PBB “Unanimous”SUPP…??”


This will hit the newstands and will be the talk of the day on Monday, 6th of September 2010. The question remains though why is SUPP still mum on the issue of pledging full undivided support or otherwise on CM Taib. Your guess is as good as mine and only …


All the wings to the entire 71 branches of Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB) in Sarawak yesterday had unanimously pledged their loyalty and full support to Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud to continue and remain as PBB President, Sarawak Barisan Nasional (BN) leader and Chief Minister.”We also pledged that Pehin Sri would be able to maintain the continuece of our political stability, peace and harmory, in happiness and without any interruption of transformation of the development and implementation of Sarawak Corridor Of Renewal Energy (SCORE) and development activities in rural areas that will improve the economic status of all citizens and the State.”Deputy PBB President Datuk Patinggi Alfred Jabu Numpang who is also deputy chief minister disclosed this to reporters at a press conference after attending a PBB supreme council meeting which was held at the PBB headquarters at Jalan Demak here.

“We also fully support the continuation of close networking and the spirit of cooperation between Pehin Sri with Prime Minister Datuk Seri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak to ensure the success of the Vision 2020 and “Gagasan 1Malaysia,” said Jabu while cheered and applaused by all the PBB supreme councils members.

“We are also sincere to fully support the efforts by Pehin Sri as the Sarawak Chief Minister, PBB President and Sarawak BN chairman to uphold the deciplinary in the State BN level to ensure strong and unified cooperation between the BN component parties to guarantee a deciecive victory and integrity for the BN party.”
“We also pledge to oppose to the very end any attempts from both inside and outside or all other forms of threat that will undermine or challenge the stability of the BN as well as the state of Sarawak and we again pledged to support the excellent leadership under Pehin Sri for him to remain as PBB President and also as the Chief Minister to lead the BN in the coming state election.”

“We pledge to unify under the BN in order to for Sarawak to remain safe, secure, stable, prosperous, harmonious and progessive in Malaysia and our pledge and oath of loyalty was signed and forwarded to the honorable Pehin Sri, the Chief Minister Sarawak to show our unanimous support and dedication through the PBB.”

When asked whether Taib had made any decision on the matter, PBB permanent chairman Datuk Sri Mohd Asfia Awang Nasar quickly answered that, “Pehin Sri had left for us (PBB) to decide…so we had decided…we sincerely and unanimously wants him to continue leading PBB, Sarawak BN and remain as Chief Minister.”

About two weeks ago, Taib had stated that he would let the party and Prime Minister to decide if he is to lead PBB and Sarawak BN in the next State election and since then, massive of responses of solid supports for Pehin Sri to retain his post as the Chief Minister and continued to lead PBB and Sarawak BN poured-in by various PBB leaders, PBB youth branch chiefs and community leaders which later lead to a meeting with PM last week.

We were informed that most of the PBB supreme councils members had arrived at the PBB headquarters as early as 10.30am however, the meeting only started at around 11.45am when Taib arrived at the venue.

The group of reporters whom some, had camped there before noon waited restlessly outside the lobby of the PBB headquarters’ building were left earlier left in suspense when Taib appeared out from the conference room exactly at 3.45pm later, keeping mum and were accompanied by several PBB supreme members including Jabu to his car before leaving the venue.

Journalists on duty :-Abang Salfian Nawawi, Elmer Yeo and Harun Jau


16 thoughts on “PBB “Unanimous”SUPP…??”

  1. Alfred Jabu, being PBB’s DP can pledge anything and everything he has in him but do not pawn the Dayaks by unilaterally granting the thief minister, Taib Mahmud, the divine right to rob the Dayaks of their NCR land and held them at ransom by taking another 50 years to bring socio-economic developments to the rural poor.

    Alfred Yap of SUPP was spot on when he told village heads that many villages located in urban areas were still lacking of infrastructures. If Sarawak BN led by the thief minister Taib Mahmud and deputised by all the other thieves from SUPP,PRS, SPDP and PBB could not fulfill the needs of the people and bring developments such as infrastructure to villages located in urban areas in the last 49 years will it be able to bring development and build infrastructures to remote Sarawak in the next 100 years?? Yet all the leaders in PBB, SPDP and PRS have been glamouring to polich and lick the balls of a man who in the last 29 years had accumulated a few billion ringgit of assets for his family and enriching his brothers, sisters and cronies by hundred of million.

    BN YBs have been lying through their teeth for Taib Mahmud by telling the rural poor that projects would come sooner or later or telling naive rural folks to be careful and that it would be dangerous to accept aid from the Opposition. The question is WHERE HAVE ALL THE DEVELOPMENT FUND (ABOUT RM2 BILLION AVERAGE PER YEAR) GONE TO ? Your guess is as good as my dog named Afraid.

    ENOUGH IS ENOUGH ! Vote out Taib and UMNO controlled BN . Vote for Change. Vote Pakatan.

    • $1 Dollar Mansion?

      Wednesday, August 25th, 2010 GMT

      1117 Boylston Avenue, Seattle, USA
      1117 Boylston Avenue, Seattle, USA

      Sarawak Report would like to enquire of Abdul Taib Mahmud how much he paid for the mansion that Samling passed on to his family in Seattle, USA ?

      The residence forms an enormous property, standing in its own grounds in one of the most prestigious area of Seattle on Boylston Avenue East. It was passed from a Samling-owned company to a company now owned by Abdul Taib Mahmud and his family, for just one US dollar in 1991.

      Samling, belonging to the timber tycoon Yaw Teck Seng, is one of the biggest logging concerns in Sarawak. The Chief Minister, Taib Mahmud, controls all the State’s timber concessions.

      Click for King County Assessment Office details
      Details of a very nice property

      City Garden!

      Described as a Top Grade Mansion in ‘very good’ condition by Washington State’s King County Department of Assessments, the property was valued at over US$ 6.8 million in 2008.

      It has 6 bedrooms and 5 main bathrooms and an enormous total living space of 9,020 square feet, plus a basement of 2,120 square feet. The house is surrounded by a large open porch and there is a big basement garage for the car-loving Taib family, plus a second, attached garage. The mansion is surrounded by gracious gardens, kept in manicured condition and the grounds total 26,172 square feet.

      See ex-Samling properties under ‘From Samling to the Taibs‘

      Click for Home Appraisal Document (1996)’ “The Taib home, located at 1117 Boylston Avenue in the community of Seattle…”
      Mysterious acquisition

      Lord and Lady of the Manor

      The property, registered under the company W. A. Boylston Inc (California), has been in the possession of the Taib family since the early to mid-1990s. Family portraits of the Chief Minister, his deceased wife and four sons and daughters as small children, adorn the elaborate rooms.

      They have all spent time in the mansion, which is not occupied by anyone else. The property forms part of the family’s Sakti International Corporation, incorporated in California and currently managed by Hisham (Sean) Murray, the Chief Minister’s son in law, out of his offices at 333 Preston Street, Ontario, Canada.

      However, there is confusion in the Seattle public records as to how the property passed to the Taibs. Sarawak Report has been unable to obtain any clear record of the transfer from one owner to another or, importantly, the register of any payment that would normally be eligible for taxation. We therefore request a statement from the Taibs to explain the situation.

      Gracious living
      The Samling connection

      However, Sarawak Report has managed to clearly establish that before passing to the Taibs the house was owned by another California corporation called CSY Investments, set up in 1988. CSY acquired the property in 1991 and then registered it under subsidiary company called W. A. Boylston Inc.

      CSY are the initials of Chee S Yaw, who signs himself as the company’s President in documents which are publicly available at the King County Land Registry. Significantly, Mr Yaw is one of the younger sons of Yaw Teck Seng, founder of the massive logging conglomerate Samling Global. Yaw Teck Seng is regularly featured in Forbes Asia’s Rich List of Malaysia’s top 40 richest individuals, as does his eldest son, Yaw Chee Ming, establishing them one of the richest families in Asia.

      Chee Siew Yaw – Son of Samling Boss

      Our revelation comes with poor timing for the Chief Minister of Sarawak. Earlier this week Samling made international headlines when the Norwegian Government Pension Fund withdrew all investments in Samling after condemning the company as ’unethical’, owing to illegal logging and environmental devastation in Sarawak. [Click for Norwegian official announcement]

      Abdul Taib Mahumd in his joint capacities as Chief Minister, Finance Minister and State Planning and Resources Minister, has controlled the issuing of Sarawak’s timber licenses for the past 30 years, leaving clear questions over his incentives for favouring such an ‘unethical’ company.

      It is no secret that Samling has based its business success on achieving numerous logging concessions in Sarawak. Over the period of the Chief Minister’s rule, companies operating under his licenses have razed virtually all Sarawak’s valuable virgin forest, much of it taken without compensation from the indigenous peoples who had been granted these territories under Native Customary Land Rights.

      President of CSY (Son of Samling Boss) signs ownership of Boylston Mansion in 1991. When and how did it pass to the Taibs?

      Samling is one of the main companies involved in this destruction and it has used its base in Sarawak to launch similar logging operations in the Congo, Amazon, Russia and elsewhere, many of which have been heavily criticised by concerned NGO’s across the world.
      The US $1 Sale

      Therefore, we repeat the question, how and why did the Chief Minister come by a mansion formally owned by Samling? The only official record available of a transfer of the property in the King County Land Registry from CSY is the granting of a so-called Quit Claim Deed for just one dollar! This transaction on 19th September 1991 placed the property into the subsidiary company W. A. Boylston Inc. W. A. Boylston had been incorporated in California a few days earlier on September 5th by CSY and its registered address was given as 2260 Douglas Boulevard, Roseville, which was the Headquarters of CSY.


      CSY and Boylston then immediately filed a joint letter to the King County Real Estate and Excise Tax Department declaring ‘under penalty of perjury’ that W. A. Boylston was a wholly owned subsidiary of CSY Investments, thereby making the Quit Claim transaction exempt from excise tax.

      However, our investigations have shown that there is no subsequent record in the Land Registry of the later transfer of ownership of W. A. Boylston from CSY (Samling) to the Taibs. According to rules published by King County such a transfer would normally require the payment of thousands of dollars of excise tax.
      Proof of Taib ownership

      Despite the lack of open records, Sarawak Report is able to confirm that there is definitive proof that the Taibs did take over the property from Samling’s CSY. In fact they took up residence as the effective owners not long after the property was placed in the hands of the CSY subsidiary W. A. Boylston. Rahman Taib had an insurance assessment drawn up in 1996 (see above).

      Portraits of the Taib family adorn the house. The family were in residence from at least the mid-90s

      Furthermore, a significant alteration was made to the company’s official address and official representative in 2000. In that year W. A. Boylston’s annual Statement by a Domestic Stock Corporation to the State of California noted a change of address to that of the headquarters of Sakti International (the property company, which Sarawak Report has recently proved to be majority owned by the Chief Minister). Likewise, the company representative was altered from a CSY official to Rahman Taib, the Chief Minister’s younger son.
      How much did it cost?

      Sarawak Report therefore wishes to ask once more,whether Mr Taib paid the going rate of over $3 million for the house at that time to Samling for the purchase of the house? If so, how did the Chief Minister (salary approx MR 50,000 per month) find the money?

      If, on the other hand he acquired it for free, then readers of Sarawak Report will be entitled to conclude that the mansion was a kickback from Samling, as a favour in return for all the logging concessions granted to them by the Chief Minister. They would also be entitled to ask whether the United States tax authorities have received all the money they are due.

      Mansion No 2 – 2222 Everett Avenue, Seattle

      By the way there is a second Seattle Mansion!

      If the Boylston mansion was indeed a ‘gift’ from Samling to the Chief Minister, then one cannot expect such a thing to be done by halves. Indeed, a second, equally gracious and prestigious mansion has also found its way from the Yaws to the Taibs in Seattle, by what would appear to be exactly the same route.
      W. A. Everett Inc

      2222 Everett Avenue East, worth $2,854,000 at its peak value in 2008, was also originally purchased by the Yaws. It was then registered under another California corporation, W. A. Everett Inc, set up on the same day as W. A. Boylston (5th September 1991). W. A. Everett Inc is likewise listed as a subsidiary of CSY in the King County Land Registry. This mansion also ended up in the hands of the Taibs.

      Choice view – Seattle Sky Line

      The property is smaller with four bedrooms and bathrooms, but has famously sought after views over the City.

      Sarawak Report understands that the Taibs have mainly rented it out over the past two decades, but as with Boylston, the only information about a transfer of ownership of the company from Samling to the Taibs comes with an identical change of address and officers in 2000, from the CSY address in Roseville to Rahman Taib, at Sakti International’s Headquarters in San Francisco. This leaves very many questions about how the Taibs have acquired their wealth. It is time for transparency.

  2. Jabu never learned. One day he will open his eyes, but it was too late. He will be fall down with Taib. Taib jump, he jump.

  3. Betul ka tidak sokongan 71/71?? (100% support)

    Sebelum mesyuarat banyak yang merungut.(YB juga ahli)

    Dalam mesyuarat 71/71 DIAM DIRI.

    Selepas “mesyuarat” seorang saja yang mengistiharkan sokongan 71/71 sokong.

    Hebat betul!!!!!

    But why in d pust plasse mengadakan “Mesyuarat menyokong”.

    Pelik tapi benar.

    Dunia dunia

  4. Because of all the corrupted money and power Taib has maintained, so all his corrupted cronies will definitely pledge to continue his corrupted leadership so they all can continue to share the bloody cold blooded loots…so all of the same smell will stay together to be smelly for as much time they can…

    May be SUPP is waking up from all these and deciding a last and desperate survival route after realizing all the PLANNED ATTACKS BY PRS & MR. MASING ,challenges by DAP and sidelining by PBB the big brother; and after all these fucking years being BULLIED, we believe all SUPP have answer in their minds and hearts (if they still have had). All are TOO LATE to repair the damage they have ignored

    However, things may change and in a few more days you will see the great President George & his SUPP men and women throwing words of full and hearty support to their beloved CM Taib in all Sarawak dailies and national papers….CHEERS

  5. Sarawakians will not be hookwinked into supporting SUPP as an Opposition at state level but pro BN at federal level. This means SUPP elected ADUNs will have to be acting like they are attacking Taib and his wicked policies during DUN meeting and then hide behind the DUN toilets to shake hands with BN ADUN and perhaps collecting their contract papers and development funding in the toilets too.

    • Ha.Ha.Ha..Lee Hui , good one ! I can see writings all over the toilet of the DUN where SUPP boys will secretly meet their partners in BN. SUPP is already irrelevant and will not sway any supports toward the party with a change in heart by party leaders and a change in party policy. Like it or not SUPP will sink together with the rest of BN components and Taib Mahmud to the bottom of the south china sea.

  6. George Chan says SUPP is still with BN and a friend of PBB unless…..UNLESS WHAT??

    a) UNLESS Taib the thief minister share 30% of his loot with George Chan?

    b) UNLESS Taib Mahmud steps down as the thief minister of Sarawak?

    c) UNLESS Taib Mahmud who refuses to steps down but allows SUPP to contest in as many seats as they wish?

    Mr George Chan, face up to the fact that you too have overstayed your welcome and you had been an incompetent and ineffective president of SUPP and as a DCM without power.

    You can talk to Najib and Taib till the cows come home but they will only regard you as a small fish bone stuck in their throats. At the same time you have brought shame and belittle all the members of SUPP.

    The best advice that the rakyat can give you is for you to resign as president of SUPP and as the ADUN for N63 Piasau and at the same time for you to challenge Taib Mahmud and Alfred Jabu to step down as thief minister and deputy thief minister together with you.

  7. When will SUPP throw their 101% support from toes to heads so that their beloved CM stay on throne…hu hu ha ha…how do you escape and exclude themselves from the BALL POLISHING TEAM of BN Sarawak?

    Or there is a calm before the storm? Or may be George has to consult Feng Shui Master for a good and lucky date to announce something, and that something at the end turns out to be the same old stale story….

  8. George Chan says SUPP is still with BN and is friendly to PBB unless…. Malaysians in Sarawak want to know the answer, “UNLESS WHAT ?”

    a) UNLESS the thief minister of Sarawak Taib Mahud would share 30% of his loot with George Chan?

    b) UNLESS Taib steps down as the thief minister of Sarawak?

    c) UNLESS Taib who does not want to step down but allow SUPP to contest in as many seats as they wish?

    George Chan can talk to Najib and Taib until the cows come home but he is now regarded as nothing more than a small fish bone stuck in their throats. Moreover his action will ridicule his party and belittle his comrades and members in the party.

    The fact remains that George Chan has also overstayed his welcome together with Taib Mahmud and Alfred Jabu and Sarawakians advise for George Chan is to resign from SUPP for being an incompetent and ineffective president of SUPP and resign as an ADUN for N63 Piasau for being a DCM with no ministerial power. George should then challenge Taib Mahmud and Alfred Jabu to step down as well as thief minister and deputy thief minister together with him.

  9. SUPP-ORT—Support, 101% support from SUPP and Georgie to the lanun of PBB and head, why not? for fear to be lonely outside the door of BN warm house…left isolated in the cold wind and rain, dont know where to go, SO, just come back and knock on the door and beg for little pity from old man with forgiveness

    But you are on a dead road, your seats are ready to be replaced, not only by PR also by BN internal and your dear friend parties who wish you the best to close business

  10. RM 78 million from Sarawak’s Sewers – Taibs’ Shitload of profit!

    Thursday, September 9th, 2010 GMT

    It has emerged that Abdul Taib Mahmud and his family have conducted a massive raid on the public funding for Kuching’s new sewerage system.

    Figures show that out of a total 530 million ringgit handed out from taxpayers’ money to pay for the project, a staggering 78 million ringgit has been siphoned off by the Taib family and a crony company called Nishimatsu Construction (Nishimatsu’s parent company is currently being prosecuted in Japan in connection with a massive bribery and corruption scandal).

    The theft is just the latest example of the so-called ’skimming’ of publicly funded projects by using bogus sub-contracts, which has become a standard form of abuse in Sarawak under Taib. Critics have condemned it as the crudest possible form of corruption.

    ”Even a child could understand what is going on”, complained one outraged opposition figure last week, “the only reason Taib gets away with it is because he would sack any newspaper editor who dared to print what is going on. If the people knew the extent of it, the billions he has stolen in this way, they would be marching in fury!”.

    Skimming using bogus sub-contracting is now standard practice in Sarawak

    The method of theft is indeed astonishingly simple and the Chief Minister, Abdul Taib Mahmud, has made it common practice during his thirty years rule over the State of Sarawak. First he abuses his position of power by placing a project in the hands of a company run by an unqualified member of his own family or a friend. Then the crony sub-contracts the project to another company that is capable of doing the job, but for far less than the original amount. This way the Taibs pocket the difference.

    ‘Businesswoman’ – Raziah Mahmud

    In the case of the Kuching Sewerage System, therefore, it came as little surprise to insiders when it was announced on 30th September 2008that the Chief Minister had awarded the 530 million ringgit contract to a consortium of three companies that included Kumpulan Construction, which is run by his sister, Raziah Mahmud. She and Taib’s brother Onn own 87.5% of the shares in the company.

    So what does Raziah Mahmud know about building a public sewerage system?

    Kumpulan construction reportedly has no construction equipment and Raziah Mahmud is not qualified to build a modern sewerage system. In fact, her meteoric ‘business career’ developed shortly after Taib Mahmud became Chief Minister, when numerous public contracts started coming the way of companies suddenly started up by herself and other Taib family members.

    Onlookers point out that Raziah Mahmud has only developed one area of evident expertise, which is her ability to rapidly sub-contract projects which have been handed to her by her brother. Thus, on 21st October 2008, less than a month after the original government contract was awarded to the consortium of Kumpulan Construction, Nishimatsu Construction and Hock Seng Lee Bhd (HSL) it was further announced by HSL that the project had now been sub-contracted to them alone, but at the much reduced sum of 452 Million Ringgit. This leaves 78 million ringgit unaccounted for in the hands of the other two companies, Kumpulan and Nishimatsu.

    Unsavoury business partner?

    Ichiro Ozawa – Japanese opposition leader forced to resign over Nishimatsu funding scandal. Who next?

    Sarawak Report would therefore like to know how the missing 78 million ringgit was divided between Raziah Mahmud and the Japanese-owned Nishimatsu Construction Co?

    Nishimatsu Construction hit the headlines last year when the Japanese authorities arrested its Chairman for operating a I billion Yen slush fund, which he admitted he had used to make bribes to gain foreign contracts and to make illegal political donations. The scandal forced the resignation of the Japanese opposition leader Ichiro Ozawa.

    Therefore, it is only fair to demand a clear explanation of the relationship between Nishimatsu and the Taib family and to ask what work could have been carried out by Kumpulan/Nishamatsu during this three week period that could have merited a payment of what is around US $25 million?

    If such enquiries have brought a top political resignation in Japan, what might a proper investigation produce in Sarawak?

    Taibs’ long-standing ties with Nishimatsu

    Nishimatsu admitted paying 400 million yen bribe to build this water tunnel in Thailand. What was the deal in Sarawak?

    Our researches have further shown that the Kuching Sewerage project is just one of several large-scale public construction projects that have been handed in much the same way to the same consortium of Kumpulan Construction, Nishimatsu Construction and HSL.

    Since Raziah’s take-over of Kumpulan in June 1986 (up to which point it was a dormant company) the projects awarded to the same three companies have included the 40,000 seat outdoor stadium at Petra Jaya worth RM105 million and The Senari Deepsea Port valued at RM160 million.

    Unfortunately for the public purse however, the level of profit that Kumpulan has been able to register from these major ventures has been minimal, according to figures obtained from the Register of Companies. For example, in 1991 a turnover of MR8.5 million produced only MR 249,474 in profits and in 1991 a turnover of MR 5,811,443 produced profits of just MR 23,451. In fact for five of the years between 1986 and 1998 the company actually registered a loss for tax purposes.

    How much went to Taib himself?

    Given that Sarawak Report has now established that Taib family members operate a system of secretly holding shares in their companies in trust for the Chief Minister (see Unmasked – Taib the Godfather, Sarawak Report), the people of Sarawak can assume that in fact a large chunk of the money skimmed off from the sewerage project has gone straight into Taib’s own foreign bank accounts.

    Wealth – Raziah and her family pose in their sumptuous surroundings

    The vast ‘cut’ taken by the Chief Minister’s family for this project means that either the people of Sarawak have paid MR 78 million too much for the job in the first place, or that the contract is now short of money and will be inadequately carried out.

    Worringly, the most likely answer is a combination of both, meaning the people of Kuching have paid too much money for a sub-standard sewerage system purely in order to further enrich the Taib family.

    Reform of the system could immediately be carried out by returning to the conventional system of open tendering for public contracts, which is the globally-accepted method of preventing fraud of this nature and is supported by the main opposition parties in Sarawak.

  11. Wong Soon Koh, Raziah Mahmud said she does not need to possess any technical know-how or obtain any licence from your ministry or from you to do any infrastructure works funded by his brother’s government such as the Kuching Sewerage Project. It is time for you to quit SUPP to sell kampua mee and for George Chan to sell dog meat.

  12. Based on Mata Kuching information, we can further assume that CM White is not willing to go off as there are still many they can plunder from Sarawak land, people and offices

    You know “Dracula” will suck dry the victim blood before he flies off…same theory same story

    Wong Soon Koh, WHAT SAY YOU??? beside jumping upon DAP office in Sibu, what more can you do??

  13. Jabu is forever like that……could not understand frying his level best to bullock TM at all costs. TM exists abs survives due to these Iban leaders. Do you remember when they amend section 5(2) Sarawak Land Code, all the Iban representatives from PBB, PBDS or SUPP and SNAP all agreed with TM. All thse YBs must be replaced….berubah. Get new generation IBans who dare to fight.

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