SUPP” Something Big Brewing Inside..??”

What is SUPP party president DCM Dr George Chan up to? He has called for a meeting yesterday in KL far away from Sarawak reporters. Our source told us that only leaders allied to him were called up.

Dr Chan lead a delegation to see PM Najib. Everyone is keeping mums about what has transpired in the meeting.After his meeting, Dr Chan flies off to a foreign country very far way over 9 hours flight. He will be incommunicado until he comes back from leave almost two weeks from now.

Imagine this.. the Deputy Chief Minister away on leave uncontactable for 2 weeks, have met Najib on a secret agenda. But wait.. this will be first time he wont be around for the State Cabinet meeting that will be called by CM who has just come back.

Has Dr Chan purposely absent himself from the most important meeting when so many questions are left unanswered?After the meeting at the Palace of Golden Horses, who has he flown off to?

The blogs are all hot with rumours about who were included in the delegation to meet Najib. It is not true that it was ONLY Chinese leaders. Francis Harden and Jerip Susil was among them. A very reliable source will only say that they were in high spirits after the meeting before Dr Chan flew away last night.

So now the million dollar question is what will Dr Chan announce when he comes back from London?It is not what you think. It looks like Dr Chan has finally decided to act a la his namesake George H Bush … you’re either with me, or against me.



28 thoughts on “SUPP” Something Big Brewing Inside..??”

  1. Aiyo whatever he does also susah liaw? He needs to field in young fresh and untainted candidates to win back the seats in Kuching first. SUPP is in a spiral downwards
    What is so big that we dont know.

  2. He going somewhere and then he will call Anwar to join to PKR like SAPP. Hahaha as Najib did not give him what he wants..

  3. who cares what happens to SUPP..?? They have it all and its their time to suffer in the hands of Sarawakians. See how they will fare in the next elections. Sibu this time without a doubt will suffer greatly too.Wong SK without his right hand will be at a total loss and he will find it hard to fight of DAP. Bye bye Sibu..

  4. SUPP” Something Big Brewing Inside..??” – How big it can be, if it is this Chan sort of game. Everything is too late to worry about. Damages are damages. How far can that man fly, still he can not escape the claws of the chief monster. End up, SUPP’s so called KL meeting team will seek apology from the great man.

    How about bringing in UMNO, support UMNO to lead BN Sarawak, let UMNO conquer and rule all the remaining wealth of the state (remaining lands, remaining forests, remaining resources, remaining breath of the people)…This is a sweet, lovely and pleasing kiss to UMNO

    Whatever tacts they may be, IT IS TOO LATE !!!!

  5. Too right 1MALAYSIAN wonder what is the news..? SUPP is facing the biggest headache and it my even end up like Gerakan.”mosquito party haha

  6. SUPP already saying their last rites. PKR and DAP surely benefit from all the mess in SUPP. George Chan better resign and take a long leave away from all the politics.If he stays SUPP will and might have him left standing.

  7. George Chan the thing with audie61 they always get it right in the end. I follow this blog for nearly two years already and they have never got it wrong. They always leave the bests for the lasts.

  8. SUPP what else is there to say? George Chan has been there in the seat too long. The same is for Jabu and also Taib. Step down and they might just all help BN Sarawak.

  9. Haiya, what bull shit sandiwara again! SUPP SUPP so stupid, all these ‘action’ just sandiwara to dupe the people again…

    supp will only be believed if they leave BN and georgy boy resigns from supp and his post and let a by election take place in miri!

    why would georgy boy bite the hand that has fed him so fat for so long!

    it’s time for supp to spend some time in political wilderness and work on the earning the trust of the people and maybe by then, in the future, they will win votes again!

    BUT NOT THIS TIME whatever they do!


  10. Thanks for this nice read, even if it did take quite a long time to finish reading. (English is not my mother language) Can I ask where you got your information from? Thank you! Guadalupe

  11. Aiya Audie ah…..

    Remember the book by Dr. Chin on SUPP. The party can EASILY reject joining Malaysia and later PRETEND to be a loyal partner to “DEVELOP” Malaysia.

    Politic to SUPP is loke a stock mah. when the counter reaches its projected height then just SELL mah. Problem solve liau.

    REMEMBER ALMOST EVERY SUPP MEMBERS are the binifictories of the NEP 1 – 10. The so called dissatisfaxion is just a no-pain Ayiooooooo.

    Liau Liau.

  12. It does not matter anymore if George has thrown down his towel or hang up his boxing gloves. Taib, Jabu, George and Masing are all liabilities to UMNO controlled BN in Sarawak. Najib will not agree to remove the chief pirate Taib Mahmud nor will he agree to SUPP fielding as many candidates as they want.

    Georgie boy, now you have no choice but to jump…or grab a lifeboat and paddle off alone. It’s a scary thought, true. There are sharks in those waters. There are fish that pretend to be kind and loving, and then turn into sharks. What may appear to be a beautiful and inviting island can be littered with cannibals that will eat you alive. But, face it, what choice do you have? Your ship is SINKING!

  13. Mr.SUPP. It is like someone who comes to know that he has the preliminary signs of DIABETES…the head and the mouth ignore the warning and advices..he keeps taking high sugar and salt content…the illness getting worse, but he keep ignoring…so then doctors amputate his toes, he is not worried; then his legs, no worry no changes no control, they remove the thighs one after another (the state and parliamentary seats)..last doctor has to remove th BALLS…then the whole body (the party) is called to rest. Only at the last breathe, he send himself to KL for specialist help…TOO LATE. SUPP will be buried with amputated legs and hands….This is sorrowful and heartaching for those who once so much love and care for him (the party)

    Examples are Gerakan, and next will be MCA possibly

  14. mata kuching you are correct”It does not matter anymore if George has thrown down his towel or hang up his boxing gloves. Taib, Jabu, George and Masing are all liabilities to UMNO controlled BN in Sarawak” What else is there??

  15. As far as I know SUPP has always been ill informed and suddenly have losts the guts to fight for causes and issues which are affecting not only the chinese community but also other communities.They are so looking inwards and thats why they fail to be a party for everyone.

  16. The Promise land SUPP is very near.Lose more seats you will be just abother MOsquito Party like what Karim Hamzah said.

  17. The jigsaw George is getting harder.Retire and go with your new found love soemwhere and relax. DO YOU NEED ALL THIS SH……..IT…??

  18. The chinese havbe but given their hopes up on SUPP. They can just forget it and kiss their chances of gaining back the Kuching seats. Sibu will also fall and maybe one or two in Miri. DAP has targetted at least 15 seats to fall.Where are the the rests of the safe seats for SUPP>>??

  19. SUPP playing sandiwara so what fedup..Let them and maybe the DAP would just skin them alive.SUPP in Kuching is already in the wilderness maybe the foochow boys in sibu SUPP should also be shown the exit.WongSK and David Teng should be defeated too and they might just be more humble.Too aloof already SUPP.

  20. I have followed this blog for a while and like the comment on rats jumping off the sinking ship posted not so long ago. Talking about sinking ship it was reported in one of the mainstream media that SUPP headquarter was sinking, with cracks all over the basement of the building. This is not only a bad omen but also a bad karma for the party. Taib, Najib, AG, CJ, IGP and many BN leaders will have bad karma knocking on their doors.

    Najib will be the last serving UMNO PM and Taib’s empire will be destroyed in the months ahead.

  21. SUPP has been long time ago functionless,powerless and dead in the eyes of their coalitions and supporters. No matter how they reinvent and revamp themselves,they will again be relevant to the public.Base on the present sentiments on the grounds, they are going to lose more seats in this coming election.

  22. Is george on honeymoon with girlfriend or is he overseas visiting someone who is sick?

    MCA playing the tune that they are now ‘standing up’ to UMNO….like a good little balless boy, SUPP jumping on the bandwagon thinking the public is still that stupid to think now they suddenly have the balls to stand up to taib!

    Only not so long ago, about 2 weeks ago, they just issued the threat of no support for supp no refund!

    Well, whatever it is, just kick all of them out!

    btw: Burung kenyalang that dumbass been rather quiet!

  23. The tsunami is building up here well before the general election is held !

    Quick run quick SUPP, find new grounds to stand up later on !

  24. Most of the aunties and uncles from SUPP’s “karaoke” and “tai chi” groups are walking away and obviously was simply fedup. They didn’t even want to talk about the party they had mindlessly supported over the years. Time to change “cheng hu” they must have felt.

    Why must SUPP gag its CWC members and leaders from expressing their views about the party and BN? Are SUPP leaders mulling with the ideas and ideology practised in North Korea?

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