“SUPP Supremo Back from Leave”

The President of SUPP George Chan is back according to the information service department officers. The man helming the party has landed in Kuching enroute to Miri after taking his official leave. All the speculations,rumours of leaving BN and the deafening silence will be answered. Will it..??



19 thoughts on ““SUPP Supremo Back from Leave”

  1. In the worse case scenerio, SUPP will disassociate itself from Taib Mahmud but will not leave BN. What will that imply? How will Taib redistribute SUPP’s traditional seats among PBB, PRS and SPDP since SUPP wanted to go “independent” and contest in as many seats as they wish. Then SUPP will say that for the sake of unity they decided to stay and pledge their support for Najib and 1Malaysia. Like UMNO which is losing support by the days, SUPP has obviously run out of script too to convince the rakyat and Chinese that there is no viable alternative.

    Sarawakians will have the final say..UMNO controlled BN government must go. Time to change. Enough is Enough.

  2. Its not SUPP that the chinese dont like its the circumstances of the land leases and other factors which swept DAP to more seats than they can ever imagine. SUPP being beaten and hospitalised or put in ICU will need to wake up to the reality and consolidate,work togehter and find ways to win back the peoples trust. There is no one clear cut solution and DAP seems to be using issues which are presently relevant to hit out at SUPP. The supremo who has asked his members and colleagues to ensure restrain has somewhat won over some of the Chinese voters back. It remains to be seen how GC works his magic if he still remembers what his MAGIC is.

  3. Phyllis, there is no more magic left in George Chan, Taib Mahmud or Jabu. Their heinous crimes together in plundering and squandering the state and Sarawakians had gone too deep. The rural and coastal poor were not the only pawns of BN but also the ordinary members and supporters of BN components. They had also been taken for a ride and that ride for Taib, Jabu and George has come to an end and their supporters were left feeling stupid and helpless. Throughout Sarawak the BN branches were told to gather for a photo session albeit a small group to rally behind Taib and that the press will flavour the reports to the likings of Taib’s ears.

    The end is imminent for Taib and BN Sarawak. BN is finally meeting its waterloo in Sarawak and Sabah will take the cue from us.

    • Nothing to do with magic, the people are just sick and tired of the abuses and the majority are getting poorer whilst the elites gets richer!

      Thanks to the internet, more and more truths are being exposed and it is painting a very clear bleak picture for if we do not take action now, it can only spell doom for us, our children and the future generations.

      So people, we deserve whatever crap we shall face inevitably in the near future if we continue to do nothing.

      Wake up and smell the shit!

  4. Wong Soon Koh was the one who had been misleading the people of Sibu. If he has no authority to issue licence for dredging he should keep his fucking mouth shut and explore Wong Ho Leng’s suggestion to collect revenue from the dredging contractors instead. Why must the government need proof that in Selangor and Penang, contractors issued with the dredging licence had to pay the respective Pakatan government. Was it so difficult to understand that the dredging contractors given the licence can actually sell the sand that they dig and dredge?

    If Wong Soon Koh had decided not to issue the dredging licence to Wong Ho Leng, he can still advertise for contractors in Sarawak to submit their applications to dredge based on Wong Ho Leng’s suggestions. Now who is bluffing and not willing to give up their piece of negotiated cake without tender and without having to pay the government a cent as well? People of Sibu and Sarawak are not easily fooled by SUPP and BN any more.

  5. The unfair Bumi-Non-Bumi Policy make M’sians more divided than ever.Has the govt treated all equally and fairy.Touch your hearts and make your stance .Who are playing racism and which races are being marginalise ?.The whole world know you BN.

    • As a Muslim I have no problem sitting in a non halal shop. As a Muslim I have no problem going to Church or Temple to attend a wedding or funeral. As a Muslim I have no problem reading more to understand about other faiths. As a Muslim I welcome non Muslims to visit our suraus and mosques. As a Muslim I am happy that non Muslim share the same God whom we call Allah. I have no problem with all these because I am not an extremist and hypocrite from UMNO.

      • My Chinese friend who converted to Muslim few years ago celebrated both Chinese New Year and Hari Raya eventfully every year with thousands of visitors from both sides.It’s common here muslims and non-muslims operating eateries together in Sarawak but not in the west.Ibrahim Ali should come to Sarawak to see with his own eyes.It’s true Sarawak is the real example of 1 Malaysia.Inter marriages which are popular here further enhance the relationships among all races.

      • AR, you are Allah/God fearing Muslim. I believe the majority of Muslims are decent people like yourself, not the ULtra-UMNO or the UMNO alter-ego type.

  6. Whatever they do is useless now as far as SUPP is concerned. At Betong, instead of helping SUPP, Jabu is undoing what SUPP claim to have fought for in land matters.

    With less NCR Land to be taken, Jabu now eye chinese leasehold land in Betong.

    Unless BN is voted out or denied two thirds majority, god wonders what your future generations have left.

    There is money to be made in Sand with Kapit / Sibu road and Long Lama / Miri Riad.

    WHL is right in the sense that RM30 million should not be granted at all.

    How I wish I was at DAP office to rebuff WSK and fXXX him like what Namewee did in his “Nah” Video.

    Doubt if WSK can beat me in a debate!

  7. Ho :oops: Ho :oops: Ho :oops:
    :oops: B-eNd lost the Internet war n now use their very :evil: tactics to SHUT as many media,blogs peoples MOUTH as posible n that is call FREEDOM of SPEECH :oops:
    Ho :oops: Ho :oops: Ho :oops:

  8. Why waste much times talking about useless old guy who is No 1 crony of Taib.Those who think that SUPP will pull out from BN are stupid with shallow thinking.He will stay till his last breath lah.

  9. SUPP and its leaders can choose not to attend Taib Mahmud funeral but being part of the BN government it cannot choose not to attend a government function as important as Merdeka Day or Malaysia Day celebrations.

    It has to make it stance crystal clear as to whether it is still with BN. It cannot claim to be still with BN and yet boycott government official functions. It shows SUPP has no principle and commitment both to its partners and it had also betrayed the trust of the people it was supposed to serve by not condemning Taib Mahmud for looting the wealth of Sarawak and its people.

  10. Absolutely correct kpt99, it’s yet another stupid sandiwara from this bunch of self serving, greedy self praise no praise desperate old farts in supp!

    This whole episode says a lot about the next generation of supps as well, they just go along and play along supporting this stupid sandiwara in silence whilst the public gets ever more fed up and sicken by it! It can only insult the public’s intelligence even more!

    To cap off, the public is yet again treated to another side show from wong su ku’s dismal attempt at discrediting Wong Ho Leng with regards to the sibu flood problem. wong suku has shown how suku he is through his actions effectively saying he didn’t looked into the problem (as he wants WHL’s report), he couldn’t solve the problem as he insisted on WHL giving Dap’s report to him and therefore, shouldn’t be in charged!

    Wong suku, the fact that you walked out of DAP’s office only after 11-15mins just goes to show, you’re a stupid ass for going there in the first place. What did you hope to achieve by going instead of putting more effort in looking into a solution for the problem?

    Don’t you know you are in government and therefore, it’s your job to solve the problem for the sibu folks and not the responsibility of the opposition!

    So what’s the point of having the likes of you in government? We, the public didn’t put you there to push blame onto others, to play tai chi ok! You think we stupid kah?

    Therefore, supp has again succeeded in achieving yet another new low in stupidity and has time and time again, without fail make the public laugh at how stupid they can get! wong suku has managed to make unggah look stupid as well for showing up to the photo op which was published in local dailies recently!

    Message to georgy boy:

    Look old man, you have a lot and it’s time to retire gracefully! Do something good for the people by resigning and force a by-election in your constituency before the big one and maybe the public will forgive you when you fall from grace.

    Even chin peng before he died wanted to come home and when you’re in your golden years, it won’t be about money, position or power, it’s about being able to live peacefully in retirement and die at home in peace without being spat at or frowned upon by the people in your late years!

    Maybe this question will enlighten supp somewhat:

    “Give one good reason why the people should support any of you in supp in the coming election.”

    Reasons why not:

    1) land issue – hahaaa no need to say much here, just this, trying is not good enough, if you cannot make positive change in the interest of the people, means you are useless and ineffective, therefore, no point voting for you!;

    2) peoples interest – does supp even know what it means to act in the interest of the people and being yes men only to taib is definitely NOT! And besides, look at song swee guan, the peoples perception is that even your own high flyer of the past is neglected by supp what to say we ordinary people!;

    3) your own supp supporters – why would any supporters ‘help’ without any returns or benefits to them? people supports the opposition because they fight for and stand up to the draconian, unjustice practices of the bee eng gomen and thats ‘return’ enough for the public and is the very reason why more of the opposition will be put into office! Not ‘yes men’!;

    4) taib’s support – ya whatever! He wants some of your supp bumi seats for pbb as if you don’t know!;

    5) supp bumi members – yeah right again, they see you as only self serving and look at jitam’s law suit, he was a former supp assistant minister wasn’t he? Don’t you think no.4 above carries more weigh now!;

    6) supp – your next generation also same like you old farts, a cut from the same cloth so people do no need another 30 years of your crap! Advice to lily yong, alfred yap, stay retired you were kicked out in case you have forgotten!
    Don’t humiliate yourselves by running in the next election!

    So bye bye supp, yet few more old farts of yours to be kicked out of office and still born for your young supps in the next state election!

  11. Wong Songkok is playing others as fools. He thinks he can fool others especially Sibuans by putting pressure on DAP-WHL…why all these fucking years he has been in total IMPOTENT state regarding all issues afftecting Sibu, Sarawak and his own race the Chinese

    Putting his handsome face in full pages of the majority Chinese newspapers does not mean he is doing something useful to solve the problem. He may dare banging the table at DAP office, would he do the same in the Dewan Negri if things are not right by BN Sarawak?

    SUPP, you are finishing your run very soon with the ploy by BN-Internal & Co-BN party planning to attack all your given constituencies, and with DAP ready to bulldoze more of your fortresses. You should have more information regarding what is happening but if you leave it to your stupid and coward head, you are heading the end road and soon will be Sarawak Useless People Party. CURE YOUR ILLNESS NOW OR PREPARE YOUR FUNERAL- SUPP

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