“Sarawak State Elections..?”

Are your troops ready..??

Both Coalitions will soon be facing the people to seek a new mandate. Everyone and anyone who is so called “connected” are gving out dates but these two schools of opinion does carry more weight than the others.

  • 1. October after Hari Raya and CM will announce the dissolution 
  • 2. He will celebrate his 30th year in office first and April he will announce the dissolution.

Whether it is October or April, it is after all the prerogative of the Chief Minister Taib and he has already said its a “SATURDAY.”

The Voters will vote accordingly and they will have a choice to choose between

And THIS…….

And we keep telling the YBs from both coalitions that…..





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  1. A summary of Taib Mahmud’s 29 years as Thief Minister of Sarawak. It is time to get rid of this pirate and make him and all his family members and cronies accountable to all Malaysians in Sarawak









  2. It is time Sarawakians take stock on how much Taib Mahmud has stolen from us and hidden his loots overseas. It is time to kick out Taib the thief Minister and all UMNO controlled BN components in the coming state election. Let us now scrutinise Taib Mahmud’s 29 years as Thief Minister of Sarawak.

    1) http://sarawakreport.org/2010/07/oxford-demonstration-against-taib/

    2) http://sarawakreport.org/2010/07/taibs-top-gig/

    3) http://sarawakreport.org/2010/07/growing-scandal-the-london-connection/

    4) http://sarawakreport.org/2010/08/hidden-opulence/#1

    5) http://sarawakreport.org/2010/07/photos-oxford-protest/#1

    6) http://sarawakreport.org/2010/07/utter-disgust-pkr-leader-baru-bian-speaks-out/

    7) http://sarawakreport.org/2010/07/boy-racer-for-chief-minister/

    8) http://sarawakreport.org/2010/07/where-are-the-answers/

    It was a great insult to our intelligence when our main stream media in Sarawak reported that Taib’s visit to London was a great honour for Sarawakians .

  3. By Luke Rintod

    KOTA KINABALU: The Malaysia Project envisaged by the former premier Tunku Abdul Rahman and Borneo leaders, Donald Stephens and Temenggong Jugah 47 years ago is a failure, according to a wide spectrum of the intelligentsia.

    In a series of papers submitted at a one-day forum on the ‘Formation of Malaysia Revisited and The Way Forward’, presenters concluded that what had been conceived by the trio and what eventually transpired in the intervening years was similar to a pendulum swing.

    All the five papers presented and deliberated at Saturday’s landmark forum to discuss the birth of the Federation of Malaysia and the effects on Sabah and Sarawak 40 years after noted how state rights had taken a backseat to political convenience.

    Kanul Gindol, secretary-general of CigMa, said the forum managed to achieve an intellectual discussion of the pros and cons of the formation of Malaysia.

    “It was lively (discussion) and managed to attract people from all walks of life including past and present public figures like Ayub Aman, an elder brother of Sabah Chief Minister, Amirkahar Tun Mustapha, PKR leaders like Christina Liew and Baru Bian, retired civil servants, academicians, lawyers, teachers, politicians, students and laymen,” he said.

    Kitingan, the younger brother of Sabah deputy Chief Minister Joseph Pairin Kitingan, in his paper highlighted facts and ‘secrets’, notably how the federal powers had subdued the state through many manoeuvres since 1963, and how Sabah leaders were duped into believing in whatever Peninsular Malaysian leaders pledged and promised them.

    Using figures, he demonstrated how the Kadazandusuns, who were once the majority and dominant in North Borneo/Sabah were being disenfranchised.

    He spoke about the emergence of a new group called Melayu in Sabah which today stands at more than 300,000 but was only 18,000 in 1970’s.

    Split Sabah into five state

    The Harvard graduate also cited how Malayan subsequent leaders managed to tilt the equation of power to the peninsula ever since the inception of the federation in 1963.

    “In 1963, we had a 50-50 equation in Parliament representation vis-a-vis the 11-states in Malaya and the group of Sabah, Sarawak and Singapore.

    “When Singapore left or was kicked-out of the federation in 1965, their 15 seats should have been distributed to Sabah and Sarawak but what happen was Malaya took seven seats and the remaining eight were distributed to the Borneo states.

    “Then in 1972/73, 73 new Parliament constituencies were created, and all of them were in Malaya. From here on, Sabah and Sarawak lost its power to block any passing of laws in Parliament, so peninsular leaders can do whatever they want to the federation,” he said.

    Kitingan, a PKR vice president, in his paper proposed that Sabah be split into five states and Sarawak into seven and that Parliament representation in the Borneo states should be balanced with that in the peninsular.

    He noted that the Cobbold Commission Report had forewarned that: “If the idea of Malaysia was a ‘take over’ of Sabah and Sarawak and the submersion of the individualities of Sabah/Sarawak, Malaysia would not be acceptable or successful.”

    Scepticism of sincerity

    Veteran Malaysian leader and founding father of the Sarawak National Party or SNAP, James Wong, whose paper was presented by lawyer and the Sarawak PKR Head Baru Bian, said that selling the idea of Malaysia had not been easy.

    He revealed the prevailing scepticism of sincerity during the period and these were typified by Temenggong Jugah when he said in Iban: “Anang Malaysia sebaka tebu, manis di pohon, tawal diujung” which literally means ‘Malaysia should not be like the sugar cane, sweet at the head and getting less and less sweet towards the end’.

    It was a conjecture that proved true as Sabah and Sarawak now sit at the bottom list of many progress indices in Malaysia, he said.

    Wong pointed out that initially in the 1950s there was already an effort to federate North Borneo, Sarawak and Brunei but North Borneo leaders then were reluctant because Sarawak had communist threats unlike North Borneo.

    In the soon to follow Cobbold Commission Report, the merger concept of the Federation of Malaysia detailed that the central government would be strong and provide security but local aspirations and needs would also have to be recognised and safeguarded.

    The report clearly states that: “It is a necessary condition that, from the outset, Malaysia should be regarded by all concerned, as an association of partners, combined in the common interest to create a new nation but retaining their own individualities,” Wong pointed out.

    Karim Ghani, who was instrumental in bringing in Umno to Sabah, in his paper reminded that Sabahans can no longer count on taking control of their state without the aid of the hundreds of thousands of immigrants who reside there.

    Shouts of tipu

    However the discussion became more heated when Ayub Aman, the elder brother of Sabah Chief Minister Musa Aman claimed that all Malaysians were treated equally in response to John Brian of the Sarawak Dayak National Union (SDNU) who complained of marginalisation in opportunities.

    The ageing former Culture, Youth and Sports Minister during Berjaya party era was visibly shocked and appeared to be in a daze after his remarks were met with boos and shouts of “tipu” and “no same treatment to Kadazandusuns and Dayaks”.

    Ayub also blamed complaints of rampant corruption in Sabah politics as the outcome of a corrupt rakyat.

    SLA’s S Venugopal also presented a paper detailing breaches in the political equation and merger partnership.

    The one-day forum was jointly organised by two KK-based NGOs – the Borneo Heritage Foundation (BHF) and CigMa or Common Interest Group Malaysia.

  4. Ho :oops: Ho :oops: Ho :oops:
    :oops: GOD + Peoples Power will punish n votes out those :evil: one when times comes bcoz they lie,they cheat n they do all sins + very bad bad evils things :oops: RAKYAT is ready n waiting for the right time to teach those corrupted goons a very BIG lesson :oops:

  5. BN-Sarawak is not ready for a poll shortly. Taib is not in good confidence after Sibu By-Election….He sees the red light

  6. 1mALAYSIAN YOU ARE CORRECT.They BN are still not ready as the issues at hand will certainly give advantage to Pakatan. This will be another battle and it might be as close as the 1987 Ming Court affair.

  7. TQ, Dayang. One deadly issue is the NCR on the hot spot. Najib has just said OK to survey, he can promise many but how many can come true. What is applied is just a “Handy-Plus” small bandage while the hurt and injury is fatal to Sarawak Natives’ future…this plus, plus other issues. Time is not yet OK for Sarawak BN, with SUPP heading for more internal splits and more defeat of seats. BN Sarawak is still in good position to win governance of Sarawak, but result may not be pleasing to BN-Najib & Gangs.

    PR also not in a ready position…BN should have taken this opportunity for a flash attack, unfortunately time is not yet correct too….

    This give Sarawakian voters more time to observe, realize and make a wise decision this time. Better, clean and caring government are what all Sarawakians looking for

    May Sarawakian be blessed for the good and better

  8. 1Malaysia. What Najib promise he will made good especially if it is for Dayaks and Penans. That much I know as I have teh tarick with UMNO Boys from their HQ and training center. Eg the RM100 million road is already surveyed. The team move over from Kapit and are now back in KL putting up the design and covering the technicalities for presentation to EPU.

    Now how do we translated this an emphasis to the Dayaks that they have been conned by the Jabu and the gang.

    Remember they always bullshit thinking that we are all stupid.

  9. Malaysia at the crossroads

    There is so much talk of an early elections.
    About 7 million young voters will be eligible to vote come the 13GE.

    We all know that once in a few years we are given the opportunity to vote.
    Why vote? It has no effect on the outcome.
    One vote alone may not count but many votes together becomes a voice to be reckoned with. Let your voice be heard.
    This election, more so than others is a vital election because we are at a cross roads. If we get it right we will prosper; if we get it wrong, we will suffer as we have seen in our neighboring countries.

    To help you decide please ponder these issues:

    Do you think that you have been treated fairly and equally as provided under the Federal Constitution?
    Do you think our politicians in power are corrupt?
    Do you think our civil service is corrupt?
    Do you think the civil servants are incompetent?
    Do you think the people in power sets themselves above the law and rule by law instead of rule of law?
    Do you think our leadership has lost its way?
    Do you think we are getting more & more divided by race,sectarian interests & religion?
    Do you think we have a questionable justice system?
    Do you think that they are wasting our wealth?
    Do you think our children will suffer more?
    Do you want to see a momentous change for you and the rest of the citizens?

    If you say yes to 3 or more of these issues, don’t you think we need change? YOU CAN MAKE CHANGE HAPPEN!!! Change we can and we must.

    Just send this to 10 other relatives or friends and ask them to do the same to 10 of their friends and so on. By so doing we are enlisting the power of multilevel marketing. Yes the math works and it is awesome. By the 7th level this message would reach 1,000,000 people. Yes we can make our vote count! Better believe it!! We owe it to ourselves and to our children and to their children.
    Internet is a wonderful instrument to bring change and fight authoritarianism peacefully and we must use it for the good of all.Yes we can bring change,and we must do it as we owe that to our children and grandchildren.
    Albert Einstein’s statement “The world is a dangerous place.Not because of the people who are evil,but because of the people who don’t do anything about it” is very true and we must not let the evil people rule the country.The biggest traitors to the nation are those who keep sitting on the fence but grab all the benefits of the efforts of others.

    Let us show that ‘MalaysiaBoleh’ applies not only to bad things but good as well.It is in our hands to make it happen for ours and our children’s future.

    May the force of wisdom be with you.

    Thank you

  10. TQ, RichBox. If what recently promised by federal to help the Dayaks & Penans come true regardless of the timing, it is great blessing. We have been in great thirst of these but waiting on the Sarawak BN Government has given us lot od disappointment. It is not that BN Sarawak cannot fulfill but just that they will make a little sweet move comes election time…a vast piece of Sarawak is under-developed when the state actually have the ability to do so. We have been the most patient people, as I stand to be corrected to say this.

  11. Without PR making inroad into the heartlands of the Dayaks and without the urban voters raising their displeasure about BN government neglecting the rural community, there wont be solar installations for some longhouses in the past few months. UMNO led BN government is definitely running scared. The people who had been made to suffer for the past 40 over years and only get to receive electricity now and having to wait longer for treated water will not be impressed with BN piece meal and desperate efforts. While a few elders might think the people should have been grateful despite been deprived of such basic amenities for over 40 years, BN government will still be made to remember who are their real bosses. It is definitely a bit too little and too late for BN government now to work overtime to connect solar power and promise to construct many more thousand KM of roads. It is time to change and vote for PR.

  12. 611 households in Kenyalang Park will get their refund for excess payment on their land lease renewals. These 611 are the ones signing up with the SUPP teams at the Kenyalang Park theater about 6 weeks ago.

    It would seem that BN will go out of their way to assist and benefit their supporters. Does it mean BN opponents will be penalised?

    What happens now when Pakatan Rakyat does not win in the 2011 Sarawak State elections, does it mean all the constituencies that vote against BN will suffer for the next 5 years. From the indications, above, it would seem so. At the same time the Pakatan Rakyat bigwigs, including Anwar Ibrahim and Lim Kit Siang is saying that PR have no chance of forming government in Sarawak in the coming elections….SO WHY THE HELL ARE WE VOTERS BEING ASKED TO VOTE FOR A LOSING PARTY WHEN THE PAKATAN RAKYAT LEADERS ALREADY KNOW THE VOTERS WILL BE SEVERELY PENALISED BY FOLLOWING THEIR INSTRUCTIONS. If they really have the voters well being as a priority rater then just using the voters as sacrificial pawns in their political game with the Government of Sarawak, they should tell us to vote BN and reap the benefits and when PR is in the position to form government, then vote for them. “ANWAR IBRAHIM ON 3RD AUGUST IN MALAYSIA TODAY, STATED, PAKATAN RAKYAT CANNOT WIN JOHOR, SABAH AND SARAWAK AT THE MOMENT. ANWAR, PLS DO NOT ASK US TO WASTE OUR VOTE ON A LOSING PARTY, BECAUSE IT IS AKIN TOASKING US, VOTERS TO COMMIT SUICIDE. WHEN YOU CAN WIN WE WILL GIVE YOU OUR VOTES, PLS DO NOT ASK US TO SUFFER BECAUSE YOU WANT TO PLAY A GAME.

    • SUPP will not get more than 30% votes from Kenyalang residents. Assuming those who had overpaid finally get their refund after a political side show by Taib Mahmud, which all land and house owners who had overpaid should get the refund, SUPP might not even get more than 20% support from Kenyalang residents.

      SUPP being the bargaining voice in the government? What a stupid remark by George Chan and laughing stock that brought ridicule to SUPP. SUPP is not a bargaining voice ..it is the governement period.

      • ok, see if those registered with DAP will get their refund. DAP pls bark some more. Anjing menyalak bukit.

      • DAP and Pakatan partners are not barking..they shall bite and given the mandate to bite. People are no longer to be used as pawns or to be held at ransom by Taib Mahmud, George Chan, Alfred Jabu, James Masing, Awang Tengah and all political samseng of BN. SUPP will be punished severely not only by the Chinese themselves but also by the Bumiputras. Dayaks, Malays/Melanaus will also punish PBB, SPDP and PRS.


      • Ha ha, when your General already say you will lose the battle, those staying behind to fight is akin to comitting suicide. Tom, will see you at the rear guard, hope your parents get a folded flag.

  13. PENANG EXCEEDED RM1 Billion in revenue in 2009 – 1st time in 52years

    Convincing proof that voting for change, if PENANG can do it, MALAYSIA also CAN


    Congratulations to Penang !!!

    Congratulations to all the People of Penang for voting in a better govt.

    While Pahang which Governed by Barisan Nasional for past 52 years is facing bankruptcy. Penang is praised by Global Anti-Corruption watchdog Transparency International for its anti corruptions efforts.

    What makes Malaysia all of a sudden to be ranked on 47 out 180 countries ?

    Answer : The Malaysian People made the right choice by denying 2/3 majority enjoyed by Barisan Nasional all this years. It’s a well check and balance by Pakatan on Barisan that led to this 47th position.

    If Malaysians wants to enjoy this, then you should know what to do in the next election !!!

    Anyway congrats to Pakatan Led by DAP in Penang . In just 18 months CM Lim turned around Penang into corrupt free state. Shame on BN & ex-CM Dr Koh of Gerakan.

    As ex-Gerakan President Lim KY had said: “BN/Gerakan has lost Penang forever.”

    “RM 10 billion in losses from corruption per year is a huge sum and there must be greater commitment from the Federal government towards fighting corruption to ensure that 27 million Malaysians can benefit from this RM 10 billion dividend from successfully combating corruption.”

    Global anti-corruption watchdog ranks Malaysia 47th least corrupt, praises Penang

    GEORGE TOWN, Sept 24 – Global corruption watchdog, Transparency International (TI), has ranked Malaysia as the 47th least corrupt nation in the world and commended the island state of Penang for its anti-corruption efforts.

    Denmark, New Zealand and Sweden was listed by TI as the top three least corrupt countries as measured by the Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI), which ranks countries in terms of the degree to which businessmen and country analysts perceive corruption to exist among public officials and politicians.

    Singapore , Finland , Switzerland , Iceland , Netherlands , Australia and Canada rounded off the top least corrupt countries.

    Malaysia came in 47th out of 180 countries in the index, tied with Hungary and Jordan .

    The CPI is part of TI’s Global Corruption Report (GCR) 2009 released yesterday.

    In its report on Malaysia, TI highlighted the Malaysian practice of the “revolving door” whereby individuals move from government to business, or business to politics, and back again, and estimated that corruption could cost Malaysia as much as RM10 billion a year.

    “Significant government participation in the private sector and considerable business participation in politics means that the movement of gatekeepers to players and players to gatekeepers has a negative influence on the concept of checks and balances,” said TI.

    “The complexity of the relationships between politics and the public and private sectors means that corruption may take place with impunity. Until drastic action is taken to separate the cozy relationship between government, business and politics, the anti-corruption effort will remain no more than a token gesture,” said TI.

    Penang chief minister Lim Guan Eng says he is “humbled” by the recognition by TI and added that he was concerned over the fact that that corruption could cost Malaysia as much as RM10 billion a year – an amount equivalent to 1 or 2 per cent of GDP as pointed out by the GCR when it cited the findings of the special government business facilitation task force Pemudah and the World Bank.

    Additional report contents that were of concern to Lim was Malaysia’s per capita spending of only RM5 on anti-corruption efforts and the fact that only about 10 per cent, or just 7,223 potential corruption cases, of the total 71,558 reported between 2000 and 2006 were investigated by the Anti Corruption Agency, the precursor of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission, with a conviction rate of less than one percent.

    “The GCR 2009 concluded that this illustration of the Malaysian government’s inaction in the light of the serious corruption allegations, along with its seeming inability to catch the big fish instead focusing on the ‘small fry’, suggests that what anti-corruption efforts exist are mere tokens,” said Lim.

    “RM 10 billion in losses from corruption per year is a huge sum and there must be greater commitment from the Federal government towards fighting corruption to ensure that 27 million Malaysians can benefit from this RM 10 billion dividend from successfully combating corruption.”

    Lim also today announced that the state has managed to cut about RM36 million or 12 per cent of in operating expenditure this year due to its efforts to curb corruption.

    “Transparency International’ s recognition of anti-corruption efforts by the Penang state government through CAT (Competency Accountability And Transparency) governance is backed up by savings of nearly 12 per cent of the 2008 Penang state budget of RM 36 million from operating expenditure. This RM 36 million savings has allowed the state government to carry out social programs and implement its people-oriented government,” said Lim.

    TI said that the Penang state is the first Malaysian state government to implement the open tender system for government procurement and contracts.

    It also recognized the state government’s directive barring administrators and state executive councilors from making any new land applications and efforts to attract professionals to serve on various boards, such as the Penang State Appeals Board.

    “On behalf of the Penang state government, we feel humbled by the recognition given by a world renowned body such as Transparency International and would redouble efforts to ensure the anti-corruption reforms are institutionalized and ensure more professionals are appointed to key bodies. Fighting corruption generates savings for the people,” said Lim.

    He added that the two local authorities in Penang are expected to save another RM34 million over three years from a “transparent” negotiation over the price of solid waste disposal that reduced the rates agreed to by the previous Barisan Nasional administration by a further 42.4 per cent.

    Lim said that the savings would go towards the state government’s “3E” programme to “enable” the people with skills and knowledge so that they have an equal opportunity to create wealth, “empower” them with fundamental rights and basic freedoms, and “enrich” the people by sharing wealth and economic benefits.

    Now it is Penang Can – Vote wisely for a better Malaysia.

  14. I am a Malaysian, living in Malaysia. I dont give a rats arse about your postings on how good or transparent Singapore , Finland , Switzerland , Iceland , Netherlands , Australia and Canada or anywhere else. What I want to know is my country Malaysia. Wow, Rm1 billion, very good, I hope the Penang government is spending the money for the Penang people. I hope DAP Penang can account for the money, or are they just enlarging their war chest and spendint it on Zaid Ibrahim in Hulu Selangor and Wong Ho Leng in Sibu and saving up for the Sarawak elections. PKR, DAP and PAS are exactly the same as PBB, SUPP, PRS and SPDP, building their war chest. At least in Sarawak, the political parties are using money from Sarawak, In PR, they are stealing state development money from Penang, Selangor and Kelantan to play their political games in Sarawak…ha ha ha…pls take more money ang give to Sarawak…thank you, thank you very much….some more please….

  15. That lousy loser is turning red in his eyes! No need to mention who. Everyone here can see who that LOUSY LOSER is.

  16. I also want to know where the huge election funds for the coming elections in Sarawak is going to come from? Barisan National is surely going to siphon from the the state coffers under their care, how about Pakatan Rakyat? I am sure being opposition, not many of the Multi Millionaires in Malaysia would donate funds to PR. Where is the money coming from?

    • Without true Malaysians like Lim Kit Siang, Karpal Singh, Lim Guan Eng,the late V David, Nik Aziz and now Anwar Ibrahim and many young Turks making enromous personal sacrifices in leading the Opposition in our country, Malaysia would have long became the twin city of Uganda.

  17. In the words of maverick Dr M “All is fair in love, war and an election”. Does it matter where the political parties from both divides get their funding? The kangaroo court in Malaysia has decided that corruptions, inducements or vote buyings are acceptable “norms” in Malaysia so long as the givers and the plantiffs are UMNO/BN.

    • I am supporting DAP primarily because they are different from the current BN government parties. If the PR government is also the same as the BN government, then all is lost. We must be different from them. If we have to sacrifice our integrity just to win an election, then we are no better than the theives in the Barisan National government. The 100 ringgit I paid for the dinner ticket with 2360 other people is still not enough for the election machine, so where is the rest coming from? Burung have put this question in my head, which I do not have an answer yet. The 100 or 200 ringgit is not enough to run the election.

      • Ha ha ha, SS you are so innocent, you must be a young person, not too familiar with how politics work. Unfortunately people like you are the ones, DAP go out of their way to recruit through misinformation and brainwashing with half truths.

        The whole truth and nothing but the truth is that all the political parties and politicians are the same. It is just which party can do more for you and your community. Just look at DAP Selangor, as soon as they came into power, they started giving contracts to their friends, start side lining BN supporters, no different from when BN was in government. DAP is as crooked if not more than BN because, they are hungry, they still need money to fund their activities. They still need to steal from the rakyat, even small amounts to build up their personal wealth and party war chests, because politics is an expensive game and needs a lot of money. Even the small contracts DAP must Sapu, at least BN have a full war chest, and small contracts is still given about. Rm10 million is nothing to BN, but for Rm100K the Selangor DAP YBs are rushing to steal it for their cronies…sad lah.

        DAP is very successful in tricking the younger voters with a veil of misinformation, that is why a majority of their voters are young, while it is harder to trick the older and more mature voters. They know all politicians are the same, the rakyat are pawns in their game, The more informed voters, will elect the party that will enable them to gain most from for them selves, their families and their community. Vote BN, you may get 50% of the election promises, then you pressure then through their term, as the next election comes near, the YBs will yield to your pressure, Look at the Kenyalang Park Refund, look at the NCR issue, BN YBs yielding to Rakyat pressure Vote PR, when they lose as Anwar Ibrahim have conceeded, you get 0% of their promises.

        The politicians have their game using us as pawns, we Rakyat have our games, using the YBs to our benefit.

        Vote BN, you can work the system and get what is best for you and your community, This is the game you need to play as the rakyat. Listen to the DAP propaganda of misinformation and half truths, you will suffer a losers fate

      • You are right SS, opposition parties like DAP, PAS, PSM and PKR and also SNAP will never be able to match UMNO and BN in raising enough money to run an election machinery. Despite all the odds against the Opposition which include special branch, election commission workers, thugs in timber camps, and plantation companies working for BN victory, it is real heartening to see Opposition candidates won by very comfortable margins. For that we should all salute the Opposition parties in Pakatan.

      • See how the opposition supporters evade your answers and divert your attention when they face a question they cannot answer? What Jessie failed to answer you was that the PR funds for the elections comes from the same source as the BN sources, stolen from the states under their management. At least BN is honest enough to admit that the funds come from State and federal resources, PR would tell you it is from the Rm100 and Rm200 from donations, even a voter as fresh as you cannot believe it, fortunately for DAP and the PR coalition, there are more gullible people around to swallow the crap they put out without question. If you question enough, you will find very little difference between Najib and Anwar, Chua Soi Lek and Lim Kit Siang. The rakyat must work out which party will most benefit their communities and serve their needs. At this time Barision Nasional is the only answer, Vote Pakatan Rakyat and you will be Commiting Suicide for yourself and your community. THINK LOGICALLY WITH YOUR HEAD, NOT WITH YOUR HEART. Young voters usually fall to the oppositions game of trickery and lies. I hope to appeal to these new voters to use their heads when they vote. I am not asking them to vote either BN or PR, but the party they believe will work in their best interests. Opposition supportters are asking you to vote for them, I am asking you to vote for the party which will benefit you most.

  18. I am one of the many thousands of individuals who will readily donate RM200.00 to Pakatan just for the coming state election. I know many thousands more might give more or less but its the strong support and desire for change that matters. So Sixtrh Sense, do not worry too much about that and PR will also appreciate your generousity. One thing for sure, PR will not rob the rakyat and will not have corporations like Sports Toto, Magnum , Tanjung and Cash Sweep to provide the financail supports to do battle with UMNO’s BN.

  19. So what if BN has all the money and tycoons to sponsor their elections. Winning and losing an election depends on the support of the voters. BN poured hundred of millions ringgit in Hulu Selangor and managed to win by a mere 1,700 votes which were from the Felda settlers. Again in Sibu, BN poured hunded of millions ringgit and lost by less than 400 votes to the DAP/Pakatan.

    Voting for a party of your choice is good enough as people are more informed and more educated. Abuses of power cannot be avoided completely but can be minimised and nipped at the bug when it happens. Pakatan and DAP in Selangor can do better than UMNO in ensuring past habits must be eliminated and that disciplinary actions are seen to be taken against members in their fold who had abused his position.

  20. The PAS President, Abdul Hadi Awang, made it very clear that we must fight for all needy Malaysians regardless of race and clean up the abuse in the implementation process and address the mismanagement of the economy.

    This is a welcome stance taken by a respectable party in Pakatan that preach Islam as a guiding principle to good governance. UMNO is definitely not in the same league as PAS. Another important stance taken by PAS regarding the position on “Allah” issue;

    KUALA LUMPUR, 5 Jan: After a special meeting to discuss a recent controversial court ruling, PAS has decided to reiterate its stand that the use of the word Allah by Christians was not against Islam and in accordance with the federal constitution which guarantees religious freedom.

    “As a responsible Islamic body, PAS is ready to explain this issue to all parties in order to ensure a harmonious environment that is based on the principles of fairness such as is guaranteed in the constitution and by Islam itself,” PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang said in a statement issued after a three-hour long discussion.

    BUT BN Sarawak which comprise PBB, SUPP, PRS and SPDP have always “kow tau” to UMNO and dimissed that as a West Malaysia issue not affecting Christians in East Malaysia. None of Sarawak BN leaders ever dare to request UMNO to rescind the ban.

    PAS in Pakatan Sarawak will be likely to contest in Malays/Melanaus majority seats in the rural and coastal areas.As a Christian and Chinese I strongly urge all Sarawakians to give their strong support to PAS candidates contesting in their constituencies. I will also vote for PAS in Pakatan if ever the Pakatan candidate is from PAS.


    We only deserved the kind of government we supported in the last 50 over years. Time to kick out UMNO led BN government. Malaysia4change. Vote Pakatan to save Malaysia.

    Sunday, August 8, 2010
    How graft, racial-religious politicking killed Malaysia’s economy
    Wong Choon Mei, Malaysia Chronicle

    In 2019, Malaysia would be 62 years old. If that is all it takes – just 62 years – for a nation to go bankrupt, then it only shows how grossly mismanaged the country has been.

    Of the six prime ministers who have led Malaysia since 1957, the leader who must take the greatest blame for the sorry state the economy is now in is Mahathir Mohamad, whose 22-year rule alone accounts for nearly half of the nation’s post-independence history.

    Thanks to his chase for mega projects, political opportunists and cronies were able to benefit from massive overpricing in almost all of the major deals that framed his career. From the North-South Expressway to Perwaja Steel, 1st Silicon to Proton, Bakun Dam to PKFZ, few of his projects have not ended up requiring some form of bailout from taxpayers at one time or another.

    Smell of bankruptcy clearly in the air

    It was also during his tenure that high-level government corruption in Malaysia really took off in a big way, and running parallel to this was his use of racial and religious politicking to divide and rule the multiracial country. Twin blows, double whammies for the economic future of the country. Didn’t anyone warn the Malaysian people then?

    Yes, there were countless reports by research analysts and economic experts forecasting gloom and doom through the decades – from 70s to 80s, 90s and even now. But Mahathir chose to do it his way and no one dared to counter him.

    The problem is that by now the gloom and doom is already a distinct possibility rather than a prophecy. Experts are talking about how and is it possible to reverse this trend rather than argue will it really happen. Even the Prime Minister’s Department has spoken – the smell of bankruptcy is clearly in the air.

    Prime Minister Najib Razak’s minders have begun warning Malaysians if they refuse to allow the government to slash subsidies on a range of essential goods, then the government won’t have enough money to churn economic activity and a fate similar to Greece, Dubai and even Thailand 13 years ago will be unavoidable.

    Inviting junk bond status for Malaysian debt

    At the same time, there is cross-talk from these same officials, who say the economy needs to grow an average 6 percent each year to reach developed nation status by 2020. How does this reconcile with the bankruptcy warning? Will Malaysia become a developed nation or will it be bankrupt? Surely it can’t declare bankruptcy in 2019, and a year later, become a developed nation. Which is it to be.?

    By World Bank’s definition, developed nation status would mean achieving a minimum per capita income of US$14,800. In 2008, Malaysia’s per capital income was US$7,733.

    This means Najib, who is also finance minister, needs to roughly double the income per person in the population within the next 10 years. But can he do so? His hands are already severely tied by record-high national debt. Malaysia’s gearing or debt to national gross domestic product is 52 percent or about RM405 billion.

    This level may not be disastrously high yet but it is enough to makes the government’s ability to pump-prime the economy extremely difficult. Hence, the absence of large-scale projects so far by the Najib administration. To continue borrowing would invite reduced bond ratings and even junk status for Malaysian debt.

    The government’s annual cash flow is also affected as it has to set aside large sums to pay for the interest charged on the loans. This again bites into the amount it can spend on projects and other activities to raise the economic pace.

    Driven out by Mahathir

    What other way is there when you can’t borrow your way out of trouble and cash flow is tight? The answer is of course – other people’s money. These would come in the form of investments from Malaysians themselves and from foreigners as FDI.

    But the big Malaysian investors are no longer so sure about their country. This is not a recent development. As far back as the 80s, Malaysian Chinese tycoons began diversifying their fortunes and investing in serious amounts in Hong Kong, China, Australia and more recently Vietnam.

    At that time, Mahathir was in his prime. Brain drain, flight of talent and Malaysian capital didn’t bother him. The Singaporeans, Americans, Canadians and the British would come in and their wealth would more than compensate for these ‘disloyal people’, so went his rhetoric. Never did he once acknowledge that he was the one who drove them away with unequal opportunities, race-based policies and sheer arrogance.

    Because the economy is a large animal, it takes time for trends to show up. Thirty years ago, as long as Mahathir was in power and he suppressed costs, foreign investors didn’t mind about the country’s human rights record. Malaysia was still a good place to make money – many things including rent and wages were cheap, and the people could speak English relatively well.

    But 1997 blew in. Foreign investors lost their shirts. The Singapore parallel trading system of Malaysian shares was shut down overnight to prevent their investors from selling Malaysian stock. A large British investment bank was said to have lost US$3 billion in Malaysian assets within a week.

    The nightmare stories are countless and this was when short-term portfolio investors first began falling out of love with Malaysia. Though they have since returned after boycotting the country for years, the amounts they bring in are much smaller and their investment horizon or the time they keep the money in the country much shorter.

    The FDI players – and these include U.S. chip makers like Intel, Motorola and AMD – were shocked but saw no reason to suddenly shut down their plants. But even so, they were happy to go when a few years later, Vietnam, China and India beckoned with even lower-cost facilities and superior tax packages.

    Najib destroyed confidence in the Malaysian system

    Meanwhile, the Malaysian tycoons, including Mahathir’s own coterie of cronies, began feeling uncomfortable when he started to tear at his successor Abdullah Badawi and tried to bring his administration down. That’s when it dawned on them that perhaps ‘stability’ – as in how they always been allowed to carry out their money-making schemes without question or trouble – may no longer be taken for granted.

    Slowly they began channeling to other countries more of their money – and many say this also included the money they held on behalf of corrupt top leaders. Even the profits they made in other countries, they repatriated less and less of it home to Malaysia.

    Then came the 2008 general elections and in blew a new political dimension Pakatan Rakyat. Worse still in 2009, in came Najib as Badawi’s successor. Not that they had anything against him – he seemed pro-business. But then he signaled ‘civil war’.

    With the Perak coup d’etat, Najib single-handedly triggered the down spiral of the entire Malaysian system. In his insistence to annihilate Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim, he abused his power to such an extent that few people have any trust left in the Malaysian judiciary. They never had much faith in the police and the MACC to begin with.

    Corruption, racial and religious politicking still rule

    And so investors began to step on the pedal to divest in Malaysia and invest elsewhere in the region. The foreign investors were not slow to catch on either. They too rushed to join the exodus. And this how in 2009, Malaysia recorded an 81 percent plunge in FDI – due to a combination of falling inward foreign investments and increasing reverse or outbound Malaysian investments.

    Can Malaysia still achieve developed status by 2020? Only if these investors changed their minds and poured back their funds will this country of 28 million have a chance to raise its per capita income. This is the only way for Malaysians to break out from the middle-income trap into a high-income or developed status nation.

    But for that to happen, it would require a miracle from Najib. Judging from his latest corruption battle that many have described as a charade with the arrest of former Transport Minister Ling Liong Sik over the PKFZ debacle, corruption is here to stay for so long as he is the prime minister.

    As for a system of meritocracy, healthy competition and non-racial politics, again Liong Sik is a fine indication that racism will reign in Malaysia during his rule.

    And judging from the way his Umno party is going hell-for-leather to beat PAS for the championship title of who is the No. 1 protector of Islam – even to the extent of minority bashing – it looks religion will continue to be a weapon of economic destruction in this country. Rather than a sanctuary for the spirit and the soul.

    Posted by admin@ malaysiachronicle at 1:59 AM
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  22. Make it rolling – Gerakan Anti Taib Mahmud (GATM) !!!
    Make it rolling – Gerakan Anti Taib Mahmud (GATM) !!!
    Make it rolling – Gerakan Anti Taib Mahmud (GATM) !!!

  23. In less than 9 years our country will plunge into the abyss if continued to be led by UMNO’s BN and Najib. All that Sarawak Useless People Party and its new kid on the “broke” was more interested to preach about was a possible refund of overpaid land premium to those who filed their appeals through the bargaining voice of SUPP. This is the kind of garbage politics of indeed Sarawak Useless People Party.

  24. Aiyo yo..what else can a useless party do? They always treat Sarawakians like fools!

    a) if your children were denied scholarship or places in local universities..call us..we are the bargaining voice in the gomen.

    b) if you got robbed or molested..call us..we are the bargaining voice in the gomen to deal with lousy policemen.

    c) if your land are placed under section 47, do not waste time with DAP. call us..we are the bargaining voice in the gomen.

    d) if you have overpaid your land premium..dont woly woh..call us ..we are the bargaining voice in the gomen.

    e) if you have fish bones stuck in your throat and cannot afford Normah Hospital..call us..we are the bargaining voice in the gomen and our president thinks he owns Normah anyway.

    f) if your houses and shophouses are flooded in Sibu..dont go see that lawyer WHL..call us we are the bargaining voice in the gomen and our mamak engineer fren Daud has a solution.

    please please..dont call us Sarawak Useless People’s Party and stop insulting our colonial master the white crocodile otherwise he will change his mind about refunding the kenyalang people their overpaid premium. He told us to wait for dissolution of DUN and see how many people lick his ass first before deciding to refund the overpaid premium.


  25. The Boss is scratching his white haired head to think of which SATURDAY is more suitable…may be next month, may be next year; as things are not getting all right and all OK on his side.

    BN sarawak is not in a good and ready mode

    PR sarawak not very much ready too

    So, young and qualified ones, GO AHEAD, get registered so you all can make good use of your ONE VOTE in hand…GO, GO, GO…


  26. Winds of political change blow through Sarawak

    Tuesday, 10 August 2010 Super Admin
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    The Penan are among the most disadvantaged of Malaysia’s indigenous people, and have for decades fought a one-sided war against the powerful logging and plantation firms that are obliterating their ancestral land.

    By M Jegathesan, AFP

    FEATURE LONG MUBUI: An opposition party poster hanging in a Penan tribal chieftain’s wooden longhouse deep in Malaysia’s rainforests signals winds of political change blowing across Borneo island.
    The Penan are among the most disadvantaged of Malaysia’s indigenous people, and have for decades fought a one-sided war against the powerful logging and plantation firms that are obliterating their ancestral land.

    But a political transformation in Malaysia, which threatens to unseat the coalition that has ruled for half a century, has put the Borneo island states of Sabah and Sarawak in a powerful position.

    And the poster in the Penan longhouse, promoting the leaders of the Democratic Action Party — one of a trio that make up the opposition alliance — is the sort of thing that has the government worried.

    Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak made an historic visit last month to the interior of Sarawak to visit the Penan and other “Orang Ulu” — tribal groups known as “River People” as their homelands are located along remote waterways.

    The premier, who arrived with senior ministers by helicopter in the village of Long Banga, made multi-million-dollar pledges to fund projects including a long-overdue road, a mini dam and a mobile medical clinic.

    He also announced a plan to survey native lands, a move he said would give indigenous people ownership of their ancestral territory — the holy grail they have been campaigning for in vain.

    “The response is great. It was very spontaneous. The promises will be delivered,” an ebullient Najib said before flying out of the jungle.

    Widespread scepticism

    Women, Family and Community Development Minister Shahrizat Abdul Jalil also flew into Sarawak last month, to take charge of an investigation into allegations of rampant sexual abuse and rape of Penan women at the hands of logging workers.

    “The Penan community should know that now they have someone to champion their cause and that is us,” she said.

    But despite the flurry of high-level attention, and promises of action on issues critical to the future of the Penan, there is widespread scepticism over the intentions of the Barisan National (BN) government.

    After the 2008 election that transformed Malaysia’s political scene by handing the opposition alliance a third of parliamentary seats, the BN must retain Sabah and Sarawak in the next general election if it wants to stay in power.

    A long journey by boat and car into Sarawak’s rugged interior found that, far from being hopeful that the new focus on Borneo will finally aid their cause, there is a strong sense of frustration and betrayal among the Penan.

    Many feel cheated by promises made and broken in the past half-century since independence, and are feeling emboldened to vote against the government for the first time in elections that could come later this year.

    “I will advise my villagers to vote for the opposition,” Abeng Jek, a 67-year-old former village headman said as other Penan nodded their heads in agreement.

    “All this while I have voted Barisan Nasional. We will no longer accept promises. We want change,” he said as children peeped out of their longhouse rooms to hear the elder’s frustration.

    “Twenty years ago I asked for a rice machine, new zinc for the roof and concrete pavement in front of the longhouse. They said: yes, yes. I voted the ruling party. Now my stomach is empty,” he said.

    There are at least 10,000 Penan in Sarawak, but their way of life is under threat from extensive logging of their traditional hunting grounds, as well as the spread of palm oil and timber plantations.

    The tribespeople, armed with spears and blowpipes, continue to set up blockades to stop powerful companies from wiping out the remnants of their ancestral land, but often meet with a violent response.

    Foul play

    The plight of the Penan people was made famous in the 1990s by environmental activist Bruno Manser, who campaigned to protect their way of life and fend off the loggers, before he vanished in 2000 amid suspicion of foul play.

    Lukas Straumann, director of the Bruno Manser Fund which campaigns for the people of the rainforests, is pessimistic that the new focus on the region will benefit the Penan or other indigenous tribes.

    He said that Najib was not able to deliver the critical promise of land reform, which lies in the hands of long-serving Sarawak Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud.

    “The problem is, the prime minister is not in charge. Taib is in charge,” he said. “So we do not believe they will give over the land unless there is a change in government or unless they are forced to do so by the courts.”

    Further along the Baram river in the village of Long Lamai, some Penan complained that while Najib came with new promises of dams and roads, earlier pledges for drains and home repairs had not yet been fulfilled.

    “The trust has been damaged. Look, our longhouses are falling apart. They promised a drain but it has not been built,” said 50-year-old Richard Jengan. “Now I will vote anyone who can help us.”

    Bulan Teko, 40, said she and many others were disappointed that no action has been taken against the perpetrators of the rape epidemic, including loggers who preyed on girls forced to seek lifts to reach far-flung schools.

    “Now the women and children are afraid to venture out alone,” she said, adding that it had added to long-standing hardships caused by deforestation.

    “Logging has polluted our rivers, the only source of clean water and we continue to live in darkness at night,” she said.

    “Our children read with oil lamps. And when we have no money to buy fuel, we live in darkness.”

    ‘Pre-election ploy’

    Daud Sedin, a 35-year-old Penan who walked five hours through the jungle from neighbouring Data Bila village to meet Najib at Long Banga said he desperately hoped the prime minister would resolve the land issue.

    “Logging companies encroach our land — cutting down our trees and running over our dogs. We are frustrated. We feel cheated by the government’s hollow words,” he said.

    “All the Orang Ulu, especially the young, are talking about voting for the opposition.”

    James Chin, political science professor at the Monash University campus in Kuala Lumpur, rubbished the prime minister’s initiative as a “pre-election ploy to win native votes”.

    But he is not convinced that their grievances will overcome the vote-buying that is a staple part of elections in Sarawak, perpetuating the dominance of powerful, cashed-up ruling parties.

    “Come polls, the natives will be swayed to vote the ruling party via vote buying. Remember they are poor, money will cool their frustrations,” said Chin.

  27. Subject: Is TUNship Above the Law…


    Is TUNship Above the Law…


    For years, I had to endure the ignorant insistence by Malaysians who argue that whoever is conferred a Tunship by the Agong, would enjoy legal immunity. This gave rise to rumours that Mahathir Mohamad was in haste to secure this title in order to protect himself from legal actions over all the misdeeds committed during his premiership.

    Others maintained that once Samy Vellu was made a Tun, he too would be beyond the long arm of the law.

    Not true. According to the supreme ruler’s website, while Tunship does accord the recipient with the privilege to use the VIP room at the KL International Airport, it says practically nothing about legal immunity.

    Following the constitutional amendment in 1993 – and we don’t have to thank Mahathir for that – it is now possible to bring proceedings against even the Agong or Sultan through special provisions and in the Special Court.
    Thus granting a Tun legal immunity would only imply that the recipient is above the royal rulers.

    Many were still not convinced. But with the prosecution of Ling Liong Sik over the Port Klang Free Zone scandal, the myth is finally shattered.

    The next question: Is Najib Abdul Razak trying to prove to the public that his government is now serious about fighting corruption root and branch?

    If anything, the appearance of Ling in court yesterday to face charges of cheating the government by misleading the cabinet on the land acquisition in Port Klang only reminds me of February 2004. In that month, Kasitah Gaddam became the first cabinet minister to be charged in court with corrupt practices and cheating.

    Kasitah’s arraignment came just two days after Eric Chia, the former managing director of the now discredited Perwaja Steel Sdn. Bhd, was brought to court over criminal breach of trust involving more than RM76 million.

    These two high-profile prosecutions were giving the public high hopes that Abdullah Ahmad Badawi would eventually have a clean break with Mahathir’s corrupt rule and that more big fish would be nabbed.
    One month later, Abdullah went to the country, with the mainstream Chinese media portraying him as Mr. Clean and a modern version of Justice Pao. He was rewarded with a huge victory that only made Mahathir quietly angry and jealous.

    Uphill Battle

    The rest is history. Not only that the much hyped-up anti-graft war under Abdullah ended as a flop with no more big guns under arrest, both Kasitah and Chia were also subsequently acquitted. Before he stepped down as prime minister, Abdullah could only lament that rooting out corruption was an uphill battle.

    Of course it was. To eliminate Malaysia’s endemic culture of patronage, Abdullah ought to have explained in full how his son Kamaluddin had secured the position of a leading shareholder of Scomi Group, whose share price shot up by nearly 600 percent just a few months before Abdullah was scheduled to take over from Mahathir as prime minister.

    Abdullah’s mentor-turned-nemesis, Mahathir, would in the following years go around the country alleging that Scomi had bagged RM1 billion worth of government contracts since 2004, turning Kamaluddin into an overnight multi-millionaire.

    We must also not forget that Khairy Jamaluddin’s meteoric rise to become the nation’s most powerful young man took place during Abdullah’s tenure. By 2006, Khairy the son-in-law too had made a fortune with the merger between ECM Libra Capital Bhd and the government-linked Avenue Capital Resources Bhd.

    And I do wonder if Kamaluddin and Khairy were both given discounts on their posh houses.

    Father in high places

    Strange, isn’t it? It would seem that most of the brightest and the shrewdest in Malaysia’s business circle happen to have a father in high places. Mahathir reiterated time and again that his sons were successful businessmen “in their own right”, while Ling argued that Ling Hee Leong became a multi-billionaire by the age of 30 because his son was “diligent and clever”.

    And I laughed my head off when Abdullah repeatedly said that both Kamaluddin and Khairy had never used his name for business purposes. The election results in 2008 proved that it was a defence in futility.

    With history in mind, one can be forgiven for thinking that Ling’s sudden fall from grace is merely part of a sandiwara (drama) by Najib to shore up his support ahead of the 13th General Election.

    As Winston Churchill once famously said, in time of war, when truth is so precious, she must be attended to by a bodyguard of lies.
    I suppose Najib is now badly in need of a better bodyguard.

    Why? Because having been fooled by Abdullah in 2004, people were so furious that they punished him with the so-called political tsunami four years later.
    Far smarter than his immediate predecessor, Najib would not be so naïve to think he could regain two-thirds majority in Parliament simply by putting Ling in the dock, would he? He knows he has to do much better than that.

    Or perhaps Ling’s case is just a warning shot.

    Back in 2003, an Austrian businessman by the name of Franz Christoph Heldwein came to Malaysia in an attempt to recover the losses incurred from business deals between him and Ling.

    What raised the eyebrows was that a meeting was arranged by Soh Chee Wen, then Ling’s close associate who is now one of Anwar Ibrahim’s “wise men”, at the Transport Ministry. It was a sheer abuse of power and Ling escaped unscathed.

    If Ling was unblemished then, why now?

    Elegant Silence

    Two weeks ago, MP for PJ Utara Tony Pua revealed that Muhyiddin Yassin, when Agriculture Minister, signed an endorsement letter for a government tuna port venture worth RM240 million in 2006. The bonds later defaulted, resulting in possible multiple lawsuits.

    While Muhyiddin continues to maintain his elegant silence, all is not well between him and Najib, judging from recent developments in Umno. It is widely speculated that the politically insatiable deputy prime minister, who so brilliantly engineered the downfall of Abdullah in partnership with Mahathir, is now teamed up with the latter and also the hawks in the party such as Ibrahim Ali and Ahmad Ismail to ensure Najib becomes the shortest-lived prime minister.

    So is Ling’s prosecution meant to be a stern warning by Najib to fidgety challengers in his own backyard?

    In the cruel world of Umno infighting, Ling is no sacrificial lamb but has been a vital partner in crime. No longer needed, he is now expendable, to the detriment of Chua Soi Lek, a faithful protégé of Ling, once caught with his pants down.

    That the MCA leadership had been kept in the dark over the major move by the AG’s Chamber yesterday only indicates that BN parties have lost their relevance, and it may not be too long before the subtle tussle between the rival camps in Umno becomes visible to all.

    But I am certain the public will not be satisfied with the netting of a rotten fish head; Malaysians want to see really big fish hauled up, and the more the merrier.

    A swallow does not a summer make. Let’s just sit back and watch as the sandiwara unfolds.

    Sorry Tun Ling, you ain’t worth my tears.

    JOSH HONG studied politics at London Metropolitan University and the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London. A keen watcher of domestic and international politics, he longs for a day when Malaysians will learn and master the art of self-mockery, and enjoy life to the full in spite of politicians.

    • Juat a short comment and suggestion from a simple minded citizen of our beloved Malaysi.
      1. Do not accord any datukship,tan sri`s ,datok,sri`s and toon`s to any public servant nor politicians.
      2. Only after retirement, or ending their political life for politicians will we the CITIZENS bestow
      them the bintang2 kebesaran.
      3. And this should be taken into consideration their contribution to the people of Malaysia, meaning
      an independent evaluation body will decide the merits of their performance, contibutions,integrity
      and sacrifice they made.
      As it is now we see rampant abuse of power, influences, and connections to the power that be.As Servants of the Public, they seem to be high and mighty ,and sometimes above the Law vs the the man on the street they are suppose to serve.

      Thank you ,From a Humble Citizen

  28. The amazing Jabu is talking through his rear guard all the times. This time he said when there was a fire that destroy a longhouse it was always the government that built a new one for the longhouse dwellers and that Opposition never build any longhouse.

    Perhaps Jabu should challenge the Pakatan government in waiting to double his personal effort to build longhouses for the rural poor when he is reduced to sitting in his home as an ex DCM of Sarawak and supporter of Sarawak Oppoition party Barisan.

  29. Sarawak BN..give me the $$money, generator set, solar power, new zincs over my longhouse, petrol and anything. I will take all without asking why but I shall vote for Pakatan this time. Until then when shall I see you again BN?

  30. i truly loved your own blog, and also have gained a great deal of awarenes about the subject matter. i have some sort of web log in the similar area of interest. regards for all the information. i apologize pertaining to my poor language, i am just out of germany.

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