“Its July Elections..”

The launching of the book,”Crown Jewel of the North” at the Sarawak Club this afternoon was very well attended by many friends and politicians as they came to say thanks to the former Deputy Chief Minister James Wong.

The Minister (Special Advisor in the Chief Minister”s Office)  in his speech said,”Limbang is all about James Wong and James Wong is Limbang. Whenever anyone thinks of Limbang they think of him first before anything else. Adenan also said that similar books of this nature should be published for Sibu,Kapit,Kanowit,Mukah and the rests of the cities and towns.

Adenan reiterated that  publishing such books would create a sense of belonging among the younger generation and would serve as documentation purpose as well.

In his usual jovial and humorous self when approached by the reporters on the election date he was not to be outwitted by the press and media and he said.Its in July 2011. At least he is being truthful.


You know too that the Sarawak State elections must be called before June 2011.This is wittiness but not sarcasm of the highest order.Many younger politicians needs to learn more from an experience hand like Adenan.

10 thoughts on ““Its July Elections..”

  1. Mata Kuching says:

    UMNO & Its BN Cronies Have Stolen Or Wasted RM300 BILLION Since The Formation Of Malaysia! The UMNO controlled BN government owed Malaysians an explanation and we want all this wastages by the Federal government and/or stolen wealth belonging to the rakyat to be accounted for. The only way is to replace the UMNO controlled BN government peacefully in the coming Sarawak election and GE13.

    • kpt99 says:

      Malaysia is heading for ICU.From Islam Hahdari to 1 Malaysia,NEP to NEM,GTP to ETP,PPSMI to MBMMBI,Idris Jala from bankruptcy to big spending sphere.M’sia is a country of sloganeering without any substance says LEE KUAN YEW>

  2. Bakrie says:

    Najib The Ponzi Scheme Master!

    Malaysia is close to bankruptcy.

    The government has no more money. 2009 must have been a horrible year with little corporate taxes collected (and expected to be collected) due to the economic slowdown. Foreign investments have also slowed to a halt.
    And yet Najib’s government is trying to spend their way out of the economy. Honestly, if carried out well, government spending is a key component in driving the economy up. But not in Malaysia. The leakages are too large. As a result, the expected multiplier effects do not maximise. The money disbursed end up in the pockets of those who least deserve it instead.

    2009 must go on record as the year with the largest amount of government bonds issued. Amanah Saham this and Amanah Saham that.

    Now Najib is initiating an additional bond issue of RM10 billion to add on to 1MDA ‘s RM5 billion bond which total of RM15 billion will exceed the PKFZ bond issuance.

    How many future generations of Malaysians will have to bear the cost of borrowing?

  3. Stupid People says:

    The election he said in July 2011 may be for himself alone as you konw this guy is just a rolling ball under the feet of the Taib. He is just another object kicked in and out , kicked here and there by the Taib, and it is the only Taib who always “PLAYS” him Adenan.

    Pitifully, he also come into the group of STUPID PEOPLE, similar to Datuk Amar James Wong who also fall in victim of the Taib’s politic

    If BN Sarawak has been confident for the state poll, it would have been last week Saturday September the 18th…………….You know why?

  4. SK Subramaniam says:

    Not only has Prime Minister Najib Razak made a complete U-turn from an earlier attempt to distance his Umno party from ultra-Malay rights group Perkasa, his trusted lieutenants now even say Najib’s prized 1Malaysia plan is not about racial equality.

    UMNO led BN government has no money, no vision, incompetent, corrupted and incorrigible. We must not all such goons to be the captains of our ship. We must terminate the entire federal cabinets. We must vote for Change.

  5. PAPAYUK says:


    We hope so.However we have witnessed too many factual omission in our history books<which grandiose only Malayan fictitious heroism and blatant disregard over what we did in SARAWAK.

  6. Bidayuh Headmaster says:

    The Malaysian public has never been encouraged to demand a high quality performance from the government. Politically they have been taught paternalism – to value peace and harmony, special rights for certain groups and to be grateful for whatever that comes their way.

    As such, no matter how badly the government performs and no matter how many scandals are uncovered, the public is taught to conclude that at the very least we are living in peace and this would be threatened if BN were not in power!

    Such was the level of political propaganda among the general population. By contrast,Pakatan attempts to educate the public to be more discerning and critical, to know their rights and demand quality performance from the government of the day.

    Its leaders continuously remind the public that they are in power because of them and are to work for the people’s benefit and with their interest at heart at all times. It must be accountable and transparent in all its dealings.

    Its performance is to be evaluated and if it falls below the expectations it is not wrong to elect a different government in the next general election.

    The raykat have a choice between choosing a BN government or Pakatan government. The coalition given the mandate by the people to rule shall be installed as government for a five year term and the coalition who failed to receive the majority mandate shall perform its duty as a responsible Opposition , providing check and balance.

    If you are a discerning and educated voter you will not buy such crabs as ” Only the Barisan can deliver and develop the state” or ” Opposition only can talk but never construct or build any infrastructure, schools, clinics, hospitals..etc” Such propaganda of any coalition which is currently in power exposes its monologic and shallow mentality of its arrogant leaders.

    • Bidayuh Teacher says:

      BN goons and stooges ONLY KNOW how to tell the rakyat not to…

      trust “Opposition”
      be hookwinked by “Opposition”
      listen to “Opposition” lies
      to accept “Opposition” aid
      trust outsider

      Malaysians want BN YBs to explain if that was what we paid them to do for Taib? BN is the Opposition in Selangor, Penang, Kedah and Kelantan…are BN YBs telling the voters in these states the same thing they want Sarawakians to listen and telling them to reject BN in all the Pakatan rule states?

      Dayaks in Sarawak do not wish to wait for another 50 years in order to be prosperous being Malaysians. If only we were given land titles in Bakun and Puncak Borneo 15 years ago, we would have direct control on the use of our own land. All the perimeter survey now are just window dressing and to appease our community and is an entrapment.

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