Marah Taib”Siapa Cakap,Mana Ada…??”

Updated 4.45pm : Tan Sri Tiong is also at the airport awaiting arrival of his BFF

News filtered through from Mukah. A PBB supporter went up to MP Tiong from Bintulu and asked him,”Tan Sri ada dengar khabar angin you dengan Taib tidak NGAM{ Not on talking terms} Immediatedly Tiong King Sing said,” Marah Taib tak ada ,Siapa cakap,mana ada.?”Jangan dengar khabar angin saja.” 

Many smses were received from relatives and cousins of audie61 from Mukah. One had this ‘MP Tiong in town. Bests friends forever (BFF) of Taib now. Good and hope the rumours that they don’t see eye to eye will never surface again

 Tiong was in Mukah attending the Hari Raya Gathering at Kingwood resort Mukah. Our privilege source said,”When they were both sitting together exchanging pleasantries during Hari Raya in Kuching many don’t believe. This is Real Brother.Do they believe now..??” 

We wrote earlier “SPDP lies,bad intentions” and also covered this “SPDP “solidarity night back on.” it will have the makings of all is well back in SPDP and the Separatists 5 as we called them will be back to attend the Supreme Council meetings. With this problem solved BN will go into the next state elections with one interests only ,”see off a common enemy in PR4″

Many poltical anlaysts said with Tiong and Taib in solidarity BN Sarawak will be so much stronger.PR4 will find it tougher now as SPDP’s “little disagreement”  will go a long way in helping BN maintaining the overwhelming majority and mandate.



12 thoughts on “Marah Taib”Siapa Cakap,Mana Ada…??”

  1. Walau minute friend one minute no friend. Tiong knows he doesnt need to kowtow for long. He BFF for a while Ok mah!

  2. Taib making friends with Tiong to catch out Masing thats how insider source are telling .Many more stories will come out soon.

  3. These swap of Buaya Darat are the least trustworthy of professionals.They bluffed the Rakyat with smiles but without trusts.Who are going to believe them except the balls carriers and apple polishers.

  4. Just look at the faces of all the stooges who gathered round and behind him. They all look like parasites and their minds seemed to be working overtime. They did not seem to have the confidence to retain their seats if renominated. Nevertheless all of them will be calculating for themselves how much they will make out of the coming state election. Each rural constituency is requesting for at least RM3 million as emergency and contingency fund to face off with PR4.

    At least RM2 million will be pocketed by the candidate himself as an insurance policy to back the unpopular CM who had overstayed his welcome.

  5. The Dayak leaders in PBB, PRS and SPDP had secretly agreed to rally behind Taib to boost his ego to lead in the election and stand in the Balingian constituency. After the election whatever the outcome, and hopefully those who survived among them will stage a coup to force Taib to retire. It is said that some Foochow tycoons are now putting their bets on the Dayak leaders in SPDP,PBB and PRS and taking care of extra expenses of these “king makers” . The white crocodile may find himself unceremoniously ousted like a leper within the next 12 months.


    Taib will one day sits alone and wonders why and where his so called friends have gone? The move of the Dayaks is in the making. Yes, Chinese taukeys also playing the back-door and use the Dayak politicians….all are similar crooks with different motive and objectives…but one thing is common, the RINGGIT in the bank account

    Dont under-estimate the Sleeping tigers (Dayaks) and hiden dragons (Chinese Taukeys)….Sarawak history is in the CHANGE

    • When Tun Rahman sarcastically remarked that Jabu would be a suitable replacement for Taib, many foochows tycoons flew into Kuching and paid Jabu a courtesy call, hoping it was real and true. snt that not obvious???

  7. Whatever the political tsunami or roaring storm may be, let us pray that all will be getting well; that all who are in power will change to benefit the state and the people; and Taib (for his remaining days) will change and really look into the living of the Sarawak majority; that all religions, faith and belief will stay in peace, tolerance and harmony; that economy is running from good to even better; that Sarawak is the most peaceful, crime free and most blessed piece of land and peolpe all created by GOD

  8. Abang Johari’s reference of the coming state election as another Raya showed his total disregard for the poor and their 40 over years of hardship under BN government. Raya which is celebrated as one of the cultural festivities nation wide is associated with giving out duit raya to civil servants, the poor, orphanage and single parents etc.

    The rakyat and especially the poor and marginalised do not need BN “angpow” or be entertained with carnival like concerts and exhibitions or announcements of projects. The rakyat want a solid and systematic development programme to uplift the socio-economic standards of the people.

    It is sickening to have leaders like Abang Johari and many others in the BN who think the rakyat will be pleased with carnival and receiving goodies and inducements for votes when election is approaching.

    Bumiputras in Sarawak and Sabah have benefited very little from UMNO dominated BN which were led by crooks like Taib and Musa.

    Bumiputras have a choice now to choose the government that can fulfill the aspirations of the people which UMNO dominated BN has failed in the last 47 years in East Malaysia.

    Change we must to save Malaysia.

  9. Being called as CM for all in Sawak,Taib should be brave enough and has the courage to contest in any constituency in Kuching as challenged by YB CCJ.Why choose rural area in Balingian with only thousands of voters with Anang Ngelaban Perintah Mentality.

  10. Pakatan has very good chances in 16 to 20 rural constituencies. Combined that with the urban/sub urban seats, Taib Mahmud will be given the honour to be the state Opposition leader. The march to Putrajaya by Pakatan will begin with the first step from Kuching.

  11. A frail and sickly looking man in an army uniform? Only the paramount dictator in North Korea and Cuba bear the same resemblance. His time is certainly near…dont you think?

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