SUPP “Lily..Come Clean…!!”

All is well when someone is doing good.No one will take a chisel or a hammer to drive it into some one’s head.

Would you…??

It seems that sometimes some SUPP leaders are getting carried away especially when the wrong things are being directed to them to come clean. What is wrong when the first sms arrive at Natasha of audie61 mentioning,”

Wah,Now Lily Yong as SUPP Division Chairman can give grants and receive grants.SHD be on behalf of Minister or Asst.Minister.No mention of anyone.What about SPDP,PRS or PBB.?? Unfair or is she promoting herself..?

The instant reply from BN and Pakatan YBs were they were all caught by surprise. They was also one which say,”Belum jadi YB or menteri sudah beri MRP by Lily.Whose money is she giving out.? Her own Money……??”  

Natasha of audie61 was just driving home a point to Lily Yong the Branch Chief of Kuching SUPP. How can SUPP go into battle against their common enemy when they cannot even handle the Bloggers.

She should not have come out getting down the throats of bloggers and telling them not to be little other people or organisations who are trying to serve the community. COME CLEAN LILY NO ONE AGAINST YOU GIVING GRANTS.. They are just asking you who are you giving it on behalf or where the funds come from..

A voter even asked ,”Is she still trying her luck to stand in Padungan..?? SAYANG PAO SU BN ” { MEANING-so sorry for BN sure lost

She has also put herself in a tight spot when she double talk herself into more trouble when she replied herself on one hand not to answer the comments “bests not to reply to them” while on the other hand she continued,”As far as I am concerned there is nothing wrong to help and for this small amount it is not the way to fish for votes,gather sympathy,support and gain poplularity.”


Bloggers are politicians bests friend and if some BN Leaders does not know how to use this new media they have charted their own abyss.


14 thoughts on “SUPP “Lily..Come Clean…!!”

  1. Why or why SUPP you have leaders who after losing still think they have a cahnce and also its their divine right. Give chance to the younger set of SUPP leaders to lobby and fight for a chance
    If not SUPP bye bye

  2. SUPP will be replaced by DAP in all the seats. the groundswell is for real. Look at Pakistan and China.When it rains it pours and SUPP might just suffer so much embarassment and if the party keep on keeping the same faces its a difficult situation for SUPP

  3. Haiyo!!!! this aunty really gong one leh…first time, she play fire cracker and put her face in borneo post, fire crackers illegal also don’t know meh and now,this!

    haiyo aunty, stay home lah, take care of uncle mah instead of coming out into public and make a fool out of yourself!

    hey aunty, being chairman of soup or whatever it is does not mean you elected boh!

    You bodoh kah! may be ‘chay meh’!

    • go around with yb ribbons to do more ribbons cutting lah,yb smoking openly in coffee shop in kuching with hands still holding 2 more packets

  4. What will happen after KL great meeting? They say, there will be big and surprising change, “born again” change, useful and meaningful change; they will change (you believe or not ? Sarawakian)

    And, is it with this so called “change”, all seats lost will be recovered ? If so, then that needs a big congratulation to SUPP.

    All changing plans will be announced when Dr. George is back from overseas holiday looking for new inspiration.

    Best wishes, SUPP.

  5. Is Wee Hong Seng even a SUPP member? This Wee fella talks and acts like he is one of the CWC member of SUPP. And for Lily, she has always been known to be promoting herself as the missing link between the thief minister and the voters of Bandar Kuching. To the simple minded and ordinary older women, Lily Yong is a “tua pou sian” and only knows how to “pian seh kia”. What do those perceptions imply?

  6. The Sarawak Useless People’s Party has positioned itself to be everything and anything Sarawakians need..from erection to resurrection ! What an arrogant mosquito?

  7. It is now clear to people in and out of the party that it cannot metamorphose itself unless there is

    1. an exchange transfusion of the leadership
    2. an irreversible move out of BN.

    For now it looks lost, before that “major decision.”

  8. All the leaders and members alike had treated Song Swee Guan like an outcaste and beggar. What you sow will be what you reap. You guys are meeting your bad karma now.

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