Hamim Husin,”Why OooH Why..??”

Yesterday we wrote “Racial Slur ..it takes all of us..??” We have been receiving positive responses from our readers/friends near and far and many just couldn’t understand on Why  Oooh Why did he have to say what he said.

 Does he know that he is indirectly hitting with his right hand an uppercut at the Prime Minister Najib especially so with Najib at the UN Assembly saying that the moderates must now take centrestage instead of letting the extremists holding the world hostage by their bigotry and bias.

The Malaysian Cabinet it seems is so not amused and judging from this report which we will upload HamiM Husin will need to sought out for something better to do in the very near future. In other words his DAYS ARE NUMBERED.


The cabinet is upset over allegations that racial slurs had been uttered by a senior National Civics Bureau (BTN) official against ethnic Chinese and Indians during a recent function with Puteri Umno.

NONEAccording to reports, Human Resource Minister Dr S Subramaniam said the cabinet also ordered the chief secretary to the government Mohd Sidek Hassan to investigate the claims against BTN deputy director Hamim Husin.

Hamim was alleged to have referred to the Chinese as si sepet (squinty eyes) and Indians as si kaki botol (alcoholics) when speaking of the need for Malays to cooperate with other ethnic communities for political purposes.

Subramaniam, speaking after the cabinet’s weekly meeting, said the ministers were upset to hear of the allegations and wanted a full investigation.

“All we have now is a report on an online portal, claiming the deputy director made racist remarks. This is not enough to take action against the person involved.

“Chief Secretary to the Government Sidek Hassan has been directed to investigate the allegations first, before any action is taken,” the MIC vice-president added.

Lets see some ACTION sooner rather than later…

I’m sure most bloggers will not hesitate to pin him down and give him a good uppercut. Will YOU..???

audie61 stand by this,”To me racial lines,racial overtones,also racial “spat“ and practically a “fist in your face to prove your racial superiority” is a way back in time and the fight back for everyone has just begun. 


6 thoughts on “Hamim Husin,”Why OooH Why..??”

  1. kpt99 says:

    Ahmad Ismail,Nasir Safar,2 racist principals,2 stone-age teachers,BTN indoctrinated deputy director, Hamim Husin, NO 1 racist Malay Nationalist,big mouth katak Ibrahim Ali of Perkosa and mentor Mamaktir are just numbers of racism and extremism activists whom we know to date.There might be thousands of such brainwashed idiots who are yet to have their opportunities for uttering such derogatory remarks..Does Malaysia belong to them only ?.1 Malaysia will remain as empty rhetoric if all Malaysians are still divided and live suspiciously among each other after 53 years.Why still bumi-non-bumi ?.Mamaktir admits non-bumi have been marginalised and discriminated at expense of bumis.If meritocracy is applied “Half of the Malays cannot enter university and be awarded with scholarships”.

  2. Mata Kuching says:

    These are the bigots and products of BTN, one of the components of UMNO as with PDRM, MACC , SPR and Judicial. Malaysians who shall be voting for Change is not only voting for political reforms and have every reason to vote for massive reforms too in the above institutions.

  3. Stupid People says:

    This joker Hamim is only one of the many hundred and thousand of UMNO leadership figures who resort to promote racism in order they gain support and notice for their heroic talks…..

    They are all immune to Police probe, questioning and actions because their bigger heads above provide the shielding. All are getting from bad to worse while BN top guns pretend to call for racial harmony and tolerance. One of the reasons is some black hands are in the move to weaken PM Najib governance and leadership so that some will first over-rule him and then over-run him. It is not easy for this PM Najib and his 1Malaysia plan

  4. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho :oops: Ho :oops: Ho :oops:
    :oops: LIKE FATHER,LIKE SON la n that’s why they are mostly whole BUNCH are RACIST sick goons :oops: When majority RAKYAT hear that Mr moohidding says he is POWERLESS on that principal n can’t take action then many just….OH WOW Uuu la la la la WTF is he talking about ????? SHITX3 again ah ??????
    :oops: So,GOOD Leaders must be fair to all RAKYAT la n cannot ‘berat sebelah’ or unfair to all la!!!!! SAD,sad,sad that most of our Leaders don’t have good Leadership + good Responsibility :oops:
    Ho :oops: Ho :oops: Ho :oops:

  5. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho :idea: Ho :idea: Ho :idea:
    :idea: To be a GOOD HUMAN BEING we must have a GOOD HEART n think about the poor n needed one around all of us too n DON’T BE RACIST!!!! THINK ABOUT OTHERS SUFFERING TOO bcoz ALL ALSO WANNA LIVE A HAPPY N GOOD LIFE TOO :idea:

  6. Lee Hui says:

    Had a glimpse of what this idiot looks like through the newspaper.Oh boy! He looks exactly like one of those villains in Bollywood Tamil gangsters movie.

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