PBB “Shaking the Tree”

Believe it or not “Its Happening Again“says a PBB political secretary to audie61. Remember how those who showed as little bit of ambition within PBB were swept away while they hung on the branches of the tree. The likes of Abu Bakar,Leonard Linggi,Rony Assim all paid dearly and were all “COLD SHOULDERED” in PBB. The rests of the casts could not even be found in the history books as they were sent down to the abyss.

Taib under attack from within and outside the BN has not shown anysign of CRACKING. The scale of attacks on his personal wealth,family and other allegations has got him more determined. He has started to get the FOXES out of their HOLES and the assault on Taib has left him with only minor  scars. An aide even said he is in “High Spirits” knowing very well his own party PBB has carried out and followed his simple “tree shaking” concept.

The following weeks and months leading to the State Elections will see who will be standing next to him to carry the fight of PBB to the opposition. PBB has 35 seats and he will pick carefully who will win for the party and he knows that SUPP,PRS and SPDP as alliances in the coalition will be also hard pressed to deliver. 

The SB insider reports that the 2/3rd denial by the opposition is within reach as SPDP5,SUPP’s infighting has not tone down and PRS has 3″grey” areas. In total there will be 25 seats which are winnable by the Pakatan group with PBB surrendering at least 5 seats. {due to unhappiness in PBBs own rank and file} 

The goundswell has given rise to concerns for the Sarawak BN Chairman and he will not chance it going into the State elections. Taib has gone through many battles and this last”war” for him he needs all his able lieutenants and generals to come out unscathed. There is no guarantee but he will ensure that there will not be too many ‘SHOCKWAVES”

The Federal BN Najib will not want to interfere too much as it might just play into the hands of the opposition and even Taib and his Generals. THERE might be a BACKLASH …Najib will need his adminstration to give undivided support to the Sarawak BN or even a sign of unhappiness will seap a crack which will be difficult to patch back. BN will be the wiser to listening to the call of the ruling coalition or they will pay the price in the 13th GENERAL ELECTION.

Taib with 29 years in service will know how to fight one of  his lasts war.No matter what the negative remarks from all those who have seen the man”successful’in this era will anyone be able to ask him”What and How did he do it and remain so long in power.” Dont give me the usual answers. U said “$$$$$$ money but its more than that……..