“DAP Chong Running out of Ideas…??”

The intensity of Taib calling for the dissolution anytime from now till July 2011 must have bothered MP Bandar Kuching Chong Chieng Jen. Has he turned from SUPP slayer to pinpoint now directly to Taib.? A voter from Kuching said,”Has Chong become too big for his boots and he now wants to draw the CM Taib to Bandar Kuching area? He should not do that as it might just backfire on him?

There has many one to many articles in the blogsphere on Taibs properties,richness and wealth overseas that Chong has brought up but Taib remains unmoved and too quiet for Chongs liking.He feels that Taib is not even bothered that he wants to draw the CM Taib on to another issue.

Is this worth mentioning? In  a press conference yesterday, Chong said Taib should not “hide” in rural areas like Balingian but instead contest in the state capital as it is only fitting for a Chief Minister to do so.“Why hide in the rural areas with only a few thousand voters. Come to Kuching. The DAP is inviting you,” he said..

Chong said there are five state seats in Kuching that Taib could choose from

What irked and left a bad taste of overzealousness on Chong’s part was by adding this ,”SUPP would be willing to swap a seat with Taib for the rural area. It justs goes too show that Chong is putting himself in a tight spot. This could just take away his invincibility in the eyes of mosts Sarawak voters. The question and equation is very simple now.




His DAP colleague would have been wise enough to tell him,”please stick to original script and we would not have extra enemies to fend off.” 



30 thoughts on ““DAP Chong Running out of Ideas…??”

  1. Nothing bad about such challenge. By saying so, Chong is inviting the CM to come himself to know how much he is welcome and favored in constituency with greater number of voters from multiple races……Why stand in area only with few thousand? Because you can easily “BUY” the votes and do not need too much big expenses. Furthermore, what is bad for a CM to contest in the Capital City of the state? I dont undersatnd and see anything bad about the invitation. May be I am wrong, please forgive and correct

  2. Sebagai pemimpin yang paling kuat, popular dan mempunyai pengyokong yang begitu ramai di sawak,Taib seharusnya terima cabaran Yb CCJ untuk bertanding di mana-mana kawasan di Kuching.Jangan sembunyikan di kawasan pendalaman,Balingian dengan bilangan ribuan pengundi sahaja.Kumpulan ini yang mempunyai mindset and mentality”Anang Ngelaban Perintah”seperti katak di bawah tempurung merupakan pengyokong buta BN tanpa pengetahuan dan pendedahanluas di luar.As director general of the rakyat,Taib should be able to serve anywhere like director of any govt depts being transfer here and there.What more to say Taib is CM for all as proclaimed by him.Why so scare ?.

  3. Taib Mahmud will not be daring to stand in any constituency where the majority of the voters are educated and well informed and are able to make an informed decision for themselves. That is how Emperors ruled their subjects by depriving them of education,communication and developments. Taib will be the king in small rural constituency but for how much longer? Taib thought he is the king of Sarawak but the unofficial referendum shows otherwise and that Sarawakians actually want him to subject himself to investigations for corruptions and abuse of power.

    YB Chong, we shall support you to continue to voice out the people’s discontent and dislike for Taib Mahmud. For anyone to insinuate that you are too big for your boots is utter rubbish.

    George Chan continues to blame Opposition for its propaganda for making the people to turn against BN. Can George Chan says the same and blame his ex wife for her propaganda, now that his daughters are showing him little respect and despised him?

    George Chan says all visitors from outside Sarawak never said bad things and only praised our well planned and developed city which no bad government could bring about. It shows how deeply ingrained are SUPP and BN in the denial mode. May we remind George Chan that Roman Empire had already built a far more magnificent city in their times which received global admiration till the present day but the corrupted and bad Roman Empire was defeated and buried forever!

  4. It’s a great chance for Taib to finally ‘understand what the Chinese wants’, so take up the call lah fight YB Chong.

    YB Chong vs Taib maybe a big contest but the biggest still will be YB Larry vs YB Masing. Both scenario is very similar though.

    Which one the best fight?
    1. DUN Pelagus seat – YB Larry vs YB Masing? Or,
    2. DUN Baleh seat – YB Masing vs YB Larry?

    Wonder how much the bookies would place the odds to bet huh!

  5. Taib would not even dare would he? DAP Chong of course is testing the waters to lure Taib into the net. Anyway pakatan is already harping on ‘TAIB TIME TO GO”

  6. If Taib said that Chinese still support BN,he should have the courage and change his constituency to a multi-racial area in Kuching to test his popularity and supports.From here he will know what the majority of the Chinese and urban dwellers want.They want to get rid useless and corrupted BN.What is the use of contesting in small rural area with a single race “Anang Ngelaban Perintah Mindset who cannot think outside the box for decades though have been greatly marginalised.

  7. Just disappointed that audie61 miss the point YB Chong was trying to make..i.e. let taib prove the ‘love’ s’wak has for him by running in difficult seats instead of hiding in the sticks, since taib claimed how he ‘cannot disappoint the people’ by continuing with his political career.

    Since taib is so confident about the ‘love’ the people has for him, he should not be afraid to contest in any seat right!

    Prove of the pudding is in the eating, so taib should prove to the people of s’wak that he indeed is so ‘loved’ by the people by running in Kuching. But, we all know that will never happen!

    Sad to say S’wak is still being run by a bunch of backward feudalistic kampung mentality types in this day and age! Why the pre-occupation these leaders have with decorating themselves with gratuitous medals and titles like a bunch of cub scouts. The scouts at least had to earn their tasks badges unlike these leaders which only need to lick the correct pair of balls!

    Just look at some of the pictures of third world dictators like Gaddafi of Libya, Idi Amin and compare with the ones here. They all wear uniforms with tonnes of metal laden medals and hold lines and lines of nonsense titles!

    Not so many years ago, there was an obsession with Honorary Doctorates (Dr) and note, (Dr) are in brackets! And before you know it, these (Dr) started popping up like mushrooms…it’s rather sad and idiotic that some of these monkeys did not even know what (Dr) signifys by ignorantly putting Dr. infront of their already tiredly loooooooooooong titled names!

    Guess its true what people say about monkeys being attracted to shiny things!

    If we are not monkeys, why keep on putting monkey after monkey into office thus we must be monkeys as well because it is only natural that monkeys choose another monkey to lead! The phrase comes to mind, “Monkey see, Monkey do’.

    What kind of stupid country elect leaders that screw them time and time again. And yet return them to office to get screwed some more! If that’s not stupid, what then is stupid!

    Bleak future for S’wak indeed if we let this shit continue!

    So continue to have this ‘lelek’ attitude, the consequences are fast catching up with all of us and what sad future the children of this state will face.

    God, please help us in this time of need. Amen.

    • SUPP should sacrifice a seat in Kuching for Taib to contest honorably and bravely if he feels he still has the loves and supports of all Sarawakians.Jangan jadi PENAKUT dan seharusnya terima CABARAN CCJ dengan hati terbuka sekiranya kamu masih relevan sebagai Ketua Menteri.

    • fedup,
      Perhaps, Audie61 has forgotten the history where Lee San Choon challenge Chen Man Hin in Seremban in 1982 GE. Lee San Choon won but then question if Taib can win if he stands in Kota Sentosa. Or George Chan. By the way, lee was given a cold shoulder even after he won against Chen. Subsequently, the by election show the greatest defeat by MCA….Of course, poor teacher bear the brunt when one by one top leaders left the scene

  8. Amongst others who should take up the challenge to contest in Kuching are Jabu, George, Masing & Mawang may be…..a match of Generals vs Generals and let us see. Why all leaders go to remote and less populated contituencies to harp on easy win safe zones….a better place may be in the future a new constituency with 2000 voters, that will be very safe but dont take for granted

    • They can cheat and lie these ignorant Small Kids-Apai enggau Idai easily with gula-gula batu and instant mee during election. Their constituencies are less than 10k voters.


    Reject Taib Mahmud and UMNO/BN.

    Vote Pakatan !

    A New Dawn For Malaysia !

    Justice For All Malaysians !

  10. Taib Mahmud has yet to answer to all the allegations made against him and his family by Sarawak Reports on his ill-gotten property investments overseas. We shall give a chance to all cabinet ministers and leaders from all BN components to deny the allegations made against Taib Mahmud.

    Sarawakians want each and every cabinet ministers and BN ADUN to categorily deny each and all allegations made by Sarawak Report against Taib Mahmud and his family. Now is the time for BN Sarawak ADUN and cabinet ministers to tell the truth, to prove to Sarawakians especially the Dayaks that all the allegations are baseless and mere propaganda of the Opposition. We can decide for ourselves what to believe and how much to believe and what not to believe.

    To speak with one voice and to get BN supporters and branches in 71 constituencies to rally for Taib to stay on and to lead BN Sarawak amount to nothing if Taib Mahmud himself and all his stooges did not refute or deny the allegations.

    Deny each and all allegation and prove to Sarawakians within 7 days from today that all the allegations are totally baseless and institute legal actions against Sarawak Report.

  11. Mawan : reject Pakatan Rakyat ; they are outsiders…

    If this the best advice of William Mawan in his political career todate, to Sarawakians especially the Dayaks ? Is this the best William Mawan can do for his own community and Sarawakians, as the President of SPDP and as Minister of Social development and Urbanisation ?

    I challenge William Mawan to advise all Sarawakians to reject all police officers, school teachers and civil servants who were posted to Sarawak from West Malaysia because they are all outsiders to him as well.

    If William Mawan fails to take up my challenge to issue the same advise to all Sarawakians, he should rightly step down as a minister and as president of SPDP to hole up with his girlfriends in his cosy pub located at Batu Kawa. Perhaps by then he is no longer beholden to Taib Mahmud and will have the courage to tell Taib Mahmud to give back all his ill gotten wealth he has stolen from Sarawakians.

    • William Mawan should also advise his daughter to stay away from the Nigerian guys who are offering sex for money in Kuching.

    • I really agree with BHeadmasters.Most schools in here are filled with Tudungs and Songkok from West nowadays.Where are our local graduates giving the lelong cousres in IPTA ?.For your information, they here just for the sake postings and to gain experiences not to share their expertise or talents.Our poor students are being make guinea pigs.That why Sarawak don’t have a school with status of HIGH PERFORMING SSCHOOL.

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  13. I wonder why u guys really wants Taib to step down…Do you think DAP can manage Sarawak..Do you think DAP can rule Sarawak. Sarawak has been enough development because of the government (PBB, UMNO, BN)..DAP just wanna fight them when all of this already happen..What if DAP take over Sarawak way before the government itself take care of Sarawak..Do you think our lives will be the same like today??..think back laa…talking and action are 2 different thing..DAP just like someone that taking advantage of the road that has been discovered. DAP cannot rule Sarawak because they never be in SARAWAK in the hard time..

    • It is very disappointed that Perwira Sarawak has discredited DAP capacity and credibility in ruling sawak .For your information, DAP Penang has turned state budget deficit under BN rule to surplus deficit with its CAT policy.Just like to know whether you would like your money to spend wastefully and corruptly?.otherwise let the rakyat be the boss themselves.Don’t follow blindly and be wise to evaluate economically and widely.Jangan jadi Katak Dibawah Tempurung dan hanya berpegang kepada prinsip “Anang Ngelaban Perintah” which has been long overdue and outdated.Are you complacent with what sarawak has nowadays as compare to the West.Do you think your beloved state has been marginalized after 47 years?.

    • Perwira whatever! You’re an ignoramus dumbass pirate. The problem with dumbasses such as you is that they do not realise they are dumbasses!

      Life must be a bitch when you’re that stupid! Most things must be one big blur to you..it must be frustrating which explains why people like you need to be experts in the art of licking ass and ball carrying!

  14. A burung kenyalang reincarnated as perwira sarawak in his life. Soon he will die and reincarnated as another of PBB cyber trooper.Perwira sarawak Let us enlighten your numbskull tht each and every Pakatan candidates contesting in Sarawak are Sarawakians. They know who have been stealing and who are the stooges bending backward saying “its’s Taib’s perogative” in everything and anything.

  15. William Mawan should outrightly reject Curtin and Swinebourne universities and anything from outside Sarawak because they are also outsiders.Did he rejected the prostitute sent to his hotel room in Chongqing when he was there? What pig brain do you have William?

  16. Finally God has given Malaysians in Sabah a by-election. Will polling day be the same day as the Galas by-election in Kelantan?

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