SUPP”Incommunicado President”

All Hell has broken loose from the coffee shops to the print media and SUPP leaders especially  in the central committee are keeping their bargain with the President. The GAG ORDER STAYS…

However it seems others especially component parties are suddenly waking up to the realisation that SUPP might just ‘Walk their Talk” Is always a collective decision in a party and SUPP is no different. They have realised that all is not losts if they adhere to their GRASSROOTS CALL.

It seems theso called  tigers who are clinging at SUPP for survival have woken up to the age of “NEW POLITICS” Times have moved on and the ways of doing things are not what it used to be. The younger set of voters and the grasroot supporters sees the party in a different light than their predecessors. New ideas,New challenges,New Ways but always keeping to the principles of the party are ways forward for the party.

President George Chan is incommunicado and only the closest aides know his wherabouts. He does pack a punch when he is driven to the wall and do not underestimate the fighting spirit in the man. Politics they say though,”moves so fast that by the time you blink your eyes another issue is upon us.” U agree right….



15 thoughts on “SUPP”Incommunicado President”

  1. He wrecked and sinking the boat..driven in his own preferred direction not the United People of Sarawak. Wish the party good luck to continue cycling in a troubled water and not seeking way out trouble.In WM, we have MCA, in Sarawak, you have SUPP – the now useless party, fatally unfortunate.

    Change the course or sink, the only 2 ways to choose

  2. As a component of UMNO controlled BN and having no equal power to decide on national as well as state policies and having told too many lies on behalf of Taib to stay afloat, even the size of the Titanic will not be invincisible to the strong tsunami currently sweeping across the nation.

    Like MCA and Gerakan , SUPP has been declared irrelevant by the chinese community since 308 and has since been been abandoned by the Dayaks as well. PBB looks strong? One consolation to SUPP is that PBB may not be as calm and strong as it is seen on the surface. The undercurrent is splitting PBB into as many as 4 groups as of now and all the respective groups are waiting for the right time to strike out on their own. Do not underestimate the Dayaks in PBB too.

  3. If however a internal party voting is called to decide party’s direction and decision, the cry will be No.1 for the current leadership be thrown out and replaced, No.2, for the party to walk out from the claws of BN-UMNO-PBB-TAIB. The current leadership is to be buried by the grassroot voices and hands. But same as other BN nuts, SUPP is money controlled. You have money you talk, no money no fucking talk

  4. SUPP is in a desperate attempt to stay relevant and might even consider “quitting” Sarawak BN and contest in as many seats and be BN friendly at federal level. Such attempt will not confuse voters or win them sympathy votes. Taib does not give a shit and will not shed his crocodile tears either. It is rather naive for the Dr Chou fella to suggest that SUPP must work closely with PBB to stay relevant. I wonder where he obtained his PhD but his reasoning and “good advise” to SUPP leaders were too simplistic and out of touch.

  5. “SUPP is in a desperate attempt to stay relevant and might even consider “quitting” Sarawak BN and contest in as many seats–” KKL.

    What will be the impact of SUPP quitting on the internal politics of other BN parties ?
    Will the parties remaining in BN be jostling for position, should SUPP quit?

    Interesting, there may then be 3-corner even multi-corner fights everywhere. And if SPDP comes into the urban seats too, would the chaotic scenario benefit BN or Pakatan or others more?

    In a multi-corner fight, one or two may have to lose deposit !

    But then SUPP might not quit BN, and then how will this Sandiwara affect the image of SUPP and even of BN ? Will the troubles of SUPP just go away and would SUPP then be able to maintain working if not “warm” relationship with other component parties after this episode ?

    The political situation is indeed becoming more fluid than anytime in 20 years. This is inevitable as top leaders of BN parties are either suffering from senility or obsolescence; transfer of the baton to a younger generation has become so tortured and nightmarish.

  6. Agree to KKL too. That Dr.Chou may have been sleeping all these years, uninformed of how SUPP has been bullied by PBB and Taib. Now talking about coming into good working together relationship, PBB will laugh with teeth falling out, my Dear!

    PBB, SPDP, PRS are happy to see SUPP becoming impotent so that they become more important. The theory is simple as that.

    One thing will be true and very true: many leaders in SUPP still do not have NUT to walk out from the claws of PBB & Taib. They worry they may lost personal business and contracts, lands and forest.

    One stupid strategy may be: make lost all their seats in the coming election and let see what will happen to BN-Sarawak in the eyes of UMNO big brothers? This may be painful but good. Swing all supporters, support and votes to PR and kiss BN good luck. I believe many supporters are willing and ready to do so

  7. The Sarawak dilemma: A confident start, but bumpy ride lies ahead — Mariam Mokhtar
    May 18, 2010

    MAY 18 — Politicians from the ruling coalition Barisan Nasional (BN) have always believed that they can fool all of the people all of the time.

    At least, until Sunday, when the people of Sibu made history by voting in the DAP candidate and rejecting BN’s choice from the Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP).

    The slim majority of 398 votes may not sound convincing, but it is nevertheless a win for the DAP. If money politics had not been involved, the DAP might have had a majority of several thousand votes.

    After BN’s shameful underhand tactics, with offers of money and promises of development that were made only last week (a similar tactic was done in the last Hulu Selangor by-election), this win is a clear message from the electorate.

    This victory is well-deserved. The DAP worked hard for it but it must be under no illusion, for if the electoral dice had fallen differently, politics in Sarawak and Malaysia would have been business as usual…………

    SUPP’s long nightmare has just begun. The coming state election will be a referendum against Taib and Najib. BN Sarawak will meet its waterloo !

  8. The recent actions and sentiments created by the two biggest Chinese political parties are only cheap sandiwara or wayang kulit aiming to get back the supports of their supporters after the dismal result of last election.Modern educated and rational rakyat know that they only acting without any real substance .For George Chan blood is thicker than water,he is closely tied with Taib while MCA would like to voice out bravely for their supporters desires and needs in order to stay relevant.There is not comment from Najib on MCA requests.Why?.

    • It would have been more convincing had georgy boy resign and a new supp leader appointed to take supp out of BN!

      Of course, thats not enough, supp then will have to reveal all corrupt acts and practices of BN and of course, expose taib for what he is!

      Had supp been genuine about leaving bee eng, they would have done so already…what nonsense from supp!

  9. The glory of SUPP is heading toward blackout. It fails the founding people, it fails its supporters who put trust on a long waiting journey just to see some monkey YBs & ministers enjoying business relationship and fame making hu-ha….What real nuts have all these jokers really achieve at state and federal, merely some little projects which they would use almost all pages of the local posts to describe their great merit. Do not forget, you are voted to carry out your trusted responsibilities. But, it is the other round where you should be praised and thanked for little success. How about in a bigger picture toward policy making, administrative changing and voicing…do you have right and and power to say and appeal in front of PBB at the state and UMNO at federal. Surely you have not done well. So the best solution is to close door and business. Thank you SUPP

  10. Swak Unhappy Palau Party(SUPP) is pointing its fingers at the wrong monkeys… who supported Taib n Rahman to ‘overthrow’ Ningkan? What goes around comes round! Padan muka… u r d one who benefited from the corrupted Pe’ Hea? Who destabilise the real natives of Swak? U expexted Georgie boy to backstab his Chin Keh? U must be joking…Mawan, Jemut n PKFZ Tiong must be grinning fr ear to ear….Remember Ming Court? SUPP sabotaged the incident…now payback time….

  11. The UMNO dominated BN Government comprising of lap dogs in MCA. Gerakan. MIC. PBB, SUPP, SPDP, PRS, PBS, LPD and UPKO have failed to serve the ordinary and working class. Since the regime of Mahathir, they have systematically plundered and squandered our national wealth and assets.

    Just as much as UMNO has failed to serve the needs of the ordinary Malays, MIC, MCA. Gerakan, SUPP, PBB, SPDP, PRS, PBS and UPKO were equally guilty in enriching their own leaders and cronies.The UMNO dominated BN government has never been a government of the people, by the people and for the people. They have betrayed the trust of the rakyat by serving themselves and corporations with money to bribe them and arrogantly turned around to prosecute, persecute and oppress the people who lent them the power to rule.

    Our rural brothers and sisters have been colonised by their own ignorance and mental enslavery and now they know the POWER to govern a country belongs to the people and the people are the MASTER. They are no longer voting between a “government” and “opposition” but will be voting between BN and Pakatan to be the new government when DUN or Parliament are dissolved. The ungratefulness and the betrayal of the people’s trust by UMNO dominated BN government will be the deciding factor for the rural poor to kick out UMNO donminated BN government this time around and Pakatan Rakyat will be given the chance to prove itself to be a better government in steering our nation to be among the top developing country in Asia and which also understands the needs of the people and be responsive to the high poverty rate in the rural constituencies.

  12. My GOD! It’s unbelievable how stupid these SUPPs are!
    They insult our intelligence with this stupid sandiwara thinking we the public are that stupid to be conned but in fact they themselves are the stupid ones!

    Come on lah SUPP, explain to the public why SUPP want to leave BN!

    You SUPPs are turning yourselves into a mosquito party! It’s incredible how supp can never fail to make us laugh at their stupidity, they indeed write their own joke!

    Bye Bye SUPP!

    BTW: Where’s that dumbass burung kenyalang? Has he also given up on supp?

  13. Can the Malay and Dayak camps in PBB stand idle and watch helplessly as Taib appoints Norah Abdul Rahman Yakub to be the next CM in Sarawak? Can Karim Hamzah forgive and forget the man who placed his father, Hamzah Abdul Rahman, under ISA? PBB youth are getting restless by the day especially the malay and dayak camps.

  14. SUPP leaders should have the balls to ask Taib Mahmud once again if he is stepping down now and advise him not to talk too much bullshit about being prevented to step down by UMNO and the people. If Taib Mahmud looks himself in the mirror the person he sees will tell him not to step down as well. Disgruntled SUPP members should also lodge corruption reports against Taib and stopped been cry baby.

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