“It’s good to be BN….??”

The first sms came in to audie61 and it read,”Wah,Now Lily Yong as SUPP Division Chairman can give grants and receive grants.SHD be on behalf of Minister or Asst.Minister.No mention of anyone.What about SPDP,PRS or PBB.?? Unfair or is she promoting herself..?

The instant reply from BN and Pakatan YBs were they were all caught by surprise. They was also one which say,”Belum jadi YB or menteri sudah beri MRP by Lily.Whose money is she giving out.? Her own Money……??”  

Another one sms which even had the cheek to say,”Its a special grant(kesian type) for SUPP.Its special and periodical not like the normal grant/mrp fund given to YBs/MPs.SUPP requested for the fund mostly from Federal.” Also she is taking undue advantage of the situation.


Minor rural projects…but it seems the chairperson is promoting herself…and you can figure it all out by reading the English dailies which carried the story Borneo Posts headlined:- We can get Padungan back while Sarawak Tribune :Several candidates are already identified for Kuching seats.

Surely SUPP has capitalise on the situation but the only blemish is if SUPP can do that why isn’t the other component parties in Padungan area be given the same allocation ? Even if they were not given the chance to requests for funds they can at least be invited to witness ? What has happen to the BN family/coalition.? There is a LOUD CRY OUT THERE………




13 thoughts on ““It’s good to be BN….??”

  1. Time is near, so many more such goodies will be expected in whatever ways SUPP can, in order to win back seats; but how much can they save after so many year of being USELESS and BALL-LESS representatives in the state assembly under the iron fist-of-fury (not from Bruce Lee, but from another)

    The cut, disappointment and frustration are not built up in one day or days, but years and years. In rural areas, it is difficult for one to hear that young ones have the interest about SUPP…as most of the senior members are getting old, SUPP is loosing its influence everywhere…so what is the conclusion? May be many have answer to that.

    Once many families’ elders were proud to be called or known as members of SUPP…this is fading away like the eveing sun. Night is coming, and if you do not switch on the new light, darkness is the fate of SUPP.

  2. Typical of supp leaders, self serving every chance they get, selfish, been defeated once before and instead of having the grace of stepping aside and supporting a younger more capable person to run, they want to hang on to ‘power’!

    There you go supp, there lies the fundamental problem of supp, you have these self serving old farts full of shit leaders!

    They insult our intelligence and every time thinking we the public are so stupid and do not know better.

    Lily yong stop taking up space in the newspapers lah, retired to your role as a housewife and stop annoying us with yr ugly face in the paper!

    You’re just yet another self serving, good for nothing, taking up space waste of time soup!

    Ask yourself lily, why did you lose the last time? You will probably lose even more this time and don’t forget, you are not running in some small kampung, your probably running in town somewhere, so u think we are as stupid and ignorant as those poor rural folks?

  3. SUPP can never win back any seats they lost and will likely lost all the seats allocated to them. No amount of compassionate “inducements or corruptions” can save the party.Not even the overpaid premium refund sandiwara will add up to additional votes for SUPP and UMNO controleed BN led by the thief minister Taib Mahmud. The arms twisting tactic of asking the voters to “beg” through SUPP to get things done or approved by the mighty and arrogant UMNO controlled BN government was the last straw and the voters especially the poor and helpless will punish SUPP for such bully tactics.

    Sarawak4change. Sarawak4Pakatan.

    • The last straw from supp is the ‘threat’ dished out by georgy boy concerning the land renewal premium refund issue…how dare he threaten us with it and quoted to have said that if no support for bn equates to no refund!

      george, time you get loss! when you lose, be prepared, you will have many question to answer, one of which concerns SIMC!

      ling liong sik may not get off this time and he won’t be the first, many more will go down that path, it’s only a matter of time!

  4. SUPP is in danger of losing more seats in this coming election.This is base on the sentiments and feed backs gathered on the grounds especially in urban areas like kuching,sibu,bintulu and miri.Fair,just and equality are what the educated and rational modern rakyat want nowadays.The unfair policies of government in scholarships,education,business and civil services are the main grievances and pledges.If SUPP is not able to help them in overcoming these problems,they will totally abandon them.After 53 years of independence,we are is still divided to bumis and non bumis,what type of country is Malaysia?.How genuine and sincere is the concept of 1 Malaysia ?.

  5. SUPP visits Putrajaya – history repeats itself? Will the secret meeting be a repeat of SUPP 1980’s tryst with Hussein Onn to remove then Sarawak CM Abdul Rahman Ya’kub?

    Hussein Onn was not known to be a corrupted and greedy PM and he had listened to SUPP then. As for Najib Tun Razak, he is just as corrupted and greedy as Taib Mahmud and SUPP leaders like George Chan, Wong Soon Koh and Tiong Thai King had benefited from Taib’s patronage.

    The conclusion is predictable and nothing will ever happen to Taib Mahmud for as long as Najib remains as PM.

    Sayonara SUPP.

  6. Malaysians in Sarawak should not expect the exco members of BN Sarawak components to revolt against Taib the untouchable pirate. Sarawakians must exercise citizen politics regardless of their political affiliations and paymasters to support the Movement On Change Sarawak to save Sarawak and save Malaysia.

    • I fully agreed. Movement on Change Sarawak should distribute 1 million or more RED and BLACK T-shirts to all Sarawakians with a strong message “Sarawak4Change” and we shall remind one another by wearing the t-shirt every Friday. It is Now or Never !

  7. Brilliant idea Jolia ! We would like to receive more ideas and suggestions from everyone too. I personally feel MoCS should also document the “rape” of our vast forest resources under the pretext of requiring more Dams, NCR land, Penans and how all the infrstructure projects were inflated many time more and given to Taib and Family’s companies. The documentary should be distributed in CD. download from Youtube and other forms and in major Sarawak language to every corners of Sarawak.

    • 5 little things we, as concern citizens can do:

      1)Get friends, family members, neighbours and even people you just met that aren’t registered to register to vote. Bug them, remind them and even drag them there if you have to. And get those you help register to do the same.

      2)If you have wireless internet connection, leave it open so that those who may not have access can access at least until after the state elections.

      3) Boycott the local papers which lack impartiality, send them a message to be more impartial in their reporting. After all, they need the public’s money to survive!

      4)Talk politics from now until the elections, increase public awareness of what’s wrong with this place. Learn about your rights as a citizen, learn about the accountability and responsibility of elected representatives to the people, let others know too.

      5) Most importantly, make sure you vote! Check your registration intermittently, make sure nothing has changed without your knowledge!

      Check it here: http://daftarj.spr.gov.my/daftarj/

      Check for your friends and family or even people you don’t really know if they agree to do so!

      Make a difference now!

      • YES…YES…YES to all the above suggestions by Fedup! Let us all walk together and in one direction and do what we need to do to save Sarawak and save Malaysia.

  8. My Malay/melanau friends, relatives and colleagues are voting for Change. It is our collective responsibility to save Sarawak from Taib and all his lanuns from PBB, SUPP, PRS and SPDP. We shall vote for any Pakatan candidates in our areas.

    In diversity we are united against corruptions, abuse of power, manipulations of MACC, Judicial and PDRM. WE also uphold the freedom of expression and freedom to practise one’s own religion. We are also against the ban on Allah for all religious faith.

    Let us all be united in the belief that we all share the same God and let us vote out the corrupted and evil regime of UMNO dominated BN government.

    Vote Pakatan to save Sarawak and Malaysia.

  9. Ho :idea: Ho :idea: Ho :idea:
    :idea: Never ‘Sai Goo Ban Goik’ or listen to devil or begs devil to helps you BUT listen to PEOPLES POWER that will really only helps all as one BIG FAMILY :idea:

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