SUPP Sarawak Bee-Line to KL…??”

Something very significant is happening in Kuala Lumpur at the Palace of the Golden Horses Hotel. Whose Who in SUPP is making their presence felt and making arrangements not to miss out on some important news.

Our reliable sources told us that some SUPP Bumiputera YBs are left behind plus one known political secretary.

 Could this be deliberately planned out to increase the INTERESTS IN THE PLOT..??

Even the oppostion party members are getting on the bandwagon and have been heard to say,”The SUPP Youth Chief has been pressured to lead the charge of leaving the youth out of BN

Its all mere speculations and eventhough the SUPP leaders are mum on the above the rumours have caught the tail win of a typhoon blowing in the party.

There are also some who are saying that its not SUPP that is insignificant but the top leaders who have overstayed including the BN Sarawak Chairman. The Sarawak PKR information Chief See Chee How in a telephone interview said,”He has not shown anysign of stepping down and if he leads Sarawak BN in the next elections the opposition will hugely make many inroads.

He further commented ,”SUPP will not have the guts to call for the CM to step down and if they do SUPP might just be able to retain some seats” Its tough for SUPP in the next elections but their losses will be of a benefit to the Pakatan coalition.

Significant..?  IT WILL BE SUPP’s CALL….


17 thoughts on “SUPP Sarawak Bee-Line to KL…??”

  1. Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen:

    :mrgreen: Don’t worry Mr & Mrs Teoh bcoz I’ll leave no STONE UNTURNED n DO YOU ALL BELIEVE IN ME :?: :?:

    :mrgreen: WHEN THE CULPRIT CUM MURDERER WILL BE CAUGHT ??? after 1 year still searching for the SUICIDE note ah :?: HOLI COW :mrgreen: WAKE UP MAN :!:

    Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen:

  2. SUPP was a formidable opposition party in the 70’s under Chan Siaw Hee ? So I read and was too young then to know the history. Today SUPP has been perceived as Sarawak Useless People’s Party by the Chinese from young to old and also by the Dayaks. Their self serving dinosaurs never appreciated the contributions of the youth in the party.

    The young and educated Dayaks in PBB also felt the same about PBB and how their own community has been pawned by Dayaks leaders and were marginalised under Taib Mahmud led BN.

    It is only a matter of time and timing that the youths in SUPP and PBB will revolt against their aging and self serving dictators.

    • SUPP leaders had never appreciated the contributions of Dayak leaders in the party and always treated the dayak voters as illiterates, parasites and “easy to buy”. Dayaks must vote for change and vote out SUPP and BN components to make Pek Mo accountable to all of us and return all the stolen wealth belonging to all Sarawakians.

  3. Malaysians can bet on their last ringgit that Najib will not do anything about Taib Mahmud and Musa Aman. He would rather swim or sink with them in GE13. Getting MACC to charge these pirates of Borneo will only be committing “Hara Kiri” for Najib. Mahathir and Badawi didn’t want to do it and hope they will go before UMNO was dethroned.

  4. If what Audie61 reported was true. People will asked these clowns in SUPP this, “So what if you told us you had met PM Najib that you wanted Taib the thief minister to go? “. By getting MACC to investigate and charge the thief ministers of Sarawak and Sabah, Najib is also indicating to MACC that he is opened to investigation for his own ill gotten wealth too. The capable and honourable youths in SUPP are just wasting their time with the party led by a bunch of useless and corrupted leaders.

  5. Dear SUPP, better some actions than no action – the law of survival. Is it a bit too late? Desperate treatment ofr an end stage cancer. Why not all quit and join PR ?

  6. 1 thing that is definite. Audie will be a very busy man this election feeding us with the movement on the ground.

    Anyone to drive a t-shirt campaign bearing the slogan “audie inside”?

  7. SUPP, this is too little too late!

    The people already do not trust you! Whose to say this is yet another useless tactic to try and suggest to the people that at least you tried and that is enough to get re-elected!

    Useless lah, it’s time soup loses all it’s seats and spend time in the wilderness and work on earning the trust of the people..if you do not, you will perish into the wilderness and never to return!

    sayonara soup!

  8. All right thinking youths in BN Sarawak should by now quit their respective BN Parties and chose either DAP, SNAP, PKR and PAS as their renewed platform to contribute to a new political culture in Sarawak.

    • The window of opportunity is NOW for all youth leaders in all BN component parties to join Pakatan. AS for the senior leaders who had benefited from Taib’s patronage, it is too late for them to get out. They also carried too much baggage with them. The Sarawak tsunami will inflict its biggest loss on SUPP and cause significant casualties to BN Sarawak in the coming state election.

  9. The formation of Movement On Change Sarawak (MoCS)by a group of concerned Sarawakians is a step in the right direction. All Sarawakians should feel it is also their responsibiltiy to support this movement to right what were wrong in the administration of our state and the mismanagement of our state’s rich natural resources. The movement will also pressure MACC to take action against all the reports on corruption lodged against Taib Mahmud and any other leaders and cronies of Taib.

    • Curious thing, where’s taib?

      He seem to be overseas going from london to europe and now apparently in australia???

      Hmm, seem to be going to places where his loot are reportedly at….is he stashing the loot away???

  10. Taib now is doing damage control to start “activities” to even hide his assets from public just in case his regime really falls like Marcos and Suharto !!!

    Bangkitlah semua raykat Sarawak memulakan Gerakan Anti-Taib Mahmud !!!

    Bangkitlah semua raykat Sarawak memulakan Gerakan Anti-Taib Mahmud !!!

    Bangkitlah semua raykat Sarawak memulakan Gerakan Anti-Taib Mahmud !!!



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