SPDP”Lies..Bad Intentions…!!”

It seems that Exciting news does spread like “WILD BUSH FIRE” Whats it all about as i asked a few political boys from various component parties. One answered sit down  first ” its from bad to worse” What was so bad that he asked me to sit or else i might just lose balance and hurt myself.

Its now Mawan not lstening to Tiong and our sources said that Tiong has a fallout with Mawan over the nomination of the the SPDP5. There was also a shouting match and now Mawan does not need to ” kowtow ” to Tiong as he is  being looked after by CM Taib.


 So convincing and how the propaganda has managed to reach WHO is WHO in Sarawak. I must have been slipping in this advancement of technological warfare. I sent out a few sms and one even said,”LIES and Bad Intentions” Another even pointed to a internet blog who seems to be publishing the rumours based on hearsay and have not even checked the facts before publishing.

One sms even came back as saying,” It will/might just  be termed later a “rumour mongering” machine of some one creating unnessary tension amongst the political boys. Its like a spin doctor work but  the truth will prevail”

The hype of this news has even gone as far as this sms,”All done becos some hidden hand wan to push Wong Judat out for someones gain n if Dtk sri Tiong is still in favour nothing can be achieved through SPDP,” audie61 tried to track down Tiong and Mawan for their comments.

An aide of Tiong called audie61 and he said he has spoken to Tiong on this matter and directed him to the blog site , Tiongs aide said,”They have nothing better to do than to tell lies and cook up this story. I have not even spoken to Mawan for some days already. Did we touch on this subject.? Did he record the conversation..?”Good intelligence service and maybe he has dreamt it out.”

Even the SPDP pol sec said,”No way and thats the truth of the matter.Someone just want to create rumours and tell people its REAL.


So thats that and we hope that these malicious rumours will not continue

7 thoughts on “SPDP”Lies..Bad Intentions…!!”

  1. sarawakiana says:

    For the record the spdp4 should not be standing on the partys ticket. There are others who are better suited. I sense a change is imminent. Seems that Entri,Rosey.paulus and Nansian has dug their own grave.Anyone agree??

  2. kpt99 says:

    worst not even a single cent talking about this immature and pathetic party.Gila kuasa sahaja.Banyak speculations and rumours.Parti yang terkeluar dari landasan.

  3. Anti-Kleptocracy says:

    No worth to mention SPDP and PRS today !!! Useless for Taib’s proxy.

    A vote to SPDP or PRS is a proxy to give mandate to Taib!!!

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