PR/BN”Who are the Ghosts..??”

With so much information thrown about into the cyberworld nothing surprises us anymore. Are all the information factual or stirring up the people for the benefits of the political masters and parties concerned.

The platform of the internet and social blogs gives everyone and anyone a space to upload just about anything. However those who hide behind and try to stay anonymous will soon findout that their days are numbered.

There is so much the Government of the day can take and surely the authorities concerned will need to take the necesary actions. There are so many internet blogs which are putting stories,articles,allegations,accusations up to STIR UP THE EMOTIONS OF THE PEOPLE . Though it is good to be informed of malpractises,corruption,nepotism and all the white collar crimes but most rumours will start from some hyped up blogs.

If the blogs dares to publish the articles in the cyber world why can’t or wouldn’t they be daring enough to own up. Who will be so stupid though to give up their identity just like that says a political analysts.? In that case it seems that the authoritites concerned will soon be having the cyber troopers checking up on ths sites with anonymous names/withheld identities to own up or face the wrap.

THEY CAN BE GHOSTS BUT for How Long..?? Even Ghosts would not like to be wandering spirits do they..? Got you thinking right…!!

If the government/authorities concerned were to follow the olden days of governance the academicians,intellectual thinking minds,political extremists and bloggers included would not even live to FIGHT ANOTHER DAY..

Would you like to live in this world or a world where factual news and not overhyped sensitive news are played up. The PM Najib did say,”we must use alternative media responsibly” He has a blog and he also uses twitter and the PM condones irresponsible individuals who are all out to harm the country for their own personal gains or enhance their own blogging reputations.

Will millions of HITS be enough to satisfy the GHOSTS..? Maybe we need to burn RED candles for them..

You tell me as I have no jurisdiction over their minds and their hands. The Ghosts will obviously have the final say and it is up to those who receive the news via the internet or word of mouth to verify and ensure the news/rumour/speculative content.

The Propaganda can be very damaging and it is hope that genuine bloggers do not just reposts the “GHOSTS ARTICLES” to elevate their own sites. Each individual blog has their own character and personality and that is why at the end of the day the people will judge for themselves. The internet portals will also do well to check some of their cyber journalists stories and try to be more professional in their approach. They  say’ In journalism you have to get both sides of the stories or else it is just not even worth a dime”  

The GHOSTS days are numbered and even the GATES OF HELL IS OPEN ON A particular day.. 



10 thoughts on “PR/BN”Who are the Ghosts..??”

  1. More or less look like me,sound like me and dont look like me hahahaha. Interesting read and this goes to show those also in facebook and they dont even dare to put their own faces. Scared might as well forget it and dont bother to join in the socialblog.Are their faces too ugly or are they GHOSTS.?

  2. Remember Najib made a trip to India on January 19 2010? Special branch close to Pakatan warned that Najib would be employing 100 Indian IT experts to hack the websites of Pakatan and the alternative media. The secret mission was deferred when the news leaked out. So I guess Najib and UMNO plotters had created enough “discomfort” bordering on religious and racial lines to start cracking on friends and supporters of Pakatan by using his imported cyber troopers from India.

  3. Both BN and PR are despicable thieves likened Robin hood.No matter who run the country make no difference as long as the federal constitutions remains.Bumi-Non-Bumi policy has hampered country growth for decades and created a divided society.

  4. Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen:
    :mrgreen: This month is 7th Month Chinese pay respect n pray to many hungry GHOST outside everywhere n hope that Teoh Beng Hoch,Altantuyas,A.Kugan,Amirul n many innocence death GHOST will haunt down n CURSE all those KILLERS cum MURDERERS until all ‘fulat @ latfu’
    Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen:

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