SPDP “Solidarity Night Back On..??’

audie61’s SPDP privilege source is back to his usual naughty self again. He was all full of enthusiasm and delight with events folding into place the last couple of days. Did I not tell you that all will be well very soon in the SPDP ranks? Bro, the picture will not lie and now you must tell the unbelievers and troublemakers that the “SOLIDARITY NIGHT IS BACK ON TRACK.”

A check with one of the SPDP YB and he told us,”This is maturity and any disagreement will be settled in the bests interests of BN.We subscribe to the principles of looking in the interests of the whole BN Family and all matters will be settled for the better good of BN.”

Many might just have different views on the “PICTURE OF TOGETHERNESS” but our Privilege source added on with this,”ITS UP TO THEM” 



15 thoughts on “SPDP “Solidarity Night Back On..??’

  1. Dayak leaders who had already filled up their own pockets and bank accounts have asked their own impoverished community not to politicise their hardship. In other words they are telling the Dayaks to continue to support a BN government in Sarawak dominated by one and only one man ,Jabu’s beloved thief minister, regardless of 47 years of neglect and subject to systematic conditioning and subservience. Had it not been for some unselfish and bold leaders who are now in Pakatan and various NGOs ,there will be no stopping of Taib and his cronies bulldozing their ways and grabbing NCR lands.

    Sarawaks are not indulging in petty issues as we were told by Taib Mahmud, George Chan, Alfred jabu, William Mawan or Michael Manyin. Rampant corruptions , giving big construction and infrstructure projects, privatising critical utility companies to Taib’s family and cronies are certainly not petty issues. BN leaders are simply trying to sidestep the grouses and discontentment of Taib and his gang of thieves. Even rural voters are no longer stupid to listen to BN’s propaganda and “save” Taib for their own survival and to avoid a wholesale investigations into all ill gotten wealth of UMNO controlled BN leaders.

    Malaysians in Sarawak will be solidly united to fight graft, corruption, wastages and leakages which are the main cause of poverty in Sarawak and our country.

    Vote4Change. Taib must go.

    • None of the BN YBs and leaders can be trusted to take care of the people’s needs especially when it concern the rural poor or the poor in general as urban poors are also evidently increasing.

      Dr Patau Rubis is just one of the so-called educated Dayak leaders who had also abandoned all his principle and given up fighting for his own community to take care of his own economic survival.

      Facing hardship and poverty are not a cyclical phenomenon as what William Mawan wanted his people to believe. When they were marginalised and deprived of any opportunity to grow their own farms, the rural folks will likely ended up a casual labourers for plantation companies for a pittance salary of RM7.00 per day.

      Even the educated and professionally qualified Dayaks have been deprived of business opportunity too. What is the capability and qualification of Roziah Mahmud that not even 500 qualified Dayaks engineers and other professionals could not match ? The minister of works and infrastructure, Wong Soon Koh, had known all along that Taib’s sisters or brothers do not need to show proof of capability or financial means to be given any licence to get big construction and infrastructure projects.They need not do anything at all and pocketed the difference when subcontracting the jobs to cronies. The state stadiums, Sarawak DUN, Kuching City Sewarage, SESCO Headquarter and many more and which do not include state lands given to the companies owned by Taib’ sisters and brothers and sold to cronies like Naim Candera, Hock Seng Lee, Samling Group, Sanyan and ShinYang group.

      Yet Taib and his stooges are pleading to all Sarawakians to give him more time to fulfill his vision which nobody else possess and only himself to make Sarawak the richest state in 2030. By then all state lands, timbers, and commodities will have perished and Sarawak will become East Timor maybe?

  2. BN is going to win by BIG BIG majority come the next state poll !!!! ( by hook and by crook )

    Dayaks need to forget all the pains and forgive all the suffering these years under BN Sarawak ??? and continue to throw their support to parties like PBB, SUPP, SPDP and PRS so that all these junk stay on power and will then forget about the Dayak after the election and continue to rob Dayak???

  3. Malaysia Tak Guna Is absolutely true. Isn’t it about time Malaysians withdraw all their EPF savings before it is gone like money in Petronas, Felda and 1MDB. Investors are cautiously monitoring Malaysian government guaranteed bonds. It has every pattern and smell of big Ponzi Scheme.

    From The Straits Times Singapore 30 Sept 2010

    KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia’s secretive sovereign wealth fund is back in the market for fresh loans, and that has bankers and private economists worried.

    1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB), which raised RM5 billion (S$2.1 billion) from a bond issue just over a year ago, is proposing to tap the Malaysian banking system for another RM5 billion in loans.

    Bankers familiar with 1MDB’s funding plans said that the new loans will not be guaranteed by the Malaysian government but will be settled within three years through a separate issue of state-backed bonds, a fund-raising exercise in which the wealth fund is hoping to raise another RM10 billion.

    That means that by the end of 2013, 1MDB will have long-term liabilities of RM15 billion.

    In written responses to queries from The Straits Times, 1MDB’s chief executive officer Shahrol Halmi said that 1MDB has approached seven domestic financial institutions to raise a bridging loan facility for RM5 billion over the next three years. He noted that the ‘funds sought are not meant for immediate draw down’.

    ‘We have not exhausted our earlier funding. This is a preparatory step to enable us to act swiftly once our proposed projects are set to go,’ he said, without identifying the projects 1MDB is pursuing.

    But several Malaysian bankers who have reviewed 1MDB’s request for fresh funding said that the fund’s heavily leveraged business model is worrying.

    ‘The model of relying almost entirely on borrowed funds isn’t sustainable,’ said one chief executive of a Malaysian bank, who added that the absence of a government guarantee for the new bridging loan would force lending institutions to seek other safeguards before participating in 1MDB’s fund-raising exercise.

    ‘It would be difficult to be part of a funding exercise this large without some form of government guarantees,’ said another senior Kuala Lumpur-based banker familiar with 1MDB’s plans.

    1MDB’s activities are also starting to draw scrutiny from Malaysia’s opposition politicians.

    Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim, who is also a former Malaysian finance minister, said that 1MDB’s aggressive fund-raising strategy could turn into a financial debacle that would dwarf other scandals such as the Port Klang Free Trade Zone project, which has exposed the Malaysian government to several billion dollars of debt due to rampant mismanagement and alleged fraud.

    In a recent statement, he said that the roughly RM15 billion in long-term liabilities 1MDB will have in its books by 2013 under its fund-raising plans will mean that the state agency will have ‘four times the value of bonds issued by Port Klang Free Trade Zone which amounted to RM3.7 billion’.

    1MDB launched its sovereign wealth fund after it raised RM5 billion in May last year through a 30-year bond issue.

    The fund currently forks out about RM280 million annually in interest payments on the first bond issue. Assuming the proposed RM10 billion bond issue in 2013 carries the similar annual interest rate of 5.75 per cent, the sovereign wealth fund will need to stump out more than RM840 million each year to its bond holders.

    1MDB is the brainchild of Prime Minister Najib Razak. He had originally envisaged setting up a RM10 billion fund for Terengganu, the country’s top oil and gas producing state, and tapped Malaysian business executive Taek Jho Low to lay the groundwork for the fund.

    1MDB officials said that Mr Low – who recently shot to fame for his partying with Hollywood celebrities such as Paris Hilton and R&B singer Usher at New York nightspots – was involved in the initial stages of the fund, which was called the Terengganu Investment Authority, or TIA.

    But that plan came under fire from Terengganu state government officials, prompting Datuk Seri Najib to create a slightly smaller fund and rename TIA as 1MDB.

    1MDB has been touted as the government’s latest initiative to draw foreign investment into the country. But the sovereign wealth fund has little to show in the form of foreign inflows.

    The fund’s only investment to date is the purchase last year of a stake in an oil joint venture for RM3.5 billion.

    Little is known of PetroSaudi, which is reported to have interests in oil and gas fields in the Caspian Sea. Bankers said the investment is risky because 1MDB has committed 70 per cent of the fund’s entire working capital to one single asset.

    1MDB declined to comment on its investment in PetroSaudi.

    Bankers tracking developments at 1MDB are also puzzled over the fund’s reporting of its financial position.

    For example, 1MDB’s unaudited balance sheet at end-March declared that its liability arising from its first bond issue amounted to RM4.39 billion.

    It is unclear how 1MDB’s treats its liabilities in its accounts, but bankers said that the figure should show the face value of the bond.

    1MDB officials declined to comment on the differential of roughly over RM600 million.

    The fund also declined to comment on how it generated profits of RM121.8 million at end-March on revenues of RM439.8 million, according to financial statements provided by 1MDB to the Malaysian banks.

    • That 29 years old Penang born playboy and business partner of Rosmah, Low Jho Taek, is the guy behind the formation of 1MDB and also behind the restructuring of Utama banking Group (UBG) to position the company to benefit from Taib”s SCORE.

  4. The Dayaks have always been united and trusting to give the power to rule Sarawak rather mindlessly to UMNO dominated, BN so much so that many monkeys have been voted into our Dewan Undangan Negeri, only to be rubber stamps and lap dogs of Taib Mahmud.

    Now is the time to regain your dignity, identity and your rights and my wife happens to be a Bidayuh as well.Time to take back your power and vote for a new government. Time to vote out the BN government which has failed and misplaced the trust of the Dayaks .

    Dayaks for Change. Vote Pakatan. Save Sarawak .

    • Subra..you are one of those trouble makers from West Malaysia whom Taib, George and Jabu constantly referred to.Taib and all the Dayak leaders in Sarawak do not want the rural folks to be educated and be well informed so that they can continue to plunder and rob the naive rural folks. Don’t worry brother, you are most welcome here and we support inter marriage too. At least we will know your wife’s family and their relatives are now more aware of their rights and will know why they must vote out UMNO dominated BN and vote for a new government. Yes ..vote for Pakatan.

  5. I cannot even trust Taib Mahmud to walk my cat let alone be my representative and CM. He has placed our future in the hands of Bomohs and have no ideas what the people want or when to hold an election and certainly when to quit.

    The rakyat want a maximum 2 terms for any Chief Minister from both political divides and we want a fixed date for the expiry of the term of office and election to be held on a fixed time frame. Until today some Bomohs are actually making decision for us.


    Not everyone can migrate. I choose to stay back to try and help those who cannot leave. And also those who are still in deep slumber thinking that the Government will take care of them.

    By pywong

    Dear Friends,

    I have been an observer of the political scene in Malaysia for several decades. The trends are worrying. If this continues unchecked, we could end up like Myanmar or worse, Zimbabwe! I have tried to put down these observations in the form of a video. Admittedly it is quite amateurish but the main points are reasonably accurate.

    Basically, it is a wake-up call to us to pay attention to how rapidly we are deteriorating as a nation and an urgent call for us to effect change now. Every Malaysian has a role to play to make a difference to our country. All it takes is to get 10 caring Malaysians to commit to vote for Pakatan Rakyat in the next general elections. ‘It is all up to US, up to you and I to make that change possible’ (taken from HERE).

    We cannot rely on the MSM and now with all that is happening, we have to come to the realization that the new media is limited despite its dynamic reach and power.

    “Foot soldiers matter – that’s you and I. We have to do something if we want a better Malaysia for our descendants. Not everyone can migrate” (taken from here). I choose to stay back to try and help those who cannot leave. And also those who are still in deep slumber thinking that the Government will take care of them. One only need to study the cases of Myanmar, Uganda and Zimbabwe to understand that corrupt governments are equally capable of oppressing their own people if it suits their purposes.

    “Besides, migrating is not the answer. The answer lies in shaping our nation directly” (from HERE). Watch any of the following videos and let me know what you think. Please also forward it to as many contacts as possible to pass the message. Our goal is 20 million views.

    Tindakmalaysia: http://www.tindakmalaysia.com/showthread.php/1703-Malaysians4Change-Part-1-(En)-A-Wake-up-Call-amp-Action-Plan?p=6835#post6835

    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Malaysians4Change/143225259054336?v=wall&ref=pdem

    YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5d5jDwzZ9Rk

    There are several options that are available in the action plan. I hope you will adopt one or more of them. Time is really running out. We have to race to the finish now. Let’s do it – together – for Malaysia. Oh yes, please take part in the poll at the start of the page.

  7. Taib Mahmud should believe in the miracle and power of Jesus Christ to guide Sarawakians to choose a new Government and retire him and his gang of thieves.Taib Mahmud should believe not only in the ten commandments but also judgement day is waiting for everyone including himself.

  8. According to what the Taib said recently, it sound like only BN government has given development to Sarawak and brought prosperity to the people and furthermore he has been the only loving CM who cares for the now and future of Sarawakian. He said if he has not been good to the Chinese, he would not have given the Chinese so much business opportrunities (which Chinese he is referring to???)

    10+ years back when we listened to this CM speeches in villages, we were so amused and pleased by all his loving words and promises. His tactic is well learnt and utilized his Mr. Jabu, Mr. George, Mr. Wong SK,,,,etct etc…and majority of the PBB YBs. All talk about bringing development to the state and people, but is not all these their responsibilities as elected representatives of the people in the government. This is nothing great and extra ordinary.

    Today again, we are grown up. When we listen again to the same old musics and songs, we feel like to vomit and to spit

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  10. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh Iban YBs. Dah muak dah… !!!!

    Always making stupid statement like they have pea brain never on their head!

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