“Loyalty Betrayal”

In politics there has always been “The Truth of Inconveniece’ There are many things which should not be hung for public viewing and in mosts cases it will be swept and covered literally.

The trusts of the chief executive of the state upon his fellow colleagues to abide within the boundaries of the law should never be questioned. But when ones term of office is nearing the end and cracks are seemingly visible there will be some who will suddenly be seizing upon the opportunity to be “turncoats”

In the case of Sarawak and Sabah CM in the past few months the people who both of them trusted are beginning to look elsewhere and has begun to show their true colours. They had FAITH in the very institution they believe in and for mosts of them “survival’ means to disclose the acts of their present paymasters and maybe they might just even escape being strunged up with a noose on their necks.These are mostly for their SELFISH ENDS or a big paycheck.

The dirty world of politics does not take any prisoners. Most legislators would have to stand out and be counted. There is also NO SUCH THING AS BEING LOYAL. It doesn’t take much for any one to figure how the opposition or the MACC get hold of the official or secret documents. Most of the people involved would just cut FLAK in order to live to fight another day.

The present Chief Minister of Sarawak and Sabah are facing their toughest battle but they are both very useful and commands respect due to the present political scenario. The ones who has so far been seen to betray the loyalty of both of them will soon be FLUSHED OUT.

The detractors will know that there is only one hiding place for them to feel safe. Figure this one out yourself. Until both of the CMs get a new mandate from the people of Sarawak and Sabah with overwhelming majority and confidence the act of betrayal will still rear its ugly head.

BN and Pakatan leaders are watching both these states with eagles eyes and ready to pounce at the slightest opportunity which presents itself. LDP Sabah now is beginning to show its colours against Musa while certain factions within SUPP are not too happy with Taib. The faith shown by PMNajib to these two under attack CMs has been very clear. He will not betray both of them for the benefit of the some opportunists within the coalition itself.

The BN and in fact Pakatan are playing the same tune that they will stick and swim with the loyalists instead of those who play to the tune and sound of “A Betrayer’ The undercovers also have their shelflife and those who show their colours especially with “Loyalty Brand ” will be the toss of the people and the parties concerned.

So who amongst the ones in Sarawak and Sabah will earn the Tag of a loyalists. So who will be the betrayer.



14 thoughts on ““Loyalty Betrayal”

  1. Ronnie says:

    Taib Mahmud has betrayed the trust and mandate of Sarawakians who had voted BN into power. For that he must quit and face the music ! He has no more moral integrity left in him to remain a day longer than he should. Until he returns all the loots he stole from the people and Sarawak all the haj he performed cannot save his soul.

  2. Minda Mandol says:

    If everyone throughout Malaysia knows what Taib had done so bad to S’wakians I just don’t understand what n why S’wak YBs r supporting that Taib must stay to be S’wak’s CM. This conclude that all these Ybs cordone bad habits n immorality. Should we S’wakians vote all these YBs from BN come the PRN10? Seem that all YBs r yes..yes…yes YBs.

  3. sarawakiana says:

    The plotters or schemers better watch their backs as the knives and axes are coming your way. its the last straw and both the CMs are not too fond of those who are double faced. Its a question of survival and audie61 we really admire what you have written.

  4. bei soo lang says:

    The people of Malaysia has become just like many of the silly Americans.They would fight to save the life of a sick baby monkey rather tha the thousands of sick Red Indian babies in their backyard.
    Fong Vui Kong is a drug trafficker who may make millions from the misery of drug addicts.These drug addicts will become snatch thieves and prostitudes to feed their drug addiction habit.In many places innocent housewives are killed when these drug addicts drag their hand bags from speeding motor cycles.Then the small children would suffer of having no mother.It is all due to drug trafficker like Fong Vui Kong.
    Why are not all these stupid people around Malaysia fighting for the victims of drug abuse? I can take them through the back streets of Kota Kinabalu after 10 pm.Thhere you can see thousands of drug addicts living in misery.May of the young native girls offer sex for 10 dollars just to feed trheir drug habit.
    I am from Kulim,Kedah but I have stayed in Kota Kinabalu for more than 20 years. I am in the hotel IT software business. My 5 star hotel has shown me CCTV of school girls going up and down the hotel for prostitution in order to feed the drug habits of their boy friends.
    It is all due to drug traffickers like Fong Vui Kong.
    He should be hanged to death by his neck according to the laws of the foreign land.If a foreigner should bring drugs to Kota Kinabalu we should hang him too.

  5. Justine says:

    Taib will die alone this time and the wealth he stole will be taken back. His lieutenants will not want to die with him for sure. The wise young Turks in PBB, SUPP, PRS and SPDP will have their own political agenda and will be wise enough to join forces with Pakatan because unlike their beholden party leaders, they have nothing to gain from Taib and from Najib’s UMNO.

  6. Banister says:

    Bumiputras in Sarawak should not allow themslves to be brainwashed by Taib Mahmud any more into believing that with the implementation of SCORE, his biggest scam yet, that all Sarawakians ( I suppose he was refering to your uneducated grandparents, uncles and aunties as well) would increase their level of income substantially and enjoyed a much higher standard of living. This dying white crocodile is a compulsive liar and incorrigible man of Sarawak politics of developing his own families.

    There are more than 200,000 well educated Dayaks and Malays/Melanaus in Sarawak, with more than half of this people who can be said to be living from hands to mouths despite their qualifications and yet all the children, brothers, sisters and cousins of Taib are multi millionaires. Do we have 100 millionaires from each of the various ethnic groups who have benefited from the NEP?

    Stop listening to his lies and vote out all the corrupted leaders in BN. We need change and need to change now.

  7. Anti-Kleptocracy says:

    So many reports about this Kleptocrat old man. But where is MACC…………….???? No where to be seen. Makan gaji buta ker?

  8. Irene kana says:

    Taib Mamud has kept power for 30 years by blatant election rigging says new PKR Leader Baru Bian. The top human rights lawyer, who became party leader in January, says he has amassed evidence pointing to widespread criminal behaviour by the ruling BN coalition parties, designed to pervert the outcome of numerous elections.

    How one Dayak blogger summed it up

    “A whole range of illegal practices have been developed to deny the people of Sarawak their right to free and fair elections” he said, “they include, intimidation, bribery, theft and forgery”.

    PKR leaders have formally reported these problems to the Malaysian Electoral Commission and are demanding that requests by Malaysia’s top legal body, the Malaysian Bar Association, for independent election monitoring, should be obeyed in the up-coming Sarawak State Elections.

    “Such crimes must be investigated and anyone found guilty or assisting in such practices should be severely punished” Bian said. “Time and again the people of Sarawak have been cheated in elections by the very authorities who were charged with ensuring fair play. Nothing can get better in our country until there are free and fair elections. This must remain the priority campaign for everyone in Sarawak” he urged.

    Widespread criticism of BN election fraud in Malaysia

    Baru Bian is being supported in his campaign by Mafrel, the Malaysian Association for free elections and also by Oon Boon Keong of the Malaysian Bar Association, who visited Kuching in February to demand that provisions are put in place to ensure the open monitoring of elections and at the counting stations. The international bodies Transparency International, Amnesty International and Open Society have all condemned the atrocious irregularities and are demanding open and free elections in Sarawak. According to Oon, Sarawak has one of the worst records in the world when it comes to the perversion of elections Malaysia has slipped from 125 to 170 on the world corruption league, as our own government admits. People must campaign for justice in this matter, says Mafrel.

    Click here if you would like to submit your own election-rigging experiences for inclusion in Sarawak Report’s soon to be published ‘BN Election Cookbook’

  9. Octopus says:

    Betrayal of ordinary people

    Thousands of families in Sarawak have been forced from their homes and lands to make way for dams like Bakun, Batang Ai and now Murum. Worse, the promises of compensation and prosperity made to them by the BN state government of Abdul Taib Mahmud have proved worthless. The compensation, when it has been paid, has not been enough even to pay for their new homes, leaving most of these people in debt and unable to afford promised water and electricity. Often the compensation has not even been paid at all!

    Bakun – scene of destruction

    Meanwhile, cronies of Taib Mahmud have plundered the timber from the vast areas of Sarawak’s unique rainforests, which have been destroyed to make way for the dams. None of this profit has been returned to the indigenous people who rightfully owned the land.

    What is behind Taib’s enthusiasm for dams?

    Sarawak now has more than enough dams. Yet Taib Mahmud has nevertheless announced a new financial deal with the Republic of China to create 12 further dams, which will displace hundreds of thousands more native people from their lands and livelihoods and complete the destruction of one of the world’s most valuable and beautiful rainforests.

    Why should he do such a thing when the world knows that Sarawak has no need of more dams? The answer is simple. Mega-projects like dam building are the quickest and easiest way for corrupt ministers to feed the wealth of their country into their own bank accounts. They provide an opportunity for fabulous riches for Taib Mahmud and his family, who will award themselves fat contracts for building the dams out of the billions of ringits that China has now agreed to lend.

    Bakun – a dangerous waste of resources

    The terrible danger to Sarawak

    The dams mean easy wealth for Taib, but how will they leave the rest of the people of Sarawak? Many fear that the dams will be poorly built and burst, sweeping away lands and people. This might be true, but there will be another terrible and more inevitable effect. The millions of ringits that China is lending Sarawak to build these unecessary dams will leave us with a debt that we cannot repay to the world’s fastest growing colonial Empire. China is happy to use its spare dam building capacity and money to extend control over our country, because that will buy our future independence.

    So Long after Taib’s family have escaped with their millions, the people of Sarawak with all its natural resources will be controlled by the Chinese, as we try to pay back the money that Taib has taken.

    Our country, our natural resources and our independence will be handed away to outsiders once again, to pay back money taken by Taib and his cronies to build dams which nobody needed. Can there ever have been greater folly or a greater betrayal of a nation?

    Click here to see details of how Chief Minister Taib Mahmud spends the wealth that he has taken from Sarawak

    Dirty Dams – Click here for the details of how Taib makes money from dams

  10. Jessie says:

    Taib Mamud says, “Only The BN can deliver”. The blatant display of arrogance will continue by this brutal leader of BN Sarawak.All Bumiputras in Sarawak have been made poorer by his systematic squandering and plundering of their NCR and Malay Reserved Land. It is time Bumiputras in Sarawak wake up to the reality that BN government are blood sucking vampires.

    They must be voted out in the coming state election and GE13.

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