“Unlikely Meetings For Some…??”

The knives are already drawn and ready to be pushed into and carve out piece by piece into the  Sarawak BN administration. The seemingly quiet groundswell built up by the Pakatan4 group has not help the situation either. BN is not only fighting the opposition who is on the other side of the fence but also from within amongst the component parties. 

Instantaneously, one can point to the open rivalry between the MP for Igan P207  Wahab Dollah and the two ADUNs under him YB N38 Abu Seman (Jemoreng) and YBN36 Mohd Asfia (Semop). He has openly said in so many words and a close confidant of a deputy minister from a component party even said to me,” I think I need to use Cotton Buds after hearing and seeing it.” I will be called a BULAK (Sarawakian slang for LIAR.) 


What about the Sibu SUPP unresolved Dudong issue? The SPDP 5 insistent of not budging from their stand? PRS claims on Pelagus still murky?

Its no wonder that the BN Sarawak Chairman needs some “miraculous Panadol” to solve these teething problem. He knows leaving it to the component party to solve their own problems will be a slow process and he needs to get his hands greased or the dirt will continue to pile up on himself. The past few months there has been so many allegations and unsavoury details of his accumulation of wealth and this has created a very “BAD PERCEPTION”

He can do no right at the moment.

The Pakatan group especially PKR and DAP are not spared the lashes from within. There have their set of problems and all is not well inside. The DAP Voon episode has created a bad taste in the mouth  for the DAP faithful. PKR has to deal with so much jostling for positions especially with their National convention in November. 

There will be more juicy articles after the Raya Holidays and we will try to fill you in with more details. Its still holiday and festive cheer and we went together with our journalists friends for some satay and cakes. Hope you like them…


12 thoughts on ““Unlikely Meetings For Some…??”

  1. Pek Moh’s face has been reduced to bones but his body is swelling as fast as his bank account. Can he pull through till polling day? No amount of medicine can keep him living for a few months more.

  2. Chinese Problems Solved”, screamed the Borneo Post front page and government controlled mainstream media. The report was pertaining to the exchange of opinion between the thief minister Taib Mahmud and SUPP president George Chan.

    Regarding the overpaid premium, same old recycled dirty tactic. George Chan said Taib would consider those deserving cases if they had submitted their names through SUPP. Should not all those who had supported and voted for BN be given rebates and discounts for electricity and water bills as well since these people deserved to be helped? A lapdog will always be a lapdog and SUPP’s George Chan had once again chickened out whenever he saw Taib Mahmud.

    Sarawakians are no fools regardless of their race and occupational background. We must reject and kick out the highly corrupted regime led by Najib and Taib.

  3. After almost 30 years at the helm, Taib had openly admitted recently that he did not know what the Chinese wanted and yet George Chan had sought his advice on how to solve the various problems affecting the community. The Chinese and all races which BN should represent wanted George Chan to present Taib with a Memorandum listing all the wrongs and discriminating policies of Taib and have the same printed in all mainstream media. That is what the Chinese wanted. Are you listening George?

  4. OMG Georgie, did you just hear what the dam-ed white crocodile said? ” If the Chinese don’t understand the ideas of development they will be left behind”.

  5. What ever this George planned, said and handled, it would not help Chinese forgiving BN and returning their confidence and trust to BN Sarawak especially SUPP the no more useful party in Sarawak governance

    All predictions have been proved to be true again as the Chicken George meets the Croc Minister…the BALLs disappeared. WHAT THE CHINESE WANT AND WISH FOR? How about some of our DAYAK problems hanging on SUPP nose hoping to be noticed and helped???????????

    ONLY WAY is voting out SUPP and voting out BN in Sarawak this coming poll.

  6. The problem was Taib did not know what made him, his cronies and family members multi-billionaires while majority of the Malays/Melanaus, Chinese, Dayaks and minority ethnic group were still struggling to support a small family. The chickens in SUPP, SPDP and PRS all knew the answer but none of them were daring to tell the paramount pirate of Borneo to give back all that he has stolen in the last 29 years.

    The rural folks should be encouraged by urban voters especially the Chinese for taking a firm stance and be counted. Together we can defeat UMNO dominated BN led by Najib and Taib. Until and unless they are jointly defeated there is no future for all Malaysians.

  7. 20% or more of SUPP’s members are Dayaks and SUPP had been leveraging on Dayaks ‘ support for the past four decades and yet today SUPP remains as racist as ever. All George Chan ever cares for was his own and the few Chinese YBs political and economic survival.

    The Chinese rejection of SUPP and BN was closely linked to the poverty of the Dayaks and how the Dayaks were enslaved, colonised and marginalised. Only the tycoons are for Taib and BN while the working class and ordinary Chinese are for all marginalised Sarawakians.

    SUPP has never fight for the Dayaks whose NCR lands have been taken away or for the Dayaks who had been displaced by the dams. I strongly urge all Dayaks to vote for DAP,PKR, SNAP and PAS of Pakatan. Vote out BN Sarawak completely and totally.

  8. ANWAR A TRAITOR ? PDF Print E-mail
    Written by Admin
    Thursday, 09 September 2010 17:58


    If I am called a traitor for denouncing UMNO as failing to defend the special rights of the Malays and the Monarchy, then let me stand beside Anwar and BE A TRAITOR

    UMNO defending the rights of the Monarchy?

    Was it not your (UMNO) President Mahathir who stripped away the legal privileges of the Sultans – the hereditary and cultural symbols of the Malays? The Sultans to whom we all go for protection against political and administrative excesses?

    And then you all have the audacity to put yourself on the same level as we had once had placed the Sultans on – but this time giving the Malays no access to protection from the excesses you have indulged in and now continue to indulge at the expense of the Malays?

    I did NOT hear of any Sultan taking Ringgit $500 million for services rendered.

    I did NOT hear of Sultans using the Police to impose their will upon the Malays.

    I did NOT hear of Sultans blowing up foreign nationals.

    I did NOT hear of Sultans willing to allow the Malays to suffer economically as they do in KELANTAN, just because the people in that state choose to have, as their government, a party that is not UMNO.

    And you call us traitors to the Malay cause? Are the people in Kelantan not Malays?

    1. If they question Anwar’s sincerity for not raising the matter when he was in power, then I too am not sincere because I was once one of those that look upon UMNO as our savior and never did denounce UMNO until now.

    2. If what I say now shows disrespect to the Malays, then I rather do this, than to sit quietly while our Malay leaders enrich themselves through greed and corruption – as they continue to do today.

    3. If I am guilty of showing disrespect to these Malay leaders – so be it , I plead guilty as charged.

    I am sick to my stomach of UMNO leaders and their cronies taking, taking and taking for themselves what is rightfully for the Malays that they say they have been championing. I now stand up and point my finger at them and say to myself:

    If anything, I have been guilty of keeping quiet…because I, like Anwar, have had hopes that the aspirations of the Malay would have taken precedence over the greed of our leaders.

    UMNO is greed. UMNO is deceit. UMNO is dishonor.

    You Muhyiddin, You Najib, you Khir Toyo, you Mahathir, You Daim, .and so many other UMNO cohorts have brought dishonor to UMNO and shame to us Malays..

    You dare call Anwar a traitor. Then call ME one too….

    There was a time when we had to expose the goings on in the award of tenders, privatization deals, projects failure…to make the people understand your misdeed while in power NOT ANYMORE that UMNO has become a bloated, corrupt and sleazy organization is a given fact a fait accompli a fact realized or accomplished – a decided fact now days we can say that in your face and your leaders and past Presidents have accepted it as FACTS.

    Let me say it again – it is a GIVEN fact that UMNO is corrupt. Whether Anwar and me are traitors is still to be decided!!

    Our worry is this.

    Now that you know that you will lose the next General Election – what will you do to win it? Or should the question be what will you NOT do to win the next General Election.

    1. Murder most foul. You have done it.

    2. Giving Ringgit 500 million for ‘services rendered’ to your running dog? You have done it.

    3. Using the ISA indiscriminately separating our leaders from their loves one? You have done it.

    4. I can name any evil under the sun and you have done it.

    5. UMNO through its leaders, have done it…and you dare to call Anwar and traitors for speaking up?

    I can only shake my head in disbelief when trying to work out what is that you will NOT do?

    But this we pledge…whatever you do, do NOT think that you will be able to make us go away NEVER.

    WE WILL be your worst nightmare not money, not your might, not your threats not your gifts will deter us from doing the right thing.

    We will keep our anger until the next General Election..

  9. “With the strong support from the Chief Minister, and the Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, we hope that the state election will be easier for SUPP,” says George Chan

    A spineless and unrepentant SUPP to say the least. Its irrelevance to the people of Sarawak especially to the Chinese and now the Dayaks too was its own making.

  10. Attention swivels from racial politicking to national plunder

    Posted on 10 September 2010

    Malaysia Chronicle

    Pakatan Rakyat dismissed speculation of a widening rift between Prime Minister Najib Razak and his predecessor Mahathir Mohamad over ultra-Malay rights group Perkasa, pointing out it was a smokescreen and both men were likely to be more concerned about how to suppress a slew of huge corruption scandals from becoming public.

    “Let them talk, say what they want to hide the real issue but a lot information is already out in the open and more is going to be revealed soon,” PAS vice president Salahuddin Ayub told Malaysia Chronicle.

    Salahuddin was referring to RM8 billion in losses incurred by national airline MAS, which so far appears to be the biggest financial debacle arising out of the BN’s 53-year rule.

    Large-scale plunder

    Not only is Mahathir and his immediate successor Abdullah Badawi accused of having plundered the airline, Najib has also been caught helping himself to a new mega-project – the double-track national railway.

    “They are all holding pistols to each other’s throat but nobody will be so silly as to pull the trigger because this is within Umno. If it involves Pakatan, that is a different story. But now as it is, they will give into negotiations with money the most important factor and how to settle with everyone more or less happy,” a political watcher told Malaysia Chronicle.

    “Perkasa, Ibrahim Ali, all these are nonsense. They are just Umno gimmicks. What you can tell though is Mahathir will have to give up more ground because the Malaysian public is no longer with him. He cannot rally enough support to overthrow Najib because he has destroyed his own popularity with his racism and Perkasa’s. Najib will get stronger but even so all three PMs will be vulnerable to further revelations of corruption because their deals were all so huge, the public backlash will be fantastic.”

    Najib’s new cash cow

    It does appear that the graft accusations swirling around town have hit a raw nerve. Raja Petra Kamarudin, the operator the Malaysia Today website, has been at forefront of a series of articles exposing the ramifications behind several huge privatization deals. His website has been blocked and is down for a third straight day.

    Not only has he accused Mahathir, Badawi and former finance minister Daim Zainuddin of helping Tajudin pilfer from MAS, Raja Petra also alleged that Najib was now using the national railway company as his new cash cow.


  11. All the crabs about SUPP quitting and all 71 branches of PBB wanted Taib to lead BN and over the south china sea sandiwara of UMNO dissociating itself from Perkasa. Malaysians are no fools. We are ready for a two party system.

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