BN4/PR4 “Which Wave…??”

Wave,Where, What…?? Do you Know..?? When..??

Its too quiet on the ground to even know says a Political Secretary to audie61 . It is frightening and which wave will hit the shores of Sarawak in the coming State elections. We have had the tsunami of 308 .



16 thoughts on “BN4/PR4 “Which Wave…??”

  1. BN is like a snake swallowing it’s own tail…DEATH is inevitable!

    SOUP has almost eaten the whole body and will be first snake to die!

  2. The recent Sarawak reports on Taib’s overseas wealth has tarnished his image and popularity in the eyes of public.Whether it is true or not,this wouldn’t help much in the coming state election for BN .Regardless of young,old,rich or poor most of them were talking about it on the streets or coffee shops.They all feel that Sarawakians should be better of as now

  3. My special branch friend reported that Taib Mahmud and Najib will be meeting in Dubai to re-strategize how to move forward with mutual benefits on Federal funding of a whopping RM350 billion “SCORE” project in Sarawak before GE13 and how to ensure Taib Mahmud and BN Sarawak remains in power plus other trade offs. Anything less than a 2/3 majority seats for Sarawak BN in the coming state election will likely stall their dreams.

    • now that taib cannot trust sarawakian anymore to ensure his grip into power, he now seeks aid from the federal instead.

      unfortunately for us, taib is going to win again because the federal Election Commission is not printing more forms to register voters in Sarawak.

      damn conspiracy!

      • BN conspiracy and cheating on every election are common knowledge but are certainly getting harder due to greater awareness from even the rural voters. Dayaks are not only wary of Taib but also his uncle Rahman Yakub. It is very obvious why Taib has accommodated Norah Addul Rahman for the Tanjung Manis parliamentary seat and shall be putting her for one of the state seats. The Melanau Empire created by Rahman Yakub want to ensure their dreams live on..timber, power generation, oil palm plantations, oil and gas, utilities provider and now renewal energy and halal hub. 16,000 hectares of forest land at Tanjung Manis needed to be cleared for the halal hub in which Norah Abdul Rahman shall be leading the pack. Forested land need to be cleared too for Marum, Bengoh and many others just as it was for Batang Ai and Bakun. Batang Ai is not operating at optimum capacity and Bakun is struggling to take off. SESCO has been forced to supply electricity at very cheap rate to CMS’s jv in aluminium plant in Mukah and aluminium smelting in Bintulu. Who is subsidising the companies of Taib Mahmud. The man who robbed from us and displaced thousands of natives and destroying our natural habitats are also forcing us to subsidise his business ventures. Dayaks will be most stupid to support and vote for PBB and SUPP, the party for tycoons.

        The time is NOW ! Dayaks4change. Malaysianwomen4change. Malaysianyouths4change. Sarawak4change. Malaysia4change.

        Lets be united to defeat the tyrants elect a new government in Pakatan Rakyat.

      • The Opposition coalition of DAP, PKR, PAS and SNAP is no better or worse than the BN coalition, when it comes to lying and conning the voters. Just take an example from Frankie’s posting; ” BN conspiracy and cheating on every election are common knowledge”

        Wake up DAP propagandists, when the first line of your propaganda is already nonsense, how do you expect us to believe the rest of your posting?

        If BN is CHEATING in EVERY election, why did BN lose the SIBU election? Why did SUPP lose the Bandar Kuching. Why so many BN seats lost?, This shows there are fair elections held in Sarawak. When you want to post, lets post some truthful facts. Your arguement is lost, when your opening line is already provable to be un true.

      • Frankie,
        One single truthful fact is that Anwar Ibrahim, Lim Kit Siang both agrees the PR coalition cannot win the Johor, Sabah and Sarawak states in this coming election. Base on this FACT, all election “PROMISES” made by DAP such as automatic lease renewal, NCR land promises are all nothing but ” JANJI KOSONG “, because, they cannot win the Sarawak State elections, and because of that fact, they know, whatever the Opposition promises for this election can never be fulfilled. Due to this, the opposition parties are making, ridiculous and unachievable promises to the voters. BN, on the other hand, have to make real, achievable pledges to the voters because, they will be held accountable accountable once they win the election. UNDILAH PAKATAN RAKYAT DAPATKAN HANYA JANJI KOSONG, UNDI BARISAN NASIONAL, KALAU BUKAN 100 PERATUS, JANJIAN BOLEH JADI, SEKURANG NYA PUT ADA SEBAHAGIAN YANG AKAN JADI, SEBAB, BN AKAN MENANG DAN JADI KERAJAAN SARAWAK, SELEPAS PILIHANRAYA NEGERI SARAWAK TAHUN 2011.

        Vote PR you only get EMPTY PROMISES, at least with BN, even if you do not get 100% of the promises, you still get some, because they will win the 2011 Sarawak State elections and form government. PR, knowing that they cannot win, still go about making promises, they know they cnnot keep, is that LYING to the public, is that not trying to con the public. Can we trust this type of people who try to ask us to make them our Wakil Rakyat…?

  4. Sooner or later people will open their eyes that $$$ cannot works anymore. Taib will die soon and people is really tired of BN and all the penyamuns, so now they have new hope in Pakatan Rakyat.

  5. A 4-on-a-side game, and SUPP is the first to fall before DAP making the first score line as BN 0: PR 1. If a chair has 4 legs, surely one is gone. Vote out SUPP…

  6. Frankie,

    There is nothing wrong with the rest of Melanau ethnic. Please don’t make sweeping statement.

    I got many Melanau friends and many of them being marginalized like the rest of other ethnics as well.

    It is about Rahman & Taib Opaque Regime ONLY !!!

    • No offence to all my Melanau brothers and sisters in Islam and in Christ. I meant to refer to only the empire of Rahman Yakub and Taib Mahmud which are for their own family members only.

      And you were right, many Melanaus had been marginalised and had their land taken away from them as well in Balingian, Oya and Mukah. After robbing all Sarawakians , Taib uses the taxpayers’ money to give away as his personal angpow to unsuspecting Balingian folks.

  7. A repost of Martin Jalleh’s article.

    Bolehland’s economy is buckling
    FDIs are drastically a-tumbling.

    The impact of corruption is crippling
    The brain drain numbers are appalling.

    Many ordinary people are struggling
    The elite, nation’s wealth are gobbling.

    Umno’s “internal security” is crumbling
    Confidence of its members is wobbling.

    MCA, its members quietly squabbling
    MIC a sad story of continued shackling.

    Other BN partners are loudly grumbling
    Against Umno’s bullying ways so galling.

    Race and religious harmony sorely failing
    In human rights the country is sadly trailing.

    For 15 months the PM has been babbling
    Slogan after slogan he has been dangling.

    Rakyat fed-up of his 1Malaysia rambling
    APCO’s gimmicks fall flat and fumbling

    The country needs something very startling
    To kick-start PM’s image so troubling.

    So they call the AG to get the circus rolling
    Put in the dock a very big fish called Ling.

    First Tun ever charged in court, of star billing
    No handcuffs, but it must be very humbling.

    From the government he has been stealing
    In a case where they have been long stalling.

    RM12.5 billion, a scandal very mind-boggling
    After three long years, they are still hobbling!

    Ling is commanding and confidently smiling
    Some people, even in Umno, will be trembling!

    He needs only to begin with a bit of “spilling”
    And some big guns will be slipping and falling.

    More will be arrested to give a serious feeling
    Ling could even recommend some for grilling.

    The AG’s case seems so strange and puzzling
    Will there be brokering, wheeling and dealing?

    MACC in big cases has so far been bungling
    Will they succeed in making this revealing?

    Pre-election circus has got officials scrambling
    PM’s image must be made to look real sparkling!

    Past big fish arrested in charades most telling
    All were acquitted, came out of court giggling.

    The citizens of Bolehland are riotously chuckling
    Such a circus and charade is no longer appealing!

    Will we be spared of more deceit and swindling?
    In the next general elections, God-willing!

  8. NGOs and PR should urge the Chinese government to review and or suspend all MOU or investment agreements signed with Sarawak government led by Taib Mahmud. Existing contractors from China undertaking hydro-dam projects in Sarawak should be investigated as well by Chinese government for any possible kick-backs or dubious joint venture with Taib’s family or cronies companies.

  9. Burung , can you please list down all the accountability of BN to the rakyat and positive actions taken since Dr M became PM till the current regime for a) corruption investigation into top dogs b)highly inflated project cost c) discrepancies and corruption practices reported by Auditor General d) shoddy and substandard government projects. For your information, despite BN cheating in every election, voters are getting wiser and which is why BN only managed to lose by few hundred votes in Sibu by election. To the rayak who want a change in government, a win is still a win. The reality is BN has lost the trust of the very people who gave them the power to rule the past 50 years. It is time to give PR a chance for the better and it cant be worse off surely. The rakyat are comfortable with the idea of changing BN government without having to read into or be influenced by any Opposition propaganda. I am one who dont read much but I have make up my mind to vote PR from now till I have valid reasons to decide otherwise in future.

  10. It’s all enough…enough…enough! Don’t waste our times to minggle with Taib or Rahman. What goods do we hv by talking about these guys. Every things we’ve lost. Stop all these nonsenses. Forget about them. What’s there to gain from saying these n saying that abouty these guys. Nothings. If all S’wakians think rationally n intelectually things will never change by talking about them. Just spread to all brothers n sisters by mouth we hv to change the S’wak State government comes PRN10 anytime from now. Get these guys out of S’wak politics n in the name of God Allah Harapan Baru Sarawak, Kepemimpinan Baru Sarawak, Kecemerlangan Baru Sarawak dan Keharmonian Baru Sarawak will definitely in the waiting for all Sarawakians…Sarawak New Horizon n New Hopes. May God allah SWT bless us all.

  11. Bad omen for BN for doing corruption for too long. Now one by one being exposed.

    Hope the king of monkey(white hair) will be investigated soon.

    I cannot wait to dance.

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