YBs “Woken Up from Restful Slumber”

Who voted them in? Who are the masters? Who can change them? It’s you,you and you only. For the past couple of months audie61 have been harping on this issue “Beware the Peoples Power“. Its is not just a mere rhetoric or as a ADUN YB spelt it out clearly that “if you do not answer to the smses or telephone calls from your constituency your days are numbered.”

Waking up in the morning is something that most of us hate to do. I mean, who really wants to be woken up from restful slumber when you’re having such a nice sleep? Imagine waking up the next morning’NO MORE A YB..IT’S HARD TO TAKE FOR SOME……


Even a former Asst Minister said the “people in the urban areas are no different form the rural areas.” Do we need to spell it out to the BN YBs or MPs now? The NCR issue in Sarawak seems to be a more than a thorn for the BN Coalition. Is it  still a BN safe deposit in the rural areas? It will be if the YBs and MPs do not fall into the “arrogant and uncontactable category”

Pakatan wannabes should also not be complacent thinking that they are now on a threshold of success. The voters will not be hoodwinked with the same old familiar faces who has fought and losts more often than not. Azmin Ali who has been through thick and thin with PKR knows that though the PR alliance won many hearts during the last GE there is still so much to do especially so in Sarawak.

He too has many weaknesses but he was bold to inform the PR group at the function in Kuching celebrating Malaysia Day that he will try to keep his word in answering calls and smses. He begged though that the callers do please inform who they are before they call as he has received many crank,threatening and unfriendly voices on the other side.

Have the YBs and MPs woken up from their slumber? A BN ADUN capitalise on the subject on who this when he said on the eve of merdeka day,”You can publish my number. I answer calls.It is a courtesy.but there are people who do not answer when you return the call. I am not going to call them two or three times.With modern technology all callers are now listed.You can quote me,There is no excuse not to return calls.” 

BN and PR will do the necessary vetting of their election candidates and they will know now that the people will return the candidates who deserves to be elected. Gone are the days when they say,”Kalau BN Lambang sudah menang 80%” -( with BN symbol you are assured at least 80% to be elected) It goes without saying there is also no certainty that the people will vote PR candidates just like that.

Every Election there will be some surprises but the lasts GE there was more than a surprise. It has given the people the chance to see for themselves that they are the RIGHTFUL OWNERS/SHAREHOLDERS OF THE MALAYSIAN AND STATE GOVERNMENTS. It is now more of policies,approach and propaganda ato win over the hearts and mind of the people. They have seen how goals are scored in the dying minutes of a game and they too know how much the political parties now value their votes.

Every citizen be in the rural or urban enclave of Malaysia has also woken up to the fact that they can change whoever they want at a general or state election. There is no more a safe seat for anyone. There is no time left for testing the groundswell. The people will speak their minds through the ballot boxes. The defeated candidates will just use a simple excuse,”I was not ready. I am sorry

Is that good enough.??

PR AND BN Coalitions will not be fooled anymore. Eventhough some candidates will be qualified it remains the choice and a call for the political parties. They will put the WINNABLE candidates and they will not leave it to chance. The next elections will see the TWO HUGE ELEPHANTS looking to trample and outdo each other for the choice of the constituency.

Of course,they will be minor skirmishes put up by independant parties who are not aligned to any of the coalition. Certain individuals will also put their names in the hat as independant candidates as it might just be their LUCKY DAY when the voters decide otherwise. 

The voters in the respective constituencies have slowly woken up from the slumber and it is up to the YBs and MPs to wake up sooner rahter than later. its no more just “I surely will win”

 Even a rural voter said to audie61 the dayaks are realising now that they will know who to vote for and not just the party they represent. If the candidate is more than capable why should we reject just for short term benefit. Don’t just take us for being justs simple minded people anymore. We have woken up from 47 years  in Malaysia and  if the YB or MP is underperforming we change. It’s our right and the political parties will know that we are not joking.




28 thoughts on “YBs “Woken Up from Restful Slumber”

  1. Stupid People says:

    It were all of us the stupid people who voted them so that they sit on the ADUN and at Parliament meetings…enjoy all the good and sweet. It were us repeatedly choose to be cheated and bullied again and again. Come elections, we worked hard to ensure they win and we were feeling proud they won again and again putting our hope again and again on them to better the lives of our people and the fortune of the Sarawak State.


    We were damned STUPID

  2. Mata Kuching says:

    Sarawak and Sabah have jointly formed Malaysia with Malaya under the 18 points and 20 points agreements and under UMNO controlled BN government for 47 long Years. What have Malaysians in these two states benefited?

    Development? What development?

    Unfortunately, an ignorant Deputy Transport Minister Abdul Rahim Bakri recently stated that Sabahans in the interiors should be grateful as Sabah’s inclusion in Malaysia had ensured development in the state.

    Using development as a bait is wrong because “development is the one term most used by politicians to cheat the people” (quoted from a Malayalam movie).

    If development had indeed been provided, why is the road network in both states still bad? Malaysians from both Sabah and Sarawak can attest to the fact that Sabah and Sarawak are two decades backwards compared to Peninsular Malaysia.

    What development is Rahim speaking about when 70% of coastal Malays/Melanaus,the Dayaks, Kadazan/Dusuns living in interior are still having difficulties to complete 11 years of education?

    Contrary to Rahim’s statement, Kuala Lumpur has gained significantly more than Kuching and Kota Kinabalu in the 47-year-old relationship.

    Some villages just had their roads paved, electricity and water connected a few months short of the 47 years of waiting! Many more will probably have to wait a while longer as BN’s YBs had told them that sooner or later developments would reach them and yet BN government is the only government in the world who could bring developments to Sarawak and Sabah as we were often told.

    Now the thief minister wanted us to believe that Sarawak could only be the richest state in Malaysia in 20 years time (2030) if Sarawakians were disciplined and focused while his personal wealth already exceeded USD200 million in 1982, a year after becoming the 4th thief minister of Sarawak.

    SUPP will be looking most stupid if it intends to send a memorandum to Taib about what the Chinese want because the Chinese population in Sarawak is only 27% and Sarawak is not only for the Chinese. What the Chinese community wanted are small in comparison to what Taib and BN Sarawak had neglected and deprived of the Malays/Melanaus, Penans and Dayaks living in rural and coastal areas.

    I will quote what YB Chong Chieng Jen of DAP had to say to SUPP and Taib recently :

    Sarawak DAP has expressed shock that Chief Minister Taib Mahmud does not know what the Chinese community wants even after 30 years at the helm.

    “We are shocked when we read from the papers last week that the chief minister indicated that he does not know what the Chinese community wants,” Chong Chieng Jen, DAP secretary, said in a letter to the chief minister.

    “After 30 years as chief minister, it is simply absurd that Taib does not know what the Chinese community in Sarawak wants.

    “What has the chief minister been doing in the past 30 years?

    “What have the chief minister’s counterparts in Sarawak United People which claims to represent the Chinese community in the government been doing in the past 30 years?” he asked.

    Copies of the letter were distributed to the Press today. A copy was sent to Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak.

    Chong said that a statement like this by the chief minister simply meant that Taib “has failed as the chief minister for all Sarawakians”.

    “Let me, as a member of the opposition and also as a Sarawakian, inform the chief minister what the Chinese community in Sarawak wants. Many of the things they want are also what a common Sarawakian, a non-Chinese, wants of a state government,” he said.

    The list includes:

    * Amendment to the Sarawak Land Code to provide for (an) automatic free renewal of land leases for another 99 years upon expiry of the terms of leases, and (b) Section 47 notification shall lapse and cease to be of any effect on the expiry of two years after the date of its publication in the gazette if the government does not acquire the land within the said two-year period.

    * A fair and transparent land policy whereby the alienation of state land for commercial purposes ought to be done through an open tender system. At present, large parcels of state land are alienated to companies belonging to family members of the chief minister.

    * All state government procurement contracts be awarded through open tender whereby all suppliers and contractors can tender and compete on an equal footing. Currently, companies related to Taib’s family members almost enjoy a monopoly over state government contracts involving millions of ringgit.

    * Annual allocation of funds from the state budgets for the development and maintenance of Chinese middle schools, Chinese primary schools and missionary schools.

    * Timber concession licences to be awarded for small areas (1,000 to 2,000 acres per licence) and through open tender system so that all those who are involved in sawmill or wood industry will have a chance to obtain the raw material (timber logs) first-hand.

    * Cheaper electricity for domestic, commercial and industrial uses. This is especially so given that the Bakun Dam will be in operation soon and that hydro-electricity is cheap. Furthermore, it is unfair to that Syarikat SESCO, a unkit of Sarawak Energy Bhd, is selling electricity to Press Metal Bhd at a cheap price of about 10 sen per KwH, while local consumers, businessmen and industrialists have to pay about 30 sen per KwH for electricity.

    * Local councils be given sufficient funds to provide proper maintenance of basic infrastructure like street lightings, drains and roads.

    * There shall not be any control or restriction on the production of cement in Sarawak and the import of cement from Peninsular Malaysia to Sarawak.

    * Fairer treatment and better representation of the Chinese in the civil service. Of late, not only the Chinese are unfairly treated, but also the locals as well. State government agencies, especially SESCO, are paying foreigners higher salaries than locals holding comparable posts. For example, the Norwegian CEO of SESCO earns US$1.2 million annually.

    Cancel the 10% sales tax imposed on 4-D tickets as there is no such tax on the sale of 4-D tickets in the peninsula.

    Chong, who is Bandar Kuching MP, said: “I can confidently say that all the items listed are what the Chinese in Sarawak want, which the state government has the power to implement immediately.

    “Basically, they call for equal and fair distribution and enjoyment of the state’s wealth and resources. Even the non-Chinese will welcome this.

    “There are others issues like good governance, justice, security, medical welfare, flood mitigation projects and education, which are of concern to the Chinese community… ” he said.

    Chong also urged Taib to make a full and frank disclosure of the properties that he and his family members have amassed within and outside Malaysia.

    Indeed, the NGO which calls itself Movement On Change Sarawak (MoCS) was magninimous when it requested and pleaded for Taib Mahmud to step down before August 2011. Majority of Sarawakians will want the thief minister to step down immediately before he further abuses his power to sign away more big infrastructure and construction projects, IPP, Utilities Management and Plantation Land to his family and cronies owned companies.

    Enough Is Enough. Taib Must Go ! UMNO controlled BN government must be voted out and replaced by Pakatan.

  3. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho :idea: Ho :idea: Ho :idea:
    :idea: 21st Century :idea: Tomorrow Technology :idea:

  4. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho :lol: Ho :lol: Ho :lol:
    :?: Do our present Leaders have this Leadership quality that treated all races fairly without discrimination of minority :?:
    :lol: BUT 1 thing for sure Pakatan RAKYAT will deliver that fairness to all races if they were given the CHANCE to CHANGE n LEAD us all :idea: VOTE FOR CHANGE :idea: VOTE FOR OUR CHILDREN FUTURE :idea: VOTE FOR PAKATAN RAKYAT :idea:
    Ho :lol: Ho :lol: Ho :lol:

  5. RichBoxII says:

    In 2006, Wee Kok Tiong and his workers came to my house to solicit for support. In process they ask for my IC. I enquired what it was for? They told me it is to check where I am suppose to vote. I told them if that is the case, they do not have to worry, because I will vote where the “Agung Head” is. They were happy, thinking that I am a staunch supporter of BN! I added …. hey hang on, if you want my Vote, it will be RM5,000.00 and I will make sure I bring 10 votes to them, plus maybe lots more. They replied RM5,000 is too much and offerred RM50.00 up to RM500.00 if I can bring them 10 voters. … My replied to them is RM50.00 and RM500, I have, if they can not give me RM5,000, I rather stay at home a sleep if they feel my vote is not worth RM5,000. They left shaking their head. Two days latter, another group came. It was on a Wednesday and I love to watch Hong Kong Horse Racing which we can catch it in the internet. They ask for 3 minutes. I told them sure, but that is conditional on fact that they can give me a tip on which horse to bet. They curse at me. Hahaha, so i f… them and told them, if Wee Kok Tiong show up tomorrow and catch all the mosquito behind my house and unclog the drain with his hands, I will vote for him…. Yet again they feel I am asking for too much. … The rest is history… He lost the election!

  6. Stupid People says:

    BN federal allowed corruption in the government since the day BN was first formed. Their key performance indicator of achievement is that majority UMNO corrupted especially from head down; followed by the Chinese and Indian based component parties

    Because federal corrupted, they allowed Sarawak BN to be same and the chief take opportunity to corrupt and rob his own state more….but us the stupid people since the days of our ancestors have chosen to strongly support them come election times. We deserve what we have today, we are to be blamed for stupidity and blindness.

    47 years has passed, we still have winding and patched bumpy single lane highway road from the state capital through to Sibu and Miri on the east side; we still have villages without water and electric supply; we still have colonial left-behind hospitals and clinics (now upgraded to Klinik desa, should be termed KLINIK ORANG HUTAN)

    47 years’ development crawled like a SNAIL yet they called it a pride and honor of the blessed state. Where have all the money and state riches gone??? They have gone overseas to London/UK, Australia, Canada, USA, and definitely SWISS BANKS

    AFter 47 years, we still have our Iban YBs sleeping in the ADUN meetings while Iban monsters passed laws so that they manage to taking part in robbing the state and people

    Anti-malaria has improved BUT not anti-corruption especially it appointed and most trusted agency which has then changed its name several time but not functioning in good….WHAT HAS GONE WRONG? – May be Tun Mat has a lot to answer.

  7. Asri Rahman says:

    With their open support for Taib, who is the undisputed pirate of Borneo, it seems that none of the BN YBs have awaken at all unless they have to hypocritically show their support and loyalty for self survival.

    The parasites will definitely resist and fight against change of political leadership despite the ever increasing voice of dissent getting louder and stronger. BN Sarawak will finally meets its waterloo in the coming state election.

    Young intellectuals and professionals from all races are already staying away from BN’s politics of lying and culture of deceit. UMNO dominated BN is unrepentent in its “divide and rule” while Pakatan is offering to “unite and rule”

    Truth increasingly becomes the enemy of democracy because it does not support the spectacle and the reduction of citizens either to mere dupes of power or commodities. Ignorance is no longer a liability in a culture in which lying, deceit and misinformation blur the boundaries between informed judgments and the histrionics of a shouting individual or mob.

    Now is the time to remove a corrupted regime peacefully by voting out UMNO dominated BN government. Say No to Taib. Say No to Najib. Say No to Barisan. Vote PAS. Vote DAP. Vote PKR. Vote SNAP. Say YES to Pakatan! Vote for CHANGE. Vote for CHANGE to Save our Nation!

  8. RichBoxII says:

    I honestly do not believe that 100% of Sarawak BN want Taib to stay. “Taib Is The Man” is the most hypocritical statement I have read in decades. It is also double speak soon!

    Read deeply into the statements, I give them at most 10% of Sarawak BN want him. They silent majority is like you and me.

    Poor editors of BP and Sarawak MSM, they must have a hard time getting the rest of the community leaders to come up with Press Statements. I am not sure about the Leaders in Chinese Association.

    Taib to lead election is one point. But whether he will be CM after that is another.

    Will Taib face the same fate as Hang Tuah or Hang Jebat? Let us see what is in store as a surprise package for Taib!

  9. NewHope says:

    Stupid People:
    Unless PR can win over the rural voters, you will still have to keep your title (Stupid People) for another 5 long years.

    However, come this state election, PR will improve on the urban & semi-urban areas and your title can then be upgraded to Less Stupid People.

    If you are able to share all this internet info to all our unfortunate rural friends NOW, after election you will be evaluated to “Clever People”. (Majority areas without electricity).

    New Governement! New Hope!

  10. Sebastian says:

    Many Sarawakians living in the interior and coastal areas painfully proclaimed themselves to be Malaysians when informed of the celebration of 47 years of Malaysia Day in cities like Kuching , Sibu and Miri. Many had to bear with no electricity,no water,no paved roads, and no income for the last 47 years. They have no means to switch on to even radio and TVs to feel any joy of being Malaysian because there is no electricity connected to their villages and longhouses.

    The aborigines of Australia and the Red Indians of North America have progressed and enjoyed good education, socio-economic development and gainfully employed or becoming successful owners of their own farms. The Dayaks and other indigenous groups living in the interior remained backwards and poor after 47 years of BN misrule and mismanagement of our country’s assets. One man has even made himself and family one of the richest in the world by serving as the CM of Sarawak for 29 years! Where is justice? As a Christian, I feel all the Churches in Sarawak have failed in their duty to prevent the Indigenous people from been neglected and deprived.

    • NewHope says:


      Good if you can visit them. They are the ones who need the “WAKE UP CALL”.

      Tell them, “Wake Up! Don’t vote BN for a bottle of mineral water again!”

      By the way, don’t blame the Churches. They are doing their best under such circumstances. (I am Buddhist). Like me, pray for a NEW sincere government to look after our welfare.

      It’s time to CHANGE government for a BETTER tomorrow.

  11. Stupid People says:

    Come the next state poll, if PR have done their rural ground work well from now, have prepared the effective mechanism to track vote cheating (like in Sibu), have flooded the rural with the correct and required information, and the educated rural youth/working category manage to clearly describe the present situation and their community’s required future to their old folks….there is definitely NEW-HOPE that at least the Sarawak BN seats are shaken, and many may fall, this is to NO SURPRISE

    From current status, at least one of the major races in Sarawak has already in the gear to bull-doze off their own long trusted party (you all know crystal clear in your hearts and your minds)….that is the GEAR #1

    Once, I was told by a Christian friend that “when God wants a person or persons to fall, He let him or them go mad” —(apology for not interpreting well); and now we call see many BN Sarawak leaders have gone crazy, gone out their mind, their greed and their lust. Is it not that the TIME is coming close to their door steps?


  12. Benjamin says:

    Wan Junaidi lamented recently that he didnt know where was the funding for his Parliamentary constituency when RM150,000 was supposed to be available and meant for some upgrading work before Hari Raya. This is nothing new a many MPs even in BN had to lie through their teeth when making promises knowing that funding could be delayed or held back for no apparent reasons.

  13. Mata Kuching says:

    1Malaysia is not about equality ?

    What is the stand of SUPP, PKR, SPDP and PBB in response to UMNO’s Sec-Gen statement that 1Malaysia was not about equality?

    Wong Choon Mei, Malaysia Chronicle

    Not only has Prime Minister Najib Razak made a complete U-turn from an earlier attempt to distance his Umno party from ultra-Malay rights group Perkasa, his trusted lieutenants now even say Najib’s prized 1Malaysia plan is not about racial equality.

    The latest comments from Umno secretary-general Tengku Adnan were immediately denounced by Pakatan Rakyat leaders.

    “This must surely be the biggest joke. Najib. Tengku Adnan and Nazri Aziz are now the 3 Malay stooges while MCA, MIC and Gerakan are the 3 non-Malay stooges. This is BN – forever racially divided and dominated by Umno to the extent that it can anytime slap Soi Lek, Tsu Koon and Samy in the face and yet the three will still bow and say ‘thank you, one more time please’,” PKR strategic director Tian Chua told Malaysia Chronicle.

    He was referring to MCA president Chua Soi Lek, Gerakan president Koh Tsu Koon and MIC chief S Samy Vellu.

    Explain 1Malaysia

    Najib’s furious backpedalling follows a demand from Perkasa to explain what 1Malaysia was or face losing Malay support for Umno and BN in the coming general election.

    “Perkasa is very worried that if there are not enough efforts to explain the 1 Malaysia concept, it will cause certain communities to reject Umno and BN. Perkasa has feedback from the Malay grassroots that this concept is still confusing,” Perkasa secretary-general Syed Hassan Syed Ali was reported as saying.

    “Among some non-Muslim communities, Perkasa finds that they believe the 1 Malaysia policy is an effort to equalise all races in terms of sharing the nation’s wealth and no race is given special treatment. All races are considered the same.”

    Indeed, the brouhaha over Perkasa intensified when a day after Malaysia Day, Najib moved to deny that Umno was cutting its ties to Perkasa. His excuse – which is now being seized on by Umno leaders to help him save face – is that Perkasa is an NGO and not a political party.

    “Nazri should accept that Perkasa is just an NGO. The Malays know how to differentiate between political parties and NGO,” wrote the Awang Selamat editorial entitled Alahai Nazri in the Umno-own Minnguan Malaysia, the Sunday edition of Utusan.

    “Awang is not surprised the Chinese press have gone all out to condemn Dr Mahathir. This is because the Malay leaders themselves paved the way for them to do so.”

    • KK Lau says:

      The non Malays welcome UMNO’s biggest flip flop todate and urge Najib to hasten his plan for a surprise Sarawak election and GE13 simultaneously. Bring it on Mr Flip Flop!

  14. Lee Hui says:

    UMNO has been messing with God and Allah and this is what they are finally getting now. All the unexpected flip flops are bringing UMNO and its leaders to their knees. BN components who are still “worshiping” UMNO will also meet their unexpected political death together with UMNO.

    “You Shall Not Take The name Of The Lord God In Vain”

  15. Ronnie says:

    1Malaysia is not about racial equality insist UMNO Sec-Gen.

    Are the assholes in UMNO telling us Dayaks that after 47 years and 2 days, the native of Sarawak and Sabah are still classified as lain lain.

    So 1Malaysia is still about Ketuanan Melayu? What utter nonsense can this be? WE must change this stupid UMNO dominated BN government at all cost!

    Dayaks must not be tricked by all the sweeteners of BN government. Two days after celebrating our 47 years as a nation called Malaysia and they are still treating us like fools and 4th class citizen. What are the Dayaks leaders going to say to this stupid Secretary General of UMNO?

  16. Kaliu says:

    SUPP..are you listening or are you still busy polishing the balls of the thief minister Taib Mahmud? Tengku Adnan of UMNO says that Najib’s 1Malaysia Plan was not about racial equality. How come you idiots have been promoting inequality disguised as 1Malaysia !

    How are you going to explain to all Sarawakians especially the Dayaks and to the Chinese that 1Malaysia is still about Malay supremacy or Malay first and the rest second, third and fourth?

    Did not Najib briefed you idiots that 1Malaysia was never about racial equality from day 1 ?

  17. Stupid People says:

    If one ever been the nearly 30 years Chief Minister of the state, doesn’t he ever has had the heart to love his people and his state, if he possesses a heart of humankind; and would he not feel sad that many of his people still live in poverty, hardship, backward in places so much under-developed. Does he not love his people like his sons and daughters and his grand children? Does he not appreciate all the innocent faces come welcoming him everytime he visits and everywhere he goes? How much wealth he needs to stock for the rest of his life and his family that he does not even feel enough? How much he wants?

    God has created humankind and He put in them hearts of loving kindness; only Satan would lure them with greed and cruelty and turn some into cold-blooded beings. At their final days, where will these beings go to? Repent before too late

  18. Gilagila says:

    Can we all S’wakian make a promise to God Allah that come PRN10 we all vote for PR and not ot vote BN. We must make sure that we all with our heart give the PR a try to govern S’wak just for a term n see what they can do for all of us. I’m very sure they can bring changes. There’s no hope to think of BN coz all BN Ybs are all stupid n no hearts. U see all 71 DUNs said they still want thief taib to continue as cm n presiden of PBB. They all want all S’wakians to suffer n live in poverty forever. Vote them all out this PRN10.

  19. reader says:

    the coming state election, we just ask the indon to be our reps. why? simple la.. we can pay them cheap and order them to do what we, the rakyat wants them to do.

  20. Moggie says:

    Why Malaysian born immigrant in Australia can be Finance Minister when 5th generation Chinese and Indians are still Pendatang and Dayaks in Sarawak are known as lian-lian or others?????

  21. Mulok says:

    An Iban YB who vehemently in denial and still wanted the Iban community to believe that BN was the best and only government they could depend on after 47 years of brutal neglect, would best be fed to the dogs. It shows he is outrageously hungry and greedy for rewards from his master that he is willing to offer the folks in his constituency as sacrificial lambs to Taib and BN.

    Ibans must make damn sure a traitor like Snowdown should not be involved with Iban affairs and should not be voted to represent them in the DUN. Show him the exit and send him back to where he rightly belongs in some pubs or karaoke in the city.

  22. Stupid People says:

    We Sarawakians are not damaged by others but from the begining by our own races’ YBs and representatives in the BN government; so we are bullied as such till today, AND, if we are committed to change our future and fate, we will be what we are today and even worse than what we were before…

    Iban YBs, look at their living in the cities and ours in the kampong and hutan…..look at the longhouses in the remote and deserted pieces of land, what more you can say about these…no electricity, no water, no proper roads, proper schools, proper clinic and lists of most basic living need

    47 years is just too long and too slow

  23. Stupid People says:

    Correction, sorry

    We Sarawakians are not damaged by others but from the begining by our own races’ YBs and representatives in the BN government; so we are bullied as such till today, AND, if we are NOT committed to change our future and fate, we will be what we are today and even worse than what we were before…

    Iban YBs, look at their living in the cities and ours in the kampong and hutan…..look at the longhouses in the remote and deserted pieces of land, what more you can say about these…no electricity, no water, no proper roads, proper schools, proper clinic and lists of most basic living need

    47 years is just too long and too slow

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