“Reading the Signs..!!”

Politics is about Perception. The signs for BN now is spiralling very low eventhough many would disagree. If it was “CLEAR SKIES” Sarawak BN Chairman would already have had the “INSPIRATION FOR THE SATURDAY DATE..”

The loss of P212 Sibu  is indeed a blessing says an aide and a political secretary to CM to audie61 . We would not have known what “hit us” if Sibu was a convincing win. Just goes to show that we will be very well prepared and ready to do battle and go all out in the war against Pakatan come the Sarawak State elections.

Without a doubt the people will have the final say but we have been on the ground engaging and trying to address the wrongs and misinformations by the Pakatan group towards us BN. The people will know how to read the signs and we are also very mindful of not misleading the people. 



20 thoughts on ““Reading the Signs..!!”

  1. SIBU-It was for the first time during an election when the honorable Chief Minister was adviced NOT to go for a ground campaign and meet the people due to his “good” image and reputation in the hearts of the people, voters or not. This had sent a complete clear message to him and his cronies that rakyat are turning away from them, frustrated and disappointed. BN is running damned scared.

    Dont forget Sibu was and would not be the ONLY “Waterloo” for BN Sarawak…Despite the strong ability of the Malaysian Government to provide better living for all people in all states, BN Sarawak have chosen the CORRUPTED route to rob and plunder their people….this was the cause, and now is the effect

    We dont mean all BN Sarawak are bad and corrupt, however, a bunch of rotten eggs(or balls) is enough to bring about destruction. All BN have then to pay the price, good example: SUPP – the now Sarawak Useless People Party – impotent of its existance and function

    YES, BN has lost its vision for a good date for the state poll, awaken by SIBU by-election which they can no more enjoy the cheers and glory in the past though having flooded the small city with rain of money and promises. YES, BN is working hard on the ground to preach more lies and cheat

    This round with Taib on the list, surely you will see in-fighting in PBB with bunch of “black-hands” ready to ensure some PBB candidate loosing their seats…

  2. Dear Sarawakians It is TIME for a REVOLUTION ! It is TIME to overthrow UMNO controlled BN’s corrupted regime.It is TIME for Dayaks, Melanaus, Malays, Penans, Chinese and Orang Ulu which form the beautiful people of Borneo to STAND UP and FIGHT the highly corrupted, abusive and authoritarian regime of UMNO controlled BN government with people power.Let us all be united in our resolve to fight corruption and abuses and mismanagement by voting Taib Mahmud and his gang of thieves out. All these corrupted leaders must be severely punished and their ill gotten wealth must be returned to the people and nation.

  3. Najib will meet Taib and discuss FACE 2 FACE !! See any thing Taib can give away, surely all can be arranged and RONDING-LAH !! After all, Sibu tycoons still have gold mines and forest to chop down…therfore NO PROBLEM LAH.
    To stay on the throne, he got to pay the price; to stay on power, he and his gang of LANUN will use all means of hook or crook; to continue robbing the Sarawak people, they are preparing an ALL OUT & FINAL attempt….You Sarawakian will see Ringgit222222 raining heavily on your soil but dont forget that all this Ringgit come out of our blood & sweat.

    The Kingdom-of-the-Pirate is cracking;
    The day is near
    The judgement is awaiting
    The punishment is ready

  4. Generally, the rakyat have been made to believe that PR will be a force to be reckoned with come the next Sarawak election. The rakyat are once again being given a false hope that there is likelihood that PR will form the next government of Sarawak. Tuan-tuan dan puan-puan, I humbly beg to differ. The best scenario case, DAP may probably win all the 15 chinese majority seat of SUPP. BN may win Engkilili and Ngemah from the current independents rep. It will be very difficult to win rural Dayak seats because of logistics superiority of BN. Let say that PR can win Batang Ai, Engkilili, Bukit Bagunan, and Bekelalan, that is only 4 seats. For PBB seats, I would like to take the liberty to say that they will be retained. At best, PR will win 19 out of 71 seats. DAP is contesting in Chinese majority seats and Chinese are not pruned to vote buying. Most probably RM100 per vote is an insult to them. For the rural voters, RM30 or RM50 is the customary amount. Taib who has been reported in some blogs as very wealthy, will certainly make full use of his wealth to win the election. Winning is his life. According to my blog reading, Ibi (Balai Ringin) Dr. Cris (Tebedu), Mexlian (Tasik Biru), Stanley Embat (Layar), Stanley Jugol (Krian)and Baru Bian, seemed to have made early preparation but there is no news for other seats. Another point, if PR is really serious, it should come out with necessary funds to realize its objective to capture Sarawak. If not, we are only dreaming. On the other hand, those who aspire to be candidates must be reasonably strong financially and should not solely rely on assistance from PR. I was reliably informed that in the last election there were some BBS’s candidates which were financially handicapped.Well PR, do something concrete when there is still time. Selamat berjuang and my advice – in love and war everything is fair – and election is a form of war.

    • A sound and reasonable assessment of rural voting trend based on historical challenges for the Opposition. With more people like you, me and many more concerned citizens living in Sarawak who are well informed and getting protective over our rich natural resources, maybe PR needed just another 15% swing in rural votes to its favour. My rural relatives and friends are ready for change and willing to vote for change of government. Certainly PR need to trust one another and be united in its agenda to topple Taib and BN and choose their best candidates. BN Sarawak will be fighting their biggest battle ever and we know very well we cannot take our rural voters for granted and they may well entrust their power to PR.

    • We all know that BN YBs are merely putting up a brave face but deep inside many are having sleepless nights. PAS is said to be working hard albeit very quietly. They will surely be rewarded with 6 to 8 seats if they continue their tireless campaigns in the coastal and rural areas. SNAP can win for Pakatan a few seats too. Keep the momentum flowing guys. Friends of Pakatan will do their part in getting more supports for all Pakatan partners.

  5. All Sarawak cabinet ministers must collectively and be united to stand before all Sarawakians and declare that Taib Mahmud has not enriched himself and his family by the hundred of millions if not billion of ringgit. Pledging their undivided support for Taib to continue to lead BN Sarawak and as CM means nothing to Sarawakinas.

  6. There is no justification for the thief minister of Sarawak to spend one ringgit more of taxpayer’s money to fly to KL to meet Najib. Whatever evil schemes they have been plotting would have been discussed and endorsed when both Najib and Taib met secretly in Morocco recently. We all knew they had met secretly in Morocco under the pretext of gracing the Islamic Fashion Carnival after his infamous Oxford invitation to London.

  7. GURINDAM untuk BN
    When Taib has No Mood
    George has No Chance
    Jabu, Numpang aja
    Abang Jo akan Peng
    Adenan only rubberStamp
    Awang mahu Tanah saja
    Mawan mau Wang
    James ada Jam Masin

  8. Malaysians should hold a peaceful demonstration outside MACC office to force it to take action against MAS/Tajudin Ramli and Taib Mahmud. Can MoCS and Pakatan look into these very important cases which affect the life of all Malaysians.

  9. While extensive global investigations by concerned citizens in Sarawak on Taib Mahmud’s ill gotten wealth are going going, simialr investigation has already started on Alfred Jabu, George Chan, Wong Soon Koh, William Mawan, James Masing and their families. Other smaller fish will not be spared either. It is payback time.

  10. Whoever hv said that Taib must continue to be S’wak leader is just not a leader at all for S’wakians. Can’t u see n think what hv Taib done to S’wak n S’wakians all his yrs as CM since 1981. Politic of Development. Just to develop his wealths, his family properties, his business in the country or overseas. To all S’wakians these leaders who still want Taib to continue vote them out come PRN10. God Allah bless u all.

  11. Agree with what Termite said on PKR’s chances. However someone from PKR reckons PKR will win 3 seats and a Dayak NGO say 2. Whether they are able to take advantage of what is happening in the blog sphere remains to be seen.

    IMO, two things that may sway and convince rural and dayak voters.

    1. That is the lies of Jabu, Masing and Taib. What did they lie and what they do wrong with their NCR Land. Sime Darby’s forensic audit have revealed that the acquisation of the 22,622 ha of NCR Land is ambigous and wonder why they have to acquire it from Nature Ambience who pocketed RM16.80 million!

    re: this article and question appear in cobboldjohn.com before the scandals in Sime Darby is exposed

    2. Borneopost have this week carried news of Taib’s popularity and they are all from PBB and SPDP / PRS. How many Voters are card carriers of PBB, SPDP and PRS? SUPP have yet to say anything. So Taib’s popularity in Borneopost is just a spin and the Dayaks in rural areas should be aware of this. That is Taib is very unpopular amongst most Sarawakians.

    3. Land issues. Having abused the RM20 million allocation to survey NCR Land which they have cunningly use it to blackmail Dayaks and impose conditions such as survey covering only matured ncr land, or ncr land with development potential and only those joining government such as LCDA’s New Concept NCR Land Development. From this at least 50% to 60% will be surveyed and Jabu, Taib ad his gang can not touch it anymore. With less land available for them to take away, they are now eyeing SUPP’s Land Lease Renewal or Land own by chinese especially in semi-rural areas.

    If oppostion block can translate this into a propaganda, 30% of the battle at least for now is won and more Dayaks will be converted to hate UMNO-Barisan Nasional, Taib, Jabu and Masing and their bandits.

    Sadly to say, most aspiring opposition candidates are slow of the mark in turning whatever the legal thieves in Sarawak announce into bullets to fire back.

    The 10th Sarawak State Election will promise to be the most expensive and imo, many tired BN Candidates and incumbants may just take advantage and fade away. The more they fade away and dilute their chances of retaining or winning the seats, ATM (Abdul Taib Mahmud) will pump in more money.

    It is an open secret that many candidates in the last state election keep some of their campaign funds to themselves for their retirement. Some run into millions. At least for a fact in a Bidayuh seat, the incumbant pocketed RM2 million of his campaign funds allocated to him and further more when ATM top it up to stem the tide against him.

    There will also be many sabotage in BN Camp, inview of the fact that Taib may step down anytime.

    Top on the list to be sabotaged will be Abang Jo and SPDP5+3.

    Enjoy the show!

    • Well whatever these pirates have done and going to do, it’s all evidence against them in their trail in the future..

      It’s only matter of time! Judgment day will come to them sooner or later!

  12. 5 Abduls – Abdul Taib, Abdul Jabu, Abdul Masing, Abdul Mawan & Abdul George Chan..

    It is appropraite time the other 4 small Abduls to express their mouth support to have the Raja Abdul stay on the throne – a most suitable time to POLISH the BALLS

    Dont forget to ask the Sarawak people if they want the Raja Abdul to stay even another minute ! At least 80% want him going even tonight….not surprising because all what he has robbed and destroyed to the people of the State. He should be remembered as the Greatest in the history of Sarawak apart from the British colonization. He will definitely have many cases to answer on earth and after earth

  13. Malay leaders in PBB can keep on dreaming their beautiful dreams. Taib Mahmud and his mentor/uncle, Abdul Rahman Yakub, had struck a deal on how to perpetuate the uncle/nephew Melanau Dynasty. Norah Abdul Rahman Yakub is to be made CM since Taib’s son Sulaiman Taib is said to be diagnosed with HIV and Muhammad Leo Michael Toyad Abdullah or Leo Michael Toyad is to be made a Governor.

  14. Hope Taib will di* soonest. Useless. He said Sarawak can be rich state by 2030. He himself in 10 years after plundering all state resources for his own and family members.

    Bangsat betul TAIB MAHMUD ni (jijik dan kotor).

  15. Both BN and PR are despicable thieves likened to Robin Hood.This is the why they so desperate for gaining powers in such a way that they have the license to rob the poor rakyat.

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