“It’s good to be BN….??”

The first sms came in to audie61 and it read,”Wah,Now Lily Yong as SUPP Division Chairman can give grants and receive grants.SHD be on behalf of Minister or Asst.Minister.No mention of anyone.What about SPDP,PRS or PBB.?? Unfair or is she promoting herself..?

The instant reply from BN and Pakatan YBs were they were all caught by surprise. They was also one which say,”Belum jadi YB or menteri sudah beri MRP by Lily.Whose money is she giving out.? Her own Money……??”  

Another one sms which even had the cheek to say,”Its a special grant(kesian type) for SUPP.Its special and periodical not like the normal grant/mrp fund given to YBs/MPs.SUPP requested for the fund mostly from Federal.” Also she is taking undue advantage of the situation.


Minor rural projects…but it seems the chairperson is promoting herself…and you can figure it all out by reading the English dailies which carried the story Borneo Posts headlined:- We can get Padungan back while Sarawak Tribune :Several candidates are already identified for Kuching seats.

Surely SUPP has capitalise on the situation but the only blemish is if SUPP can do that why isn’t the other component parties in Padungan area be given the same allocation ? Even if they were not given the chance to requests for funds they can at least be invited to witness ? What has happen to the BN family/coalition.? There is a LOUD CRY OUT THERE………