PKR “Balai Ringin Ketua Cabang”

It goes without saying “An hour in politics is certainly a long time for the rural voters.”The PKR supporters knows that they need to be patient in the heat of the election. The intensity and the commitment shown by the candidates in garnering support was second to none. There were close calls of “eruption of fireworks” and also just  a minor skimish of “shouts of disgusts“heard but cool heads by the PKR scrutineers prevented the cancellation of voting according to a PKR spokesman to audie61.

Balai Ringin the first Iban Majority Seat and Constituency saw a three way tussle on who deserves to head the division. PKR Wanita Chief Ibi Uding was challenged by Sarawak PKR Vice President Jimmy Donald and PKR Member Cobbold John.

The final tally of results Jimmy Donald heads the division with 84 votes with Udi Uding polling 76 votes while Cobbold only managed 10 with 2 spoit votes.

It is indeed a severe blow for the PKR Sarawak Wanita chief as she will need to reassess her strength on the ground.She will need to close ranks and remain hopeful that she will still be picked to stand as a candidate for the upcoming state elections in N25 Balai Ringin.


4 thoughts on “PKR “Balai Ringin Ketua Cabang”

  1. Gilagila says:

    To do a little correction, It’s not Cabang Balai Ringin but Cabang Sri Aman P202. Well, it’s relayed as a very democratic party election, a family affair within the party. The process was so much so as good as any party or family gathering. By the look, there’s no a problem for the Wanita Head in Ibi Uding not to be chosen as a candidate of Balai Ringin DUN coming sate election by virtue of Wanita Head. Being a looser in the Cabang Head for P202 is just a normal process of a democratic party that believe in the power of the anggota and the rakyat to choose their leader/s within the party or in the state assembly. We got to preach that leaders come and go, but the struggles of the party as an organization must persue as enshrined in the party constitution to bring reforms and new hopes for all the rakyat. To the winner, take it as a challenge n never be arrogant about it. To the looser, that’s just the beginning n take as it’s n never try to give these and that excuses. Reflect on ourselves and just that. What’s there to do post-mortem if u never and ever did your pre-mortem. Good to hear in S’wak not that much a problem. Syabas PKR Sarawak. U’r there and seem u’ve prove your metal. Bravo

  2. jasmine sarawak says:

    Ibi Uding is the state ketua wanita and her chances of being chosen a candidate and or her strenght is not determined by the difference of 8 votes laaar ……

  3. Gilagila says:

    The story was told. The SPR two staff was left behind by their driver who brought them in the morning for the elction process in P202. What a pity this can happen. To remind, whoever was task to be more responsible in future. This is a very bad impression on ur part as a party that claim to be more peduli/caress. I was not told who’s/who’re responsible but then those involved should apologise publicly. It’s lucky that Cobbold was more a humantarian willing to send them down to Kuching that very night or otherwise they hv to stay overnight. A very sad story so far in Sarawak PKR polls.

  4. namewee says:

    to me pkr is a mess-up party. i dont think they can lead the country very well cos most of the candicate are rejected and frustrated candidate in Malaysian politic. look at their pkr election in semenanjung, all mess-up. so this will reflect the way their rule next time in a messy way. BN is still the best with proven records.

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