtue of this right they shall freely determine their political status and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development.They are asserting their political rights not to be forcibly removed from their lands or territories.

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