PKR “Elected Office Bearers and Official Results”

The final results were all tallied and announced at around 6.15pm at both the counting centres of Petra Jaya and Stampin Divisional Meetings. There were excitement all round at both centres as the results were announced.

The Petra Jaya Ketua Cabang is now headed by Zulrusdi Bin Haji Mohamad Hol who received 67 votes while Ramlee bin Mahtar garnered 41 votes with 6 spoilt votes.. The Deputy Cabang was won by Azman Salleh who received 77 votes with Idwar Baharuddin at 36 votes and there was 2 spoilt votes. 

The Naib Ketua Cabang at the Stampin saw a three cornered fight in which there were some very tense moments and even a so called “friendly shouting match” was heard amongst the lady candidates. It was only natural as elections bring out the true characters and personalities of each candidate. Chow Ah Hong received 20 votes while Nazarudin @Madi B,Drahman notched up 52 while the victorius Voon Shiak Ni topped at 98 votes with 4 spoilt votes.

Immediatedly after victory she spoke to audie61 and we asked her,”Where do you go from here?”  She punched the air and told us this is the “FORCE OF THE STATE WANITA WING” The strength of the wing is tested again and we have overcome like we did when we went into the Sibu Parliamentary elections. She was quick to thank her team of election supporters who helped her to campaign and she briefly mentioned the following to be included in our article:-She thanked the The State Wanita chief  Ibi Uding and the State wanita colleagues for their support and also the Stampin Wanita Chief Narbriella Illyana Abdullah. Voon also said,”this is indeed healthy for PKR and it shows that PKR believes in the grassroot and the supporters have chosen the ones to lead them for 3 years.

The Timbalan Ketua Cabang for Stampin was won by Loo Chao Min who polled 107 votes to Yunus B Ahmad Zaid who managed 65 votes. The counting of the votes  which was  witnessed earlier by the  press and bloggers  as PKR practises Transperancy and Accountability nearly blew over when one of the counting agents requested the it to be a “family sort of affair”. Not to create an unhealthy scenario the media boys left quietly but begrudgingly. 

The final result of the afternoon was the much awaited and anticipated result of who leads Stampin Cabang. See Chee How the Sarawak State Infromation Chief was challenged by the Batu Kawah Ranting  Chief Soo Lina. When the results was announced and Chee How polled 110 to Soo Lina 60 with 5 spoilt votes Chee How thanked her for putting up a good fight. Both sets of supporters agreed its time to close ranks,consolidate and fight the common enemy in the next State elections which will be called very soon.

6 thoughts on “PKR “Elected Office Bearers and Official Results”

  1. Stupid People says:

    Heartiest congratulation to all winners and contesting gentlemen & gentle-women. Let us rub our hands from here on and prepare for the coming state poll which should not be very far any more….

    Make sure you work even harder and committedly to destroy the evil fortress of Taib Kingdom. Make the people welfare and state future above all personal interest

  2. Stutong says:

    Very exciting contest, with the inevitable squabbles – an example of how committed these PKR blokes are committed to proper process and free elections.

    kudos to audie 61 for being number 1 with the news on the elections

  3. Real party election says:

    PKR election is genuine. There was no “fixed up” unlike BN component parties (SUPP PBB PRS SPDP) where the CM dick-tat who should lead the party and who should not. Any disobedience would lead to the party or certain personalities showed a nasty path to freezerhood of sidelinedhood. Some friends believe that PRS and SPDP is an “extension of PBB to further divide and split dayaks politics. SUPP exploited the situation and makes tons of wealth from timber and land grabbing with DAP helps to bark for chinese interest – chinese education lah, chinese culture lah etc etc. Smart politicing by the advanced chinese. Dayaks???????

  4. Gilagila says:

    If ever there’re some hitches here n there, that’s just a normal process of true democracy in practice. When there’s an election, this means there two individuals contender so there must also be two teams contender. Is that not normal in any democratic practices. How come u hv an election if there’s no two sides contending one another. I think u hv to talk with more sense.

  5. Gilagila says:

    What a little sad story was told that PKR S’wak advisors were involved in/during the polls. One advisor was involved in campaigning at Sungai Cina. Another was also involved but no indicator whereabout. Advisors supposely a neutral guys. So if u feel that u just can’t task/functional as an advisor might as well pull back n be an ordinary member so as not said as a dichotomic guys/take sides. These are very bad characters. Publics n members all hv eyes to see, hears to hear, mouths to speak n all got common senses to interprete from body languages shown. Qualify what Nurul Izah hv said there wolves in the sheepskin in PKR when she attended Bandar Kuching PKR function. Why does she chooses to say so during that function. Wonder..wonder.

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