SUPP” Something Big Brewing Inside..??”

What is SUPP party president DCM Dr George Chan up to? He has called for a meeting yesterday in KL far away from Sarawak reporters. Our source told us that only leaders allied to him were called up.

Dr Chan lead a delegation to see PM Najib. Everyone is keeping mums about what has transpired in the meeting.After his meeting, Dr Chan flies off to a foreign country very far way over 9 hours flight. He will be incommunicado until he comes back from leave almost two weeks from now.

Imagine this.. the Deputy Chief Minister away on leave uncontactable for 2 weeks, have met Najib on a secret agenda. But wait.. this will be first time he wont be around for the State Cabinet meeting that will be called by CM who has just come back.

Has Dr Chan purposely absent himself from the most important meeting when so many questions are left unanswered?After the meeting at the Palace of Golden Horses, who has he flown off to?

The blogs are all hot with rumours about who were included in the delegation to meet Najib. It is not true that it was ONLY Chinese leaders. Francis Harden and Jerip Susil was among them. A very reliable source will only say that they were in high spirits after the meeting before Dr Chan flew away last night.

So now the million dollar question is what will Dr Chan announce when he comes back from London?It is not what you think. It looks like Dr Chan has finally decided to act a la his namesake George H Bush … you’re either with me, or against me.