PKR Bidayuh candidates Identified..

The PKR Sarawak State leadership has more or less confirmed two Bidayuh leaders who will be taking on the might of the BN in the Bidayuh hinterland. The occasion this evening was attended by over 400 supporters and leaders from in and around the Bau area. Dr Jeffrey Kitingan was the spokesman as Zaid Ibrahim flight was delayed and could not make it in time for the function.

The two potential names who were presented to the supporters tonight were those of Mexlian Gombek and Dr. Christopher Kiyui. Dr Chris will be fielded in the N18 Tebedu seat against PBB Michael manyin who is also the Minister of Communications and works. Mexlian will be fielded to take on strongman of SPDP Peter Nansian Assistant Minister of Evironment at n2 Tasik Biru constituency.

Both of them when met by audie61 tonight at Bau were upbeat of their chances of being chosen as PKR candidate as they have both been working very hard on the ground and carried out election programmes and are ready anytime to go against the BN machinery.

They both said if they are chosen by PKR they will be confident in giving the BN some sleepless night and might just surprise the BN candidates. Its the PEOPLES POWER to choose and they even said if they are not good enough its the Peoples right to change them in the next elections. No one is indispensable and they mean what they say.



24 thoughts on “PKR Bidayuh candidates Identified..

  1. The Bidayuh and the Orang Ulu communities will be among the first Dayaks to have awaken from the slumber. They will fight for their rights and choose a governemnt which offers them new hope and kick out the old government which has marginalised and robbed them of their NCR land and denied them the right and freedom to practise their religion.

    A vote for Pakatan is a vote for a NEW Government and a vote for change. BN idiots will like the rural voters to believe that a vote for Pakatan is a vote for Opposition. People do not want to oppose developments and they do not want to be denied their rights as well. BN idiots like the rural voters to believe that it is the divine right of BN to rule the state and country. UMNO controlled BN has misplaced the authority, power and trust given to them by the people for the last 50 years. The people and voters have the right to take back the power and give to a new government. And Pakatan will be the new government that right all the wrongs committed by UMNO controlled BN government.

    UMNO controlled BN’s brand of politics has now gone to the gutters, using religious and race cards as their latest weapons to incite hatred among the races, muslims and non muslims and hopefully to provoke reactions from Pakatan so they can use the ISA to weaken UMNO’s opponents.

    There is no other way to ensure peaceful coexistence than to change the government. There is no other way to prevent mismanagement, wastages, leakages and corruptions that caused our nation and economy to drop to among the worse performing in Asean and Asian region than to change the government. There is no other way to bring back independence and the dignity of the institution of the Judicairy, MACC and the Police than to change the government.

    Change we must and for change we must vote for Pakatan Rakyat.

  2. Its great to know that the candidates for the 2 seats are made known in advance. This will enhance their chance as they will be no strangers to the voters come election. Wish both of them the best. For the voters in N2 Tasik Biru and N18 Tebedu, vote for change, vote Mexlian and Dr. Chris.

    • It was so and has been so but you, kpt99, I and friends of Pakatan can make a difference by educating our rural folks and relatives that the power exercised by the government of the day comes from the people and they have a choice now to change the government that has failed to take care of their interests and needs.

      • It doesn’t take days to change ones mentality and mindset. Like teachers who take times to motivate their students especially from rural areas to study hard for better future.Only solid proofs that PR can perform better than BN will convince them.Otherwise they still hold the philosophy of Anang Ngelaban Perintah.

      • Not so long ago….Despite a recent warning by the Sarawak state government to sack tribal chiefs who support the opposition, 10 Iban longhouse chief or Tuai Rumah have joined DAP.

        The chiefs together with 620 others from Balai Ringin handed over their forms and membership fees of RM2,000 to the party’s state secretary general Chong Chieng Jen.

        They are also seeking to set up a branch in Balai Ringin and having a candidate in the coming state election.

        When asked if the Tuai Rumah would get into trouble, Chong said : “Don’t see why it should happen. These people want a change in government and this shows just that.”

        The above actions speak for itself and PBB, SPDP and PRS had been spreading all kind of stupid lies and one of which was supporting the DAP was supporting communists to go against the government ! What a stupid piece of shit and infact one of BN components in Sarawak, the SUPP, was founded by people, many of whom were members of the underground communist movement in Sarawak.

    • These people have had many elections and seen many they put in office come and go without any beneficial change..and many have gone through the land grab tyranny and yet they, still put these same pirates back into office after each election!!?!!?!?

      If that’s not stupid, what is?

      These people deserve what they get for being stupid, they don’t seem to want to help themselves either as they are easily swayed every time by a few bucks.

      Stupid is what stupid does….now, isn’t this stupidity?

      They have no one to blame but themselves!

      • They may be stupid but being uneducated they are ignorant. They are deprived of the training that you and me have. You are dammed lucky to be well read and so you know what’s right and wrong. You also have the financial muscle and so a few bucks are mere kacang puteh. You have surplus to eat where as these people may have to sleep early every night just to minimise the feeling of hunger.
        I hope you don’t need to condemn the innocent and the disadvantaged. If you are really sincere please educate them with patience.
        I am also disgusted the action of the current government but am just trying to be rational and sober. I am for change and may you become the agent of change?

      • Jang, i appreciate what you are saying and i agree in a way with you that these people are kinda stuck in this downward spiral..but somehow, they are so stubborn to listen to good sense sometimes.

        However, one does not need to be educated or have money to know that one has been taken for a ride…especially when one’s land gets taken, which is basically one’s life, the river one fish from are polluted and the jungle destroyed.

        One also need not have to be educated to know or make comparisons with one year and the next to realise that instead of things getting better, it’s getting worse.

        Like how the phrase goes ‘con me once, shame on you, con me twice, shame on me’.

        These people simply has to wake up and no one can wake them but themselves. Glad to see that many communities have taken action in courts against such abuses and i hope and pray that they succeed for our hope for the future lies with them.

        May God bless them all.

      • We all need to understand the phobia of the coastal and interior rural poor. They do not have the means let alone the will to demand or retaliate. To these folk there is ONLY one government and UMNO controlled BN government is the only government they ever known. Which is why the idiots YBs in BN continue to exploit their fear of been sidelined or victimised and enslave their minds.

        For instance look at how the idiotic and patronising Snowdan manipulate and indoctrinate the minds of the folks at Kampung Ensebang Kuari, He told the simple minded folks, ” Do not let Opposition spoil the peace, harmony and development that the people are enjoying under the rule of Barisan National. They are outsiders (refering to Pakatan) not from here,trying to instigate the mind of our Iban community here to go against the government and blah blah…”. This idiotic Snow-down will soon find himself given a snow wash. Dressed and act like a recording artist and ordered the Tuai Rumah to ensure the folks dressed well and lined up to welcome him to receive a grant of few thousand ringgit which were thrown at them before every election.

        However, it was good for PKR/Pakatan who is said to be fielding a candidate in the Balai Ringin contituency to work hard and brought in some national leaders to meet the folks and share Pakatan’s vision for all Malaysians and the country.

        I hope urban voters like Fedup and friends will encourage their friends who have relatives living in the rural contituencies to educate the rural folks about their right to vote out a government which has failed them and it is time to change and vote for Pakatan to be the new government.

  3. Great to know the PKR potential candidates. No point to lobby too hard as too much lobbying will also mean not working hard on the ground to secure the seat for PKR. Kuddos.

  4. I was presnt at the function last night at Singai. Good to see a big turnout and it just shows that the groundswell is really building up.BN we are ready to go toe to toe with you. PR will show its strenght..

  5. Last night Bau, today Iban upcountry, tonight in Kuching; momentum building up everyday and everywhere.
    The mood for change is strong in the air.

    The Bidayuh groups are showing unprecedented unity, irrespective of dialects, regionals, professionals, folks.
    It is a sign of their maturity and confidence that they are able to put forth their designated candidates early, in spite of the other side even unable to firmly decide on an election date.

    You begin to see a new generation of Bumiputra/Dayak leadership in Sarawak. The Rakyat shall rally with them to victory,God/Allah willing, glory to the Bidayuhs, glory to all the communities of Sarawak.

    Sarawak Bidayuhs, Salam Reformasi !

  6. As a supporter of Pakatan and voting for change, I am pleased to learn that PKR has taken the positive step in announcing their candidates now although the blood sucking white hair vampire is still mute on the date of the state election.

    We need more volunteers and help from Movement On Change Sarawak (MoCS) in overcoming the many obstacles, intimidation and harrassment during the campaigning. BN will be employing gangsters to threaten Pakatan campaign workers in the rural interior. As christian, we strongly believe that good will prevail over evil.

    Vote Pakatan to save our nation .

  7. In a rousing speech in Kuching on Sunday night, YB EWong said the tidal wave for change in Malaysia really started in Kuching in 2006. YB EWong was canvassing in Padungan at that time, helping KeAdilan secured its first DUN seat.

    2006 tide in Sarawak, 2008 national Tsunami and SIBU Pakatan signal victory in 2010 will inspire Sarawak people to push for the next level, on to PetraJaya and PutraJaya !

  8. “Nan Sian a bidayuh? According to SPDP Sources, he is chinese!”-RichBoxII

    You mean like, Lee Nan Shian…?? Nevermind the Chinese Bidayuh mix-up, it works well for BN lah!

    PKR and DAP somehow better pull the trick correctly this time. For Tebedu seat it is no brainer choice for PKR. For Tasik Biru seat, maybe DAP and Mexlian instead the better representation – a Bidayuh with Chinese support and exactly what the incumbent YB Peter done so far. It is just that YB Peter/BN-SPDP not yet face the same trick set-up by DAP-Bidayuh alliance.

    Both Chinese and Bidayuh Bau voters basically crave a common representation to kick BN out despite the few oldies Chinese Bau leaders still delusional BN supporters but not the most of the youths there. If DAP and Mexlian comes handy as a unit, then that’s the biggest test for YB Peter so far and more reasons why both Chinese and Bidayuh Bau voters vote DAP this time around.

    Projecting PKR as DAP works well for certain seats that have relatively high number of well-informed Chinese voters. But projecting DAP as PKR (as common fight against BN) to the Dayak voters…now that’s a bit tricky.

    Up next is Bengoh seat, also successful for BN because it deployed the same delusional trick using Bidayuh frontman (or puppet STAR frog?) under SUPP or a Bidayuh with Chinese support.

    Bengoh also similarly a tricky seat – majority Chinese and Bidayuh combined voters, again if DAP field a Bidayuh candidate surely rounds up lots of Chinese, Bidayuh votes too!

    So far that’s all for DAP to pick on psedo Chinese-Bidayuh seats (ah yes, Opar seat too, SUPP Bidayuh YB Ranum…) PKR simply must think realistic and let DAP have a try, as PKR got lots of other big Dayak majority areas left to pick (ever thought of Tarat seat, BN YB Roland??)

    The modus operandi for Pakatan to beat BN is simple – mirror their strategy to your own advantage without having draining too much resources. Simply reverse BN’s own trick. If SUPP got their Dayak YBs as good enough to show their multi-racial (it’s fake however!) battle cry, so do the Pakatan.

    We are yet not talking about fielding a Pakatan PKR or PAS Chinese-Melanau candidate in Mukah seats though….same trick too…with better hairspray…

  9. BN created life slogan “ANANG NGELABAN PERINTAH since Jugah era for the Dayaks in rural areas.That why despite the lack of developments BN still treats Sarawak as fixed deposit.Without much knowledge about national polices and how the government should run, this trend still go on and will go. The less educated and ignorant groups always have the perception that only BN,govt can improve and better their livelihoods.In short it means no money, no development and no talk.This is the political land scape of Sarawak.National policies like equality in education,civil services and economy are not their main concerns.

  10. Voices in the jungle :

    The district hospital in Lawas is one of the oldest in Sarawak, and is in poor shape, with inadequate staff and no specialists. Senior government officials, including health minister Liow Tiong Lai, have pledged many times to build a new hospital, but nothing has come of the repeated promises over five decades.

    NONE “We are (lobbying) for a better healthcare and well-equipped and professionally trained hospital staff, for (a better) education system, for public transport, for job opportunities with appropriate remuneration, for proper schools with effective teaching staff and for proper hostels,” he said.

    “Generations after generations the communities in Lawas, predominantly the Lun Bawang people, have been neglected and they have accepted everything as fated.

    “I hear them praying for a better life, for a better future. But…nothing has changed.

    “The children I have met in Long Semadoh are children of God. We say… if we can build the Twin Towers, we can build a brighter future for our children.” says Lawrence Jayaraj

    Without Pakatan, the voices in the jungle will never be heard and for many decades to come. Their plights have fallen on deaf ears of BN stooges for well over four decades.

    The wind of change is blowing through the impoverished states of Sarawak and Sabah. Whether UMNO dominated BN government like it or not, this growth of national consciousness is a political fact.

    The natives in Sarawak are ready for change and will not waste their votes on UMNO dominated government anymore.

    Sarawak4Pakatan. Vote change. Vote Pakatan.

  11. All rural constituencies are consider as SAYUR for BN in the coming state election.PR is heavily handicapped in all fields like transports,finances,man powers and experiences in campaigning.

    • you wish to offer yourself to help out in whatever way or capacity that you can afford or you rather stick to BN?

  12. Let’s all Malaysians in Sarawak digest these suggestions from PKR’s Zaib Ibrahim.

    Firstly, the Dayaks who form the majority in Sarawak must really want change. They must feel in their veins that they no longer wish to endure the indignity and the economic hardship they continue to suffer under the rule of BN. They must recognise that they can play a bigger role, in fact a leadership role in the future of Sarawak. They can if they have the will to uplift the sordid conditions in which their people live. They must reject the politics of money where handouts are given each time the BN wants their vote. Take their money and reject them, like the people of Sibu did. They must want to rule and determine their own future and not leave their destiny in the hands of political warlords who are also proxies of Federal leaders. How can the Dayaks, the Chinese, the Melanaus and the Malays not see the need to work together for their common good; to stop the plunder of Native Customary Rights lands, the wastage and corruption as exemplified by the Bakun Dam project? There are educated and politically committed Dayaks and other bumiputras who should be able to galvanise a united force against BN, but they must do that now. We used to have Temenggong Jugah, Stephen Kalong Ningkan, and Tawi Sli and others as leaders but where are the Dayaks now?

    Secondly, the Opposition groups in Sabah and Sarawak must learn to trust one another and to have a new political culture of consensus building. They must value on unity and accept ethnic diversity and have genuine interest to help the people. This means the politics of dominance by one group over another must be rejected. This means rich towkays must not be allowed to control the course of politics. If you have suffered by the dominance and abuse of Federal power and if you have suffered in the hands of authoritarian leaders, then you must not make the same mistake by selecting leaders who will do the same under a different name. You must learn to trust one another rather than resorting to the easy way out of cavorting with Federal leaders, or getting blessings of leaders in Kuala Lumpur. You cannot raise and speak for your people if you are afraid to speak and stand up for yourself.

    Change is not about changing leaders. What matters is about changing to the right kind of leadership. We live in a complex multi ethnic and multi religious country. We live in a Malaysia today that has shown visible signs of being schizophrenic; racist, prejudiced and fascistic in its behaviour. We have to show a leadership that is different from BN, a leadership that will put a stop to this madness. a leadership that wants to change the course of the nation where we can and should treat all Malaysians as equals, where we practice real democracy, and where the rule of just laws are available to all citizens. We want a government that respect the rights and the dignity of its people.

    Sabah and Sarawak now have the golden opportunity to restore political power in their own hands for the first time since 1963. It is meaningless to talk of the Malaysia Agreement 1963 and to lament how unfairly you have been treated in the last 47 years unless you exercise political leverage at the federal level. The next election is one golden opportunity to work together in securing such leverage.

    The question is how much does the Sabah and Sarawak leaders value this leverage? I am a Malaysian – not an East Malaysian or West Malaysian. To me, a backward Kelantan is as painful a sight as a Sabah and Sarawak left behind by other states. I want to see Sabah and Sarawak develop and grow into mature democracies and become economically developed states. I also believe only Sarawakians know what’s best for Sarawak, and only Sabahans know what’s good for Sabah. I do not subscribe to the view that Sabah and Sarawak should be subservient to Federal control other than in areas clearly stipulated in the Constitution. The spirit of the Malaysia Agreement 1963 must be honoured and respected.

    The State election is around the corner. You will have the golden opportunity to declare the message – WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH. Make this your rallying cry: Datuk Patinggi Taib and Datuk Panglima Musa Aman – WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH. Send them packing and usher in the new dawn. The choice is yours – whether you want to be making history by propagating change or whether you will be judged by history as those who were afraid to change. – Zaib Untuk Rakyat

    The educated and urban Dayaks were equally guilty for depriving and neglecting our rural brothers and sisters in the lost four decades when we did not help them to be counted and stand up to the abuses of Taib and UMNO dominated BN. The time is NOW to be united in spirit to set our minds free from slavery and subservience to UMNO dominated politics. Dayaks, Malays, Melanaus and Chinese must say NO to Taib and to UMNO dominated BN government.

  13. Lessons learnt from previous and recent state elections tell us that, there again, majority Tuai Rumah2 will still and again bow down toward the “Sugar & Canes” of BN Sarawak tactics. Fear of loosing the TR allowances and projects…they become the most and efficient weapons of BN to control longhouse and village voters from making a free, fearless and right choice. Whatever talked about loosing NCR and tribal rights are just topics too far to reach and think of….
    Hope that Bidayuh & Orang Ulu teams will make the BIG CHANGE BY THE BIG CHANCE…

    Best Wishes, Sarawak

  14. Chief Minister said he still cannot understand why Chinese still not returning to support BN despite all calls and effort.

    As a ex-headmaster, I must ask if he ever go to school? May be he cant read the news, newspapers and files of report channeled to him regarding ground sentiment and complaints

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