PKR Quorum “Mesyuarat Sulit atau Perbincangan..??”

It was all too quiet and it seems that PKR Bandar Kuching and Santubong have not met the quorum necessary to carry out the divisional elections. audie61 went on the rounds and even spoke to the persons involved and at press time around 11.30am the numbers were not fulfilled.

At the Bandar Kuching station 36 names were recorded in the attendance lists while at Santubong even with the presence of TV3,Utusan Borneo and Sarawak the members numbered around 15. A call was even made in the presence of PKR wanita exco and she confirmed to us that the quorum has not been reached yet. We shall wait and it might just turn out to be a “Mesyuarat Sulit or Perbincangan

 The press boys who converged at PKR Santubong meeting room were left disappointed and left at 11.55am as they were told politely though by a couple of the PKR excos of Santubong that they are not even allowed to take any photos let alone to have any statements.

Familiar excuse” GAG ORDER.??

However at Mambong the spokesman Mexlien Gombek said to audie61 that there will not be any contests for the divisional and deputy posts at 11.ooam. A call back at 3.36 pm Max confirmed that Peter Ato is the new Divisional chief while lending his hand as deputy  is Dennis Sembus. Quorum was established and all went well and all important matters were discussed and deliberated accordingly.

In a telephone interview “Peter Ato said thank you to all the members for the trusts and I leave it to the people and the Sarawak State PKR  leadership to give me the chance to stand in the coming State Elections. I am ready and so is my division. So Far So Good as he says thanks again to the people who voted him in.

Would You go against Peter Winning on a PKR ticket  ..??


12 thoughts on “PKR Quorum “Mesyuarat Sulit atau Perbincangan..??”

  1. hi , t dont mean that i want to blame all of u but this things is very clear now , because we alredy experience not only in ther city but also in rural areas. once we know about it , maybe i can say ” CHANGE WE MUST ” so, start from now on its better for us to take a chance in this situation to call all of the fellow so we can co-operate with somebody else , i mean individuals/organitations etc. to joint us so that we will become strong and ” screw ” them all from our “LAND”. all we need is just the ” TRUTH ONLY THE TRUTH”

  2. Hi, what happen in both Bandar Kuching n Santubong. Interestingly, I thought Bandar Kuching shouldn’t be a problem to meet the qorum for MATC. Full-pledge YB n the so-called advisor as a leader just couldn’t believe this could happen. A wonderful thing can happen. I’m just curious how will be all the office beares that was unopposed during nomination fits in the the party system when the mesyuarat agung can’t be convened due to lack of qorum. Can PKR HQ in KL enhance the public on this matter.

  3. All the yrs we taught that the YB was instrumental to PKR development in S’wak. We listened alot of his sweet words n his blames on others for the bads in PKR. Now that we see the truely things that happen. Being who talk louder about himself as the champion of PKR just wonder how does he couldn’t get enough people to convene an MATC (only needs 50 registered members from the Cabang). And yet this is a person who hs been an advisor, my God. A leader has to be a leader. A leader character hs to be dammed outstanding. He’s to be a passionate, good in his words, prudent in his words, always self-reflecting, do alot of pre-morten n not post-morten. A leader is a focal point for every member to seek enhancement. A contraversial guys will not made a leader. See all the leaders’ profile n see what u hv that fits in. If 95% of urs fits in that needn’t not for urself claim, others will put u forward for the acclaimed leadership slots.

  4. Dear Minda Mandol and gilagila,

    This stupid YB of Sarawak always talk only, no action. Cannot even get 50 registered members from the Cabang to go for the MATC. wonder what will PKR HQ do. to announce the MATC null and void or just close one eye. because i understand the pertugus is Jamali , a lapdog of dominique, they will just close one eye and try to fill up the attendance lists to may be 50 or more just to make up the number.. who is the Pertugas from KL ?

  5. The YB busy with running down his own comrades within PKR since being relieved of the Sarawak chairmanship !! Very sad situation for PKR ! Why not just consolidate and unite to fight the common enemy ? PKR need everyone to work together to face the mighty BN . Hope you guys see the bigger picture for the RAYKAT because rakyat own this country !!

  6. To quote William Leong from PKR.

    The present discord and disruption is an unfortunate but necessary growing pain PKR must undergo and overcome it, if it is to lead the way to Putrajaya. The party is made up of members from diverse ideologies and backgrounds. It needs to be bound and cemented by the common goal of removing racial politics, injustice and corruption and to articulate its policies in concrete terms. Although there are many selfless and tireless activists and reformists, it also has its share of ineffectual and indifferent members as well as opportunists. The party needs to clean up the deadwood and flush out the Trojan horses. The party acknowledges its weaknesses. It has hitherto a comparatively small membership. There is a lack of depth and quality in its leadership, both at the senior and middle level.

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