Over the past one week MP and ADUN N12 Kota Sentosa Chong Chieng Jen has been battling allegations of DAP Sarawak joining BN Sarawak in the event it manages to win 18 or more seats in the Sarawak State elections. To that he strongly said,”No way,baseless accusations or theoritically impossible” 

U Turn..?? No,He has been on the move and he took it to tasks on having a dialogue and to carry out a petition to JKR Sarawak as can be seen in the picture attached. Yesterday 30th of July leaflets were handed over to the residents of Taman Riveria in it the leftlet had:-( After completion of the project,those residents who wish to go to Samarahan will have to drive towards Kuching direction and make the turn at the round about after the bridge.This is an extra  6 KM distance,waste our time and petrol )  

audie61 was at this mornigns dialogue to listen and hear the grievances of the residents and mosts of them said,”We just want the authorities especially JKR /consultants/council/to find a solution to the problem.”  

audie 61 also interviewed MP Chong Chieng Jen and he said,” If DAP can help them save M$60 a month and JKR answers to the peoples needs wouldn’t everyone be happy..??.Costs of essential goods have gone up and we do whatever we can to help.”

In a telephone interview to a BN ADUN he said,” We have look into the matter and have discussed and the authorities concerned has the solution to accomodate all concern. Has the road been completed..??”

A letter written by the ADUN N10 Violet Yong is attached .

U-Turn Solution In Hand.! U knew.. 


5 thoughts on “DAP SARAWAK “U-TURN..??”

  1. Great job DAP! These are the reasons why we need DAP, to voice our grievances!

    It’s time BN learn to listen let’s kick them up the ass and boot them out of office!

    We the public want a government that listens and does things for the benefit of the people!

    Time for change!

  2. We hope it will the other round, more BN-SUPP deserting BN and join DAP ( HA..HA..HA..)and that will be true in the future when SUPP slowly close door and business

    About the people: it is not the people are deserting BN but BN has deserted the people for too long a while. No choice, changes are required.

    IF PR come to Swak state governance, some PRS, some SPDP will also jump boat…because some are very good in “jumping” …some gold medalists, some silver medalists..some jump once, some twice and some may be more…Greatness

    For DAP to jump into BN-Sarawak, is there such a need??

  3. Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen:

    :mrgreen: This CHICKEN + DUCK sodoMY II is getting n going BIZARRE :evil: http://bit.ly/cxRoVE :evil:
    B-eNd will lose more n more votes bcoz of this sick SHIT sodoMY II DRAMA :mrgreen:

    Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen:

  4. I stand to be corrected on my statement, No right thinking Dayaks should continue to support and vote for PBB, SUPP and Taib Mahmud.

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