CM “One Year Short of 3Oth”

CM Taib is facing his toughest battle as he closes in on his 30th Year in charge the State of Sarawak. There has been many calls from both within and outside the ruling BN Government that he steps down sooner rather than later.

  • Should he do it before his 30th year in office in March 2011..? 
  • Will he be leading BN Sarawak again to the next State elections.? 
  • It seems the call of him “stepping down” is getting louder and more “dirt” is thrown out openly involving the family and his business worldwide.

CM Taib is a fighter and he knows that quitting now is not an option and he will go all out to prove his detractors wrong. Though time is not on his side, he will strike when you least expected and many will be caught offguard. His meticulous strategy in leading BN Sarawak will even make the UMNO Sec-General eat his “words back” and maybe Taib might even take the trouble to bake a CAKE FOR HIM….


I’M reaching the 50th Year as a Minister not only as CM since 1962…

An earlier article which was posted in an internet portal

Umno is confident that BN would be able to retain Sarawak in the upcoming state elections even if Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud decides to step down.

azlanCommenting on Abdul Taib’s shock announcement yesterday that he was mulling calling it a day after 29 years at the helm, Umno secretary-general Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor said regardless of his decision, it would not affact BN’s chances.

“Maybe he realises that people in Sarawak need change. For us, we’ll still be able to hang on to Sarawak whether he leads or other people lead,” said Tengku Adnan, who is also BN secretary-general.

He was commenting on Taib’s response on whether or not he will contest the upcoming Sarawak election, and if he will remain chief minister if he wins.

The veteran politician, who rose to leadership in 1981, said yesterday: “I don’t know, it is up to the prime minister, Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB) and the people to decide on my position.

“Well, a lot of people say I am not needed (any more). So if I am not needed, then I go out.”

Umno not pressuring Taib

Tengku Adnan denied speculations that Umno was putting pressure on Abdul Taib to step down, who has been courting increasing bad press over the wealth accrued by his family.

“There is no pressure from our side, but we’ll accept it if he wants to go. Maybe he’s been in power for too long.

“When you’ve been in power too long, people get tired of you. He is also probably tired, so the statement he made is fair,” said Tengku Adnan when contacted.

He said Ahmad Taib’s situation mirrors that of former Umno president Dr Mahathir Mohamad who began planning his departure after BN suffered a dip in support in 1999.

NONE“It is statesman-like to think of the state rather than just of himself. As far as we (Umno) are concerned, there are other leaders who will be able to take over if he chooses to step down,” he said.

Despite Tengku Adnan’s denial, the prominence given to Taib’s statement in Umno-linked newspapers has raised eyebrows.

The statement, while an expected response from a politician prior to an election, made the front-page of Berita Harian and given a full-page spread in the New Straits Times.

Taib was elected into parliament in 1967 and became chief minister in 1981. In 2006, he expressed his desire to step down due to ill health, but was prevented from doing so by party members.

Higher stakes for BN

Taib’s withdrawal at this juncture would be timely as his increasing unpopularity has fast become a liability to BN.

In fact, said PKR Padungan assemblyperson Dominique Ng, Taib was the main cause for BN’s defeat in the Sibu by-election in May.

azlan“Sibu was BN’s stronghold. If they can lose Sibu, they can lose all the Chinese-majority (constituencies),” he said.

The unexpected loss has raised the stakes for BN in the state election, due to be called by the middle of next year.

Additionally, BN is under more pressure to win the Sarawak election which is being seen as representing a testing ground for the ruling coalition ahead of the next general election.

If he steps down, would it diminish Pakatan Rakyat’s chances in Sarawak?

“It is irrelevant because our main problem is still BN policies. If he leaves, the next person to succeed him will still be a BN person,” said Sarawak PKR chief Baru Bian.

As such, the PKR duo are banking on the hope that Sarawakians realise that “another Taib nominee” will not bring in the changes they desire.


30 thoughts on “CM “One Year Short of 3Oth”

  1. Semuanya wayang kulit popular di Malaysia.Saya boleh taruhkan ringgit terakhir saya dia akan teruskan dengan perjuangannya dan bertanding dalam pilihan raya yang akan datang.Tujuannya ialah dia hendak memperkukuhkan economic anak-anak dan kroninya sebelaum dia mengundur.Spekulasi dan ramalan terhadap statusnya hanya membuang masa sahaja.

  2. Let us not waste our two cents coin on this pirate and a goner. Now we want to know what is the next course of action from MACC? Sarawakians are demanding that this thief returns all the loots which he had invested overseas and through proxies in a few listed companies in Malaysia. Taib must be placed under house arrest with immediate effect and be investigated. Taib’s retirement at this stage is irrelevant as there are still many crooks like him in UMNO and BN components.

  3. Lets give the man the benefit of the doubt. On the one eye, we see his philanderings of the state’s resources. The other eye will tell us that he has also done his part on developing Swak to what it is today. Condemn if you must, but let him come down gracefully…afterall isn’t forgiveness one of the virtures of the world’s great religions? Don’t play God, judge and jury. Life is so short. There are ample time in the hereafter, I beleive, to which we are not privy to decide. Let him enjoy his due until his due date…..

    • Screw him! Thanks to him the people of S’wak is one of the poorest in Malaysia!

      We want what’s Sarawak returned to S’wak NOW!

      Developed S’wak???? Julai are you blind? Wake up mate!

  4. Ini semua memang Drama sahaja. Skrip tetap sama, pelakon pun sama, cuma babak berbeza.

    “Well, a lot of people say I am not needed (any more). So if I am not needed, then I go out.” – Taib Mahmud.

    Memang penchuri macam awak ini tak diperlukan pun. Pergi mampus lagi bagus !!!

    RASUAH tahap GABAN !!!

  5. Orang-orang UMNO pun sama macam Taib Mahmud juga, pencuri harta benda negara,rakyat dan bangsa !!!

    Semua BN boleh mampus !!!

  6. Taib will only call for state election after he celebrated his 30th anniversary in office on 26 March 2011- Saturday.So the nomination day of the poll will be on the next Saturday 2 April 2011-Saturday.This is the bomoh inspiration for him.Let just wait and see how accurate is it ?.This calculation will still make him the longest serving CM in Malaysia as to date.Sarawak Boleh lah

  7. How can Taib resign now or in the near future? He needs to be a CM and a powerful one not even PM, AG, MACC or IGP can ever dream of even touching his shadow. If he cannot put all these people inside his pocket, then he will be in great trouble if he is no longer a CM with all the cases that had been made a public knowledge recently. It is much better for him to die in office and that saves him all the troubles. As far as his sons, daughters, relatives, siblings and cronies are concerned, I think they have been legally advised to conceal the path of the ill-gotten wealth. You see, nothing can be done, though. If Mahathir could not touch him, nobody can unless PR wrest power in Sarawak. There you will see, Taib will use his wealth to win the next Sarawak election which is impossible for PR to match. So, I also want to dream with some voters that miracle will happen. Remember what Taib said after DAP’s victory in Sibu? – se-ekor ayam berkokok, bukan berertinys hari sudah siang. This shows that he is so confident of winning the next state election (Sarawak).

  8. Brother
    any truth in this report on Taib.
    extracted from Sebanaku sarawak blog
    Tuesday, August 24, 2010
    NEWS FLASH – A secret meeting in London

    KUCHING: The country’s most famous fugitive Raja Petra Kamarudin (RPK), who is also the Malaysia Today editor, had two meetings with a right hand man of a senior politician from the SARAWAK Barisan Nasional (BN) few days before the demonstration that took place at the Oxford University to embarrass the State Barisan Nasional (BN) chairman Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud on the international stage end of last month.

    Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud was at the university to give an opening speech for the Global Islamic Branding and Marketing Forum.

    The identity of the mysterious man has been revealed to Sebanaku Sarawak.

  9. Sarawakian should keep him on the throne for a longer time, to rob and plunder more, also to make sure that BN will lost more seats this coming election

    Without him, BN Sarawak will face a state of internal confusion and fighting at many constituencies. Moreover, to date there is none Sarawakian can think of replacing him who has administered for 29+ years. All those under have been “sterilized” off their balls and therefore have lost manhood and correct mindset….but many have been made wealthy robbing together on the land of Sarawak, from forest to cities

  10. People in PBB who are seemingly close to Taib will fall ill one after another and it was not a coincident. News of Adenan Satem diagnosed for Cancer very recently and Norah Abdul Rahman Yacub is not feeling healthy either? Watch out and stay away from him. Be warned!

  11. Ho :oops: Ho :oops: Ho :oops:
    :oops: OMG!!! This is McSissy stranger himself lawyer ah??? Are you a Lawyer Razak :?: Ask Respected Thai Pathologist Dr Pornthip :?: TBH going to get married the next day n you said TBH stranger himself you PATHETIC MACC sick lawyer !!!!!! TBH son is now without a FATHER n his wife is without a HUSBAND n his parents now without a SON/BROTHER :cry: you are :evil: damn sick n HEARTLESS like animal McSissy :oops:

  12. Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen:
    :mrgreen: This old WOLF ‘pek moh’ taib too corrupted to the core with BILLIONS sins you McSissy dogs close both eyes like ‘pondan’ BUT this young man TBH lost his dear life for just a mere RM2k ++ you :evil: EVILS interview him until days n night until he lost his dear life in your hands full of blood n the MURDERERS still scotch free ?????? HOW ? WHY ? WHERE ? WHEN ? all this evils things happen can you murderers still can sleep n eat in front of your family pretend to be good human being????? Sigh Ptui PUKE :mrgreen:

  13. It is embarrassing to see this DPP executing his role by using such pathetic English .”So you are have a lot of lack of information”.What does he mean by that sentence ?.Should sound better if he would say “so you are lack of information about this case”.He can hardly describes how a person strangle himself or herself too by holding just his own neck that created laughter during the proceeding.

  14. We can now see why there are so many half past six civil servants in Malaysia holding high post. UMNO will not give a shit as its agenda since Mahathir regime was to have 90 percent civil servants of Malay race and hoping they will be UMNO/BN loyalists with all the inducements thrown at them every year and especially before general election. And the numbers are big in term of population ratio. Productivity, competency and transparancy in the civil service were never BN’s concern. Afterall when the top lacks integrity and rotten to the core what can we expect the rest of the limbs and bodies.

    Only by changing and booting out UMNO and BN will Malaysia be given its due respect and recognition from the rest of the world. We must vote out UMNO/BN and also make Taib mahmud and all corrupted leaders and his cronies accountable to all Sarawakians.

    SarawakWomen4Change. SarawakWomen4Good Governance.

  15. Where in the pacific ocean should there to set up a 5-star prison to house the group of Taksin(Thailand), Chen Sui Bian(Taiwan) and the many representatives from UMNO Malaysia and BN-Sarawak, some judges and some DPP too?

  16. Taib will stay on throne. “All PBB/PRS/SPDP/SUPP leaders are throwing all their muscles and tissues to support Taib in his continual ruling and robbing Sarawak..their sweet heart Yang Di Kasihi”

    This spells out of their mouths but we dont know if it is from their hearts?(if these animals still have hearts) In real fact, many BNs hope he roll off today if possible, but old man has ways of making you say the other way round…they too hope to sit the golden throne but old man will definitely disappoint them!!!The seat will only belong to his family

    So dear PRS/SPDP/SUPP, be prepare to continue polishing his old balls hoping he will have the mercy to drop a little piece of contract or benefit into your hands.

    Cheers, BN. Happy polishing

  17. Like very much to hear comments on those CMSB serviced and maintained roads…may be many of you drive across all those shit patches and groovy holes…and you just can sigh as to why you are still paying road taxes and income taxes

    Factually, Sarawak is one of the state with longest worst maintained so called highways and roads stretching from Kuching to Lawas ( one question: is Lawas still a part of Sarawak or has been sold away?)

    Do you need to throw in another 5 years to see improvement or the rubbish State Assembly will just blame on federal?

  18. Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen:
    :mrgreen: Now this ‘Pek Moh’ taib n najis doing ‘Wayang’ to stay or not to stay !!!!! all their acting is only YOU HELP N I HELP YOU ‘Sandiwara’ n RAKYAT now very up to date n know every of this B-eNd sick :evil: move :mrgreen:
    Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen:

  19. Ho :idea: Ho :idea: Ho :idea:
    :idea: Live Life to the FULLEST n do more good than evils n RAKYAT will bless you if you listen to their plight for JUSTICE n fight for betterment of all the RAKYAT :idea: YOU ARE NOT ALONE in this fight for JUSTICE PAKATAN RAKYAT n RAKYAT will always be by your side n ‘Keep It Up’ :idea: GOD :idea: bless you all…. :idea:

  20. If for these 30+ years Sarawak have had an efficient, good and clean goverment, Sarawak would have been one amongst the best developed and blessed states in Malaysia. Just count the resources you have, how much better of Sarawak should have been? However, the Sarawak BN and PBB have only made for themselves and their cronies the dirty and guiltful riches while many still suffer poverty in the state….

    The component parties PRS, SUPP and SPDP are only good to ” hu hu ha ha ” polishing balls and seeking some left-over from Taib and his associated PBB cronies.

    Thank you BN for all the BAD & DAMAGE you have done to the state, and let the people kiss you GOOD BYE

  21. All Sarawakians should all out for “GERAKAN ANTI-TAIB MAHMUD” = “GATM” !!!

    All Sarawakians should all out for “GERAKAN ANTI-TAIB MAHMUD” = “GATM” !!!

    All Sarawakians should all out for “GERAKAN ANTI-TAIB MAHMUD” = “GATM” !!!

  22. Waste no time in speculating and talking this famous wayang kulit politics in Malaysia.SUPP to pull out of BN and Taib to step down are all for shows and actions only.

  23. MACC – Oooi siasatlah Taib tu ooi !!! Dah berapa banyak laporan polis dibuat pun masih tak nak bergerak ?

    MACC – Oooi siasatlah Taib tu ooi !!! Dah berapa banyak laporan polis dibuat pun masih tak nak bergerak ?

    MACC – Oooi siasatlah Taib tu ooi !!! Dah berapa banyak laporan polis dibuat pun masih tak nak bergerak ?

    • Ho :roll: Ho :roll: Ho :roll:
      :shock: Hello Bro ‘funnybunny8’ :arrow: perhap this ‘pek mo’ thief MISSnister need your assistant how 2 maintain ITs bro long n strong all night long ………………………….
      Ho :roll: Ho :roll: Ho :roll:

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