N64 Sarawak “A Fiery Battle”


N64 Sarawak in the next election will see a fiery battle between two known nemesis in Incumbent SUPP YB Andy Chia and DAP Miri Chairman Fong Pau Teck. The above photo speaks for itself and on the gound level it has already sparked some “reactions”

audie61 was also on site in Miri to see the extend of the devastation where Fire broke out on Sunday night and destroyed 46 houses and made 296 people and 59 families homeless.

DAP Fong asked a very provoking question to YB Andy which was overheard by audie61,”Now,What are you going to do..?” YB being his calm self, though a bit more than being mere agitated, he did not create a scene especially with so much sorrow in evidence.

However he just told the press present,”We have taken immediate relief action and we let our actions do the talking.

The quick action on the night in question especially at the height of the Fire has propelled YB Andy’s negative rating of 49% by the polls conducted on the ground to a much respectable 53% as an incumbent Yb.

According to many political analysts the DAP candidate has indeed shot himself in the foot eventhough he has been seen to be” championing the cause of the people and being the voice of opposition in PUJUT by checking the BN government.”

He has indeed losts a HUGE CHUNK OF HIS GOOD WORK BY THE OUTBREAK OF THE FIRE. He has indeed picked the right time to show..



21 thoughts on “N64 Sarawak “A Fiery Battle”

  1. When it comes to photo OPs, no one can beat BN..but when it comes to doing something good, stick their neck out to protect the interest of the public, well, that’s another story!

    SUPP don’t seem to get it that just because you think you have tried by hinting to taib on some unpopular issue, that is enough! It’s not!

    You have to stand up and be counted, take a stand for the public! Voice out and challenge TAIB for once, in the interest of the public instead of being lapdogs that you are!

    You can start by resolving the land grab s.47 and refund on premiums paid!

    But then again, your leaders like wong suku and georgy boy already threatening the public with it saying if no support no refund!

    WTF! So basically, the public has no choice but to get rid of you SUPPs since we get no support from SUPP so what’s the use of having you in there!

  2. In a recent longhouse fire, DCM Alfred Jabu told the longhouse folks that only the government would rebuilt their longhouse. It will be expected that SUPP would tell the fire victims the same that Opposition never rebuilt any houses or longhouses for fire victims.

    People are not stupid enough to buy such wholesale stupidity. If the government deems it is not duty bound to alleviate the unfortunate sufferings of fire victims then it should dutifully give up it role as government. Please remember that every single cent spent on the rakyat are money belonging to the rakyat in the form of taxes.

    • Agree fully BN should not make it appears that it is only capable of assisting. When PKR tale over they also have the resources to assist.
      Its just the uneducated mentality of most people who think that if BN lost in the election, BN will bring all the resources to its grave.

    • Although it is still a grey area for lawmakers to issue support letters just because some government agencies demanded such letters, it is still perceived to be an abuse of one’s position to issue such letter to a family member’s company bidding for government projects. Hence it is morally right for DAP and Pakatan government to take action against its members for such abuse. UMNO lawmakers openly admitted that it was a tradition and BN government would rather sweep that under the carpet. So that is the distinct difference between Pakatan and Barisan government.

  3. The BN or SUPP or PRS or PBB or SPDP relief or disaster committees are just mere political gimmicks of a dysfunctional government .

    There ought to be a national disaster and relief body assisted by NGOs such as Red Crescent, St John Ambulance, Salvation Army and the likes, which operates in every states. As it is Malaysians will only get to see SUPP YB appeared on the scene of a disaster when it occurred in a SUPP represented constituency and while in PBB represented constituency a PBB YB will also take the opportunity to be seen to be caring and concerned.

    Afterwhich, as expected the YB concerned will want to be seen by the mass media to be “walking the talk” or let “their action does the talking”. How pathetic and superficial are our elected BN lawmakers and YBs. Many will glamour for photography session when distributing rice, water, building materials and ruffling the heads of young kids.

    • Dewan Rakyat deputy speaker Dtk Wan Junaidi was spot on when he recently made a remark that some BN YBs were contented to be superficial YBs who liked to be seen cutting ribbons, distributing hampers and goodies than serving the people better.

      Lee Hui, I feel a national disaster body should also not be the tool of the government of the day.

  4. Ho :roll: Ho :roll: Ho :roll:
    :roll: POLITICAL GIMMICK by opportunist from greedy + selfish politicians really make us wonder why they are in politics???? For sure $$$ n power or more than that???? RAKYAT will not give a damn to bad n greedy politicians either they are from east,west,south or north as long as they are doing their duty n duty bond to serve their constituency n RAKYAT of all races :roll:
    B-eNd has been around too long n they are now like master of every big screen ACTOR + ACTRESS that will never shy or really think about the poor n old peoples suffering!

  5. Lee Hui you are just looking at one side of the story .Look carefully also at what the Pakatan states YBs are doing. When there is a disaster everyone should chip in.Where are you from!? Mars OR jUPITER…

    • It is perfectly okay for politicians or concerned citizens to be present when a disaster occurred but more often than not BN YBs would take the opportunity to portray to the victims and public at large that a disaster relief fund was only forth coming from the government only which was basically taxpayers money anyway. It was not as if a BN YB chipped in a few thousand from his own pocket and certainly would be greatly appreciated if he could well afford to. It was not the amount but the sincerity to assist or help that matters BUT do not brag that ONLY the government cares and Opposition only talks.

      • Lee Hui, I fully agreed with your point of argument. It seems that BN YBs have forgotten that in some of Pakatan ruled states BN is actually the Opposition. By saying that only the government can deliver, these BN Ybs are actually shooting themselves in the feet in Pakatan ruled states.

        So just do what are needed and do not brag who is better or able to deliver.

    • phyllis, its about change, CHANGE THE GOV”T!

      Yes there may be bad apples in PR and PR is getting rid of them unlike BN!

      Just because there are bad apples in PR, does not mean BN deserve our vote!

      Screw BN, we the public are sick of it! PR, you better get rid of those rotten apples otherwise, PR will be kicked out!

      There’s always room for a third coalition..soon enough, there will be!

  6. Ho :cry: Ho :cry: Ho :cry:
    :cry: NOBODY will commit suicide if he/she have such a good Family full of LOVES from his/her Father,Mother,Brothers,Sister,Wife n Son waiting for him to come back n give him a BIG HUG + LOVE KISSES :cry: :idea: RAKYAT :idea: versus :evil: EVIL :evil: now :oops: :oops: :oops:

  7. Ho :oops: Ho :oops: Ho :oops:
    :oops: WAS TEOH BENG HOCK forced to commit suicide :?:
    :oops: http://bit.ly/9YX1wo :oops:

  8. Teo Beng Hock – is it logical that a person being held by authority, under investigation and interrogation, has the time to make a suicide note??? Not very. How come the bag was not checked in the aftermath of a life concerned incident…negligence or other reasons?

    Too many similar cases, illogical explanations, cover-ups and so and so…will all these be swept into the X-File – or UFO File ??? Mysterious but not mysteries at all

    • MACC and PRDM are said to be very meticulous when scrutinising belongings of suspects in their custody including tissue or toilet paper in the suspect’s pocket, wallet or bag. If ever Teoh was forced to write that piece of suicide note in mandarin by an MACC officer who knows how to read Chinese, his handwritings will probably show sign of imbalance, lacking control and discipline in a flowing style. Hand writing is said to be basically “brain writing”. In fact, it is the result of a complex interaction of physical and mental processes involving cooperation among your brain’s cognitive, motor, and emotion areas, down through the brain stem and the spinal cord, and out to your hand.

      Let’s see how the MACC can wrangle itself out of this piece of “new evidence”.

  9. Interesting findings on suicides:

    Older suicide note-leavers were less likely to be known to psychiatric services, did not have recent psychiatric treatment, and were less likely to have used violent methods, and did not previously attempt suicide. Suicide notes accompanied most of the cases of suicide that resulted from an overdose, using plastic bags, electrocution, or using car exhausts. Most cases of drowning did not leave suicide notes, none of the men who killed themselves by drowning or falling from a height left suicide notes, nor did the deceased who fatally wounded themselves or jumped in front of a train.

  10. When the power of justice and enforcement concentrates on just one department, this is what we get. It should be delegated to state/province level where the nation can vote in and out the the top level management.

  11. Ho :shock: Ho :shock: Ho :shock:
    :shock: I wonder if those MURDERERS can still sit down PEACEFULLY n in RELAXING way taking his breakfast,lunch or dinner with his own Family members when his HAND + HEART is really full of SINS from this cruel n heinous crime ever commit to his own Human kind ???????????
    http://bit.ly/b6PgxU :shock:

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