N34 Krian Peter Nyarok Assistant Minister and Deputy President of SPDP will need to work doubly hard in the upcoming State Elections if he is to remain the assemblyman for the constituency. He will be challenged by his old nemesis SG of SNAP Edmund Stanley Jugol who has already made his intentions known at the Pakatan meeting recently.


This is one seat that SNAP steadfastly has indicated to their Pakatan partners that they are convinced that they will pull of a surprise and defeat the incumbent Peter Nyarok. There are three obvious reasons for that:

  •  1. Three cornered fight that is the inclusion of former Executive Secretary SPDP Banyi Beriak as independant candidate or PCM will be good for SNAP
  •  2. The unsolved SPDP5 problem will see a decline of the support from BN coalition partners  
  •  3.  The SNAP return from a “unrecognisable dead party” to now a Pakatan coalition will greatly help its cause. SNAP was a formidable force once.


Krian constituency (10429 voters) consists of  95% Iban and in 2006 Nyarok won by a majority of 2089 and the voters turnout was 72.48%.Nyarok garnered 4784 votes to Jugols 2695. There were 76 spoilt votes.

It seems that the Incumbent will be in for a tough Battle in the War in Krian N34. Would Banyi Beriak be the spoiler..??


16 thoughts on ““WAR IN N34 KRIAN”

  1. RichBoxII says:

    Banyi should go all out to finish the old headhunter as his removal and sacking as SPDP Executive Secretary was inspired by Nyarok’s mistress, Stephanie who is SPDP Wanita and BN-Exco Member. They are there only for projects.

  2. Mata Kuching says:

    SNAP’s leaders must keep working on cleaning up some old baggage and weaknesses within the “born again” party and show absolute commitment to Pakatan. Anything less than sincere will jeaopadise its political future. If SNAP shows sincerity and commitment to work with Pakatan and break away completely from BN it will not only regain its strength but will surely grow in strength and attract many disgruntled youth members from PBB, SPDB and PRS and maybe SUPP. FRom now it must subscribe to the philosophy and vision of Pakatan for all Malaysians.

  3. Anti-Kleptocracy says:

    Fight them. Never give any chance to SPDP !!!

    Remember – a vote to SPDP in Krian is proxy to give power to corrupted Taib Mahmud !!!

  4. Gilbert says:

    Stephanie! That Stephanie??? I know her.
    She is an international business graduate from
    UK and a MBA holder from a local uni. And now, she is a PhD candidate, also at a local uni. Apooo!!!

  5. Jolia says:

    SNAP will stand to gain more respect and support from former and new supporters by starting to robustly recruit and groom its second echelon leaders which subscribe to Pakatan unified agenda.

    Although it is limited in financial resources it should identify the right leadership mix to go for at least 15 seats in the coming state election. PKR should not be greedy in wanting to contest in at least 40 seats as the party is strongly perceived to be lacking in quality and trust worthy candidates and unfortunately most of its potential candidates are suspects.

    Infact I was rather surprised that the rural voters are warming up to and spoke highly of the DAP.More Dayaks intellectuals should study the DAP in earnest and consider joining the party.

    We pray for Pakatan Sarawak to be strong and that the people power from the last frontier in the north will sweep across the interior of Sarawak to all urban contituencies in defeating Taib and BN Sarawak.

    • selikoon2u says:

      well,i think the name that u wrote it might be right , but you must know that not only him that can CHANGE everything that was happened in Krian or maybe you are not from Krian fellows , but what i am want to say here is theres is someone else that we think that can DO IT RIGHT .

  6. dayakiban says:

    Well , for me iam just sit at the middle , i mean about this two CROOK BANYIE BERIAK !! Why iam say like that , becouse for me this Crook just waiting for someone to ‘ NEGOTIATE ‘ on him. ( baka indu sundal , minta dibeli urang aja ! ).

    But , if we wakin along Ulu Krian rough – way – pass , we will know the truth about REALITY . Before this Banyie have a chance to ‘ kill ‘ BN , but years gone , he just keep silent. But today , we can see at Simpang Krian , two of his ‘ wayang-kulit ‘ hanging at the front of that stall. What this mean is , if somebody have any intrest of what he done before and today , he will be THE CHEAPEST MAN ON EARTH.

    GUD LUCK PKR ……. anang takut ke jako keduan orang , anang ngereja pengawa alang-alang , takutka ‘ iko’ ia ila tau nyipat kitai ari belakang.!!

  7. dayakiban says:

    Wel , its seems like we have come to the right place to vote for our new YB and this is the time for us to make a BIG CHANGE !!

    To all Dayak Ibans voters in whole Malaysia , especialy from N 34 Krian , pls come back and vote for our futurre , vote for PKR ALI AK BIJU !!!!

    • Tanjungtapangmitasawik says:

      now we know the result already right..? none of the above names become the winner because the winner is ALI Anak BIJU from PKR.. the giant killer..hidup RAKYAT!

  8. Shari Heineck says:

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