“PKR Sarawak Wanita Unamused..??’

At the break of dawn when the cock crew an sms came through to my handphone. Who can it be and what was so important..?? Could I just forget about it and catch a few more winks of sleep? Somehow my sub-conscienceness told me,”WAKE UP YOU LAZYBONES..”  

After summoning my brain to wake up my lazy body i went and reach for my phone. Something and someone must have got this lady very mad or else she of all people would not sms me so early.

The sms read,”U saw sarawak update on Agnes chandu?….N engkilili candidate? Wanita PKR want to ask BP make an apology.”


Voon being a lawyer byprofession  knows what she is saying and she will not just kick up a storm for the sake of gaining political mileage or attention.

It seems she has also posted a comment and have not hidden her identity not like some who just uses other names or initials. Kuddos to her for her bravery and she commented this,”

I wish to make a correction here on behalf of PKR wanita sarawak. Borneo Post make a mistake in their papers on sunday.We never mention Agnes Chandu to BP reporter during the press conference on saturday.Our ketua wanita for Engkilili is Angela Jabing since last year , 2009. (comment posted august 17th 2010 6.20pm)

audie61 is not a judge to preside on this matter and it is up to the parties concerned to come to an amicable solution. If not it will get overheated and someone, somehow, somewhere is in for a SHOCKER..


Afterall PKR stands for Justice Party..