“Have You Read…??”

Stop right now…..!!!!!!

Dont even think you just need to scroll down and read any further. What have you just seen.? What is in your mind.? What have you just decided to do?

Umm.. its just rubbish coming out from the blogsphere and its nothing to shout about. Its the same all tricks which any one caught in a writers time warp will use. Just counting 1 to 10 or gazing into the blank wall would not help the writer.

The shit has hit the fan,The natural disasters,floods,volcano eruptions,earthquakes and major catastrophes around the world has made the people of the world worried. Change is inevitable and People will be fearful for their future if the signs are taken as obvious yardsticks for a better tomorrow.

Governments around the world are bending to the needs of the people and before long Malaysians will need to address the same phenomena. The Mark Choices of the Ballot papers will be determine not by the coalition partners that are in existence now but by WHO will be CHOSEN To represent the people.

The signs are very clear. The people not only can read but they can also see. The signs are too glaring. Throughout Malaysia no place is too treacherous where no living souls cannot reach.

Much has been said about the BN ruling over 50 years and the opposition wanting to wrestle to have a hand in managing and administering the country. Anything can happen now and no one peoples representative BN/PR can even think that he can make it to the next round of elections.

The people will know and if they so decide nothing in the world can stop them from not wanting to overthrow a rogue/dishonest/unreliable/lazy/self centred/YB or MP.

It has been often directed to them now more than ever that the next round of elections the people will have made up their own minds to choose. The customer services sector of Maxis/Digi/Celcom or the Different Brands of Hotels available is a good indicator. We not only have the Sheratons,Hiltons,Novotels to choose from.

The Peoples representative or assemblyman just need to look over their shoulders. The people have a choice. BN/PR or independant is theirs to make. Why Maxis/Digi/Celcom is that if the customer services or the aftersales  service of  ANY of these three major companies are not satisfactory the people will opt for the next bests to the one they will be satisfied with.

Its after all becoming like a market out there for the people to choose. The BN and PR coalitions have their weaknesses and the people will be able to pick up and mark on their wish lists. The fence sitters which many political analysts are saying will determine the swing of the votes is a THING OF THE PAST.

Read my lips…..”Thing of the Past” Do I need to tell you why..?? You just look around your own environment and see what you have which the other person doesnt and you will know what and how the people will vote.

Lets just give you a CLUE..Fooled you but you continued reading..Hmmm”



7 thoughts on ““Have You Read…??”

  1. Malaysians have generally stopped reading and especially stopped reading all the crabs churned out by main stream media. 1Malaysia expounded by Najib to try to win back support for UMNO dominated BN has become 1DesperateMalaysia. People have literally lost confidence and faith in our institutions like Judicial, MACC, PDRM and are fed-up with that daily state of affairs which BN government has done nothing to address the declining FDI, brain drain,deteriorating standards in higher education,low income economy, mismanagement of tax-payers money through investments in GLCs, corruptions, eradication of hard core poor in most parts of East Malaysia.

    MACC ‘s boss has yet to tender his resignation when it was obvious that the Najib’s administration is not in favour of investigating Taib Mahmud despite several corruption reports supported by evidence been lodged against Taib. And all the stooges had supposedly pledged their undivided support for the thief minister to rob, plunder and rape Sarawak for another 20 years.

    Do we still need to read government controlled media and television? From Lundu to Lawas, the rakyat will start a revolution to overthrow Taib and BN. Malaysians from Sarawak and Sabah will stand and be counted to defeat UMNO hegemony.

  2. Ronnie u are correct. however all is not right also in Pakatan more so though BN. what audie61 is saying is that be whoever the YB form which political divide the first thing is that they must know what their priorites are and are not so high and mighty. Correct me if I am wrong as this blog does get my head spinning at times as it is very witty.

  3. Not only people are fed up reading local malaysian papers, they too are no more interested sitting down in front of the several TVs….fed up with the news , fed up with the programs and the movies too

    People are so fed up to an extent that they keep the TV switched on power and most of the time without one watching the TVs….

    People not only fed up, also confused by current political and governmental issues as you are only reading all ONE-SIDE STORIES

    People fed up also feeling ashamed of the politic related happenings in the country, and many have missed very much those years of Malaysia’s prosperity and harmony………and the pride being a Malaysian. WHAT HAVE GONE WRONG??????

    Local newspapers also very concerned about who the famous actors having extra-marital affairs, which female stars are pregnant or have miss-carriaged..etc etc…who are changing husbands or having more than husbands…etc etc

    1 Ringgit worth of a newspapers you have not even 1 sen worth of reading value

    Why??? All newspapers are political related and owned by politicians

    • New Dawn (already happen), New Government (comming soon to Sarawak) then all Sarawakian will have New Hope (with GOD blessing). Yes. CHANGE WE MUST!

  4. What is the greates and hot issue or most talked-about in all local dailies? Actually is not something NEW to be carried on the NEW-S-PAPER, all that is about wanting the White Croc to stay ruling and robbing the state

    Look like 99% of state people were crying learning the news the Croc wished to step down….and PRS Masing was the first to wet his towel and followed by all PBBs from trunk to branches and leaves

    DO YOU BELIEVE? or all these are CARI MAKAN?

  5. Every branch leaders and YBs for BN contituencies are desperately trying to out score one another by sending in Memorandum with as many signatures as possible to assured the white crocodile as he is fondly known that he is still needed and wanted. Almost all of them organised their own mini carnival, offering food, music, transport to get the curious to attend their function so as to get as many signatures of support. How pathetic and desperate these self serving leaders in BN.

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