6″Billion Dollar My Man…??”

At a recent book launch  the Guests of Honour was all full of praise for the author which seemingly elevated him to “GOD LIKE STATUS“. His smile broaden and the face lit up and at that particular moment he could even walk on water the person who sat next to me whispered.

However and true to form the accolades stopped, He was not prepared for what was coming.This phrase commonly used and associated with football TV commentators worldwide,” Is there a twists in the tail reared its ugly head.??”

The words came out openly”I am not too particulary amused or excited with your words and cannot agree with your sentenceDamn the Dams“.The Jaws dropped from mosts of the invited guests and there must be a far reaching effect especially coming from a seasoned and veteran Senior politician.

Could he be refering to the 6 Million Dollar Bionic Man.?? No,Of course the politician wanted to inform in so many words but not revealing the true facts but just singlehandedly handed a knock out blow to the author and the people of Sarawak.

He cleverly camouflaged it and pinpointed it out at the master initiator of this project “If not for the Damned Dams, life for us politicians would be so much easier.”

 The DAM ISSUE Now with a price tag of 6 Billion will be the TOP weapon used by the opposition. Do we need to be “very imaginative and put on our thinking caps” on how they will use it to their advantage and capitalise to win some votes over?

In the next few weeks or months leading to the elections the Bakun Dam issue will not just take a back seat. It will be up to the politicians from both sides be it BN/PR to handle this issue. The following article below extracted from an internet portal and  is also a news feed from Bernama.

The Sarawak government has offered RM6 billion to buy over the Bakun hydroelectric project from the federal government, said Sarawak Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud.

“We have made our bid (RM6 billion), the bid is flexible in the sense that if the method of payment can be made lighter we can increase a bit more, but there is limit to what we can pay,” he told reporters after attending an Aidifitri open house at Kem Penrissen Batu 8 in Kuching today.

 bn supreme council mt meeting sapp sabah issue 190608 taib mahmudTaib (right) said the negotiations on the matter (the state buying over the project) were still ongoing and that a final decision had yet to be reached.

According to him, the federal government had yet to put a price tag on the project which is estimated to have incurred costs exceeding RM7.3 billion.

The Bakun project, Malaysia’s largest hydroelectric dam, is located on the Balui River in the upper Rejang River basin, some 37km upstream from Belaga.

The hydroelectricity project was first mooted in the early 1980s by the federal government to diversify the country’s power sources and was first awarded to Ekran Bhd, a company controlled by Tan Sri Ting Pek Khing.

The physical work on the dam started in 1994. Sarawak Hidro was established to take over the project’s development and management in 2000 after the Asian financial crisis of 1997-98 crippled the

At end-2002, a Sime Darby-led consortium won a competitive tender to undertake the civil works for the dam for less than RM1.8 billion.

The Bakun Dam, the second tallest concrete rock-filled dam in the world, is expected to be completed this December.

About 300 MW of hydropower from the first turbine are expected to be generated by the middle of next year. It will have the capacity to generate 2,400 MW of power when all eight turbines are in place by 2012.




25 thoughts on “6″Billion Dollar My Man…??”

  1. Stupid People says:

    Sarawakian, we sacrifice our lands for the grant project, we sacrifice the beautify natural environment and green forests for the good that we do not totally enjoy. Now, we need to sacrfice more money to buy over the damned facility. Who are going to benefit from all the selling & buying of the damned? Sarawak Government or Sarawak People?

    Taib’s cronies were those who benefited from the construction costs, forest clearing and selling of logs, extra ordinary construction prices and so and so on…..Which groups of the average people were given the share of the cake? Can’t think of.

    Dont you think this government need to be changed away and damned????

  2. Papayuk says:

    The Sarawak government Will continue to propagate their brand of POLITICS OF DEVELOPMENT to benefit BN elected representatives,and their hordes of cronies.Whether the massive projects are beneficial to the people as a whole,is secondary,as long as the few political elites can continue to drain whatever little money,from the public coffer as much as possible knowing fully that at the end of the day ,its we the taxpayer who would bear the blunt of paying all these massive debts.
    Who owns all the big companies in Sarawak?Which companies are benefiting from the construction of major roads,ports,supply of construction materials and labours?Obviously,those companies in the stable of the White hair maharajah,and the imported foreign workers.Where will be us Sarawakian,be going and doing?Yes,we will be the bystander,and watch as tgravy train pass by.

  3. Anti-Kleptocrats says:

    Taib Mahmud sungguh TAMAK tak henti-henti. Tuhan sahaja boleh memberhentikan kegelojohan orang tamak seperti manusia ini.

    Sebab $$$ semua orang menjadi rabun!

  4. Stupid People says:

    The damned dam is just one of the many lobangsss why many expired Sarawak leaders still say they are still required on the seats…One say the people and his family still need him staying on power…Oh, he has to first ask their God not family and then the people not his cronies

    BN Sarawak politic of development is to make sure majority portions of the allocation are filtered and netted by them…this is the POLY-TACTIC-OF-DIVIDED-DEVELOPMENT, divided here and there, and some left over piece of sub-standard zinc roof sheets to the poor longhouses and kampong houses

  5. Mata Kuching says:

    Bakun dam: A ‘white elephant’?
    Posted on September 13, 2010 by mocsarawak

    The multi-billion-ringgit Bakun dam in Sarawak, already condemned as a catastrophe for the environment and the tribal people, is now battling suggestions it could become a giant white elephant.

    The dam, that will eventually submerge an area the size of Singapore, is finally nearing completion after suffering a series of setbacks and delays since its approval in 1993.

    But at the last hurdle the project has stumbled again, with delays in winning the state government’s permission to begin the flooding process and no takers yet on purchasing its hefty 2,400 megawatt output.

    NONEWith ambitious plans for an undersea cable to feed Bakun’s electricity to the Malaysian peninsula now abandoned, the Sarawak government is the only feasible buyer – leaving it with a very strong hand.

    Negotiations not going smoothly

    Negotiations with the dam developer Sarawak Hidro Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of the national finance ministry, have reportedly been tough.

    “It’s a case where the owner of the project is naming an asking price that is very different to what the buyer would want,” said Wong Chew Hann, an analyst at Malaysia’s top bank Maybank.

    “I understand there’s quite a huge mismatch,” she said. “I’m not sure what they’ve incorporated into the pricing, but the cost of the project has gone up so much since it was started.”

    As well as the cost of construction, there is the expense of compensating tribal people for their forced relocation from ancestral lands, and suppliers affected by the long delays.

    “So the question is, are you going to incorporate all the compensation costs in the tariff price?” said Wong.

    With the indigenous people from the Bakun catchment area long since resettled and its valuable timber resources long since felled, the dam has been ready to be flooded since April.

    The state government had delayed permission, saying it was still evaluating river levels and the impact on boat transport.

    NONEA Sarawak minister reportedly said last week that the necessary permit has been granted, denying both that it had been used as a bargaining chip to lower the tariff and that Sarawak was facing an energy glut.

    Not held to ransom

    Sarawak Hidro managing director Zulkiflie Osman played down suggestions that he has been held to ransom by the state government.

    “Both parties are working together and want it to be settled amicably, with a tariff acceptable to both parties,” he told AFP, adding that he expected to strike a tariff deal before December.

    The next of Sarawak’s mega-dams, the Murum, which is being developed by the state government, is due to come on line in 2013 but Osman said he was convinced the state authorities will not bypass the Bakun in favour of its own project.

    Alongside the power purchase negotiations, the federal government is also said to be discussing selling the entire Bakun facility – built at a reported cost of RM7.3 billion – to the state government, but pricing and finance problems have emerged.

    NONEStar daily reported in July that the federal government was seeking RM8 billion while the state government offer was just RM6 billion.

    The Bakun’s output far exceeds existing energy needs in Sarawak, a relatively undeveloped state, and is mostly destined for industrial users such as aluminium smelters, but these are still on the drawing board.

    “The main problem is that currently there is no demand for such a big capacity yet, and in order for Sarawak Energy to purchase the dam they would need adequate funding,” said an analyst with a major research house.

    “The banks would ask for some kind of feasibility study, and as there is no real demand yet this project risks becoming a white elephant,” said the analyst, who declined to be named.

    Newspaper reports have questioned how the federal government can ever hope to recover the huge amount of money it has sunk into the project.


    bn supreme council mt meeting sapp sabah issue 190608 taib mahmud“Marred by too many disagreements, the RM7.3 billion project could very well turn out to be a non-starter,” Star said last month, adding that with both the Bakun and Murum dams online there would be a “very real possibility” of a power glut.

    Transparency International has labelled Bakun a “monument of corruption” in Sarawak, a state that has been ruled for three decades by the formidable Chief Minister Taib Mahmud (right).

    There has also been fierce criticism over the botched relocation of 15,000 indigenous people, who have made an unhappy transition to life in drab resettlement areas.

    NONEBaru Bian (left), chairman of the opposition party Keadilan in Sarawak, said the Bakun project was designed purely to profit cronies, and not planned in the public’s interest.

    “The dam is a waste of public funds, it’s not necessary, and what is paramount is that it is disturbing and disrupting the lives of the natives and the environment – the trees and the forests.” – AFP

    Sarawakians and taxpayers must strongly oppose the Sarawak government’s take over or bailout of the Bakun Dam which is afterall a Monument of Corruption and a White Elephant.

  6. Asri Rahman says:

    The Star2010-09-14

    TIME TO ADDRESS 47 YEARS OF NEGLECT (which the thief minister Payhim Silly Taib Mahmud and his gang of thieves have always denied)

    It will take more than just granting holidays or constant reassurances of goodwill. Sabah and Sarawak deserve their share of the nation’s wealth and attention. Furthermore, the respective points of the two agreement have to be adhered to. I WAS born on Aug 2, 1963 in a country called the Federation of Malaya. Six weeks later, on Sept 16, the Federation along with Sabah, Sarawak and Singapore joined to form Malaysia. A Malayan at birth, I then became a Malaysian. The date of Sept 16, 1963 marked a significant transition. Indeed, there are a number of crucial differences between “Malaya” and “Malaysia”. While we often talk about the “social…

  7. Bidayuh Headmaster says:

    Thursday September 16, 2010

    All bumis must be treated the same, says Guan Eng

    PETALING JAYA: The DAP fights for equal rights and opportunities for all, regardless of race or religion, said party secretary-general and Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng.

    He said if the Federal Government wanted to protect bumiputra privileges, it should be fair to all indigenous people, irrespective of their race, religion or where they are located.

    In his Malaysia Day message yesterday, Lim said the Federal Government could not treat Sabah and Sarawak unjustly.

    “Some quarters in the peninsula are fighting to defend bumiputra rights, which they think are their basic rights that cannot be discussed.

    “But, they do not bother about the same rights for bumiputras in Sabah and Sarawak.”

    Lim added that the Federal Government should ensure the two states enjoyed the same opportunities in education, jobs, investment and business like the other states in Peninsular Malaysia.

    In fact, he said Sabah and Sarawak needed more attention because the two states were partners with the peninsula according to the Malaysia Agreement 1963.

    “When all parties agree to drop the attitude of fighting for one race or state and accept views from all, then only can we be considered a completely independent entity named Malaysia,” said Lim.

    • Bartholomew says:

      That’s right Sarawak is not and never was one of the 13th states in Malaysia as UMNO led BN government wanted us to believe. Sarawak has been down graded by Federal and our natives have been stripped by BN government for 47 years of its special rights under article 153 of our constitution and yet Abang Jol who is either politically retarded or a blatant liar had said that only BN can protect article 153.

      The bumis in Sarawak do not need to be represented by a BN government which empower its corrupted leaders. We want a new government which empower us the rakyat and we shall empower the government to administer our wealth and bring developments to our people according to what we want and need.

  8. kpt99 says:

    :As a responsible govt,we BN planned carefully for the future of the rakyat.That what we commonly heard who BN politicians sell their popularity in Public.Bakun Dam is going to another PKFZ scandal of BN.The cost is expected to escalate further from 8 billion and will eventually let out for good by federal govt.Taib is now playing a waiting game knowing that that Damned Dam is not going to make operational profit in the coming few years for govt.Tun Mahatir should be held accountable for this infamous mega project with everything as Biggest,Tallest and Longest which BN leaders used to claim.This a very wrong and wasteful planning of BN

  9. Anti-Kleptocrats says:

    Taib takut berhenti kerana sangat risau kalau-kalau orang yang mengambilalih kerusi CM tidak mampu melindungi kesalahan yang telah lama disembunyikan oleh beliau dan kroni.

    Bakun Damned is material in building a case against him apart from his ill-gotten assets overseas.


  10. Raymond Si says:

    Taib Mahmud to use Sarawak money to bail out Bakun and Federal will agree that MACC stays away from him. Sarawakians must register their strongest protest by voting out BN Sarawak led by Taib Mahmud and defeat UMNO led BN led by Najib.

  11. kpt99 says:

    Trouble Damned bakun dam will be used as another election campaign weapon by PR. Most mega projects have failed,PKFZ,Iskandar,Proton,Perwaja,LRT and many others.We have bunch of Kampung economists who know how to plus but not minus.The Melayu way of doing business.Beli 8 bilions jual 6 billion Masih untung 2 billion cos the cost of construction is not theirs.Senang punya business.Ministry of Finance are full of pathetic and mediocre minsters.Semua pandai cakap and nak dapat nama sahaja.Makan kangkong tiap hari tak apa tapi mesti pakai mercedes benz.Itu lah orang M

  12. Irene Kana says:


    Brandish Your “Weapon” For A Change.

    The politics of fear has always been the favourite weapon of the Barisan Nasional. For more than 50 years, the BN had been brandishing it during polling battles, and it had always got away with the dirty tactic. It was only in 2008 that it was mauled at the hands of the people who were not deceived by the scaremongering trick. But it appears that this old weapon is still in use. Recently, the Ibans in Sarawak were warned that if they abandon the BN in the upcoming state election, they would suffer serious consequences.

    “You will be left behind and you will suffer,” the Ibans heard a BN state assemblyman thunder from the pulpit. Obviously, this is mere hogwash. Have the Ibans really benefited from the long rule of the BN elite class? For that matter, have all the indigenous people gained from all those years of BN exploitation of the state’s rich natural resources? In recent months, ample evidence had been unearthed to indicate that all is not well with Sarawak. It turned out that the state is still dirt poor after years of BN (mis)-rule. Worse still, in the past 30 years, the “white rajah” Taib Mahmud had amassed colossal wealth while the natives wallowed in poverty.

    It has been argued that the BN has maintained a good track record in Sarawak in terms of development and hence, there is no need for the people to upset the apple cart. This contention is weak. When only a few grow rich at the expense of the majority, that’s not a record to be proud of. A good “report card” is one that clearly shows the wealth of the state has filtered down to every single citizen, and not being channelled into the coffers of the governing class. The fact that Sarawak is still lying on the sick bed strengthens the growing conviction that the public trust in the current government has been abused.

    Will the people of Sarawak make a fatal mistake if they ditch the “lecturers” from the peninsula? Unlikely. When long years of abuse had taken a heavy toll on the state, it is imperative that something drastic must be done to stop the decline. To allow the same old faces to rule the roost in Sarawak politics is a sure pathway to more misery. If decades of corruption, greed and arrogance had brought nothing but harm and pain, it is only proper and right for the collective voice of the people to rise and say, “enough is enough”.

    Sarawak does not need “lecturers” from “Oxford”, “Cambridge” and “Harvard” to govern their lives. This elite group has done enough damage and the longer it stays in power, the poorer the state will be. There is one route left for the state to forge ahead: build a new “university” and replace wholesale all the old, tired, ineffectual lecturers. The fresh team will have to start from scratch and it may take years to produce results. But that should not discourage them. The important thing is to perform and turn the state around in a short span what 50 years under the BN regime could not do.

    Today, something is stirring in the Land of the Hornbills. A new movement is coming alive. People are beginning to shed their fear as evidenced in the defeat of the BN in the Sibu parliamentary by-election. The white rajah and all his men can no longer harbour the hope that their stay will be extended for another term. They had had their chance to make Sarawak “the richest state” in Malaysia but they blew it. Sarawak has been left far behind in the march to progess and prosperity and it will be inimical to the public good if political “crooks” are not shown the exit this time around. They have overstayed their welcome.

    To those who have had a comfy time under the umbrella of the “godfather” these many years, their use of the fear factor only emphasises their own dread of losing the strappings of a good life. An electoral defeat is thus unacceptable. The only way to keep their cosy world intact is to intimidate the people into supporting them and thus keep their opulent lifestyle alive. But the people have an alternative now. It is time they pushed for change for a better Sarawak. They have the power to make or unmake a government. Their votes is the most feared weapon and they must brandish the ballot papers at the discredited BN government – for a change.

  13. Rafael says:

    Dayaks to vote for PKR, SNAP, PAS and DAP under Pakatan. A vote for Pakatan is a vote for Independence from Taib’s colonisation. A vote for Pakatan is vote to Free Our NCR Land. A vote for Pakatan is a vote for Sarawak Transformation Programme.

  14. Stupid People says:

    The Pehin and PBB team play with BILLIONS, the secondary team of minsters and YBs play with MILLIONS while the remaining ministers and YBs of Dayak only manage to look a some remaining left over or to steal from minor and mini projects. One similarity is that ALL CORRUPT one way or another and steal from us, the Stupid People Of Sarawak

    The politic of Loving Kindness for the state and the people does not exist in Sarawak BN’s bunch of political parties and associated agencies. It is a politic business and broad day light robbery that will never be condemned, charged or penalized, because 1Malaysia CORRUPT so ALL Corrupt

    The politic of Sarawak is getting from bad to worst. It “was” like tapping rubber trees with a sinle slice on the trunk everyday….now it “is” like you are making multiple slashes, grooves and cut on the poor trunks so that it BLEEDS faster draining out all its content to make these thieves get rich faster. So suffering, these rubber trees are drying up and dying away….

    When will all these corrupted bullshit be removed and how? Brother and sister Sarawakian, it is by your vote this coming state poll – VOTE THEM OUT, VOTE THEM DOWN. Sarawak needs suffer NO MORE, NO MORE PLEASE

    With love and wishes from some Stupid People now in UK

  15. Shirley says:

    The BN government has no legal right to force development on landowners in Bako. If I am not wrong the 3,000 acres of private land will be developed into a resort and high end property in a joint venture with an Australian developer. Only a small portion will be required for public purposes. The landowners whose land had been placed under section 47 have every legal right to form their own development company should a private development has been earmarked for the area. This is another daylight robbery by paying pittance to landowners under the guise of politics of development or urban renewal which ultimately benefit an elite group aligned to Taib Mahmud.

  16. Ronnie says:

    Singapore now has 77,000 millionaires

    SINGAPORE has climbed the ranks of the millionaire club: It is now No. 7 in the world’s top 10 list of fastest-growing populations of high rollers.

    The country saw a 15.3 per cent rise – or an addition of 10,000 people – to 77,000 millionaires, according to the 12th annual World Wealth Report, prepared by United States investment bank Merrill Lynch and information technology group Capgemini.

    The report defines a millionaire as a person possessing more than US$1 million (S$1.37 million) in net assets, excluding his main residence and other consumables.

    Click here to find out more!Asia was home to some of the world’s fastest-growing populations of millionaires, according to the report.

    Topping the top-10 list was India, followed by China. For India, the number of its millionaires jumped 22.7 per cent last year to 123,000, while the number of high rollers in China rose 20.3 per cent to 415,000.

    Other countries in the top 10 list are Brazil, which took the third spot, followed by South Korea, Indonesia, Slovakia, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates, Czech Republic and Russia.

    Under the UMNO dominated BN in the last 50 years, the number of urban poor are growing every year. Using RM1,200 as the bench mark our poverty level has increased to over 30%in the cities and over 85% in the rural areas.But our politicians from UMNO dominated BN and their families are some of the richest in Asia and one of them who is only a thief minister from Sarawak is among the richest in the world.

  17. Sharifah says:

    SARAWAK’S Tanjung Manis Halal Hub in Mukah has been expanded from 16,000 hectares to almost five times its original size in order to accommodate future investments.

    Hashim Bojet, the deputy general manager for Sarawak Timber Industry Development Corp., said that the hub now covers an area of 77,000 hectares in Serdeng, Paloh, Mato and Daru areas in Sarawak, Malaysia.

    One can easily estimate how many cubic metres of timber can be extracted from a 77,000 hectares location. It can be seen clearly that Taib is slowly transforming the Tanjung Manis and Mukah region into his own private investment hub to be leased to foreign investors. The villages will get to see roads, ports, factories, power plant, commercial properties worth hundreds of millions which the villagers will not be given the contract to build, supply or construct or get to own any of the assets. Such is Taib Mahmud’s politics of developing himself and cronies.

    The people of Mukah and Balingian must wake up to the daylight robberies taking place under the pretext of bring developments to this once coastal region.

    Pakatan must send their team to assess the development value of the projects in the region and investigate who and which companies get to do the work and benefit from the timber and other resources.

    WE must reject Taib Mahmud and BN to save Sarawak from been privatised to Taib’s family and cronies.

  18. Damed says:

    Dams are not green energy but are now the largest human caused source of the powerful greenhouse gas methane, which is 25 times as powerful as CO2 in causing global warming/climate change. The methane is created and released as trees, vegetation, soil and other materials decay underneath dam reservoir waters as reservoirs are filled after dam completion.

    The “Three Gorges Dam” in China on the Yangtze river in China has a reservoir 350 miles long. That’s as long as the U.S. state of Michigan. This dam has devastated downstream fisheries, displaced millions of river dwellers and will likely cause the extinction of the endangered Yangtze river dolphin which lives nowhere else on earth. Multiple species of rare river dolphins which live in various river systems around the world are now further threatened by dam building. These creatures took millions of years to evolve and adapt to their present river habitats.


    The building and completion of the enormous Zipinpu Dam, built on a major earthquake fault line in Sichuan Province in southwest China, is now suspected to have caused the massive 7.9 earthquake in May of 2008 that killed 70,000 people. Chinese and other scientists warned the Chinese government of the risk of building such a large dam on a major earthquake faultline, yet the Chinese government chose to disregard the warning. The astronomical weight of the millions or billions of tons of water flooding into the massive Zigpingpu dam reservoir and pressing down upon the surface of the earth after the dam was completed, appears to have been the culprit. The dam has now been emptied and is awaiting repairs from earthquake damage. Dams reservoirs are known to cause earthquakes around the world, especially when they are filled after dam completion, this is not speculation but known to be fact by various geophysical scientific communities around the world.

  19. KK Lau says:

    SUPP and its leaders especially Wong Soon Koh must be politically naive or he is treating the Chinese voters to be both naive and stupid when he asked the Chinese to think before rejecting SUPP. Soon Koh went on to tell the Chinese that they would be left out in government development if SUPP were to lose and not represented in the government.

    Did not Soon Koh realise that majority of Chinese have abandoned racial or communal politics some years ago? SUPP and its leaders like Wong Soon Koh And George Chan have been appointed cabinet ministers in Taib’s regime for between for almost 30 years and yet SUPP dare not speak for the people about Taib being greedy and neglecting the rural Sarawakians.

    Not only the Chinese but all educated and well informed voters believe in good governance, accountability and transparency in government policies and administrations.SUPP especially Wong Soon Koh is just selling an old script which even movie producers will not even want to consider. Chinese no longer bow to poltical threats and or intimidations of SUPP or BN anymore. They no longer choose between SUPP and DAP. They are now voting for either a BN government or a Pakatan government.

    The Chinese and well informed voters in Malaysia shall be voting for a government of the people, by the people and for the people. And sadly BN/ SUPP is a government for Taib, his family and cronies.

  20. Jolia says:

    Ibans should take the cue from former Sarawak Barisan Nasional assistant Minister of Agriculture and Community Development, Ramsay Jitam,for the heinous crime committed against NCR landowners. Ramsey is suing a company linked to Chief Minister Taib Mahmud for taking away his ancestral land.

    By Joseph Tawie, Free Malaysia Today

    KUCHING: The majority of villagers from 16 longhouses in Sebangan and Sebuyau are waiting to sue Chief Minster Taib Mahmud’s sister Raziah Mahmud who allegedly owns part of Quality Concrete Holdings Bhd, which has been licensed to log trees on their NCR (native customary rights) land and communal forests.

    “The moment the loggers from this company encroach into our NCR land and pulau galau (communal forests), we will file our case in the court. We know who are the principal identities to be included in the suit,” said Nicholas Mujah, a leader of the group.

    He named them as the Forest Department, the state government and Quality Concrete Holdings.

    According to Sarawak Report, the latest illegal raid on NCR land is being carried out by Quality Concrete Holdings.

    The company has started harvesting the timber worth millions of US dollars even though the majority of the villagers are refusing to accept the RM250 compensation per family.

    Mujah said that nothing much can be done now to stop the accelerating logging activities by the company as the land involved are individually-owned NCR parcels belonging to those who have been paid RM250 to surrender their land.

    “As a spokesman and representative of the local native people defending our land and forest resources at Sebangan, I am very sad that some of our people are not persistent in their struggle.

    “For RM250, I just can’t understand the people who are prepared to sell their right and livelihood to the company. I do understand we are poor but the price mustn’t be that little,” said Mujah, who is also the secretary-general of Sarawak Dayak Iban Association..

    “We could have filed the injunction in August if not because of the turn of events: we found out that the penghulu (village head) and a few of his men were engaged by the company to harass illiterate families to give in to their interest,” said Mujah who was commenting on the articles by Sarawak Report, which have also appeared in a number of websites.

    ‘We know how much to claim’

    However, Mujah said that a majority of landowners have insisted on defending their land.

    “We are waiting for the logging activities to start encroaching into our communal forest at Bukit Bediri for which the licence has been issued.

    “Then we will file our suit against the company, the Forest Department and the state government.

    “We know how much to claim after the Sarawak Report revealed the information,” he said.

    The 3,305 hectare communal forest is home to some of the most valuable timber such as belian, meranti, selangan batu, kapur, kempas, tekam, resak, lon, penyau, ruan and engkabang.

    The estimated tonnage of timber from the area is about 2.31 million tons valued at hundreds of millions of ringgit.

    The Sarawak Report stated that it had received information that Taib himself allegedly stands to personally profit by about RM250 million from the timber operations.

  21. Lee Hui says:

    UMNO’s fight to cling to power at all cost is the biggest threat to our otherwise peaceful and harmonious multi- religious and multi-cultural nation. Which is why no right thinking Malaysians should support a BN government controlled by UMNO. MIC, Gerakan, MCA, PPP, PBB, SUPP,SPDP, PRS,UPKO,PBS,LDP,and PBRS will be the casualties by continuing to align to UMNO.

    The Malaysian Insider

    Umno’s fight to stay in power is threat to stability, says report
    By Yow Hong Chieh
    September 30, 2010

    Najib faces an uphill struggle to sell his New Economic Model to the Malay community.

    KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 30 — A recent report by The Economist has singled out intrigues within Umno and the ruling party’s determination to stay in power at all costs as the biggest threats to political stability in Malaysia.

    The Economist Intelligence Unit country report also suggested that Pakatan Rakyat (PR) would make gains, but was “unlikely to garner enough parliamentary seats to form a majority government.”

    Malaysia’s stability over the last five decades has depended on three “steadying factors”: Barisan Nasional’s (BN) firm hold on power, Umno’s tight control of BN and Malay majority support for Umno,” said the magazine’s Intelligence Report on Malaysia for October.

    It noted, however, that all three were no longer a given, as shown by BN’s poor showing in Election 2008 and the historic sweep by PR parties of five states and 82 parliamentary seats.

    “The March 2008 general election showed that all three influences have weakened. As a result, these forces may prove unable to hold the country’s political framework together in 2010-14,” the report said.

    “Political intrigues within Umno, coupled with its determination to stay in power at all costs, therefore constitute the biggest threats to political stability in Malaysia.”

    Factions within Umno have been embroiled in a struggle to determine the party’s direction in recent months, following attempts by party president Datuk Seri Najib Razak to implement market-friendly reforms.

    Najib, who is also the prime minister, has faced considerable opposition from conservative elements within his own party to reforms that are seen to threaten Malay special rights.

    He also faces an uphill struggle to sell his New Economic Model (NEM) to the Malay community at large — whose response has been tepid — and has come under attack from increasingly influential Malay pressure groups like Perkasa.

    On top of that, former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad continues to snipe from the sidelines.

    The Economist Intelligent Unit report also predicted that BN would lose more seats in the next general election as Umno could no longer count on the support of “better educated, liberal middle-class Malays”, who favoured the opposition.

    “The most likely election outcome would seem to be a further loss of seats for the BN, as younger moderate Malay voters — disenchanted by political scandals and Umno’s strong promotion of Islamic values — decline to give it their support, and Indian and Chinese voters remain reluctant to return,” it said.

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